25 Ladies Over 60 with a Round Face Show How to Rock Short Haircuts

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short Pixie Bob with Choppy Bangs for Older Women Aged 60 with Round Faces
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#1: Pixie Bob with Choppy Bangs

Bold and edgy, a pixie bob with choppy bangs mixes two classic hairstyles. Pairing the short length of a pixie cut with elements of a bob gives a modern and chic look. This fun and edgy hairstyle fits any professional setting. This makes it a great choice for those who want a standout yet easy-to-manage hairstyle.

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#2: Short Textured Shaggy Mullet

A short textured shaggy mullet could be in your future. Shaggy cuts are all the rage and are easy to style, so you should consider trying one. Ask your stylist for short shaggy layers and soft lengths left around the ears and back. The style looks best when your hair is dry and tousled, using the body in your hair, and it’s easy to manage. The short bang is perfect to balance out round face shapes but make sure they are wispy. My hot tip is to try styling the top of your hair forward to give your look a more modern feel.

Voluminous Bob for Older Women's Over 60 Neck-Length Straight Hair and Round Faces
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#3: Voluminous Bob for Straight Hair

Straight hair sometimes needs extra assistance to boost volume. Adding graduated layers is an excellent method to achieve it. Request subtle disconnected crown layers for additional lift. These also add height, which is ideal for complementing a round face.

#4: Pixie Crop with Short Bangs

You can also add a round shape to your bangs even if you have a round face. By adding height to the crown of the hairstyle, you can make your face look longer. This feature also compliments shorter bangs. Ask your stylist for a cropped pixie which means you will have extra hair to work with in the crown and temple areas.

Platinum White Bob with Side Bangs for Women Over 60 with Thin Hair and Round Face Shapes
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#5: Platinum White Bob for Thin Hair

A platinum white bob is a great option for thin hair. A bob cut adds density to fine hair, making limp tresses appear voluminous. Incorporating textured layers provides the thickness needed to give an illusion of height at the top of the head. For seniors who have round faces and worry about looking too short, an asymmetrical parting helps enhance facial length.

Golden Blonde Short Hair with Side-Swept Bangs for Ladies Aged 60 with Round Faces
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#6: Golden Blonde Short Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

A golden blonde short hair with side-swept bangs. For an elegant style, try adding a textured bang and asymmetry to the cut. This is a great way to balance a round face shape and give you an updated look at any age. Golden highlights add warmth and light to your face. They suit warmer skin tones.

Textured Stacked Bob with Wispy Bangs on Women Over 60 with Glasses and Rounder Faces
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#7: Textured Stacked Bob with Wispy Bangs

Go for a textured short stacked bob paired with wispy bangs. Get a graduated stacked bob to add movement, body, and texture to your thin hair. This bob style creates a full hair shape, complemented by wispy bangs to balance a round face shape. Moreover, keeping the hair longer at the front can help elongate the face, while adding waves will enhance the overall texture and body.

#8: Edgy Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

Here’s an edgy pixie with asymmetrical bangs. For a round face shape, you should choose asymmetry and crown height. Ask your stylist for this edgy cut and asymmetrical crop. This is a great cut if you want to add volume to finer hair textures.

#9: Side-Parted Wavy Bob Style

A side-parted wavy bob style is a fantastic cut that works on all hair types. The style looks youthful, but older women can wear it easily, making them feel great. The bob cut can soften a round face and hide sagging skin. A light layer is recommended to create volume. To style this bob, you can blow dry or diffuse it. Use a 3/4-inch iron to touch up the top layer if needed.

#10: Voluminous Brushed-Back Pixie for Fine Hair

Want a playful hairstyle for your fine hair? Choose a voluminous brushed-back pixie. Ask your stylist for a pixie cut that is lengthy enough for styling it up and off your face. Styling your pixie cut this way lifts your face naturally and adds volume to your hair. This haircut suits women with round face shapes and finer hair textures.

Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut Curly Hair on Senior Women Over 60 and Round-Shaped Faces
Instagram @rosanaescaleira.hair

#11: Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut Curly Hair

For fine curly hair, a low-maintenance youthful pixie cut would be perfect. The short length helps remove weight so the curls can bounce up for added volume and offer a flattering shape. This hairstyle suits all ages, from children to seniors over 60, with round faces.

Gray Chin Bob with Side Bangs on Older Women Over 60 with Round Faces
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#12: Gray Chin Bob with Side Bangs

For hair that is graying, a chin-length bob with bangs swept to the side will add softness and volume. A side part is effective in providing a lighter and more fluid appearance to your hairstyle. I recommend using a volume mousse for the best possible blowout on this hairstyle.

Short Bobbed Gray Hair with Full Bangs on Round Faced 60-year-old Ladies
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#13: Bobbed Gray Hair with Full Bangs

Bobbed gray hair with full bangs adds fullness to your look. If you have round face or chubby cheeks, longer bangs could flatter your face.

#14: Side-Swept Silver Long Pixie

Spice up a simple short crop with a side-swept silver long pixie! This short and sassy look is perfect for round faces and aging hair.

#15: Short Brown Pixie Cut

An uber-flattering crop for round faces is a short brown pixie cut. This stylish cut helps balance out the round of the cheeks and chin, creating a slimming effect.

