41 Short Haircuts for Girls That Work for Ladies of All Ages

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short haircuts for girls are an easy way to have low-maintenance hair that’s easy for any girl to style. Popular short cuts include bobs, pixies, shags, and undercuts.

Going with a shorter length is the go-to style for most girls. So, they can avoid tangles and skin irritations and keep their hair away from their faces and bodies. This makes their movements easier and has maintenance less.

On those busy mornings during school days, you’ll want a short hairstyle that is easy to wash, style, and manage.

It doesn’t matter what type of hair your princess has! Whether it’s super straight, curly, or wavy – you’ll find a suitable short haircut for it.

Opting for shorter locks does not mean your styling will be limited. Small braids, a side ponytail, and pigtails are just a few examples of easy hairstyles for little girls you can quickly create.

Before your next hair appointment, find some inspiration in this photo gallery of short hair cuts for girls.

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