23 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Women In Their 60s with Grey Hair

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair are any pixie or bob-length cut that demands low maintenance. These are great for many different hair types and can enhance natural volume.

Hairstylist and salon owner Molly Romano from Chicago, IL is fond of a bob cut. “It works well on any face shape. It can also be tailored and detailed to show off your favorite facial features,” she states.

A thorough consultation is key. This is to discuss what length and shape you want to have and how much you’re willing to style your locks every day.

Textured, blunt and French bobs are easy to style, offering volume and fullness to hair. These types of bob cuts are perfect for older women.

Don’t forget to ask what products and tools to use at home. Know some tips and tricks to style your new short hair, too.

The only drawback of this cut is if you’re in your 60s and like to change your look more often. “A bob takes time and patience to grow out, and certain color techniques may not suit the chop,” Romano warns.

If you’re a mature woman, cut your hair short and make a bold statement! Here are the images of the trendy short hairstyles for women with grey hair over 60.

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Silver Graduated Bob on Straight Hair Ladies 60 and Over
Instagram @reece.birkdale

#1: Silver Graduated Bob on Straight Hair

Consider a silver graduated bob on straight hair for your new short cut. The long layers in a smooth bob hairdo will reflect the light and make your hair appear shinier. Shine Flash by Redken is a great product to spray on for added gloss and it won’t make it greasy or weigh it down. Ask your stylist to elevate the back a bit shorter than the front for an edgy shape that will make you look 10 years younger.

Voluminous Side-Parted Short Hair for 60-Year-Olds with Grey Hair and an oval face
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#2: Voluminous Side-Parted Short Hair

Sometimes aging hair can change our overall texture and density. So finding the right style for your new texture is key. Ask for a cute French bob that you can tuck behind your ears for a sleek modern, easy style. This style works best on finer hair that may be thinning around the temples. You can use a round brush on your bangs for lift with hairspray. And the rest can be flat-brushed back to replicate this style. Use a firm hairspray to hold it in place, like O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray.

Silver Curls and Pearls for Women Aged 60 with Short Hair
Instagram @tatumshanehair

#3: Silver Curls and Pearls

Try a silver curly cut with pearled earrings. A short style for your bigger natural curls will give you shape and body to compliment your face. Tell your stylist you would like a wash-and-go shape for women in their 60s. You will spend time adding some product to your hair, with a choice to air dry or diffuse. Oway Curl Priming Cream is great for defining curls with a light hold.

#4: Sweeping Fringe on a Short Grey Pixie

Sweeping fringe on a short grey pixie takes the pixie from blah to fab! You may want a sweeping fringe if you have any new wrinkles. It’s the easiest way to add a more youthful look to your hair and face. Ask your stylist what hair care products they recommend for your hair texture. If you have fine hair, you’ll want a mousse to plump and keep it in place. If you have rough, coarse hair you will want a smoothing balm.

Pretty Long Bob for Women Over 60 with Greying Hair
Instagram @hairbymatt

#5: Pretty Long Bob for Greying Hair

We love a pretty long bob for greying hair on a mature woman. Your hair should be a reflection of your personality, but not be something that is a burden to your daily life or your wallet. Coloring aging hair can be a very high maintenance process, requiring coloring visits every 3 to 4 weeks. Going grey can be a big jump, but is beautiful, especially with a gorgeous cut.

Grey Natural Color with Wispy Bangs for a Woman Over Sixty
Instagram @ceciliashairsalon.llc

#6: Natural Color with Wispy Bangs

If your matured hair is a mix of being finer at the top and bulky at the bottom, consider a bob with a feathered fringe. Unlike all over coarse hair, the weight of your hair is only at the bottom. The cut will shape your nape area and thin out the bulkiness. The layers from the stack on the cut will remove weight and give you volume on top. The feathered fringe will play into your thinner hairline. This will give you a fuller appearance. Be sure to ask your stylist for products like Bed Head Queen for the Day spray. They will help your hair look fuller from the scalp.

Salt and Pepper Pixie with Bangs for Ladies Past 60
Instagram @gustavoblesa

#7: Salt and Pepper Pixie with Bangs

A salt and pepper pixie with bangs is super trendy and classy. For ladies in their sixties, this is a great cut to open up the face and keep things easy. Every 6-8 weeks a haircut will be needed to maintain the shortest length and overall shape.

#8: Long Pixie Cut with Longer Bangs

Your aging hair can still be modern and fun! A long pixie with bangs is a stylish cut. You should have your stylist create lots of texture around the part so it diffuses into the style. A straight part will only age this haircut. A pomade, like R+Co Bleu’s elastic pomade, will add texture to a longer pixie cut and create an edgy finish.

Messy Silver-Grey Short Cut with Side Bangs for Women 60 and Up
Instagram @kapo_cabelos

#9: Messy Silver Short Cut with Side Bangs

A woman over 60 should consider a messy silver short cut with side bangs. Messy layers that are short and sweet will be easy to style and manage. I advise that you use a purple shampoo to keep gray looking cool toned and yellow away. Don’t forget to use a volumizing mouse to get max volume for fuller-looking locks.

#10: Neck-Length Layered Hair with Waves

You should try neck-length layered hair with waves if you want to cut your hair, but not too short. This mid-length shape makes you feel like you still have some hair and is sexy and feminine. Keep in mind, that collar length is perfect, but leaving it too long can make it flip out when it hits the shoulders. This style is so versatile and can be curled or worn natural with a gel. Trendy short grey hairstyles for women over 60 will make you feel refreshed and ready for anything.

