Top 15 Short Inverted Bob Haircuts

Short inverted bob haircuts

A short inverted bob is a way to cut a bob so that the hair is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer in the front. This short bob is usually tapered at the back and with some layering. The length of an inverted bob on short hair is usually between the ear and jaw-line an emphasizes the graduation and lift.

Utah short hair specialist Julie Holbrook expertly suggests that “medium thickness with fine texture have the best results with modern short inverted bobs because of the way the hair lays.”

One major thing to ask your hairdresser is how to style an inverted bob for short hair. Short layers are popular and Julie reminds to, “always ask if your stylist cuts dry hair to make sure they see how your inverted bob will lay when dry.” She then adds “styling should be a part of your consultation before you get this cut because it requires some flat-iron work or round brushing for most people.”

Here are this year’s most trendy short inverted bob haircuts and hairstyles.

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Short, Messy and Wavy Inverted Bob

Short wavy inverted bob
Instagram @meganjanco_roshambohairstudio

A short inverted bob cut can flatter longer faces. Hair color is important for movement and subtle blonde highlights are magical here

Getting an earth color balayage intensifies the wavy texture of this tousled bob giving it a messy look.

By adding super short, stacked layers, you’ll get a gorgeous wavy inverted bob cut.

Short and Choppy Inverted Bob

Choppy short inverted bob haircut

A choppy, inverted blunt bob cut is perfect for women with short straight hair.

The multiple layers around the head and more at the nape give this kind of short bob a gorgeous shape.

Inverted Bob with a Short Undercut

Short inverted bob with undercut
Instagram @dasilva_hair

A short inverted bob with an undercut is becoming a popular hairstyle for women in their 20’s.

Adding a disconnected undercut to a bob is great for women with thick hair to thin it out a bit.

Having the longer length at the front and short at the back of this bob really shows off the undercut.

Add a shine spray for a polished look.

Short and Layered Inverted Bob

Short layered inverted bob haircut
Instagram @demetriusschool

If you love your classy long bob but want something extra, then try this short, layered inverted bob. (See more layered bobs)

The inverted short layers at the back give texture to the solid platinum blonde color.

Getting an inverted bob cut with the graduation and the straight hair at the front can balance out the entire look.

Inverted Bob for Short Curly Hair

Short inverted bob for curly hair
Instagram @p__didit

A short curly inverted bob where it’s long in the front and short at the back is perfect for naturally curly hair.

With all the dimension adding a blue ombre when your hair is short is a great way to make this inverted A-line bob hairstyle pop.

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Short Inverted Asymmetrical Bob

Short asymmetrical inverted bob cut
Instagram @hair_by_marlo

This short inverted haircut can be transformed and edgy with an asymmetrical bob.

Being cut short makes all elements stand out; the lengthier front strands, the side part, the rounded bob, and the undercut all make this one unique inverted cut.

Inverted Bob with Layers

Short inverted bob with layers
Instagram @mianfitnessmandy

This short inverted bob with layers features a short back will helps your hair appear fuller by having a longer front and more internal layering.

This stacking creates a short haircut with a vintage charm that can include long strands for a traditional bob to appear more modern and polished.

Short Bob with Bangs

Short inverted bob with bangs
Instagram @catfacedoeshair

Short inverted bob with bangs are flattering for women over 40 and can provide and age defying effect.

Full rounded bangs on a neck-length short cut are shown and keep the hair lively and bouncy at any angle for this hair length.

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Inverted Very Short Bob with Undercut

A very short inverted bob hairstyle
Instagram @karmabeautybar

A very short inverted bob haircut is perfect if you have very short straight hair. An angled bob with an undercut is also an option.

The graduated, short layers at the back give more shape to short-length bobs that are inverted and the undercut adds a lot more movement.

Short Reverse Bob with Fringe

Short inverted bob with fringe
Instagram @meucabelocurto

This is the best inverted bob on short hair for women with thin hair.

The tapered back with long fringe at the front will add more volume on top for a short reverse bob.

Textured Inverted Bob for Short Thin Hair

Textured short inverted bob for thin hair
Instagram @salondisorelle

The graduated cut of this short, textured inverted bob add more body to your hair. If you prefer a medium inverted bob, this one might work because the front is longer than most.

Balayage a rusty brown color and it will make it even more gorgeous and sleek inverted cut quite short.

Inverted Bob for Short Fine Hair

This short inverted bob hairstyle is very simple to handle.

If you have light, short curly hair, you can dry your hair naturally with some sea salt spray to get a very cool and easy texture.

If you’re looking for short haircuts that are inverted, it’s almost never a problem to do it because it’s very easy to individualize the bob.

With this jaw-length bob haircut, you can also change the length on the sides, change the partings, cut a fringe, and cut it asymmetrical or blunt.

To style an inverted bob for short thin hair, blow dry it with a big round brush using the I Want Body Texture Spray from Eleven to create some volume in the front and on the top.

Inverted Bob for Short Thick Hair

Short inverted bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @snowconehead

This is a popular inverted bob on short hair with a tousled wavy texture.

It’s really an effortless short concave bob cut.

A shaggy inverted bob haircut for thick hair will always lay right whether it’s a wash and air dry or blowout with some curls put in.

A shorter inverted bob is an amazing style to expose your neck and rock your natural wave.

Another great thing about this short style is that an inverted bob can be modified to suit women with a round face.

Chin-Length Blonde Inverted Stacked Bob

Go for a short inverted bob style, stacked with clean lines for a classic look.

Adding highlights to a short stacked inverted bob can create some colorful movement.

A chin-length cut into a reverse bob works for women who are ready to go short but still want to keep some length.

This is also a great shorter length inverted bob cut for women with fine hair.

A blonde inverted bob on short hair suits virtually every face shape by adjusting the length and layers.

To get this short inverted hairstyle, simply blow your hair with a round brush or wide paddle brush. Finishing off with KMS Hair Play Playable Texture for the next-day hair feeling!

Short Angled Bob Inversion

A shorter inverted bob cut is classic.

This is the perfect short inverted bob cut for a girl who wants to look put together for any occasion without all the effort other styles may take.

Shorter bobs that are inverted are versatile in the fact that it can be worn as wash-and-wear with a little texture spray.

This layered bob with a short inversion is lovely well on round, oval, heart and long face shapes when cut into the correct length and angle.

The key to short inverted bob hairstyles is the length, coloring, and styling involved to match individual faces and styles.