30 Volumizing Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70 with Fine Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best short hairstyles for women over 70 with fine hair are cut in a way that creates the illusion of thickness.

Stylist Tara Capone from Webster, TX recommends a shorter haircut for mature ladies. “Your hair will look fuller, healthier, and thicker. It creates more volume, and since the hair is finer, that’s a great goal,” she explains.

If it’s the first time you wear short hair, start with a shoulder-length cut. A pixie seems bold and elegant, but a very short-length crop like that could be too shocking for you.

Understanding your face shape will help you decide what style to choose or avoid. “Don’t accentuate the areas you don’t want others to notice, but highlight your best features. You can do that with a front or side fringe or with face-framing layers,” Capone notes.

It’s necessary to consult your stylist before the haircut session.

Let your hairdresser know how much effort you can put in every morning for styling. This can be the basis of how much length and layers are needed. They’ll also be able to explain how to style your locks.

In terms of the drawback, Capone mentions that short cuts “require trims more often to maintain the shape.”

Treat yourself to a new look that offers volume and fullness. Here are the images of the most inspiring short hairstyles for women over 70 with fine hair!

Short Fluffy Hair with Side-Swept Bangs for 70-Year-Olds with Fine Hair
Instagram @asiix__hair

#1: Short Fluffy Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Short fluffy hair with bangs is perfect for women with fine hair. The side-swept bangs along with the short layers throughout will give you the right amount of volume. Styling with a round brush will give you that bouncy fresh blowout!

#2: Side-Swept Pixie for Natural Grey Hair

Opt for a side-swept pixie if you have natural grey hair. If uncertain about the haircut to get for thin hair, look for pictures of haircuts. You can use these pictures to show what you like or dislike. They will also aid in a productive conversation with your stylist.

#3: Silver Feathered Bob

A silver feathered bob is a popular style. The best way to create a softer style is to add layers. Having feathered layers is a great way to push the hair off of your face to give fullness and lift to fine hair.

#4: White Shaggy Bob with Fringe

Aging hair can still look cool with a white shaggy bob with fringe! This edgy cut helps keep you feeling fresh, yet still age-appropriate. If you want to minimize the width of your face, your stylist will add face-framing layers, but avoid going too short if you have a round face. A fringe will always add interest to a cut, be sure to ask for lots of texture in the fringe to keep it an easy grow-out.

#5: Blonde Short Hairdo

A short blonde hairdo will instantly make you feel young! If you’re a woman over 70 with fine hair, then this hairstyle is calling your name. You will love how low-maintenance this classic style is!

Salt-and-Pepper Spiky Pixie Cut for 70-Year-Olds
Instagram @veneto_hair

#6: Salt-and-Pepper Spiky Pixie Cut

Try a salt-and-pepper spiky pixie cut and elevate your style. Not only is a short cut cool, but it is super easy to care for. Apply some texture putty and air dry or blow dry with your hands and you’re done. Try styling your cut more forward on the top and sides for a more relevant and modern finish. Keep in mind short hair will need to be trimmed about every 4-5 weeks to keep it sharp.

Short Cut with Wispy Bangs for 70-Year-Old Ladies with Fine Hair
Instagram @phd.studio

#7: Short Cut with Wispy Bangs

A short cut with wispy bangs is the perfect choice to modernize your shape. Short hair perks up facial features and makes you appear younger. Ask your stylist to cut medium layers to keep the crown on the flatter side. Doing so will make your cut more trending and will make your hair less see-through. Finish with a quick blow dry, and try not to over dry leaving some body in your hair. Add a few quick curls with a 3/4-inch iron.

Short Haircut with Wispy Bangs for 70-Yer-Olds with Fine Hair
Instagram @soubecas

#8: Short Haircut with Wispy Bangs

A short haircut with wispy bangs can change the shape of the face tremendously. Adding shape and direction to the hair to create a frame for the face. A great cut for any age, but especially nice for older women that want to bring back some youth to their look. Style with a blow dryer and round brush to add volume and use a finishing spray to hold the shape.

#9: Textured Asymmetrical Cut

A textured asymmetrical cut is a fun update for short hair. If you’re looking to change up your short hair, try doing an asymmetrical cut going from long towards the face to short in the back. Show off the texture of the cut with styling cream or pomade after blow-drying. Layering will depend on the fineness or thickness of the hair.

#10: Brushed Up Short Hair

Brushed up short hair is perfect for women who want to keep the volume high and prefer to not have any hair on or touching the face. Ask your stylist about proper styling products and styling tips to ensure ease of styling execution and in keeping your style in place all day.

#11: Tapered Pixie Cut with Textured Top

Rock a tapered pixie cut with a textured crown. Ask your stylist for an undercut or disconnected pixie haircut for fine hair, especially if you don’t mind a higher maintenance 4-6 weeks haircut.

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#12: Bixie Cut with Short Bangs

Go for a bixie cut with short bangs. For smaller foreheads, consider bangs that come up higher in the middle and blend out into the sides. A bixie is great for a soft effect while maintaining texture and body.

