26 Cutest Short Haircuts for Thick, Wavy Hair to Style More Easily

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short haircuts for thick, wavy hair range from pixies to bobs that create a voluminous look. The best part is you’ll spend less time styling your locks in the morning!

Stylist Audrey Wells of Santa Cruz, CA believes that short hair is for everyone. Find the right cut, and it’ll certainly complement any face shape.

Wells states, “Wearing short hair feels liberating, light, plus it looks sassy. The shorter the cut is, the more it’ll accentuate all your other facial features.”

A razor cut is ideal for women with thick hair. It removes a healthy amount of weight, allowing the hair to blend softer and not feel bulky.

Don’t forget to consult your stylist regarding the upkeep of your chosen cut. Wells explains, “Shorter hair requires more maintenance. It tends to lose its shape quicker as it grows out.”

A short pixie, for instance, needs a trim every 6-8 weeks.

It’s also essential to ask your hairdresser for some styling tips. Know the best products to use, depending on your hair type.

The only downside of having a short haircut is having a limited variety of styles. “You may not be able to pull your hair back anymore. So, bobby pins will become your best friend,” Wells points out.

Give your look a fresher edge. Check out these inspiring images of the trendy short haircuts for thick, wavy hair!

Short Wavy Lob with Blunt Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @ahappyjustin

#1: Wavy Lob with Blunt Bangs

A wavy lob with blunt bangs adds sharpness to a groovy style. This wavy style is soft and chic perfect for any trendy gal.

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#2: Rooted Thick Waves

It can be quite a bit of work to style thick, heavy hair into a short cut that allows curls to flow freely. A graduated bob is a beautiful shape for thick hair and can be tailored to any texture. Using a razor or various weight removal tools on the ends of the thick hair can result in a wispy look that complements a softer, curled texture.

#3: White-Blonde Undone Bob

If you desire a full, ashy blonde look, a light application of a global pre-lightener and toner is needed for the optimum lightening effect. However, remember that regrowth will be noticeable. For maintenance, frequent trims are highly recommended to maintain the health of your hair.

#4: Short Wavy Wedge Bob

If you have thick hair, you might need a solution to reduce its bulk yet maintain its shape. A great option for someone desiring short hair with volume at the crown would be a wedge cut. A wedge cut is thin at the back neck area and slightly increases in length towards the back of the head. Using texture shears and a razor is useful to remove excess hair and create a nice texture.

#5: Wavy Bob with Blonde and Copper Highlights

If you want a wavy bob hairstyle, it will add texture, movement, and width to your hair. However, you can also enhance depth and dimension by adding finer color highlights. If you choose more than one color, ensure the tones match. For instance, copper combined with warm golden blonde works better than light ash blonde.

Wavy Chin-Length Razor Cut Bob on Thick, Dark Hair
Instagram @raenikole

#6: Chin-Length Razor Cut Bob

A choppy bob reduces the bulk of thick, wavy hair. However, avoid going short with your layers. It may result in unmanageable weight that sits too high. By maintaining more length in your layers, you will enhance the wave’s shape.

#7: Voluminous Wavy Long Bob

A glamorous look is achieved by having a shorter hairstyle with added layers for volume. These layers should be styled with height, with a loose parting. Once styled, curl the hair and allow it to cool down. After cooling, lightly brush it for a soft, wavy finish. To set the style, add hairspray.

Short Tousled Wavy Bixie on Thicker Mane
Instagram @arrels.perruqueria

#8: Tousled Wavy Bixie

A tousled wavy bixie is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a unique hairstyle. The style can highlight your curls, shape your face, and require minimal upkeep. You should ask your stylist for a wedge-style pixie that sits close to the nape and adds volume to the crown.

#9: Dimensional Blonde Bob with Waves

The hair is styled into a dimensional blonde bob. Short wavy bobs are modern and trendy styles for thick hair. For instance, a cute crop example with a length just above the shoulder is given. This style focuses on a blunt perimeter with a slight textured layer. Adding in waves with a 1 1/2-inch curling iron will give you this beachy, lived-in look. The hair ends can be made more textured by pulling the curling iron downwards without curling it completely.

