22 Greatest Long Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60 with Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Blonde Long Pixie with a Side Part

For someone with thin hair or a larger forehead, I suggest a side-parted pixie cut. Such a hairstyle can hide these features, boosting confidence and giving a youthful look.

#2: Tapered Pixie with Waves for Thick Hair

A tapered pixie with waves is a simple and elegant style that you will love if you have thick hair. A long pixie hairstyle is simple to style by curling a few pieces. Don’t forget your hairspray to hold in your style.

#3: Chic Dark Brown Long Pixie Cut

A stylish dark brown pixie cut is a flattering hairstyle for people in their 60s. The pixie cut includes a longer length on top, which lets you style your hair differently while keeping an easy-to-manage look. The dark brown color lends depth and richness to your hair, enhancing its natural beauty. This stylish cut, perfect for aging hair, gives you a modern appearance that suits your mature features. To style, start with clean, towel-dried hair and apply a volumizing mousse to add body and texture. Use a round brush to blow-dry your hair, focusing on lifting the roots to create volume. Finish with a texture paste or spray to keep your locks in place.

Wavy Graduated Pixie on Grey Hair for a Woman in Her Sixties
Instagram @giulia.ferrara96

#4: Wavy Graduated Pixie on Grey Hair

Try a wavy graduated pixie for a fun, youthful style. A short haircut adds height to your grey hair and flatters any face shape.

#5: Pixie Bob with Soft Bangs on Thinning Hair

A pixie bob with soft bangs is chic and classic looking. A short cut will give the appearance of fuller hair. The soft bangs framing your face will truly show how soft and elegant this hairstyle is!

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#6: Spiky Pixie for Older Women with Glasses

A spiky pixie for older women with glasses is an edgy and sophisticated look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it perfectly suits 60-year-olds. Feel sexy and bold at the same time!

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#7: Wispy Pixie Cut on Fine Hair

A wispy pixie cut will bring life to boring, fine hair. Lixies are popular, especially for a woman in her 60s. The layers make it easy to sweep back for a simple but beautiful style.

#8: Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Try a long asymmetrical pixie if you have a rounder face shape. This cut will elongate your face shape and is perfect for women sixty and over. Blow your hair out smooth and you’re ready for the day!

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Layered Pixie with Side Bangs for Ladies Past Sixty
Instagram @hairbylorenaaa

#9: Layered Pixie with Side Bangs

A layered long pixie with side bangs is perfect for women with thinner hair. This short style with layers will create volume and fullness that you will love.

Edgy Quiff Pixie Style for Women Past Sixty
Instagram @marisamccart.haven

#10: Edgy Quiff Pixie Style

Try an edgy quiff pixie that is sure to turn heads. A lixie hairstyle can be created using proper firm hold hair products to keep shape throughout the day.

Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for a 60-Year-Old Woman
Instagram @roosepereira

#11: Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A long pixie with side-swept bangs is a great choice if you want a classic look. This trendy haircut can be achieved by using a razor for a more feathered look. Lock that volume in with some hairspray!

Long Curly Pixie Hair for Ladies in Their Sixties
Instagram @yumas_beauty22

#12: Long Curly Pixie Hair

Long curly pixie hair is a great way to let your natural curls look more tousled. Long pixie cuts for women over 60 are popular because they are stylish and easy to style. If you are a wash-and-go type of gal, this haircut is perfect for you!

#13: Layered Shaggy Pixie for Wavy Hair

This layered shaggy pixie for wavy hair is perfect if you have a natural wave in your hair. You will feel youthful-looking with the ton of texture in this haircut. Finish your style off with some texture spray.

#14: Side-Parted Textured Pixie

A textured pixie will make your features more flattering! This side-parted hairstyle is perfect for ladies who want an easy but very trendy look. Put a few waves in your hair and some texture spray and your tresses will be a show stopper.

Shaved Side on Pixie Hair for Women in Their 60s
Instagram @hildre.hair

#15: Shaved Side on Pixie Hair

A shaved side on pixie hair is a perfect versatile haircut you will love. Show your edgy long pixie style by tucking your hair behind your ears or style your hair classically by leaving your hair over your ears.

Soft Pixie Mullet for Women Over 60
Instagram @jandfrank

#16: Soft Pixie Mullet

A soft pixie mullet is a more modern mullet hairstyle that is perfect for women with finer hair. Having some longer pieces with this short hairstyle gives it the illusion of more length. You will still feel feminine with this new look.

#17: Undercut Pixie for Straight Hair

Try an undercut pixie if you would like your straight hair off your nape with lots of texture on top! A long pixie haircut for women over 60 is very trendy and easy to style. A little texture spray goes a long way!

#18: Long Choppy Pixie Crop

A long choppy pixie crop is perfect for working with your natural waves. Long pixies will show off your natural tresses perfectly. This is a perfect wash-and-go style for any busy woman!

Dimensional Long Pixie on Thin Hair for Women Over Sixty
Instagram @moonsandmanes

#19: Dimensional Long Pixie on Thin Hair

A dimensional long pixie on thin hair will make you feel youthful. A woman in her sixties sometimes needs to feel younger-looking. So don’t forget your hairspray so your style lasts the day.

Wash-And-Wear Wavy Pixie for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @simone_i_jacob

#20: Wash-And-Wear Wavy Pixie

A wash-and-wear wavy pixie is a great hairstyle for women over 60 that want to look 10 years younger. Wash your hair, add some mousse, and let it dry!

#21: Stacked Pixie with Feathered Layers

A stacked pixie with feathered layers is a trendy hairstyle. This hairstyle is very modern and perfect if you’re sixty years old. The stacked haircut and layers will create that volume you are longing for!

#22: Baby Mullet Shag with Short Bangs

A baby mullet shag with short bangs is a great cut for definition and texture. Great for any hair type, lixie haircuts are a great low-maintenance style.

The best long pixie cuts for women over 60 are cropped with layers. The “lixie” as it’s sometimes called is longer than your standard pixie. I spoke with hairstylist Kate Gibson of Austin, TX, to get some of her best advice if you’re considering this haircut.

Key Things to Know First

  • If you currently have long hair and looking for a change, consult with a hairstylist before fully commiting.
  • Gibson highly recommends that you go to a hairstylist with experience cutting pixies. Short hair requires different training and techniques.
    Pro Tip: Check out a stylists Instagram profile first to see pictures of their work. If the majority of what you see is balayage, then consider someone else.
  • A well-trained stylist will know how to customize and texturize your hair properly. They know how to feel the weight and to deliver the dream short haircut experience to any woman.
  • You’ll know you’ve found a great hairstylist when 40% of your hair is cut wet and 60% is cut dry.

Short hair can be an identity shift. I hope you’re ready! If you’re still confused about pixie cuts, our guide answers all your questions.

Now, before you book your next haircut, find and save your top 3 pictures of these long pixie cuts for women over 60!