26 Trendiest Jaw-Length Haircuts Women Over 60 Are Getting This Season

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Side-Parted Bob for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, try this side-parted bob. The side part will help offset your hair’s thickness and give you a more modern look.

#2: Ageless Bob Haircut

The ageless bob haircut might be just the style you are seeking. Straight and smooth, the lines of this cut will give you superb style and make you look younger. Ask your stylist for a face-framing bang and long layers throughout your bob cut. It’s key to refrain from too much layering if you want that sleek finish. Blow dry the face frame backward, using a medium round brush, and try not to have your bob turn under. Your goal is a straight edgy finish.

Jaw-Grazing Soft Messy Blonde French Bob for 60-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @jaxrhair

#3: Soft Messy Blonde French Bob

Add personality and softness to your face by trying a messy blonde French bob. A French bob is a classic, timeless haircut that can be altered to enhance many face shapes. This cut creates softness around the jawline while also enhancing your cheekbones. The soft layers and full fringe complement the look. And they help to hide the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead and eyes.

#4: White French Bob with Choppy Bangs for Fine Hair

Try this French bob with choppy bangs. This is a perfect option if you have fine hair. It will keep your hair looking full and healthy!

#5: Short Crop with Textured Curls

If you love to wear your natural curls, try this short crop haircut! This is a great wash-and-go hairstyle. You can also wear this look straight or soften the curls with a curling iron if you need a more formal look.

Low-Maintenance Jaw-Length Inverted Brown Bob for Ladies Aged 60+
Instagram @naze__hair

#6: Low-Maintenance Inverted Brown Bob

Are you over 60 and looking for a way to make your hair lower maintenance? Try an inverted brown bob. The short, jaw-length haircut will make your styling time extremely short. However, a bob must be restyled often because it tends to get wild when you sleep on short hair. Try doing some waves or curls and spraying with hairspray to make the style go for a few more days.

#7: Dimensional Brown for Jaw-Length Rounded Bob

Consider a jaw-length rounded bob in a beautiful and dimensional brown if you are a woman over 60. This length can be very sassy and fun. But remember, short hair can get messy overnight and will most likely need a touch-up in the morning. Use a blow-dry brush such as L’Ange’s for quick styling.

Edgy Short Jaw-Length Bob with Straight Edges and Side Bangs for Older Women Over Sixty
Instagram @adrianminnella

#8: Edgy Short Bob with Straight Edges

Ask for an edgy short bob hairstyle with straight edges. A cropped bob that shows off your neck creates a beautiful elongated effect. It’s great for those shorter-haired ladies. For medium to thick textures, this cut will work well for you. Add in some texture shears for a soft blend and weight removal. Shorter pieces around the fringe break up this cut into a softer face frame layer.

Jaw-Length Tousled Razor Cut Pixie with Layers on Senior Women's Grey Hair
Instagram @conjuring.coiffeur

#9: Tousled Razor Cut Pixie

Here’s a super soft feminine pixie that compliments grey-textured clients. A disconnected pixie will give you textured pieces around the face and throughout. Ask your stylist to cut your hair with a razor so it stays soft and grows out seamlessly.

#10: Curly Short Hair with Dimensional Blonde Color

If you want to add depth to your curly hair, try this dimensional blonde color. A good tip will be to go bolder with the color if you wear it naturally so that you can see the pop of dimension!

#11: Face-Framing Bob with Short Bangs

Try this edgy face-framing bob. This is best if you have naturally straight hair. Add short bangs for some added softness.

#12: Silver Classic Jaw-Length Cut

If you are rocking silver hair, try this jaw-length cut. This look is chic with an edgy twist!

#13: Rooted Blonde Bob with Long Side Bangs

Try this rooted blonde color if you want to lower your color maintenance with your bob haircut. The added root shade will soften your regrowth and give you more of a seamless look.

#14: Short Bobbed Hair with Swoopy Layers

Ask for a short bobbed hairstyle with swoops of layers. If you want to add beauty to your style, try a swept side bang with a little volume around the temples. This will balance pear and rounder face shapes best. A fresh cut is a great way to eliminate old colors when you’re ready to transition from coloring to your shining silver.

Jaw-Grazing Wispy Bob Cut for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @nandoeshair

#15: Jaw-Grazing Wispy Bob Cut

The jaw-grazing wispy bob cut is a great low-maintenance style for women over 60. This subtle, slightly angled crop is easy to wear and style, making any face look more youthful!

#16: Sleek Bob with Blunt Ends

A sleek bob with blunt ends is THE cut for aging hair. This short crop will put life back into your strands with its sharp edges and chic length.

Very Short A-Line Bob with Bangs and Tapered Nape for Senior Women Over Sixty
Instagram @robecsalon

#17: Very Short A-Line Bob with Tapered Nape

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! A very short a-line bob with a tapered nape is the perfect style idea to show off the versatility of aging hair.

Jaw-Length Brown Concave Bob with Fringe for Older Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @vikki_a_warren

#18: Brown Concave Bob with Fringe

A brown concave bob with fringe with a copper hue is rich and chic. This bob is flattering on women who want to show their jawline while allowing volume at their crown. You can adjust this bob to fit your needs by wearing it longer! It’s super versatile and complimentary.

