25 Greatest Long Pixie Cuts for Thin Hair to Look Voluminous

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: White Blonde Long Pixie for Older Ladies

The white blonde long pixie is a lovely hairstyle for older ladies that want to be always on trend. It’s one of the easiest to style and wear. Short, feminine pixie haircuts can make your facial features even more youthful-looking. Just rough-dry with a bit of volume, rub some styling paste on your palms and fingers, and then into your hair.

#2: Soft Blonde Pixie with a Side Part

If your hair tends to lay flat, its helpful to have a flexible part. In my experience, after a day of wear, your style may feel limp. Yet, a quick fix would be too just flip your hair the opposite way.
A pixie with a side part hairstyle allows for a style that feels put together, almost all the time. When you’re ready for something new, a color change like a soft blonde could be your next stylish move.

#3: The Longest Pixie Cut

Try the longest pixie cut and make your thin locks look great. If you have thin limp locks, cutting the dead weight can make all the difference in your hair. Thin hairstyles can still look great as long as you have the right cut to give your locks a boost.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie with Highlights for Thin Hair
Instagram @soubecas

#4: Asymmetrical Long Pixie with Highlights

Update your appearance with an asymmetrical long pixie with highlights. Asymmetry is definitely a modern approach to your cut and can make you look younger. It might be helpful to part your hair on the shorter side and have your hair flow over to the longer side to achieve the best shape. Research shows women with highlights appear younger, so lighten your shade and revel in the results.

#5: Shaggy Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs on a shaggy pixie look amazing on nearly every face shape. Consider a longer shaggy pixie for thinner hair if you’re trying a short haircut for the first time and you have fine hair.

#6: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Asymmetrical pixie bobs are a youthful haircut for bold women. When considering an asymmetrical pixie cut haircut, keep in mind it will need to be trimmed frequently. Expect to visit your salon once a month for a fresh haircut.

Grey Lixie Cut for Older Women with Thin Hair
Instagram @panahhairsalon

#7: Grey Lixie Cut for Older Women

A grey lixie cut for older women is a sophisticated and classy take on a pixie. Keeping your front longer is one of the best ways to make your hairdo more youthful. Adding more volume with some longer layering and texture helps to avoid dragging your face down. Everyone wants a more lifted and youthful appearance, right?!

#8: Messy Layers on a Pixie Cut

Messy layers on a pixie cut will give you a soft, lived-in hairstyle for thin hair. Any kind of layering will especially pop by adding some blonde highlights to your base color, accentuating the length and fullness of your hair. A messy long pixie cut for fine hair can be texturized by adding wispy layers to the crown.

#9: Long Pixie Bob with Soft Waves

Soft waves on a longer pixie bob are a quick way to add elegance and a new style to a pixie haircut. If you want a wavy pixie cut, consider learning to curl with a flat iron. It’s fast and easy to create many different kinds of curls. One thing to keep in mind for layered long pixie cuts is not to apply conditioner on your scalp. This can lead to the hair laying flat and not holding style.

#10: Layered Pixie Crop with a Long Fringe

A layered pixie crop with a long fringe can be styled in many different ways. Styling with a volumizing mousse and blow-drying the hair in all different directions is flattering on a layered pixie cut for thin hair. This will give the most lift and body to the long pixie haircut for thin hair.

#11: Straight Pixie Bob with Short Bangs

Straight pixie bobs with short bangs are a funky take on the classic pixie. It’s also a trendy option for women wanting low-maintenance pixie cuts for thin hair. The short bang on this haircut is a youthful touch that can be worn on women of all ages. Ask your stylist for a bixie hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Sleek Side Bangs
Instagram @sallyloew

#12: Asymmetrical Pixie with Sleek Side Bangs

Sleek side bangs with an asymmetrical pixie are ideal for women with straight hair that want a choppy, unique style. Keep in mind that you’ll need a strong hold hairspray if you’re looking to wear a spiky pixie cut for fine hair. Aveda’s Control Force hairspray will keep your fine hair in place without flaking or being crunchy.

Choppy Pixie for Fine, Black Hair
Instagram @vera_holodnaja

#13: Choppy Pixie for Fine, Black Hair

A choppy pixie on fine, black hair is an eye-catching hairstyle for any age. Pixie cuts for older ladies with fine hair are a popular choice because they are so versatile in styling and can accentuate many different facial features.

Pixie Crop with a Charcoal Gray Color
Instagram @gallipottsalon

#14: Pixie Crop with a Charcoal Gray Color

Charcoal gray color with a pixie crop is an edgy, fashion-forward hairstyle for women who want to stand out. Adding dimension with a charcoal gray can add definition and texture to even the thinnest hair. Stacked bob haircuts can be common, but adding a fun color will make these cuts unique and chic.

