18 Short Hair with Long Bangs Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short hair with long bangs is a women’s short hairstyle that is cut anywhere between the ear and neck level and finished with a fringe. A contemporary hairstyle that says casual, voluminous, and flirty – there’s nothing more fabulous than these short and sassy haircuts below.

Celeb trendsetters who were seen sporting their lengthy fringe hair are Vanessa Hudgens, Gemma Arterton, Karlie Kloss, and Rihanna, and they’re urging every fan to join in the fashion fringe! Whatever short style you choose – from pixie haircuts to bobs and everything in between – there’s always a fitting bang style for you.

Ask your hairdresser to evaluate your face shape and bone structure and work with these features. Short cuts with long bangs don’t just give you a hairdo update – they also work to frame and slim your face for a great overall look!

Check out the inspired ideas of Rae Thweatt, an expert hairdresser from Virginia. She loves adding long bangs to her clients’ hair – no matter the density and hair type, taking advantage of how the length draws attention right to their eyes and other facial features.

For a soft and romantic texture that goes adorable with any season, find your next salon hair-spiration below.

Here are the year’s best haircuts for short hair with long bangs.


#1: Very Short Hair with Very Long Bangs

Go for an edgy hairstyle to match your strong personality. This very short hair with bangs can be cut with texture for a messy look. A razor fade is also perfect for your sides to complete the look.

Neck-Length Textured Choppy Bob with See-Through Long Bangs
Instagram @jinmurano

#2: Textured Choppy Bob with See-Through Bangs

Even a classic style can be fun. This bob hairstyle, textured and choppy with see-through bangs, is short and soft. It offers a feminine and casual vibe. Ask your stylist to add a razor cut for a breezy look. Apply a salt spray from roots to ends to keep the shape. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep your hairstyle above the shoulders and the bangs fresh.

Short-Length Layered Cut with Face-Framing Long Wispy Bangs
Instagram @halcyon_studio

#3: Layered Cut with Face-Framing Wispy Bangs

Love a long fringe? Opt for a layered cut with face-framing wispy bangs! This chop makes it easy to rock longer fringe, especially in between trims.

Short hair with very long bangs
Instagram @hotboxaveda

#4: Short Haircut with Very Long Bangs

This is one of my favorite examples of what short hairstyles with long fringe can do. The contrasting take on having longer bangs than your actual chin-length haircut is an interesting sight! Wear those short locks with layers and style in a sleek way to maximize its face-shaping abilities. See more of the best short hair with bangs.

short hair with long side swept bangs
Instagram @raularaujohair

#5: Pixie Crop with Long Side Swept Bangs

Short hair with long side bangs that are tapered at the nape creates fullness at the crown.

The longer fringe on this short haircut was added for versatility and playfulness.

The length and airiness of the long fringe allow the cut and style to be versatile.

When considering super short hair with long bangs, consult with your stylist about the details. The fringe, sideburns and neckline.

Short hair requires more salon visits to maintain, so think about your maintenance tolerance.

short layered hair with long side bangs
Instagram @cuts.by.rasa

#6: Short Layered Hair with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Short hair and long bangs is a fabulous way to wear short layered hair but still rock long strands. Here, the side-swept bangs shape the face while the short layered cut offers texture for a rugged style.

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Short grey hair with long bangs
Instagram @mountain.gaia

#7: Short Grey Hair with Long Fringe

Short hairstyles with long bangs like this look amazing! Layered bangs on short grey hair look ethereal, making those silver locks glimmer any time of day.

Short Cut with Long Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairabee

#8: Short Cut with Long Bangs for Fine Hair

A French bob is perfect for short for fine hair with curtain bangs. They look even more gorgeous on very dark brown hair. Beachy waves and texture work together very well to bring out your natural wave. Shags and blunt cuts really are one of the best ideas for short hairstyles with longer bangs and fine hair.

Short Pixie Cut with Super Long Fringe
Instagram @sergiosy

#9: Short Pixie Cut with Super Long Fringe

A short pixie cut with a super long fringe is a great way to wear short hair and still feel like you have some length. When opting for a short pixie cut with long bangs, the long bang/fringe can be worn to either side and gives you a mystical style. It can also be curled or worn straight and works well on all hair types.

