38 Most Popular Short Layered Bob Haircuts That Are Easy to Style

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking for a fresh cut that’s not too long or too short, then consider one of these short layered bob haircuts. Layered bob haircuts, when added to thin hair creates the illusion of more volume. While adding long layers will keep your hair from looking too short if something like that makes you nervous. The great thing about this layered bob cut is the versatility in styling and adding color creates a beautiful dimension that really highlights the layering effect. Below, I’ve put together a collection of some of the most popular layered bobs for short hair this year. You’ll find unique looks like a messy shag, choppy layering, face-framing layers and, short bob with bangs. Enjoy!

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Short Textured Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers
Instagram @joahhmendes

#1: Textured Blonde Balayage Bob

Bixies, bobs, and lobs oh my!! There is a bob out there for everyone, however, the universal rule is that it cannot wear like a helmet. Client to client, I’d choose to layer or texture the areas of interest even if the guest wanted one length, in order to create visual balance in the texture.

Short Layered One-Length Bob with a middle part and a slight bend in the hair
Instagram @hirohair

#2: Short Layered One-Length Bob

A short layered one-length bob is super chic. If you want to try a one-length bob, you can still add texture through the ends for movement. When you want more texture, add a bend through the hair with a 2-inch barrel curling iron. This middle part style is great for round face shapes.

Short Reshaped Textured Layered Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#3: Reshaped Textured Bob

Opt for a concave textured bob if you want an easy to style hairstyle that looks sassy chic. This cut features short layers with variations in length and texture. It emphasizes the natural shape of your face. Make sure you tell your stylist what kind of look you’re going for so they can customize it to your lifestyle. So you don’t have to struggle with your at-home styling. With this cut, maintenance is middle of the road, 7-10 weeks. Allowing you the flexibility to grow into your style nicely or shape up more often if desired.

#4: Short Bob with Layers and Balayage Highlights

A short bob with layers and balayage highlights can be a great choice for those looking for an easy to style look. It’s important to keep your hair healthy in order to maintain the best results. This hairstyle’s flattering shape and subtle pops of color are sure to turn heads. To ensure your locks stay vibrant, use products designed for colored hair. Invest in regular trims every 6-8 weeks. This style is perfect for ladies wanting an effortless and classy look.

#5: Layered Ashy Blonde Bob

Try a layered ashy blonde bob to give a great shape to your haircut. My best advice when highlighting your bob haircut is to keep your underneath darker. This will give your look depth. To prevent your hair from awkwardly growing out, it’s best to get your haircut every 4-6 weeks.

Mature Bob with Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @tatiana.precisionhair.yyc

#6: Mature Bob with Face-Framing Layers

A style for the mature wearer doesn’t have to be the average bob. The best way to look youthful is to ask for face-framing layers. They will customize the style to your features or preferences.

Dimensional Highlights on a Short Bob with Layers
Instagram @chanel.debico

#7: Dimensional Highlights on a Short Bob with Layers

Adding dimensional highlights to a short bob shows the layers. Tell your stylist you would like bolder blonde pieces. They will help to prevent the highlights from being too soft and blended.

#8: Beige Layered Bob with Feathered Ends

A beige layered bob with feathered ends is a great way to add some fun to your current style! To prevent your ends from looking frizzy I suggest avoiding using a razor. The best way to feather your ends is to use texturing shears and remove bulk from your ends.

#9: Light Brown Tapered Bob Cut

A light brown tapered bob cut is a trendy style. When trying to do a bob haircut, keep in mind your neckline and cowlicks. If you have strong cowlicks at the bottom of your neck, you may want a different style.

Modern Blonde Layered Bob with Dark Roots
Instagram @hirohair

#10: Modern Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

If you have fuller hair and want an easy short cut, definitely go for a bob. My advice would be to have your layers cut with a razor to soften your ends. Add a root smudge to your blonde color for a more lived-in look. Make sure you leave your ends out when curling so that you don’t shrink up your hair. You can also try using a flat iron on your ends to smooth them out.

Blonde Short Layered Bob Cut
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#11: Blonde Short Layered Bob Cut

When in that in-between length, I always opt for shorter. Styles like a short layered bob create a chic and ready-made look. If you need to refresh it, it can be blown out, tousled, or air-dried.

#12: Short Sleek Blonde Side-Parted Bob

Try a short sleek blonde side-parted bob when wanting to create fullness. I highly recommend this cut if you want a low-maintenance style with texture around your face. This length is most flattering on middle-aged women.

