28 “Long Pixie Cut” Ideas for Older Women to Look & Feel Modern

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Side-Parted White Pixie for Thin Hair

Maximize the look of your thin hair with a side-parted white pixie. Compared to upward styling, fine hair looks thicker when styled to the side because it’s harder to see through. I suggest leaving the top slightly longer for better scalp coverage. An asymmetric fringe gives a modern and unique style. A tapered nape contributes to a sleek profile and simplifies styling. Blow dry with your hands towards the side to prevent unwanted root lift and extra height.

Long Pixie Cut for Older Ladies with Fine Hair
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#2: Long Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

If you have thin hair and longing for more body, consider a long pixie cut. This haircut is an excellent choice for older ladies. The length of the pixie allows for a wide range of styling options. The layers in this haircut create a dynamic yet not very severe look. While the cut suits women of all ages, it enhances the features of older women, giving them a youthful appearance.

#3: Long Dark Auburn Lixie

Consider going for a long, dark auburn lixie. This style resembles a bob hairstyle but with subtle differences. In this variant, you retain some hair length at the back of your neck and around your ears. For the perfect effect, don’t hesitate to request textured layers at the crown of your head for more volume. Accomplishing a pixie cut shape will morph this longer hairstyle into an attractive lixie. Longer face-framing side bangs complement this style and can work ideally with all facial features.

#4: Platinum Pixie with Crown Layers

Try out the platinum pixie, a unique short hairdo with stylish crown layers. The variety in textures from sharp crown layers buzzed back and curved sides add to its visual appeal. Make sure your hairdresser keeps the length at the sides to enhance the short top. Remember, maintaining the style and the color requires regular salon visits, around every 4 weeks.

#5: Golden Blonde Long Pixie Hair

long pixie cut in golden blonde is perfect for aging hair. The color is light enough to help hide gray regrowth and is soft and more natural than a dark brown. Length is left around the sides, perfect for camouflaging hearing devices and large ears. The finish is styled on the flatter side so that you won’t be struggling for height. You can blow dry the simple shape with a medium round brush to get shine and smoothness.

Long Pixie Cut with Silver Strands for an Old Lady
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#6: Long Pixie with Silver Strands

The long pixie cut with silver strands is a high-style pick for older women looking to embrace a sparkly new look. This haircut is long on top, while the sides and back are short for a modern turn. The silver strands add a touch of class and lift the overall appeal of the hairstyle. This cut with silver strands works best for those who want a low-care yet hip look that fits the face and adds to their style. This handy haircut can be styled in many ways, whether neat and polished or messy and textured.

Long Pixie with Short Wispy Layers and Blonde Highlights for Older Ladies
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#7: Short Wispy Layers and Blonde Highlights

The hairstyle is a short, wispy layered cut with blonde highlights. If you’re looking to add some dimension to a short pixie with layers, adding highlights will create that visual effect. The layers of this striking pixie cut are concentrated around the head’s middle area for a rounded look.

#8: Salt and Pepper Long Pixie with Fringe

If you have salt and pepper hair, you will find a long pixie haircut with a fringe that is both versatile and edgy. This cut adds volume to your hair, giving you a youthful, lifted look. Use hair mousse for extra hold and shine.

Brunette Lixie Cut with Side Part on Older Ladies
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#9: Brunette Lixie Cut with Side Part

If you don’t want a short haircut, a brunette lixie cut with a side part is a great choice. Tell your stylist to give you a softly tapered nape. Ensure they leave length at your occipital bone and on your head. The sides should be lengthy but light and wispy. The side part suits all face shapes well. Use a medium round brush for blow drying. Then tousle with your hands and apply some spray for a perfect finish.

#10: Low-Maintenance Pixie Bowl Cut

For a youthful look, try a low-maintenance pixie bowl cut! This style offers soft layers that help shape the head to create volume and sleekness where it’s most flattering.

#11: Multi-Layered Shaggy Pixie

A multi-layered shaggy pixie cut is a fantastic choice for older women who don’t want to take a lot of time styling their hair. If quick and easy is your style, you can use a little salt spray or a small dollop of mousse after washing. These products can give your hair a manageable texture and a good volume.

