Women Over 60 With Thick Hair Say These Are the Perfect Short Haircuts to Get

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Straight Pixie with Choppy Layers

A straight pixie with choppy layers works best for finer straight hair textures. This haircut enhances your crown, frames your face, and shapes an A-line on the side. It tapers the neck into a feathered hairline. All these elements combine to create a feminine and sassy look with a textured finish.

#2: Low-Maintenance Short Choppy Pixie

Women with thick hair in their 60s will adore this short classy pixie. Shaping your hairline into a round shape can soften sharp edges and enhance a feminine look for your short style. Using a channel-cutting method for thick hair can reduce weight and increase texture for better hair movement.

Brunette Pixie with Messy Layers for grandmas over 60 with thick hair
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#3: Brunette Pixie with Messy Layers

This type of hairstyle is a brunette pixie with messy layers. The long pixie is a trendy, flattering style loved by women over 60. The length of this pixie gives it fullness and body. When worked with a natural curly texture, it creates a feminine short style. A tapered neck and hairline create a style that hugs the head. The long, cropped layers add great dimension to it. Using a texture spray can give hold and style to wavy hair. After the hair is fully dry, use your fingertips to create a messy look.

#4: Cheek-Length Graduated Haircut

A cheek-length haircut with a graduated shape can give you a slick and up-to-date look. They serve round or square faces quite well by providing flattering angles and a touch of class to your look.

Short Grey Bowl Cut with Micro Bangs for women aged 60 with thicker locks
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#5: Grey Bowl Cut with Micro Bangs

This haircut is a lifestyle piece suitable for people with an artsy, edgy, and funky personality. To achieve this style, an undercut and some added texture from razor and shear work are necessary. Thick hair can easily handle this style. Straight and curly textures look super cool with this cut, giving a different look to each texture. The fullness around the temples with this cut compliments those with a smaller face shape and narrow forehead. Wrapping up the look with a bold pair of glasses can enhance the style, but it’s not a requirement.

Short Stacked Thick Pixie Hair with Fringe for Older ladies over 60
Instagram @jun55wu

#6: Short Stacked Pixie Hair with Fringe

The haircut is a short, stacked pixie style with a fringe. A stylish way to cut thick, straight hair is with a classic inverted pixie. This haircut is ideal for long or pear face shapes because it allows for length around the face and ears. Lots of texturing will help remove bulk from thick hair, and a tapered nape area is preferred. The haircut maintains a rounded shape in the occipital area for a more feminine look. A simple blow dry and flat brush will get this hair styled quickly.

#7: Layered Short Hair with Swoopy Bangs

A layered short hair with swoopy bangs is a great choice. Women in their 60s looking to enhance their style with a new haircut should consider an asymmetrical textured French bob. This stylish look features side-swept bangs that blend into the short layered pieces. Slight asymmetry can balance certain face shapes, particularly round, long, and heart-shaped ones. Smoothing out your texture with a blowdryer and a flat iron can update your look from simple to sassy in just a few minutes.

#8: Soft Inverted Bob with Side Fringe

A soft inverted bob with a side fringe complements a variety of face shapes, particularly oval and heart-shaped faces. The angled cuts of the bob and side fringe create a look that ties together well.

#9: Chin-Length Grey Bob with Side Part

Ask about a sleek, inverted bob with a side part. This style can also be worn with a middle part and styled with curls!

Dimensional Pixie with Side Bangs for 60-year-olds with thicker mane
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#10: Dimensional Pixie with Side Bangs

A dimensional pixie with side bangs can favor a woman in her sixties with thick hair. She could really benefit from getting an undercut. An undercut adds dimension to the style, making a pixie cut stand out. The undercut shows off more texture and makes styling easier with less hair to manage. Incorporating side bangs with a pixie cut frames the face and softens the style. A texture clay or cream helps to piece out the hair and show off the new cute dimensional pixie.

Curly Round Bob with Piece-y Bangs for thick-haired women over sixty
Instagram @novaperruquers

#11: Curly Round Bob with Piece-y Bangs

For an elegant curly style on women in their 60s with a long face shape, ask your stylist for rounded layers and a length that hugs the cheekbones. Adding soft feminine fringe tendrils shapes the face, adds a piecey texture to the rounded shape, and creates a more flattering style.

Super Short Thick Bob for Wavy Hair on Women Aged 60 with glasses
Instagram @we_are_kinhair

#12: Super Short Bob for Wavy Hair

Enjoy the appealing look of a very short bob with wavy hair. This bob is a fun, easy-care style that brings out the texture of your wavy hair. To boost your bob’s texture, use a little lightweight mousse or texturing spray. It gives a messy finish.

Disconnected Pixie Cut with Long Fringe for women in their 60s with thick hair
Instagram @hairbybillyp

#13: Disconnected Pixie Cut with Long Fringe

A disconnected pixie cut with a long fringe is a funky style for women in their 60’s and can be worn many ways. I suggest trying an asymmetrical pixie with disconnection and long, framing bangs. Disconnection can create dimension, remove bulk, and add extra edginess to a style. It also allows for greater longevity when growing out shorter styles. Pixie cuts work great with finer hair textures, providing more body and giving shape to the hair.

#14: Side-Swept Pixie Hair with Layers

Enhance your look with a side-swept pixie layered up. Style tip: Add texture with a light pomade for a stylish and lively finish.