Jaw-Length Dimensional Stacked Bob with Tapered Nape for Older Women Aged 60 and Up
Instagram @reservedsalon

#19: Jaw-Length Dimensional Stacked Bob

A jaw-length dimensional stacked bob is a feminine take on the short haircut trend. The added dimension throughout the look is the key to keeping this look fresh. Ask your stylist to do this with highlights and lowlights.

Short Salt-and-Pepper Bob with Blue Accents for Modern Ladies Aged 60
Instagram @gemini.colors

#20: Salt-and-Pepper Bob with Blue Accents

A bob with blue accents is just the thing you need to spice up your traditional hairstyle. This jaw-length bob is a classic shape. However, adding pops of a vivid tone make this standard style a bit more interesting. By adding small ribbons of color, this classy style can still be professional enough to wear.

Jaw-Length Straight Shaggy Bob with Crown Layers for Mature Women Over 60 with Bronde Hair
Instagram @noahedwardhair

#21: Straight Shaggy Bob with Crown Layers

A shaggy bob with crown layers is a chic way to have lots of volume while focusing on the cheekbones and chin. The ideal hair type for this haircut would be thick or coarse hair! This style removes weight from the bulk of the haircut, freeing up some heavy-weighted areas. Remember to communicate with your stylist that texturizing is your best friend!

#22: Mini Layered Bob with Beige Blonde Color

A blonde layered bob is a beautiful and soft way to add lightness to your natural silver or grey hair. A slight angle with a soft texture can also allow for movement and volume. Try this pretty, delicate style to change your normal hair routine.

Jaw-Length Fluffy White Bob with Feathered Layers on Older Ladies Over 60
Instagram @frisorfina

#23: Fluffy White Bob with Feathered Layers

Create a soft silhouette by trying a fluffy white bob with feathered layers. Cutting the perimeter to jaw length is great for those with long face shapes. It will soften the jawline while creating width to balance the face shape. The addition of feathering in this cut also gently frames the face while taking weight out of the hair. This cut is great for hiding fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

#24: Deep Side Part Short Hair with Choppy Layers

If you love classic hairstyles, try this deep side part short hair with choppy layers. A bob is a classic hairstyle that is complimentary on many face shapes. If you love to show off your creativity, the choppy layers create playfulness. And if you tuck one side behind your ear, it gives an asymmetric look to the hair. One product I love using to create texture in choppy layers is Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher. You can spray directly on the hair, into your fingertips, and pinch onto areas you want to define.

Low-Maintenance Jawline Gray Hair Bob for Seniors Over 60
Instagram @colorstudio.cl

#25: Jawline Gray Hair Bob

If you have fine gray hair, consider trying a jaw-length blunt bob cut for your next haircut. As hair ages, the texture and color will change, and the hair becomes much finer than before. The blunt cut will help create the illusion of weight in the hair and make it look fuller. The jaw length is great for an oval face shape to create width and help to balance and soften your overall look.

#26: Grey Pixie with Long Side Bangs

A grey pixie with long side bangs is a great alternative to a short style. This flattering pixie bob is ideal for women who enjoy a bit of length around their face and chin. If you’re hesitant about going shorter, this is the perfect shape.

A jaw-length bob might be the perfect choice if you’re a woman over 60 looking for a new haircut. But before you make the chop, you might have a few questions about styling, face shape considerations, and hair texture. That’s where Gia Wendt comes in. With years of experience in the hair industry, Gia has plenty of advice to share.

Meet The Expert

Gia Wendt
Gia Wendt
Gia is a cutting specialist with over 13 years of experience.
You can find Gia at Space By Alex Brown in Chicago, IL.

Haircuts and Hair Texture

First, Gia advises that you be realistic about how often you’re willing to get haircuts. Jaw-length bobs tend to grow out quickly, so if you want to keep it looking sharp, you’ll need to get trims every 6 weeks. Alternatively, you can opt for a shorter bob and let it grow in a bit.

When it comes to hair texture, Gia notes that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, many of her clients over 60 experience thinning and coarseness due to grey hair. Gia recommends incorporating products that provide volume and texture to combat these issues.

Face Shape Considerations

If you need clarification on which bob length and style will suit your face shape, Gia suggests highlighting your best features. If you love your chin and jawline, opt for a slightly shorter bob to emphasize that area. Alternatively, if you love your cheekbones, consider adding a stunning curtain bang.

Styling Tips and Tricks

Gia believes that bobs look modern with a bit of wave or texture. This can be achieved with a texturizing spray, curling iron, or wand. Gia recommends using a cream for softness and air drying or diffusing if you have curly hair. And for lift at the roots, she always adds a texturizing spray.

Product Recommendations

Gia has two product recommendations for women over 60 with different lifestyles. She recommends the Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast for those with fine hair. This spray provides volume and texture without weighing hair down. Gia recommends the Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion for women with thick or curly hair. This cream provides softness and texture without leaving hair feeling crunchy or weighed down.

In conclusion, jaw-length bobs can be a great haircut choice for women over 60. With the help of Gia Wendt’s expert advice, you can find the perfect bob length and style to suit your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

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