Icy Blonde Layered Bob Cut
Instagram @gulevich.vladimir

#13: Icy Blonde Layered Cut

An icy blonde layered cut is one of the best variations of the traditional bob. I would do a full foil, slice stitch, lifted above a level 9. Then tone with a neutral mixed with a cool tone, and then a splash of a high-level R. It makes the most beautiful tone blondes. In case you forget to use the splash of R, no worries. Your formula will still provide a beautiful blonde. The R just cleans it up a smidge. Hot Tip: avoid purple shampoo on hair that has been toned. It will wash away your toner. Defeating the purpose of toner and purple shampoo. Instead, wait until closer to your appointment when your hair is looking yellow or brassy. Your toner has run its course and then the purple shampoo can do its job.

#14: Jet Black Layers on Short Fluffy Hair

Try jet black layers on your short fluffy hair. One of the best ways to create volume and texture is by using a flat iron to curl and bevel your ends. Doing a slight twist with the flat iron will add shape and movement to your hair. Finish with using a light hairspray for hold. One of my favorites is Session Spray Flex by Kevin Murphy.

#15: Soft Ash Blonde Bob

If you can get with the maintenance of a soft ash blonde bob then it will make the transformation so satisfying. You must color refresh every 6-8 weeks, which you should pair with your routine haircut as well.

Vibrant Red Beach Waves on a Short Layered Bob Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#16: Vibrant Red Beach Waves

Go for a bold statement with vibrant red beach waves. Short layers will give your hair body at the crown for a big lift. When it comes to styling, you can use a curling iron to wave your hair to get a massive texture. Using a shaping wax or texture paste will come in handy to hold your style all day.

#17: Sassy Grey Layered Short Bob

Consider trying a sassy grey layered short bob haircut. When it comes to letting your natural grey grow out, I suggest doing a short sassy haircut, instead of a longer hair style. Grey hair can have a different texture, which in most cases is coarse or wiry, so shorter styles work best. My professional opinion is to do a gloss color treatment on your natural grey hair. You can do a clear gloss that won’t change your natural color or one with tone to enhance your grey. Doing this will help to soften your grey, add shine, and make your hair more manageable to work with. Talk to your stylist about having a gloss color treatment done.

#18: Long Side Swept Fringe on Short Hair

What an awesome bob for wavy hair! It’s a haircut with layers to complement the movement of the mane. This layered short bob is also perfect for dark tresses with blonde highlights. The waves can give the blonde streaks more emphasis plus a dimensional effect.

#19: Tousled Layers on a Pixie

Tousled layers on a pixie cut are a staple when trying to create a messy pixie cut. Alternatively, for those who are not quite ready to plunge into short hair, but want to try something new, a lixie hairstyle has the same design elements as a pixie but with a bit more length to ease you into the transition.

Stylish short stacked bob with layers
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#20: Stylish Short Stacked Bob with Layers

A stylish short-stacked bob with layers is ideal for women with thick hair. Internal layering in a short layered bob cut helps to remove bulk and texture while adding a little more shape. For a dimensional effect, add highlighted waves to your pixie bob with layers.

Trendy layered bob with bangs
Instagram @rokkjess

#21: Trendy Layered Bob With Bangs

A trendy layered bob with bangs is a short haircut that can be worn straight, wavy or curly. Stylist Jess Sutherland from Australia says, “It’s easy to maintain, but it gives a strong style.”

This short layered bob with bangs is a blunt one-length cut with a slightly beveled edge. Sutherland uses an internal layering technique to remove bulk from thick hair. She adds, “this ensures that we keep the integrity of the hair and its natural wave.”

Check out more layered bobs with bangs here for inspiration!

Perfectly Layered Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @acutshair

#22: Perfectly Layered Bob for Thick Hair

This perfectly chopped and layered bob for thick hair takes away bulkiness. Layers also offer more body and shape, so straight locks won’t look uninteresting. If you want an edgier style, go for a short inverted bob, styled with waves. To achieve it, ask for a short bob haircut with some layers.

Neck length layered bob
Instagram @studiobassani

#23: Fresh Neck-Length Layered Bob

A fresh neck-length layered bob is the ultimate summer vibe. A layered short bob is a type of short haircut with varying lengths, creating dimension, texture and can add or take away volume depending on your shorter hair texture.

Gorgeous Short Bob with Layers
Instagram @mesutgunes91

#24: Gorgeous Short Bob with Layers

A gorgeous short bob with layers is ideal for women with naturally wavy hair texture. It’s sure to scream sophistication! No matter what density the tresses have, this short layered bob will work well. Layers can give fine hair a full-bodied finish. Apart from that, they can take away bulk from thick locks.

