42 Layered, Long Pixie Cut Ideas If You Want Short Hair That’s Easy to Style and Grow Out

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Ever heard of the layered long pixie cut? Starting with the ever-popular classic pixie cut, we saw it evolve into the longer version called a long pixie or Lixie. Now, we have the layered long pixie cut, a fantastic fusion of the classic pixie cut, the length of a Lixie, and the depth of added layers. It’s distinct, stylish, and offers a fresh twist. Here, I’ll share pictures of the best ideas for getting this haircut, along with expert advice from hairstylist Beverley Bates.

Beverley Bates is an artist ambassador, educator, and salon owner from Warwickshire, UK. She proves the styling options for a pixie are tremendous.

Want a stronger look with softness? Bates suggests a longer layered bob with graduation or undercut. “By day, it can be worn in its simple state. For occasions, it can be styled with a gentle quiff, a texture, or undone waves,” she adds.

The key to an appealing long layered pixie cut is finding the right stylist. Bates states, “Go to a stylist that understands how to engineer a great short haircut—someone that consults you, too.”

This modern cut is perfect on any hair texture and type, as long as it’s not in a poor, frizzy condition. Bates suggests products from La Biosthétique Paris for a healthy scalp and edgy, textured styles. If you want tips and details on choosing a pixie cut, read our helpful guide.

Here are pictures of the best ways to get a layered long pixie cut:


#1: Chic Lixie with Visible Layers and Tones

If you like to keep up-to-date but still stay true to your own tastes, ask for a chic pixie with visible layers and tones. You can customize this haircut based on your preferred tones. It also leaves your hair longer, giving you more style choices daily.

#2: Brunette Lixie with Feathered Layers

Ask for a brunette lixie with feathered layers for your next cut. If your struggling with short hair feeling too thick, ask your stylist to layer and de-bulk. The best way to style a long pixie cut is with a blow dryer and round brush. Style away from your face, so the front layer falls beautifully with your hairline.

Iconic Long Pixie Cut with Layers
Instagram @katiepdxhair

#3: Iconic Long Pixie Cut

Opt for a long pixie cut if you want a modern and effortless hairstyle. Discuss your face shape with your hairstylist when considering this choice, as this style may not suit you if your face is round. Choose shaggy, razor-cut layers for a textured look with natural movement. This style works well when you blow dry it with wax and style using your hands. Remember to include a longer section in the front to enhance the cut and to be styled to the side elegantly.

#4: Dark Ash Brown Layered Lixie Cut

Pixie cuts are always popular due to their easy home maintenance, requiring little to no care. However, one should consider the timing of the next cut since slight growth can become bothersome. For a softer look, maintain a bit more hair around the face to keep the style feminine and airy. As a professional tip, avoid using heavy, waxy products as they can weigh the hair down.

#5: Layered Lixie for Very Dark Hair

layered pixie is ideal for women with dark, short, deep-toned hair who want a fresh, stylish cut. This haircut brings movement and texture to your dark locks, offering a multi-dimensional look. The layers in the pixie cut add volume and shape and ensure the hair remains short. This style suits very dark hair, as the layers enrich the color. For styling your layered pixie, apply a small amount of volumizing mousse to your damp hair. Then, use your fingers to add texture by tousling and scrunching your hair.

#6: Copper Lixie with Layers

If you want to add volume to your fine hair texture, try this longer pixie style. A longer-frame style will suit those with elongated face shapes and convex profiles. Opt for a side part for softness, and ask your stylist to layer the back and crown of your head in a directed manner. This allows you to style with texture paste or use a round brush for a fuller look.

Visible Layers on a Lixie Cut for older ladies with brunette thick hair
Instagram @alisonallvess

#7: Visible Layers on a Lixie Cut

For older ladies with thick brown hair, adding visible layers on a lixie cut can make you feel youthful. Ask about adding layers that will lighten the weight of the hair. This will make it more manageable and create volume at the same time. The key to this style is having a balance between the layers and length to avoid making the hair look too thin or short. To style, a blow-dryer and a large round brush are essential to create volume and shape. You may want a mousse or a volumizing spray to provide additional body and texture.