Long bangs for women over 50 with short hair
Instagram @hair_by_marlo

#10: Long Bangs for Over 50 with Short Hair

This short haircut is layered, textured, and ready to party! These long bangs on short hair will make women over 50 glow with youthfulness.

short curly hair with long bangs
Instagram @jana.sarmento

#11: Short Curly Hair with Long Curly Bangs

Curly short hair with long bangs acts as an amazing accessory. Adding bangs creates body over the high-volume locks. It’s a gorgeous way to cut and style your short curly hair.

Short hair in the back with long bangs
Instagram @kortri

#12: Short Hair in the Back with Long Side Bangs

Short hair with long side bangs at the nape area is a juxtaposition. A cut like this offers volume and a revolutionary style wherein you can still play around with short hair while still having long strands.

#13: Short Blonde Hair with Long Side Fringe

This is a textured, asymmetrical, short hair with a long fringe with a shaved undercut on one side. This short haircut and long bangs have enough length to get creative with styling. You can still put a few wavy curls in or braid the bangs, but it has enough edge and funk that a quick blow-dry alone would give a show-stopping look.

This women’s short hairstyle with long bangs is perfect for someone who doesn’t mind coming into the salon once every month and a half to get the cut shaped up but only needs a few minutes in the morning to look sassy and fabulous.

short hair with long bangs long face
Instagram @timduenashair

#14: Long Curtain Bangs for a Long Face

This short cut on long bangs is a modern take on a classic lock. This is a very low maintenance shape.

Adding a fringe gives it a little bit of a different appearance versus a traditional one length bob.

For styling, blow dry with a comb back-and-forth to eliminate any sort of growth direction and allow for that fringe to settle in. The idea is to keep the length of the fringe halfway to the perimeter length of the haircut.

Use a leave-in conditioner spray then cover with a nice, gritty mousse. This will allow for maximum air drying.

Short haircuts with long bangs like this one are definitely for that cool girl. It’s a little short, so it pushes the boundaries of femininity but still allows it to have that soft, wearable vibe.

#15: Short Wavy Hair with Extra Long Bangs

This wavy short cut with long bangs is a steeply angled bob. The texture on this haircut looks great when worn straight or wavy.

These long bangs with short hair is a real show-stopper, whether it’s worn with the perfect beachy wave or straight.

It’s fantastic for women who have tons of hair since you can do it with a full undercut. It removes bulk without compromising shape and makes it much easier and faster to style since there is less hair to deal with. The sharp angle is striking and looks great on girls with a longer neck. It has an edgy factor!

short spiky hair with long bangs for women over 60
Instagram @amyspencerhair

#16: Short Spiky Hair with Long Fringes for Over 60

It’s a platinum undercut pixie cut with a long fringe. This short spiky hair is fun to style because you get to be creative.

When it comes to short hairstyles, long fringe looks require some questions. Make sure you can come in regularly for haircuts.

Some great styling products are Unite Expanda and Liquid Volume, as well as Colorproof Crafting Pomade.

short hair with long bangs african american
Instagram @courtneypinkk

#17: Long Bangs for African American Hair

This shorter hair with longer bangs will give you the best of both worlds. The cool edge of the short side and tapered back while the longer side adds a touch of softness to the overall haircut. There are many layers to add volume and movement and create texture, giving different options for styling. The hairline at the back tapers into a V-shape at the nape. Short haircuts with longer bangs like this one are customizable for almost any face shape! The longer side gives a face-framing effect depending on its cut length.

I recommend asking your stylist what length best suits your face shape. With all the layers, you should plan to do some styling to maintain the look. A short haircut can be worn smooth and sleek, polished with a flat iron, using a light heat-protectant like Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off the Press, and finished with a drop of serum for shine. If you’re looking for a little more edge, I recommend using a little texture spray like Redken’s Wax Blast 10, or if you have a heavier texture, a paste-like Rewind 06.

Long Bangs for a Round Face
Instagram @hairlady_lo

#18: Long Bangs for a Round Face

This short hair and long bangs are blunt tousled bob with softly rounded curtain bangs.

The bangs follow the outer shape of the eyebrows and connect to the sides in a subtle soft way, narrowing the sides of the face.

This short hair with longer fringe helps elongate the face as long as you keep enough overall length and the bangs’ shortest point in the middle right above the nose.

It’s important to keep the bangs soft by having shattered ends and not extremely blunt.

A short haircut with long bangs is a great option for women with square face shapes who wish to go short.

Bangs will require more of your time since they will need trimming sooner than the overall cut.

If you already have short straight hair, it would be extremely easy to style by blow-drying using the curvature of the head, and a flat bristled brush. Always use a heat protector, and you could add some volumizing mousse if needed.