17 Slimming Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Round Faces

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces are all about making unique cuts to flatter your face shape.  They range from ear to jaw length. And like Renee Zellweger, Viola Davis, and Taraji P. Henson, you can rock these gems!

It’s best for older ladies with a fuller face shape to have short hair that still offers versatility. Waves and layers are a great option to break up the roundness of the face.

When it comes to choosing a specific cut type, consider the advice of Cincinnati hairstylist, Taylor Hanrahan. “I always move more towards a haircut that has volume in the root and crown, and has movement and texture.” Taylor says, “It creates a chic and elongating effect.”

A “too heavy” chop is not advisable. “Having a haircut with no layers, texture, or movement can create a flat helmet effect,” says Taylor.

Before getting a chop, it’s crucial to take baby steps and explore other styles along the way. Go from a lob to a shorter chin-length cut, down to your desired shorter length.

Questions to ask stylists are, “How easy will this be to maintain?” and “How will this change my morning routine?” Some short haircuts may be easy to pull off, while some also need a blowdry and other hot tools.

Talking about styling, Taylor loves a dry shampoo paste like the one from Eleven Australia.

Searching for #hairspiration that suits fuller-shaped faces? Listed here are pictures of the best short hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces.

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Curly Bob Hairstyle for Ladies Over Fifty with Round Face Shapes
Instagram @aoki_hair

#1: Face-Framing Curly Bob Hairstyle

If you have thick curly hair, then try a just above the shoulders haircut. Ask for the layers to be slightly shorter near the front to help frame your round face.

#2: Face-Framing Short Inverted Bob

Looking for the best short hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces? This face-framing inverted bob can help rounder faces appear slimmer. It’s a neck-length cut that looks impeccable and works well with your round-shaped face.

#3: Classy Pixie Bob for Women Over 50 with White Hair

If you have white hair you should try a classic pixie bob for women over 50. White hair looks especially beautiful when cut into a short trendy style. Ask your stylist to cut the nape with elevation and add some medium layers throughout. This shape is quick to style with a medium-sized round brush or your hands blowing under and forward. Your pixie bob should be trimmed about every five weeks to keep it fresh.

pixie bob for african american woman over 50 years old with a round face
Instagram @indinstrands

#4: African American Pixie Bob

This African-American pixie bob haircut features a side-swept fringe to flatter your round face shape. Style the layers with soft waves to add a movement to your locks. Pixie bobs are one of the best short hairstyles for round faces. This is because pixies often have angled bangs, which can have a narrowing effect on your face.

#5: Long Pixie for Thinning Hair

This is the perfect crop for thinning hair. It’s styled with bangs, volume, and dark-rooted ash blonde for an illusion of fullness and depth. A longer crop with texture is ideal for women with round faces and thin hair.

#6: Textured Short Cut for Curly Hair

Show them how a woman blooms like a flower at the age of around 50! This curly haircut looks fun and chic on blonde locks. Perfect to match your round face shape, it’s the look to pull off anywhere and anytime.

#7: The Lob for Grey Hair

Let your grey hair grow, and opt for a chop and style that suit your round face. Here’s a superb lob for grey hair that’s trending right now.

face framing graduated bob for women over 50 with round face
Instagram @doiow

#8: Face-Framing Graduated Bob

For women over 50, a face-framing short graduated bob with middle-parted fringe can complement the round shape of your face.

#9: Short and Shaggy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Bring life to your thin locks by opting for a neck-length shag haircut that’s easy to style with texture. Women over 50 who think they have fat faces can draw more attention to their hair by going with a shaggy cut.

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#10: Layered Blonde Bob with Fine Hair

If you’re a lovely woman around your 50s with a round face and fine tresses, this particular haircut is made for you! This is the ideal blonde layered bob for fine hair. It carries out extra texture and volume to what’s supposed to be smooth locks. Keep the length even with your jawline for a breezy feel while wearing it.

textured pixie for women 50 years old with round face
Instagram @koriritter

#11: Salt and Pepper Textured Pixie

A woman in her 50s with salt and pepper hair can really show off their natural color with a textured pixie. Adding a side fringe is such a sweet touch to suit your round face.

#12: Short Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

Accentuating the cheekbones, this bob with asymmetrical bangs is totally gorgeous. Women over 50 with a round face, a short bob with bangs like this is sure to make you look younger.

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#13: Choppy Silver Bob with Bangs

Complete your youthful vibe with this choppy silver bob, complementing your round face. Added fringe makes a dramatic finish to class up this short haircut for women over 50.

feathered bob for woman in her 50s with round face
Instagram @pxhairdesign

#14: Neck-Length Feathered Bob for Thin Hair

Short, fine tresses may look lifeless, especially for women in their 50’s with round faces, and no one wants that. Good thing this feathered bob for thin hair is bringing out the volume you need for your style. It’s a jaw-length haircut with bangs, which is looking vibrant on a blonde hue.

side parted angled bob for woman aged 50 with round face
Instagram @curlsbycandace

#15: Jaw-Length Side Parted Angled Bob

No other hairstyle is better to wear than this side-parted angled bob when paired with waves. The shape of this jaw-length chop complements a round face shape well. Meanwhile, the richer the dark blonde shade is, the more striking it turns out to be.

#16: Medium-Short Layered Hair

If you’re a lovely woman over 50, you can pull off this haircut! This short layered haircut would look great with a dimensional color. Opt for a length that sits on your shoulders to flatter your round face and double chin.

This layered hair has movement and body! Short hairstyles for women with round faces most often have texture to help those over 50 with thin hair.

Try Jack Winn BAM humidity-resistant spray to smooth and soften your hair. Then try Jack Winn Prime Shine to give shine without greasiness and Jack Winn Kick Up for volume and body. Using Jack Winn Vitamin Silk will give it weightless moisture. With these products, simply blow-dry smooth with a brush. You can also flat iron with low heat to give more shine!

It’s also a nice cut for women wanting to scrunch their natural curl for a style or curl with an iron! It gives you many options to choose from and is fairly easy to maintain. Women 50+ with fine hair, and a lot of it, you’ll really love this textured look! If you have less hair, it may not look as chunky and full, but it still gives texture.

chin length bob for women in their fifties round face
Instagram @oliviaberttall

#17: Chin-Length Bob

This chin-length bob is an asymmetrical textured bob. Ask your stylist for a lot of short layering while blending in with the baseline for an edgy look that’s still easy to style.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces, most often have texture, to help those over 50 with thin hair. Emphasize the jawline or contour of your cheek to make sure the layers hit the right length on your face.

A cut with shorter layers like this does take some time to tame in the morning so prepare for a couple of extra minutes. To achieve this look, use Aveda texture tonic at the root, Davines Love smoothing lotion of the mids to ends to seal in the cuticle and blow-dry with a large round brush. To finish off any short hairstyles for women with round faces and fine hair over 50, use Davines This is a Dry Texturizer to bring out definition in her layers. It’s simply the best hair product out there!

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