Edgy and Dimensional Layered Long Pixie Cut for women with pink hair and dark roots
Instagram @cp.hairartist

#8: Edgy and Dimensional Layered Pixie

If you would like to change up your short hair, try a pixie with edgy layers and dimensional color. Ask for lots of texture, especially if you have wavy hair, as this will bring out lots of sexy movement. Be aware this style is high maintenance, as the cut must be maintained frequently. The color can be maintained with a Viral Celeb Luxury Colorwash Depositing Shampoo or Conditioner.

#9: Soft Ash Brown Layered Lixie

Try a soft layered ash brown lixie. A disconnected long pixie will leave your hair soft and feminine. Disconnection is helpful when you have thick hair. You will not have to spend time styling a disconnected pixie because you will have less hair. Softly textured layers will give you movement and separation. Using a half-inch curling wand with hair wax to separate the strands will give you an ethereal effect.

Dark Brown Layered Lixie Cut for Short Hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#10: Dark Brown Layered Lixie

A dark brown layered pixie cut for short hair is a great way to try something new and on-trend. But be aware. You’ll need the help of a hairstylist who can create short layers with skillful expertise. This cut has major benefits. It’s easy to style, versatile, and will add body and movement to your look! As a tip, talk clearly with your stylist about what type of layers you’re looking for. This way, they can deliver beautiful results. To achieve this, bring some photos of references, so both of you understand the end results.

#11: Hand-Painted Balayage

The hand-painted balayage provides a very lived-in and natural-looking blonde effect, even on darker natural hair bases. However, if you’re going to get very light ashy blonde toner your best option is to pick the foilayage technique. It’s better if you do not confuse the two techniques because they give different results. Make sure you bring some pictures to your colorist if not completely sure.

Perfectly Layered and Tapered Long Pixie Cut
Instagram @tatyanahair.stylist

#12: Perfectly Layered and Tapered Long Pixie Cut

Try a short wispy stacked shag cut to create an eye-catching look for any face shape! This versatile hairstyle works with straight, wavy, or curly hair types. To get this chic style, my best advice is to ask your stylist for tapering along the sides. Also, ask for subtle layering towards the back of your head. Try to make sure you finish the look with a light-hold hairspray. Use Aveda’s Air Control Hairspray to keep everything in place. For a boost of shine, add Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to your styling routine. It’ll make all the difference!

Chic Long Pixie Cut with Lived-In Layers
Instagram @m4xine

#13: Chic Pixie Cut with Lived-In Layers

Give your hair a modern twist on a pixie cut. It’s chic and stylish. Opt for shorter layers at the crown to give that lived-in feel. Ask for wispy bangs for softness and finish with a dry textured product to give a natural volume look.

Long Pixie with Soft Feathery Layers
Instagram @tatianavasina_

#14: Soft Feathery Layers

Nothing says elegance better than soft feathery layers. If you’re looking for an easy-going yet sophisticated style, a long layered pixie is a great option. Your stylist will layer your hair to the shape of your head. But will use texturizing shears or a razor to give the layers a soft look. The best way to style is with a volumizing mousse and a small to medium size round brush. Both will give volume and add definition.

Layered Side-Swept Lixie with Longer Bangs
Instagram @haaremitstil

#15: Side-Swept Lixie with Longer Bangs

Consider a side-swept lixie with longer bangs if you would love a shorter style but want to keep some length! Having your stylist use texturizing shears can help you add volume and texture. If you need to add a bit more volume when styling, back comb the top a bit and you’re ready for the day.

Yummy Chocolate Layered Long Pixie
Instagram @killerkutz

#16: Yummy Chocolate Pixie

The best way to hide your squared jawline is to try a long textured pixie. The longer sides hug your face adding curvature. And that softens your features. Be aware if your hair is thicker, you’ll need extra texturizing throughout the cut to add shape.

#17: Champagne Blonde Feathery Lixie Cut

Before getting a champagne blonde, try to consider your color, budget, and maintenance. If your hair has a lot of color history, cutting a feathery lixie cut will remove the bulk of the work. Plus, you’ll be able to achieve the color sooner.