Ear-Length Stacked Haircut with Long Bangs
Instagram @brennavsalon

#13: Ear-Length Stacked Haircut with Long Bangs

Try an ear-length stacked haircut with long bangs. It’s great for women with inverted-triangle and heart-shaped faces.

#14: Pixie Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Try a pixie bob cut with side bangs. It’s a nice version of a bob where you can tuck hair behind the ears or leave it out for two completely different looks. Side bangs are great for most face shapes and haircuts for women over 70.

Jaw-Length Angled Bob with Copper Highlights
Instagram @_hair_by_blair

#15: Jaw-Length Angled Bob with Copper Highlights

Go for a jaw-length angled bob with copper highlights. You will love a short style that hits around the jaw. An angled bob draws attention up and away from the face giving a look of a facelift. Copper highlights can be added in for extra depth and easy maintenance to grow out without a full-color touch-up.

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Shaggy Mixie Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @brennavsalon

#16: Shaggy Mixie Hair with Curtain Bangs

Go for a shaggy mixie haircut with curtain bangs. A pixie mullet has lots of stacked layers for fine hair to create fullness and texture. You can style your hair easy with a mixie by wash and go or quick blow-dry if needed.

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Low-Maintenance Stacked Bob
Instagram @arseniyhofmann

#17: Low-Maintenance Stacked Bob

Rock a low-maintenance short-stacked bob. Ask your stylist for a sleek above-bevel bob. Great for finer hair textures that need a blunt perimeter to maintain fullness.

#18: Slicked Back Style on Short Grey Hair

Try a slicked-back style on short grey hair. An easy short hairstyle for fine hair can be completely necessary. Keeping a short, tapered side and back with a soft, over-directed crop makes life pretty easy. Throw in a light styling gel or texture mist and comb into place.

#19: Short Messy Layers and Choppy Bangs

Go for a short messy layered cut with choppy bangs. Textured-out layers and bangs create a sassy vibe no matter what age and create wavy and straight textures.

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Soft Razor Cut Bob with Full Bangs
Instagram @the_loft_hair

#20: Soft Razor Cut Bob with Full Bangs

Consider a soft razor cut bob with full bangs. Ask your stylist for a razor cut to soften up the ends of your hair and create a beautiful texture. A deep part adds fullness to your bangs and works great for finer hair textures.

#21: Sleek Bowl Cut

Try wearing a sleek bowl cut. Easy to comb in the shape you want with a light styling product and go on about your day or blown extra sleek with a Denman styling brush. Plus, it’s great for pear, diamond, and triangle face shapes.

#22: Cheekbone-Length Curly Hair for Women with Glasses

Consider a cheekbone-length curly haircut for women with glasses. A short hairstyle that falls around the cheeks is great for fine hair on women over 70 with glasses because it balances the face. Curly hair does well with a short style and a little curl cream.

#23: Airy Brushed-Back Pixie for Wavy Hair

Try an airy brushed-back pixie for wavy hair. A swept-back pixie brings attention up and back giving a lifted effect to the eyes and cheeks.

#24: Inverted Bob with a Money Piece

Try wearing an inverted bob with a money piece. Ask for a money piece to brighten up your face and some dimensional pieces to give depth to finer hair. Inverted bobs are easy to manage, and you can expect to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks to trim.

Short Spiky Hair
Instagram @tonvangardfla

#25: Short Spiky Hair

Consider a short spiky haircut. For short hairstyles for ladies over 70, ask your stylist for a cut with tapered sides and a long spiky textured pieces through the crown. A quick blow-dry and dry matte paste will give the extra spiky punch to your locks.

Tousled Silver Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @ashesrgray

#26: Tousled Silver Pixie for Thin Hair

Try wearing a tousled silver pixie for the thinnest hair. A soft textured pixie is a great haircut for thin hair. You can really make your grey shine with the right short haircut for your face. Use a little texture paste to piece out the ends.

Chin-Length Straight Bob with Bangs
Instagram @livingmaples

#27: Chin-Length Straight Bob with Bangs

Ask for a chin-length straight bob with bangs. It brings a fun youthful hairstyle. Great for fine textures for more body. A flat brush or Denman would be a great tool for blow drying straight.

#28: Neck-Length Layered Cut for Thinning Hair

Consider a neck-length layered cut for thinning hair. A disconnection of layers around the face helps maintain fullness. Shorter layers in the back give a nice shape and fullness to the crown and will blend with disconnection in the front.

#29: Graduated Bob with a Fringe

Go for a graduated bob with a fringe. Look 10 years younger with a classic edgy bob with an above bevel nape and sleek sides. A thatch perimeter cut on the sides will maintain fullness and blend into the angle of the bob.

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Face-Framing Blonde Bob
Instagram @miakstylez_

#30: Face-Framing Blonde Bob

Opt for a face-framing blonde bob. You can frame the face with a beautiful curtain bang highlighting the cheekbones and eyes. Blend in your grays with some balayage lightener and a tonal shift to complement your skin color.