17 Remarkable Short Layered Bob Haircuts

Short layered bob haircuts

If you’re looking for a fresh cut that’s not too long or too short, then consider one of these short layered bob haircuts. Layered bob haircuts, when added to thin hair creates the illusion of more volume. While adding long layers will keep your hair from looking too short if something like that makes you nervous. The great thing about this layered bob cut is the versatility in styling and adding color creates a beautiful dimension that really highlights the layering effect. Below, I’ve put together a collection of some of the most popular layered bobs for short hair this year. You’ll find unique looks like a messy shag, choppy layering, face-framing layers and, short bob with bangs. Enjoy!

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Stylish Short Stacked Bob with Layers

Stylish Short Stacked Bob with Layers
Instagram @braxtonthomashair

If you crave for your hair to appear fuller and thicker, you better take note of this short layered bob cut right here. You can actually almost call this a pixie bob with layers. The alternating platinum and dirty blondes along with those amazing layered waves work greatly to achieve a feminine and edgy finish.

Trendy Layering Bob With Bangs

Trendy Layering Bob With Bangs
Instagram @ceci_hair

A shapely short layered bob with bangs that can frame the face nicely looks super modern. The choppy ends also make it an effortless style. Check out more layered bobs with bangs.

Perfectly Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Perfect for Thick Hair
Instagram @courtsan_cosmetology

This fire-y textured short bob haircut with layers is a spin off a short inverted bob. Created by hairstylist Courtney, and it’s definitely one for the books! Perfect for dense hair as it can show off a luscious color gorgeously and with dimension.

Fresh Neck-Length Layered Bob

Fresh Neck Length Cut
Instagram @alex.moiseeva

This one-length layered short bob with a textured finish all over complements fine hair amazingly well. It makes shorter hair appear thicker with all the layering. Style this bob with long side bangs for a feminine finish.


Gorgeous Short Bob with Layers

Gorgeous with Layers
Instagram @joannaevelisa

A tousled short layered bob like this makes anyone a cool girl without even trying. The big thick waves throughout the hair add softness that perfectly balances the messy cut.

Sizzling Long Layers on a Short Bob

Sizzling Long Layers on a Short Bob
Instagram @hairmeroar

This is one of the most popular short layered bob hairstyles you’ll see! A tousled neck-length bob with heavy layers is the simplest yet most gorgeous look you can get if you’re looking to take some length off. Styling it with an inward wave for a sexy finish adds volume to the hair, making it a great look for thin hair.

Classy Stacked Bob with Layers for Women Over 40

Classy Stacked Bob with Layers for Women Over 40
Instagram @bytheg.o.a.t

Q&A with style creator, Sam Primeau
Hairstylist @ Atomic Barbershop and Salon in Tonawanda, NY

How would you describe this?

This is a classy stacked bob with layers for women over 40. This bob style offers a short bob with layers that add volume while keeping length on the shoulders.

What’s your best advice?

If you’re a woman who wants a wash-and-go hairstyle, you may or may not want short layered haircuts. This is due to the amount of time you’ll be at the salon. You also need to take into consideration the at-home upkeep. Use professional products recommended by your stylist. Without them, your layered short hair can fall flat and/or lose its shape.

Cute Angled Bob with Wavy Layers

Cute Angled Bob with Wavy Layers
Instagram @__hannahv

Q&A with style creator, Hannah Villavicencio
Hairstylist @ theFactory Hair in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a graduated short, layered bob haircut with a dramatic angle. A short bob with wavy layers that feature highlights will help with framing your face. The short hair with layers will also help the angle seem more dramatic.

What’s your best advice?

Angled bobs with wavy layers can be worn with very little styling or a loose curl. Add moose or hairspray for hold to help your layers last longer. This is especially important for finer hair. Finer, thinner hair suits a graduated bob haircut. A layered bob will only make your hair look fuller.

Sleek Inverted Bob

short and sleek inverted layered bob
Instagram @headrushdesigns

A sleek inverted bob like this makes a lovely everyday style. This is a bob with layers on shorter hair to give it a voluminous style. The result shows a lot of confidence and elegance. Apply oil from the mid-lengths down to the ends when preppin’ for an added gloss.

Layered Bob for Thin Hair

short layered bob for thin hair
Instagram @kandis_beauty

Here’s a chic layered bob for thin hair. The cut offers textured ends so that the hair won’t look blunt. Styling it with waves and texture makes it a modern-looking layered bob for short hair. This is jazzed up with balayage, too, for a dimension that gives tresses a more textured effect.

Awesome Bob for Wavy Hair

short layered bob for wavy hair
Instagram @riapia1

Q&A with style creator, Maria Hennesssy
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Moxie Bravo Salon in Channahon, IL

How would you describe this?

This awesome bob for wavy hair is a balayage graduated layered bob. Originally gray, balayage painted pieces were added while the gray was processing. The hair was cut using the point cut technique. The multi tones give the bob versatility. Wear it straight or add a beach wave.

What’s your best advice?

Have fun!  Wear it straight, waved, or half up have down. Use Kevin Murphy color and products. And using leave in heat styling products are a must. Try bedroom hair by Kevin Murphy  texturizing hairspray to piece it out.

Sassy Short Choppy Layers

short choppy layered bob
Instagram @styles.by.cynthia

These sassy short choppy layers make a glamorous wavy bob! This short-length, textured bob haircut has subtle layers that are easy to grow out. It’s the perfect cut if you’re considering a long hairstyle. For thicker tresses, a shaved undercut can do great to make it weightless.

Messy Shaggy Bob

short messy shaggy layered bob
Instagram @chrisjones_hair

This messy shaggy bob looks cute and elegant at the same time! A short layered bob cut with a tousled style recreates a modern shag. And if you like a messy textured vibe, this shag is perfect for you. It’s easy to style, low-maintenance, and appears chic if super textured.

Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

short edgy asymmetrical layered bob
Instagram @salsalhair

Here’s an edgy asymmetrical bob that matches a strong, impeccable personality. It’s a short cut bob, parted on one side for an added volume and height on the roots. Straight locks don’t always need to seem lifeless, so give them waves to create movement. A few hints of blonde are sure to add a little spice in there, too.

Short Layered Cut Bob for Fine Hair

Q&A with style creator, Julie Holbrook
Stylist @ Ave Salon Fashion & Bridal in Ogden, UT

How would you describe this?

This short layered cut for fine hair is a short stacked bob with shattered layers. If cut properly and your head is the correct shape this cut should just lay and go into its form with little effort.

What’s your best advice?

Ask your stylist if they are comfortable cutting bobs like this. Make sure you know what version of the stacked bob you want, there are many.  You will want a round brush for this style, to get lots of volume. This cut should be kept up every 6-10 weeks.

Very Short Bob with Layers

Very Short Bob with Layers
Instagram @hair.cules

A very short bob with layers wouldn’t look any better without this vibrant red shade that give natural highlights to the layered pieces. This is perfect for ladies who don’t wanna spend too much time styling but still look fabulous everytime.

Easy Short Layered A-Line Bob

Easy Short Layered A-Line Bob
Instagram @lashes_nhair

That sharp angle is definitely perfection on a short and layered bob cut like this. With smooth straight hair, those blonde streaks and highlights offer texture that is effortless. See more short A-line bob haircuts here.