#25: Sizzling Long Layers on a Short Bob

This is one of the most popular short layered bob hairstyles you’ll see! A tousled neck-length bob with heavy layers is the simplest yet most gorgeous look you can get if you’re looking to take some length off. Styling it with an inward wave for a sexy finish adds volume to the hair, making it a great look for thin hair.

Classy stacked bob with layers for women over 40
Instagram @giboazhair

#26: Classy Stacked Bob with Layers for Women Over 40

Here’s a classy stacked bob with layers for women over 40. It’s a short bob with layers that’s perfect for women who are into foxy hairstyles. Short layered haircuts are easy to maintain and style. Sure, it makes a stacked bob with layers that women over 40 will love!

#27: Cute Angled Bob with Wavy Layers

A cute angled bob with wavy layers is perfect for ladies with a more rounded face shape. Short layered bob haircuts are cut in various lengths. It creates an illusion of more texture and dimension in your hair. It can either help add volume or take it away. Short hair with layers works for all textures. Layered bobs can be low-maintenance and worn with a variety of hairstyles.

#28: Sleek Inverted Bob

A sleek layered inverted bob like this makes a lovely everyday style. This is a bob with layers on shorter hair to give it a voluminous style. The result shows a lot of confidence and elegance. Apply oil from the mid-lengths down to the ends when preppin’ for an added gloss.

#29: Layered Bob for Thin Hair

A short layered bob for thin hair is a great haircut for women who need help with movement and texture. Style your layered bob for short hair with a medium barrel curling iron and a texturizing spray such as Salty Dog by Evo.

Short layered bob for wavy hair
Instagram @heckagoodhair

#30: Awesome Bob for Wavy Hair

An awesome bob for wavy hair looks great with an undercut and some disconnected length in the front. With a layered bob, using a point-cutting technique will give your hair some piecey texture through the length and layers. A side part really shows off the volume and curls. Wear naturally wavy or if you’re naturally straight throw in some curls with a styling wand.

Sassy Short Choppy Layers
Instagram @teddibickers

#31: Sassy Short Choppy Layers

These sassy short choppy layers make a glamorous wavy bob! This short-length, textured bob haircut has subtle layers that are easy to grow out. It’s a perfect cut in case you’re considering keeping a long hairstyle. For thicker tresses, shattered ends can make them seem weightless.

#32: Messy Shaggy Bob

This messy shaggy bob looks cute and elegant at the same time! A short layered bob cut with a tousled style recreates a modern shag. And if you like a messy textured vibe, this shag is perfect for you. It’s easy to style, low-maintenance, and appears chic if super textured.

short edgy asymmetrical layered bob
Instagram @salsalhair

#33: Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

Here’s an edgy asymmetrical bob that matches a strong, impeccable personality. It’s a short cut bob, parted on one side for an added volume and height on the roots. Straight locks don’t always need to seem lifeless, so give them waves to create movement. A few hints of blonde are sure to add a little spice in there, too.

Short layered bob cut for fine hair
Instagram @lenina_yin

#34: Short Layered Cut Bob for Fine Hair

A short layered cut bob for fine hair is perfect for an edgy look. The shattered layers add texture and interest. Ask your stylist for texture in your hair.

very short feathered bob with layers
Instagram @vano.studio

#35: Very Short Bob with Layers

A very short bob with layers makes the hair bolder and more elegant. What’s great about this feathered chop is it’s wearable by a lady who has either thin or thick locks. One more thing—a woman, no matter how old she is, can rock this haircut as her everyday style.

#36: Easy Short Layered A-Line Bob

An easy short layered A-line bob is an all-time fave by ladies who love hair that’s easy to maintain and style! This short and layered bob cut may look stunning when straight, but wait ’til it’s wavy! Hair looks more textured and with movement if styled with beachy waves. Interested? See more short A-line bob haircuts here.

#37: Short Feathered Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Consider a blonde short feathered bob hairstyle. Great for women who have thick hair and want a short style. Feathering layers helps to remove weight and create shape. And over direction forward helps the hair to fall back and away from the face creating a light flowing cut.

short bob with soft layering and bangs
Instagram @ginga0705

#38: Short Bob with Soft Layering and Bangs

Soft layering and bangs are the perfect way to keep the shape of a bob fun and feminine. This short cut is ideal for fine to medium textures on face shapes that compliment chin-length cuts (petite faces/inverted triangles).

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