#10: Strawberry Blonde Short Hair with Loose Curls

Ask for a short haircut in a strawberry blonde color that comes with loose curls. Dedicated to my profession as a hairstylist, I cherish natural hair textures. I inspire my clients to acknowledge and wear what they were naturally born with. Adding enhancements, such as babylights, can often create beautiful changes. Thick and frizzy hair, especially when cut short, can be effectively managed with Hairstory New Wash and Balm. These wonderful products not only nourish by adding moisture but also enhance the softness of the curls.

#11: Curly Pixie Cut for Round Face Shapes

A curly pixie cut can work even for round face shapes. A long pixie cut is necessary for thick wavy hair to keep enough weight to prevent hair from sticking up. Try this short haircut for thick hair and a round face.

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#12: Angled Bob Cut with Textured Waves

A favored way to style an angled bob cut is with textured waves. If you’ve ever wanted to try a short cut, the angled bob is ideal for thick hairstyles.

Low-Maintenance Wavy Lob with a Side Part for Short Thick Hair
Instagram @rafaeldcoelho

#13: Low-Maintenance Wavy Lob with a Side Part

A low-maintenance wavy lob with a side part is the perfect place to start if you’ve never had a short haircut before. Minimal to no layers are best.

#14: Feminine Blunt Bob with Loose Waves

This feminine blunt bob with loose waves is straight from the roaring 20s. The 1920s was the start of short hairstyles for women. This haircut gives the illusion of having the thickest hair.

#15: Messy Bob with Layers for Thick, Frizzy Hair

Try a messy bob with layers for thick, frizzy hair to embrace what you might already have. Though this short cut would look amazing on most girls, those with natural waves would benefit most.

#16: Edgy A-Line Wavy Bob

If you’re into rock and roll, this edgy a-line wavy bob is the perfect cut for you. Short bobs can work for fine to thicker hair types. This wavy haircut can be styled in no time with an inch curling iron and your favorite texture spray.

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#17: Short Tousled Layers and Bangs for Square Faces

Short tousled layers and bangs add softness to square faces. Short wavy bobs are great for thick hair and fine hair, whether you want to add volume or embrace it.

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#18: Layered Choppy Bob on Coarse Hair

A layered choppy bob can complement thick coarse hair. A wavier texture is best for adding another layer of pickiness to the final result. At your next appointment, ask your hair stylist for a choppy bob if you have thick wavy hair.

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Neck-Length Shaggy Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @shandifilippo

#19: Neck-Length Shaggy Cut with Curtain Bangs

A neck-length or longer shaggy cut with curtain bangs is the look for any day. Try a wavy cut if you want to enhance natural texture or a shaggy bob.

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#20: Long Inverted Bob with Textured Ends

Try a long inverted bob with textured ends if you have a thick haircut. This inverted bob removes weight and adds so much style to naturally heavy hair.

Short Beach Waves on a Wavy Graduated Bob for Thick Hair
Instagram @sacaumut

#21: Beach Waves on a Graduated Bob

Beach waves on a graduated bob are a fun way to bring texture and movement into this haircut. A layered bob for thick wavy hair is the perfect way to remove weight and add ease to everyday styling.

#22: Sassy Stacked Bob for Women Over 60

This sassy stacked bob for women over 60 is fresh and fierce! A chin-length stacked bob is fun to style and easy to wear.

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Short Layered Shag with Bangs for Oval Faces with Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @sonte_hair

#23: Short Layered Shag with Bangs for Oval Faces

If you have an oval face and short thick hair, try this short layered shag with bangs. Also, it’s a great cut if you want a lower-maintenance style, something to wash and wear. Ask your stylist about short haircuts for thick wavy hair on oval faces.

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#24: Textured Cut with a Middle Part

A textured cut with a middle part is bringing 90s hairdo vibes back. This short style is super versatile and can be worn straight, wavy, or anything in between.

Short-Length Heavily Layered Cut for Women Over 50 with Thicker Hair
Instagram @sacaumut

#25: Short-Length Heavily Layered Cut for Women Over 50

A short-length heavily layered cut for women over 50 is a fun and easy style. Short haircuts for ladies over 50 with thick wavy hair can lift the face and highlight facial features.

#26: Short Textured Haircut with Jagged Ends

A short textured haircut with jagged ends can be styled wavy or smoothed out straight. Short haircuts for coarse, wavy hair need more weight taken from the ends to allow the hair to lay flatter. If you struggle with too much hair try this at your next appointment.