#15: Textured Haircut with Tousled Layers

A short haircut can be more volumized with tousled layers! The softness of the texture gives an airy, lifted, youthful look, especially on thick hair.

#16: Very Short Bob with Graduated Layers

A very short bob with graduated layers is a high-style, low-maintenance haircut. The longer layers simplify the use of a medium round brush for a smooth blowout. You could also use a curling iron for a more dressed-up look. The stacked back is an attractive feature. It enhances the shape of the haircut. The cut grows out in an aesthetic manner. A trim every 6 weeks maintains its look.

Short-Length Voluminous Wedge Bob with Layered Bangs for thick hair over 60
Instagram @yp_hair

#17: Voluminous Wedge Bob with Layered Bangs

Transform your look with a voluminous wedge bob featuring layered bangs. This style adds dynamic volume and works well for heart-shaped or oval faces, highlighting your features with flair. It particularly complements straight and wavy hair, allowing the layers and volume to enhance the natural texture.

High Stacked Thick Bob with Face Frame and Bangs for 60-year-old Ladies
Instagram @hairbybillyp

#18: High Stacked Bob with Face Frame

Opt for a bob hairstyle that’s heavily layered for added volume. The hairstyle is given extreme texture for a bold, unique look.

#19: Short One-Length Cut with Blunt Bangs

The bob has a blunt finish, styled all at one length. This style also includes blunt bangs. However, it can work without the bangs and can be versatile in part placement.

#20: Jaw-Length Bob with Undercut

The angled bob fits well for people with an adventurous fashion sense. This hairstyle highlights the noticeable color difference and suits those who favor undercuts.

Wispy Feathered Pixie Cut for 60-year-olds with thick hair
Instagram @dekwaffeus

#21: Wispy Feathered Pixie Cut

A short pixie cut with lots of texture creates a feathered, wispy style. This hairstyle suits those who prefer fuss-free grooming and quick morning routines.

#22: Pixie Shag with Wispy Layers

You’ll feel great in a cute, modern pixie shag with wispy layers. Tell your stylist you want short layers on top, with softer, longer layers around your face. I especially like the asymmetrical bang accented with shorter bits. The back is left shaggy to enhance the wispy look, adding to its stylish allure. The cut should be styled close to the head for a trendy look. Use a texture paste, like Pureology’s Mess it Up, to achieve this style.

Messy Wavy Bob with Feathered Layers for Seniors Over 60 with Dense Hair
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#23: Messy Wavy Bob with Feathered Layers

A graduated bob with layers is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. With many ways to style it, a graduated bob is always a good option. If you have a narrow jawline, the layers of the bob will provide fullness around your face, creating a beautiful shape. Try using a hot roller to style this cut. After the rollers cool, remove them and use your fingers or a brush to break up the curls. This will create a messy texture. This technique gives your classic style a little edge without going overboard.

Edgy Long Pixie with Tapered Nape for women over 60 and up with thick hair
Instagram @hairbybillyp

#24: Edgy Long Pixie with Tapered Nape

The haircut style is a texturized, asymmetrical pixie cut with lots of volume. The finishing touch is a tapered neckline that enhances the overall look.

#25: Face-Framing Short Bobbed Cut

Embellish your features with a face-framing short bob cut. Feathery pieces around your face soften your features. The hair is styled slightly backward to open the narrow eye area, and the bob cut softens the jawline. The graduated back adds more volume to the hairstyle. The longer layers in the cut are styled straight for a modern shape. This style can make you look more youthful.

Turning 60 marks a time for change and why not start with your hair? Thick hair offers many styles but requires the right cut. Let’s dive into tips from Courtney Calloway, a pro in styling short hair for women over 60.

Meet The Expert

Courtney Calloway
Courtney Calloway
Courtney is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 9 years of experience.
You can find Courtney in Haus of Pink at Glen Allen, VA

Style is Key

You long for a short cut but worry about the upkeep. Courtney Calloway assures you that maintenance is key. Be ready to style your short hair every day. Plan a visit to your salon every 4-6 weeks. All in all, it’s worth it to keep your tresses looking their best.

Finding The Perfect Cut

Now, let’s talk about what’s most flattering for your face shape. It’s all about balance, according to Courtney.

For a round face, she advices against short cuts. Angled bobs or layered bobs work well, she notes.

Got a square face? Keep it soft near the face with either face-framing layers or a curtain bang.

Long faces look good with bangs most of the time.

If your face is heart-shaped, she suggests drawing attention below the cheek bones. Look at haircuts at or below the chin for the best fit.

Best Hair Products to Use

Styling your short hair can be a breeze with the right tools. Courtney has a few tips and product recommendations for you.

A blow dry brush or round brush that is the appropriate size is key. She strongly recommends Brazilian blowout styling products to combat frizz and a light oil – Surface Bassu Hydrating Oil – to keep your hair smooth.

Next, consider smoothing creams. Always apply to wet hair, never dry.

Her top pick for maintaining shine and style is blow dry spray. Just be careful of adding too much volume to avoid looking like you’re wearing a helmet, she warns.

In the end, the key to a great short cut is to work with your natural hair texture and face shape. With these tips from Courtney, you’re well on your way to finding your perfect style.

Pictures of Chic Short Haircuts For Women Over 60 With Thick Hair