#12: Angled Pixie Undercut

This sharp-edged, angular pixie undercut makes your hair look taller and thicker without extra styling. Choose the pixie undercut if you desire a hairdo that is simple to style and gives a youthful look. I suggest using a soft hold mousse to provide shine and keep your short hair in place all day.

#13: Angled Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Check out the style of a classic and angled pixie cut that comes with choppy bangs. This cut showcases a tapered nape and medium layers, along with a cute bang. It has angled sides that you can easily hide behind the ear for a royal look. You may smooth your hair with a medium-sized, round brush or enhance your look by curling it with an iron less than an inch wide. The angled pixie cut is versatile and will enrich your features very well.

#14: Voluminous Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

A voluminous wavy pixie is versatile. It’s a great cut for lovers of change. Despite looking like a one-style cut, the ultra-defined chop is not. It’s flexible due to its texture. You can alter your part line, wear it down, or clip it up.

#15: Long Edgy Pixie with Asymmetric Bangs

A youthful option would be an edgy long pixie haircut with asymmetrical bangs. The sharp edges of this haircut pronounce the eyes and cheekbones. It’s best to use a soft matte paste when styling due to its added texture.

#16: Layered Lixie for Straight Hair

For women with straight hair, a layered lixie or long pixie is a great choice. On straighter locks, the added texture and airy layering will create more body and volume.

Airy Feathered Long Pixie with Deep Side Part for Mature Women
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#17: Airy Feathered Pixie with Deep Side Part

A deep side part in an airy, feathered pixie cut adds definition and volume to your hair. As we age, such definition and volume become essential for maintaining youthful, full-looking hair.

#18: Textured Pixie Hair with Side Bangs

Enhance your everyday style with a textured pixie and side bangs! This stylish take on the pixie chop adds a modern, more trendy edge to the classic look. It’s one of the best hairstyles for older women.

#19: Soft Messy Layered Pixie

long layered pixie hair cut that looks soft and messy easily creates a youthful look. This chic take combines the popularity of effortless hair with the timeless style of a pixie bob.

#20: Classic Pixie Crop with Crown Layers

This classic pixie crop features a tight taper at the back. This guides your gaze to the crown layers, providing an uplifting volume. The hairstyle achieves the effects of a facelift without any surgery. To maintain this effect, use a high-quality texture spray. It keeps your volume steady throughout the day and gives an added lift.

Side-Swept Undercut Long Pixie on older women with Fine Hair
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#21: Side-Swept Undercut Pixie on Fine Hair

Check out this side-swept undercut pixie designed for fine hair. Aim for an asymmetrical pixie cut its length gives it versatility. You can style it sleek, curled, voluminous, or slicked-back. For a charming look, opt for a style-enhancing undercut. It flatters the contours of the face perfectly.

#22: Long Pixie and Bangs for Thick Hair

A long pixie haircut with bangs is perfect for individuals with thick hair! The trick to a successful pixie cut for thick hair is to keep the cut short at the top (close to the crown) and leave length for layers around the face.

Tapered Side Part Long Pixie Hair for Older women 50s and up
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#23: Tapered Side Part Pixie Hair

A tapered side parted pixie haircut could be your next style. Short pixies are very much a feminine style. Adding a faded undercut to one side will shape your face and enhance your style. This haircut is perfect if you want to keep stylish and can visit the salon every 4-6 weeks.

Beige Blonde Long Pixie Bob for Seniors
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#24: Beige Blonde Long Pixie Bob

A soft pixie bob in beige blonde is a perfect mix of feminine and chic styles. The tapered back helps maintain volume at the top part of your head, and the tapered sides stop this cut from appearing round. A soft blonde tone adds a youthful and shiny appeal to the complete look.

#25: Silver Grey Long Pixie with Bangs

The silver-grey tonal change gives the long pixie cut with bangs a more edgy, polished look! The ashy tone compliments the skin tone, and the extra shaping of the cut adds length and lean appearance. Very chic!