#11: Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

Choose a tapered pixie with side bangs if you’re looking for a style that makes your hair appear thicker. The flatter style of this cut hides thinning areas. To style, add a texture paste such as Mess it up by Pureology, and use your hand to push the hair forward. Pixie cuts for women over 60 with grey hair are a smart choice.

French Bob with Curtain Bangs for Fine Haired Ladies 60 and Up
Instagram @hair.by.fibi

#12: French Bob with Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair

You’ll want to try a French bob with curtain bangs for finer hair textures. A bob has long layers that are worn with less volume so your hair appears thicker because you cannot see thru it. Curtain bangs add a softness to this chic style and are a great option for narrow face shapes. The blow-dry is simple with a large round brush or your hands directing the hair under. Short hairstyles for fine grey hair will make women look stylish and youthful.

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Short Textured Cut for Thick Hair for Ladies Over Sixty
Instagram @linhhairartist

#13: Short Textured Cut for Thick Hair

You have to love a short textured cut for thick hair. Ask your stylist to point cut into your medium layers for movement and texture and to create a wispy feel. This is of the utmost importance to give your cut the best shape. Blow-dry upward with some styling cream and a round brush for the perfect finish. Short gray haircuts for women over 60 can make women feel fresh and ready for anything.

Feathered Bob with Bangs for Women Over 60 with Glasses
Instagram @juzzhair

#14: Feathered Bob with Bangs for Women with Glasses

If you’re a woman with glasses, you should try a feathered bob with bangs. A bob brushed away from the face will fit your glass frames perfectly. Ask your stylist to add some medium layers to compliment this great shape and perk up your style. Blow-dry with a large round brush and some volumizing cream for soft movement. Short grey hair for women over 60 with glasses is definitely the way to go.

#15: Spiky Pixie Hair with Long Bangs

If you’re searching for a trendy style you should try spiky pixie hair with long bangs. The longer front gives this pixie its funky style. Ask your stylist for some disconnection between the spiky short part and the long front for the best visual shape. Blow-dry the front straight and punk up the short parts with some texture putty and you’ll be done in no time. Try short hairstyles for women over 60 with grey hair if you want to appear younger.

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#16: Chin-Length Inverted Bob with a Fringe

You should try a chin-length inverted bob with a fringe as your next hairstyle. The clean lines of this classic cut are complemented by the smooth style. Ask your stylist for minimal layers to make it easy to blow out with a large round brush. The inverted back gives it a beautiful forward shape. Short gray hairstyles for women over 60 can make you feel sharp and stylish.

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Jaw-Length Layered Cut for Older Ladies Over 60
Instagram @jenpattonhair

#17: Jaw-Length Layered Cut for Older Ladies

Older ladies should try a jaw-length layered cut. A jawline bob is always stylish and youthful and easy to manage. Just blow dry with a medium round brush and a smoothing product and the possibilities are endless. This short haircut is so versatile you can style it forward or backward, smooth or curled with an iron. A jawline cut is one of the best shapes out there and can work well on just about any woman.

#18: Wash-And-Wear Short Stacked Bob

You should consider a wash-and-wear short stacked bob if you need an easy-care hairstyle. A bob cut has long layers that fall in place easily without much fuss. Wavy-haired women can even let it dry naturally for a messy finish. Ladies over sixty will benefit from a shorter style that perks up your facial features. Grey hair color can look lank and lifeless, so give your hair a great short cut and you’ll feel fantastic.

Asymmetrical Curly Haircut for Round Faces for 60-Year-Olds
Instagram @agape_hair

#19: Asymmetrical Curly Haircut for Round Faces

You should consider an asymmetrical curly haircut if you have a round face shape. Asymmetry really balances out the face shape and is unique and interesting. Short curly grey hair on women over 60 is youthful and super easy to style, especially if your curl is natural. Just add some curl-enhancing product and let dry. 60-year-olds with natural curl or wave, this could change your life.

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#20: Tousled Ear-Length Cut with Short Bangs

A tousled ear-length bob cut with short bangs is sure to make an impact. Ask your stylist to graduate the back in this gray crop, and add a strong bang for a dramatic visual shape. Women with natural curl can blow out the cute bang with a round brush and let the rest of the hair dry. A short style is easy to care for but will require shaping about every 5 weeks.

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#21: Grey Pixie Shag with Micro Bangs

A grey pixie shag with micro bangs Is a great choice if you’re looking for sharp, easy to care for hair. Ask your stylist to cut your hair short but leave longer pieces around the perimeter. Styling your pixie cut takes minutes with a bit of styling gel or paste. If you are sixty years old, you will feel ten years younger with a cute short hairstyle.

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Layered Choppy Bob on Wavy Hair for Women Past 60
Instagram @thesalonvenus

#22: Layered Choppy Bob on Wavy Hair

A layered choppy bob on wavy hair is a trendy and easy-to-care-for style. If you have natural waves, ask your stylist for short to medium-length layers to accentuate the curl and you can let it air dry. Straight-haired ladies can achieve this style by using a curling iron in a random fashion. Choose short grey hair on women over 60 and you’ll be trendy and stylish.

#23: Very Short Razored Cut for Thin Hair

You might want to try a very short razored cut for thin hair, and get something new. Razor cuts can add more texture and spunk to your cut and make a younger-looking you. You’ll definitely want to use a volumizing product such as Instant Levitation Mist by Pureology to plump things up. Short hairstyles for thin grey hair are easy to style and will make your hair appear thicker.

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