27 Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Fine Hair

Pictures of short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair

A short hairstyle for women over 50 with fine hair is created to add volume to the short hair by layering it. For women in their fifties, it’s a must to have an easy yet playful cut to show your personality!

Ashley Neuman is a hairstylist from New Jersey and when I asked her for some advice for choosing the best haircut for short fine hair over 50, she said, “make sure it’s a cut that won’t take a lot of time or difficulty to style.” Bobs, pixies, wedge cuts, and short shags are the best hairstyles for fine hair. Keep in mind your face shape because this also plays a factor in determining how to amp the volume for your locks.

It’s also important to learn the proper ways to style fine locks when cutting your hair short. Whether it’s heat styling or product application, you’ll need to master it.

According to Neuman, “if you have grey hair, use a gentle, softening shampoo and conditioner.” From her years of experience, these products help keep hair from becoming dry and brittle.

To add volume and body, she recommends ‘This Is A Texturizing Dust’ from Davines. Neuman obsesses over this magical little powder that expands when it’s shaken. “It’s great for keeping volume in blowouts,” she adds.

Striving to own a look that’s suitable for your short, fine hair?

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of the best and popular short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair.

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Jaw-Length Wedge Cut with Blonde Highlights

Jaw-Length Wedge Cut with Blonde Highlights
Instagram @reneerossi3

Looking for short hair styles for women over 50 with fine hair? This jaw-length wedge cut creates natural-looking volume, ideal for women over 50.

Blonde highlights and lowlights, meanwhile, form a dimension that gives a gorgeous effect. Though it looks cute with thin density, it also works perfectly with thick hair as the cut removes extra bulk from the back area.

Neck-Length Layered Bob with Short Back

Neck-length layered bob with short back
Instagram @abetterwayattaras

A neck-length layered bob with a short back is perfect to keep hair off the neck and shoulders. This looks modern and flattering for women of any age. Adding in long bangs with a soft swoop and stacking in the back gives plenty of hair bounce.

Short Bob with Long V-Cut Layers

Short bob with long v-cut layers
Instagram @abetterwayattaras

A short bob with long V-cut layers is a must-try if you would like your hair to seem thicker. The long layers brushed away from the face are very uplifting and complimentary for older women. It’s fairly easy to maintain it by just styling it with a brush, blow dryer, and a bit of mousse.

Angled Bob for Fine Locks

Angled bob for fine locks
Instagram @madisondidmyhair

An angled bob for fine locks provides modernity for those with visible gray hair. It is important to provide an extra layer of moisture to both gray and white hair, as they have a greater tendency to dry out.

Short Asymmetrical Bob on Thin Hair

Short asymmetrical bob on thin hair
Instagram @hairbytristamae

A short asymmetrical bob on thin hair is the perfect choice to achieve a fuller-looking appearance. Adding curls throughout the hair when styling creates even more volume.

Short Layered Hairstyle with an Undercut

Short layered hairstyle with an undercut
Instagram @nikitenko_elen_

Sassy short hair with an undercut and short layers can definitely cause heads to turn. Fine, thicker-haired women benefit the most from undercuts as they want to remove the extra bulk. Most undercuts are a couple of inches up from the nape of the neck, but depending on hair density, can go as high as halfway up the back of the head.

Short Wavy Inverted Bob

Short wavy inverted bob
Instagram @inkfishhairandbeauty

A short wavy inverted bob is in between a traditional bob and pixie cut. An inverted bob styled with tousled waves is beyond sexy and requires extra layers and texture. Inverted bobs tend to look best on 50-year-old women with oval face shapes.

Jaw-Length Layered Short Cut

Jaw-length layered short cut
Instagram @hairbyjanetbiggers

With the right face shape, a cut hitting right at the jawline can be gorgeous. With finer hair, adding in shorter layers toward the top of the cut adds fullness where a woman with fine hair normally wouldn’t have it. Also, using a thickening cream before blowdrying definitely helps add fullness.

Beautiful Short Layered Pixie

Beautiful short layered pixie
Instagram @hiusstudio3

Short and sweet haircuts with soft layers never go out of style – just like this beautiful short layered pixie. Slight stacking in the back creates fullness while keeping the hair around the face longer, still gives it the look and feel of a longer cut.

Gray Pixie for Older Ladies

Gray pixie for older ladies
Instagram @cindyhstyles

A gray pixie for older ladies never goes out of style. Shaving the sides and back helps a pixie cut lay better especially when a woman may have lots of cowlicks. Creating piece-y-ness with texture within the cut and also with product help spice up a shorter hairdo.

Stacked Bob Short Hairstyle for Older Women

Stacked bob short hairstyle for older women
Instagram @joyfullhairbcs

A stacked, short bob hairstyle is ideal for older women. The precisely cut layers and short undercut allow for the weight off your neck – but can still be worn with any hair type and style whether it’s curly, wavy, or straight! A stacked bob can be very easy maintenance as well.

Short Curly Hairstyle on 50-Year-Old Women

Short curly hairstyle on 50-year-old women
Instagram @morethancurls_

Short curly hairstyles are so versatile and are beautiful on 50-year-old women.  Curly hair can be fun, easy maintenance, and look best when cut on dry hair which allows for better shape. Multiple layers help create volume, dimension, and definition all in one.

Shorter Feathered Bob with Bangs

Shorter Feathered Bob with Bangs
Instagram @salvador_salon

This shorter feathered bob with bangs makes one of the stunning hairstyles for older women that requires nothing but texture.