#15: Side-Parted Long Pixie with Long Bangs

A side-parted long pixie with long bangs can bring attention away from the jaw of women with a square face shape. Although pixies are known to require a lot of upkeep, having a long pixie with a side bang is an excellent example of a low-maintenance long pixie cut for fine hair.

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Textured Pixie Shag with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @mskittynoir

#16: Textured Pixie Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

Women that want a low-maintenance hairstyle will love a textured pixie shag with face-framing bangs. A shag shape is a perfect way to accent your natural texture because it’s meant to look undone. A sea salt spray is an ideal finishing spray. It will add texture and enhance the shaggy style.

Deep Side Part on Thin Pixie Hair
Instagram @dinarastylist

#17: Deep Side Part on Thin Pixie Hair

If you want to rock a deep side part, use thickening hair products to help you get the best result. Ask your stylist if you need help finding products for  bangs for thin hair.

Long Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#18: Long Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

Adding wispy bangs to a long pixie cut will make your haircut feel brand new. Long pixie hairstyles for fine hair can seem challenging to style, but adding a wispy fringe will give you a carefree feel and can help you embrace your natural texture.

#19: Rooted Long Pixie on Blonde Hair

A rooted long pixie on blonde hair is a trendy short hairstyle for any season. When looking for a voluminous hairstyle, keep in mind that blonde hair will give you texture and natural volume. Amika Plus Size Volume and Body Mousse dried into the hair will give your pixie for thinning hair extra lift and body that holds all day.

#20: Graduated Pixie Bob for Women Over 60

Graduated pixie bobs are always a flattering haircut for women over 60. The graduation in the back of the head gives a softly rounded shape, adding height and volume to fine hair. When choosing a haircut, remember that adding graduation will be a little more maintenance, but is worth the end result.

Long Pixie with Wispy Layers and Long Fringe
Instagram @evavykopalova

#21: Long Pixie with Wispy Layers and Long Fringe

If you have fine hair, ask your stylist if a long pixie with wispy layers and a long fringe would work for you. Thinning hair can be discouraging, but short haircuts can help disguise the thin areas. An edgy long pixie for fine hair will need texturizing products to give that wispy appearance, so ask your stylist what they would recommend for your specific hair type.

Pixie with Long Bangs for Thin-Haired Mature Women
Instagram @ashkasalonplus

#22: Pixie with Long Bangs for Thin-Haired Mature Women

A pixie cut with long bangs makes thin-haired, mature women appear more youthful and lifted. If you have an oval face shape, a pixie haircut will bring attention to your eyes and make your face appear elongated.

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Stacked Pixie with a Side Fringe
Instagram @dinarastylist

#23: Stacked Pixie with a Side Fringe

Women with straight or wavy hair will love adding a side fringe to a stacked pixie. Not only will a stacked pixie cut for thin hair give the illusion of thicker hair, but the side fringe will give your hair a new shape while making your cheekbones pop.

Long Tapered Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @ucal_muradli

#24: Long Tapered Pixie

A long tapered pixie can make it appear fuller and thicker. Keeping some longer pieces around the face can be a great way to ease the shock of transitioning to a pixie haircut. A textured pixie will typically have a lot of layers, so make sure to ask your stylist for layers with your cut.

Long Pixie with Choppy Layers
Instagram @simahaircut

#25: Long Pixie with Choppy Layers

Choppy layers on a long pixie will give your hairstyle a slightly more edgy look. When looking for a cut, keep in mind that layering will be important to keep your hair from falling flat.

The best long pixie cuts for thin hair create an illusion of fullness and volume. It has layers that give tresses movement, eluding a lifeless finish. This is such a sophisticated look that women must try at least one!

Hairstylist Matty Leadabrand from Los Angeles, CA guarantees that pixies look effortlessly chic. He states, “Long cut pixies are great for ladies who want to make a statement but don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair.”

Women must not be afraid of going short, according to Leadabrand. A shorter cut helps remove weight and extra bulk from thicker hair. It can also add volume to finer hair, making it appear full-bodied.

Avoid adding too much texturizing in the cut. “Having a more solid shape can help the hair look thicker,” says Leadabrand.

When consulting a stylist, discuss the styling requirement for your preferred lixie cut. Understand how much effort you’ll need to put in every morning.

Don’t forget about the maintenance. Leadabrand points out that “more frequent haircuts are necessary to maintain the shape of a long pixie hairstyle.” So, this chop isn’t ideal if you opt to get trims only a few times per year.

If you’re still scared to go short, our guide will boost your courage for a pixie cut.

In case you need more short hair inspo, check out this gallery. Gathered here are the pictures of the best long pixie cuts for thin hair.