Rooted Blonde Long Choppy Pixie with Thin Bangs on Mature Ladies
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#26: Rooted Blonde Choppy Pixie with Thin Bangs

For your blonde choppy pixie with thin bangs, adding a rooted look will create an illusion of thickness. Also, making the hairstyle’s base darker will soften the regrowth effect and enhance your blonde. Choosing a darker base closer to your brow is charming and maintains a natural look.

#27: Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

Add flair to your style with a gray pixie cut and long bangs! This trendy cut will not only give you a youthful look but also simplify your daily hair routine.

Layered Long Pixie Shag for Mature Women
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#28: Layered Long Pixie Shag

A layered long pixie shag is a great cut if you have naturally straight hair. The layers help to retain volume in the crown part of the cut and let the ends flare outward.

Known for its versatility and flair, “long pixie cut styles” are a bold choice for older women. Hairstyling expert Lael Barry delves into this fashionable trend, laying out tailored advice for different hair types and face shapes. Throughout the discussion, she reminds us that the real allure of this cut is its ability to adapt to every individual’s style and hair type.

Meet The Expert

Lael Barry
Lael Barry
Lael is a master hairstylist with 17 years of experience.
You can find Lael at her own studio in San Diego, CA.

Pixie Perfect: A Cut for Every Type of Hair

For those with fine or thin hair, she suggests layered pixie cuts for adding volume and texture. To create the illusion of fullness, she advises framing the face with side-swept bangs or longer pieces and steering clear of overly blunt cuts.

Those with abundant, thick hair should consider thinning out the hair if it becomes too heavy. Barry says that graduated or layered cuts can lend balance and control while allowing room to play with edgy and softer styles.

Barry reassures us that aging hair can look stunning with a long pixie cut. Soft layers and gentle texture can inject movement and dimension. She even recommends experimenting with light hair colors or highlights to add depth and minimize the appearance of thinning.

Naturally curly or coily hair types can beautifully carry off this pixie, but Barry cautions on finding a stylist experienced with this tongue-in-cheek hair type. She suggests longer layers to avoid extreme volume at the crown while still showcasing the hair’s natural bounce.

For those with wavy hair, you’ll end up with a soft and effortless look. Textured cuts tailored to the individual’s waves, along with a tousled finish, make for a chilled, laid-back style.

Straight hair types should use a sleek and polished style, Barry advises. She encourages experimenting with angular cuts or asymmetrical styles to inject interest and structure into your hair.

How to Choose a The Right One for Your Face Shape

For those with round faces, she suggests adding height and volume at the crown to elongate the face. Opting for longer pieces at the sides with side-swept bangs or asymmetrical cuts helps create angles and bring balance.

Those with square faces can soften strong jawlines with textured and layered cuts. Barry advises using side-swept bangs or longer pieces around the face to add softness. She also warns of the need to avoid overly sharp edges.

For long-faced ladies, Barry suggests choosing cuts with width-creating volume at the sides. Pixie cuts with side-swept bangs help break up the length of the face.

Oval faces can pull off a variety of pixie cuts. Here, Barry recommends experimenting with different styles, such as asymmetrical cuts, textured layers, or even bold cuts with shorter sides.

Heart-shaped faces will get balance by adding volume around the chin area with side-swept bangs or longer layers. They should avoid overly voluminous cuts on top, which could emphasize the wider forehead.

How to Make This Cut for Your Lifestyle

Moving on to styling tips and tricks, Barry offers advice based on different lifestyles.

For the working professional, she suggests leaning on a polished and sleek look. Use a flat iron to tame any frizz and create a refined finish.

For the busy mom, quick and easy styles work best. A tousled and textured look gives off a youthful vibe that requires minimum effort.

For those with an active lifestyle, messy and tousled looks are the way to go. These styles can withstand movement and sweat.

Retired ladies can mix up different styles based on mood and require minimal daily maintenance.

Pictures of the Most Gorgeous Long Pixie Cuts for Older Women