You gotta love this haircut with short feathered layers, as well, since it’s versatile. Painting short hairstyles for fine tresses with a blonde hue can blend well with your white strands, too.

Very Short Layered Cut with Bangs

Very Short Layered Cut with Bangs
Instagram @wisphairartistry

For a woman over 50 with fine locks, a razor chop offers edginess to short hair cuts. It’s a very short layered haircut with long side bangs, which works best with slight volume and subtle texture. Blend in your greys with an ash blonde tone for a sassier edge.

A Chic Textured Long Pixie for Fine Hair

A Chic Textured Long Pixie for Fine Hair
Instagram @friseurteamkonig

If you’re over 50-years-old, don’t hesitate to have chic short hair! Display your copper locks with this textured long pixie haircut. Extra volume on short haircuts for older women will create a younger-looking style in no time.

Short-Medium Cut with Brow-Skimming Bangs

Short-Medium Cut with Brow-Skimming Bangs
Instagram @kalijoneshair

Short hairstyles for older women will give your look a bit of freshness. Try this short-medium cut for ladies in their 50s that works great with a full fringe.

These front bangs are perfect for women who want to hide a prominent forehead. A short shag will also complement a blonde balayage on short black hair.

Neck-Length Messy Shag Hairstyle for Older Women with Soft Curls

Neck-Length Messy Shag Hairstyle for Older Women with Soft Curls
Instagram @pastout

This neck-length shag is a great example of how to show off a messy-textured haircut for older women in their early 50s with fine hair. The short textured hair style is sure to enhance natural hair texture with a curl pattern. The money piece on blonde locks is guaranteed to lighten up and frame the face, too.

Super Short Pixie Cut on Dark Tresses

Super Short Pixie Cut on Dark Tresses
Instagram @stylistjoey

The elegance that the pixie cuts and other short hairstyles for fine tresses can manifest is too strong, but sure, you can handle it.

With pops of golden blonde plus grey, your dark tresses will look bold in this super short pixie cut. Razor cuts also soften the edges and lines for a more youthful look.

Sassy Choppy Crop for Extra Fine Hair

Sassy Choppy Crop for Extra Fine Hair
Instagram @naz_persianfusion

No one suits this sassy textured pixie better than a 50-year-old woman with fine hair. The razor-cut technique makes this short choppy crop possible, and it’s perfect for dark tresses.

Ear-Length Textured Bob with Bangs for Wavy Hair

Ear-Length Textured Bob with Bangs for Wavy Hair
Instagram @leone.pease

This ear-length textured bob with bangs will enhance your fine, wavy tresses. The razor cut secures detailed yet soft layers, creating further volume and shape for the waves. Whether you have a natural ginger hair color or not, this cut will suit you.

Cropped Cut with Layers for Fine-Haired Women

Cropped Cut with Layers for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @sara_hair_gallery

What a sophisticated chop for ladies in their mid-50s with fine hair! This cropped cut with layers gives your fine locks movement and texture. The medium golden blonde shade adds to the look’s stylishness, which is ideal for any event.

Very Short Silver Pixie with Side Bangs

Very Short Silver Pixie with Side Bangs
Instagram @likeawilddflower

Display your stylish silver mane by wearing a very short silver pixie cut with subdued side bangs. If you’re trying to give your fine, gray hair the volume it needs, ask your stylist to add texture to the top of this short cut.

Chin-Length Layered Bob with Volume

Chin-Length Layered Bob with Volume
Instagram @kellilynnaveda

A chin-length layered bob hairstyle offers a youthful vibe in so many ways! Thanks to the volume, your strands from the roots will stand tall – as if they are full of life. Style your blonde locks with a subtle texture to display your dark roots and create a dimension within your short and layered hair.

Shorter Pixie Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 50

Shorter Pixie Bob Hairstyle for Women Over 50
Instagram @lentinihair

A salt-and-pepper shorter pixie bob cut will always look great on fifty-year-old women with white and silver hair. It’s easy to style and will allow you to expose your silver-grey strands with elegance. With this gorgeous hairstyle, no more ‘bad hair day!’

Short Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Women with Fine Locks

Short Shaggy Bob with Bangs for Women with Fine Locks
Instagram @sonia_hairstory

Having thin and delicate tresses is a blessing, so flaunt them with flair! Get a fresh neck-length cut and adopt a short shaggy bob with bangs. The texture will bring out a fun vibe to any mature woman.

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Short Bob with Choppy Layers

Short bob with choppy layers
Instagram @angstoghair

A short bob with choppy layers is versatile, easy to style, and perfect for fine hair. It maximizes volume and weight, says Georgia-based haircut specialist Angie Stogner.

“The baseline perimeter was created with a true bluntness to build weight and fullness. I layered throughout to give lift and movement,” Stogner states. “Adding a soft, piece-y fringe was also for an extra younger-looking style.”

Medium to Short Haircut with Bangs

This low-maintenance medium to short haircut with bangs is a beige blonde sleek modern bob that works great with straight hair. Hairstylist Katelyn Greer created this short cut and loves how the fringe frames the face.

“Bangs are definitely a commitment,” says Greer, “especially on haircuts for women over 50 with fine hair.”

A bob haircut is great for women wanting style, without all the maintenance. Greer notes that this women’s short hairstyle “doesn’t require a lot of styling – just blow drying it under with a round brush and running a straightener through it will do the trick!”