#18: Razor Cut Long Shaggy Pixie

Try a razor-cut long shaggy pixie so you can wear your hair with a lightweight texture. If you can opt for mega piecey locks, a razor will cut your hair to feel soft, fringed, and textured. Personally, I love shags for a low-maintenance yet super stylish look.

#19: Cute Light Brown Pixie with Layers

Try a cute light brown pixie with textured layers. To ensure you’re getting this look, you will want to ask for a long swooped bang and uniform layers. I highly recommend getting highlights with a lowlight to show off your layers. This look is perfect for any women looking for a low-maintenance style that’s still on trend.

#20: Lixie Blonde Highlights and Dark Roots

Being stuck in the in between can look really good. One of the most versatile looks for a short hairdo is the lixie. A long pixie that has length is beneficial for blonde highlights with dark roots.

#21: Silver Lixie for Older Women

Older women’s styles have come along way when it comes to the variety of how to wear your hair. Whether you professionally texturize your hair for wearability, or you’re embracing your silver to gray texture, a lixie is a versatile way to transition into a new you. While styles will vary, this haircut wears well for smooth to curly texture.

Feminine Grey Lixie with Layers
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#22: Feminine Grey Lixie with Layers

Try a feminine grey lixie with layers for a beautiful voluminous illusion. Whether you want to try to take the bulk out and add height to your aging hair, a lixie looks great on anyone. Layers are great for a moveable yet put-together style.

Layered Long Copper Pixie with Sideburns
Instagram @kahchick

#23: Long Copper Pixie with Sideburns

The long copper pixie with sideburns is the perfect autumn haircut and style. It beautifully follows the head shape creating roundness at the crown and occipital area. It also enhances the cheekbones with the pointy and slightly feathered sideburns. To keep the copper color vibrant at home, I would recommend using masks with direct dye. For instance, Colour Fresh Mask by Wella.

#24: White Long Pixie with Short Layers

Be a natural beauty with a white long pixie with short layers. Cutting short layers is the best way to give your hair body and movement right at the crown. If your hair has excess bulk at the nape or crown, taking weight out may be necessary for your hair to feel lighter and sit better for easier styling.

Brunette Long Pixie Bob with Layers
Instagram @yangalisalon

#25: Brunette Pixie Bob with Layers

A brunette pixie bob with layers is a beautiful medium to short haircut that can accentuate and frame the face. By adding layering to a pixie bob you can get more body and movement while also making the haircut easier to style. A pixie bob does require daily styling in order to look intentional, however, the styling process is generally quick and easy.

#26: Feathered Pixie Cut with Layers

A feathered pixie cut with layers is super chic. A feathered lixie haircut is a super soft feminine style that works well on middle-aged professionals and older women. Feathered layers compliment medium wavy textures. Easy to wash and go or use a little volume spray at the root to add body to a quick blow dry.

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#27: Extra Long Blonde Pixie with a Side Bang

Try an extra long blonde pixie paired with a side bang for a classy, effortless look. When styling, don’t forget to use a root lift like Living Proof, Full Root Lift on your wet hair, or Puff.ME Powder on your dry hair, for lift and separation. When blow drying, avoid drying your hair to your scalp. It will make your hair flat. Instead, dry in the opposite direction with a round brush, then flip once dry. Viola, volume.

#28: Layered Pixie Bob

Try a layered pixie bob if you’re looking for a short cut with versatile styling options. A long pixie bob hairstyle falls somewhere between the ear and neck, which is a great transitional cut if you’re not ready to make the leap to a super short crop. Consult with your stylist about an icy beige highlight session to make your new crop really pop!

Layered Pixie with Heavy Bangs
Instagram @stebunovhair

#29: Layered Pixie with Heavy Bangs

Try a layered pixie with heavy bangs for a chic wash and wear style. Long pixie hairstyles with layers and a full fringe camouflage broad heart-shaped faces, as well as shorten oval face shapes. Make sure to keep up with regular trims to keep your pixie shaped.