Side-Parted Long Pixie with Waves for Seniors Over 60 and Round Face Shapes
Instagram @rosanaescaleira.hair

#16: Side-Parted Long Pixie with Waves

A side-parted long pixie with waves is a chic and contemporary take on the classic pixie cut. The deep side part, with its soft effortless layers, adds a touch of asymmetry. This edgy look balances everyday hairstyles and an upscale contemporary style.

#17: Jaw-Length Blonde Hair with Side Part Bangs

For a round face, jaw-length blonde hair with side part bangs would be a sophisticated option. The shorter hair length and side part bangs create a more feminine look. It’s one of the best hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces.

Wavy Pompadour Pixie on 60-year-old Ladies with Glasses and Rounder Faces
Instagram @rosegardenpoet

#18: Wavy Pompadour Pixie

Try a wavy pompadour pixie to mix old-fashioned style with a modern twist. This hairstyle gives a fresh take on the classic pompadour for women. This is a great haircut for those wanting a haircut that can be styled in different ways and worn daily. Try incorporating a purple shampoo to keep your white locks nice and bright!

#19: Soft Bixie with Fringe

A soft pixie cut with a fringe is a customized short haircut. It works well for all hair types and suits round and heart-shaped faces. You can easily maintain this pixie cut every day. However, you should get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the style fresh.

Soft Blonde Short Hair with Feathered Layers for Women Over 60 with Round Faces
Instagram @hair.by.wendy

#20: Soft Blonde Short Hair with Feathered Layers

The stylish and versatile hairstyle, soft blonde short hair with feathered layers, showcases effortlessly defined layers. Feathered layers give the hair movement and texture, creating a beautifully light and airy look. This hairstyle is ideal for anyone wanting an easy-to-style, everyday look without the upkeep of a high-maintenance haircut.

#21: Chin-Length Layered Bob with Long Bangs

A chin-length layered bob with long bangs is a timeless and versatile trendy choice that can be worn at any age. The layered bob adds movement and dimension, while the long bangs frame the face elegantly. This hairstyle is ideal for those seeking a polished yet funky hairstyle incorporating lots of texture. Pair this style with some blonde highlights for extra dimension.

#22: Sleek Classic Bob on Thick Hair

A sleek classic bob on thick hair is a timeless and modern hairstyle. This charming haircut features a clean and precise angle that beautifully showcases the natural volume and density of thick hair. Combining a sleek finish with natural grey or silver hair adds a touch of glamour. This makes it a good choice for any woman wanting short hair.

Blonde Feathery Wispy Pixie with Bangs for Seniors Over 60 with Round Faces
Instagram @pixieposhhair

#23: Feathery Wispy Pixie with Bangs

A soft, light pixie cut is ideal for older women. It does not need much care and looks good on rough, gray hair. Ask your stylist to lighten your hair, add texture, and apply some products. This will make your hair easy to style and ready to go.

Short Silver Feathery Haircut with Side Fringe for Seniors Over 60 with Rounded Faces
Instagram @latesthair

#24: Short Feathery Haircut with Side Fringe

Try the short feathered haircut with a side fringe to give volume to your thin hair. The style has a great curved shape with lots of texture to give a breezy, fresh feel. To keep the style, blow dry your hair at home. Then, use a large curling iron to secure the shape. Finish it off with a flexible hairspray. With the right care, this look can last up to 5 days.

#25: Very Short Pixie for Grey Hair

This very short pixie for grey hair is cute. This is a low-maintenance yet edgy style that is fun and amazingly easy to care for daily. Ask your stylist to razor or point cut this style for added texture. They should also carefully shape this style around your ears, neckline, and forehead to ensure the haircut suits you well. Style with matte clay throughout and hairspray for all-day hold.

Welcome ladies of style and grace over 60s! Are you seeking a chic short hairstyle for your round face? We have Shoji Toyama here with us, the expert hairstylist who is here to help you shine with the right hairstyle.

Meet The Expert

Shoji Toyama
Shoji Toyama
Shoji is a Premier Stylist with over 21 years of experience.
You can find Shoji at his own studio in Menlo Park, CA

Choosing the Right Frame

Take advice from Shoji’s words. “Hair is a frame for your face,” he says, guiding us to pick the right shape. A diamond shape frame is ideal and works best to minimize the roundness. A key factor is the hair length. It should sit at the chin or just 1 inch below it. However, one crucial advice Shoji offers is to avoid a square bob with bangs.

Making the Best Haircut Choice

Thinking about a new haircut? According to Shoji, looking young is about hidden gems and open secrets of your face. Select the feature you want to highlight and the one you wish to downplay and base your selection of a haircut on that. His best bet? A tapered or layered bob without bangs that ends at the jaw length. You can always spice it up with swept away bangs to reveal a bit of your forehead.

Styling Tips and Tricks for Short Hair

Our expert suggests mesmerizing the onlookers with a touch of texture on top. This adds volume to your hair and gives you that coveted diamond shape. To achieve this, you might require products such as a hair paste for normal to thick hair. If you have thin hair, dry shampoo is the way to go. Shoji advises all women over 60 with short hair to aim not for glam, but for sophistication. “Short hair can be very sophisticated with ladies over 60”, he says. It’s not just about the hair, it’s about reflecting the rich life you have led.

Photos of Lovely Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Round Faces