The Top 18 Short Haircuts For Asian Girls Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short haircuts for Asian girls are hairstyles that cater to straight, black, and fine hair. If you’re looking to give your silky mane definition and exquisite body, we’re here to help you do it!

Lacking length doesn’t mean less versatility! From the classic bob to an edgy pixie – Asian hair is usually effortless to style with the use of the right products. Whether you want feminine curls, full waves, or cute bangs to go with your short haircut, the choice is all yours!

Hair specialist Akane Tachibana from LA spills the deets on what to consider when going for a short cut! “My #1 tip is to style your hair to keep the right balance. Check your face shape, neck length, and your hair thickness. Then, choose a cut that will suit these features,” she says.

“Your lifestyle and fashion are also top things to consider,” Akane adds. “When you change your hairstyle from long to short, your atmosphere will change. The clothes that you wore yesterday might not work with your new short hairstyle. My suggestion is to change your fashion style to suit your hairstyle. Or choose a hairstyle that suits your fashion.”

Surprisingly, going short will give you more freedom to style. Asian stars who ditched their long manes include Awkwafina, Lana Condor, and JuJu Chan!

To style thick hair with no movement, Akane recommends that you apply medium hold wax or pomade to wet hair. “Dry it with a dryer to give it softness and movement. It will give a nice texture to your hair,” she shares.

You’ll be surprised by the endless ways on how to cut those naturally straight strands.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular pictures of short haircuts for Asian girls!

Vibrant Short messy pixie haircuts for asian girl
Instagram @tonytony1226

#1: Vibrant Short Messy Pixie

Achieve this short messy pixie by creating layers that would peek out of your head, recreating a graphic anime character look. Purple highlights add a punk effect to the already cool style.

Cute Short Haircut for an Asian Girl

#2 Cute Short Haircut

Opt for middle part bangs arranged softly like this to open up the eye area. Perfect for any cute, artsy gal!

#3: Cute Short Blunt Bob Cut

A short blunt bob cut creates strong lines that can strengthen a very soft face shape. Short and blunt haircuts are amazing on Asian hair because it’s naturally thick, coarse, and straight making for clean-cut and sleek hairstyles.

trendy short bob haircut for asian girl
Instagram @phatlyzn

#4: Trendy Short Bob

The best haircut for an Asian girl is a trendy short bob, coupled with choppy baby bangs. This jaw-length French bob draws attention to the wearer’s flawless skin.

The Tomboy Cut for an asian girl
Instagram @thisismswang

#5: The Tomboy Cut

The tomboy cut is professional yet sporty. This cut is great for women with fine hair to create volume and fullness on top. Round brush the top back and away from the face with a root-boosting mousse to get more lift at the root.

#6: Short Haircut for Thick Hair

This really short layered haircut is the unspoken evidence that ladies can rock men’s cuts, as well. The stylist of Family Hair Studio from Ashmore City, Australia, did a balayage coloring technique using foils to add glowing ash and golden and platinum blonde highlights.

Short haircut with side swept bangs for Asian girl
Instagram @yuya__hair

#7: Beautiful With Side-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle with side-swept bangs is the perfect one for Asians. This cut on dark hair with subtle texture is the underrated interpretation of simple and beautiful.

messy short curly bob haircut for asian girl
Instagram @hairsoho_176

#8: Messy Curly Bob

Frumpy styles like these are made famous by Japanese cute girls wherein thin strands are curled and arranged in a messy manner. The bed hair, complete with front bangs, makes the curly bob style look fuller, adding weight and size to your whole look.

Short Haircut for Straight Hair Asian Girl
Instagram @inyoungqqu

#9: Amazing On Straight Hair

Straight hair can either make or break your whole look. For limp-looking hair, layers, and tapered ends work best since these give volume and texture that is much needed for your hair type.

Short Layered Haircut For Asian Girl
Instagram @yuya__hair

#10: Short Layered Haircut

Asian weather can be a bit fickle, so your hairstyle should fit whether you may be experiencing it. This short layered cut is the ultimate all-around hairstyle for the modern Asian girl, and you know it!

short haircut for square face asian girl
Instagram @megumicolor

#11: Textured Short Haircut for a Square Face

This short haircut for a square face is a genius idea to lessen the exposure of your beloved jaw. The combination of textured waves and side-parted lob goes well with the dark-rooted brown hair color.

Eye-Catching short rounded bob haircut for asian girl
Instagram @dangdanghair

#12: Eye-Catching Short Rounded Bob

The best way to describe this short-rounded bob is the Marylin or the Gwen. They’re both iconic women who people instantly visually know. This is a bold and classic cut. The best advice I can give someone considering having this haircut would be to think about it long and hard. This is not just a hair change, this will be a lifestyle change.

short inverted bob haircut for asian girl

#13: Inverted Bob

Consider an internally layered, soft inverted bob with graduation. I like this because the internal layering helps hair to hug around the head and not look too bulky. It gives a more soft and feminine look. Sometimes a little highlight can enhance the texture and give more volume.

Sharp and short haircut for Asian girl
Instagram @jrranx

#14: Sharp Short Haircut for a Round Face

It’s a neutral brunette color and textured haircut. The cut is a blunt haircut with texture. It still gives women enough weight overall to make a neat and sharp-looking bob but also with a texture that gives the client a lot of movement.

Stylish short haircut with blunt bangs for asian girl
Instagram @kristinn.oli

#15: Stylish Short Cut with Blunt Bangs

This short cut with blunt bangs has no force here. Lay the shape, work with the bone structure, and your hair will sort the rest out. While this is a relatively low-maintenance shape, it requires getting it cut every 8-10 weeks. After that, the weight will shift and become heavy.

very short haircut for asian girl
Instagram @hairbymermzs

#16: Very Short Haircut

This is a super cute pixie with an edgy design in the back! This look is easily wearable and has low maintenance with lots of styles. I love that it is long enough to curl as well. This style is super low-maintenance and great for women who want a big change. It’s short, but there is still enough room to play with the top of your haircut.

#17: Flowing Boyish Shag

This boyish shag has a side-view silhouette and hair flow. I cut the volume while keeping the neckline along the neck. The styling is done by putting your hair on the back of the ear and showing the cut lightly. I used a straightening iron, and the hair ends are slightly rounded. Then, I used hair cream to make it shiny. This cut is compatible with straight hair and loose, wavy hair.

platinum blunt cut for asian women
Instagram @bescene

#18: Platinum Blunt Cut

Try a platinum blunt cut if you want to turn heads. Asian hairstyles can be harder to achieve depending on the exact texture, so when you find the one you’re looking for, it’s that much more satisfying. Make sure to speak to your stylist about the maintenance of this color before taking the plunge.