#30: Tapered Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A tapered pixie cut for fine hair is a fun layered haircut that gives life back to limp tresses. Cropping the back extremely close, and leaving length around the sides with texture throughout the top, is a creative choice for a long pixie cut for fine hair. Spray Living Proof full root lift on damp hair, and blow dry for optimal volume.

#31: Side-Swept Pixie Cut with Layers

Try a side-swept long pixie cut with layers for an edgy yet chic haircut. A layered pixie cut for short hair is extremely versatile and looks great on women of all ages. Compliment your layered hairstyle with a beautiful shade of champagne blonde.

#32: Pixie with Razored Crown Layers

Consider a pixie with razored crown layers if you have thin hair in need of a boost. Layered long pixie haircuts for fine hair look super chick with wispy sideburns and a short swoopy fringe. This short razored crop looks best on women over 50.

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#33: Angled Pixie with a Side Part

If you’re thinking of making a big change, then consider an angled pixie with a side part. Everything about short layered pixies is sheer perfection. Soft tousled layers accented with an asymmetrical side part accentuate cheekbones and highlight your eyes. Complete your stylish long pixies with a buttery shade of platinum blonde hair dye.

#34: Wavy Pixie Hair with Layers

Consider wavy pixie hair with layers if you have textured tresses. Lixies are extremely versatile and look great on women of all ages and face shapes. Naturally wavy hair can be worn air dried with sea salt spray, or enhanced with a few loose curling iron waves.

#35: Shaggy Pixie Cut with Curtain Bangs

A shaggy pixie cut with curtain bangs is an easy-breezy hand-crafted short hairstyle that offers a ton of movement and works well on straight, wavy, and curly textures. Incorporate some soft face-framing balayage into your low-maintenance long pixie cut for a complete wash and wear layered style.

Textured Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#36: Textured Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers

Try a textured pixie cut with choppy layers if you’re looking to add volume to fine hair. Angled cheek-skimming layers on a long choppy pixie cut for short hair help frame the face and highlight cheekbones. Add a rich hazelnut color with a few baby lights to warm your complexion and show off the texture.

#37: Pixie with Stacked Layers for Thick Hair

Have you been afraid to go short, because you have an abundant amount of hair? Fear no more, because a pixie with stacked layers for thick hair is the perfect cut. Not only is a short crop a great way to reduce styling, but a layered long pixie cut for thick hair is ideal for weight removal. Blow-dry with Kevin Murphy Ever.Smooth, and finish with Bedroom.Hair dry texturizer.

Long Layered Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#38: Long Layered Pixie for Thin Hair

Go for a long layered pixie hairstyle for thin hair to incorporate movement and bulk up your strands. A long pixie cut for thin hair usually falls at or below the ears, with a jawbone-grazing fringe. Ask your stylist if a platinum blonde tone would complement your skin tone.

#39: Straight Long Pixie with Wispy Layers

A straight longer pixie cut with wispy layers is the perfect lixie cut for women who want to incorporate movement to their straight hair. Blended layering helps add uniform round shaping to the back of the cut. Ask your stylist to texturize your edges and sideburns for a wispy look.

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#40: Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Go for a pixie cut with long bangs to reduce bulk and show off your best features. A close crop around the sides and back of the neck helps to remove weight, making styling a breeze. Incorporate side parting to an asymmetrical pixie cut to add extra volume to your fringe.

#41: Pixie Crop with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider a pixie crop with side-swept bangs if you’re ready to make the leap into the world of short hair. A layered long pixie cut with bangs allows you to keep length in the front, which looks amazing on an oval face. Add some peach highlights to spice up the short style.

#42: Tousled Layers on a Pixie

Consider a long pixie haircut with tousled layers. If you have an edgy pixie style and love a modern take on a lixie hairstyle, then a messy pixie cut might be just what you need. Ask your stylist for textured layers, maybe slicing with scissors or a razor for the texture. Having a little hair length in the back, you will have to get trimmed up every 4-6 weeks unless you don’t mind a short pixie mullet.