Short, Feathered Hair Ideas to Try If You’re Going for a Very Layered Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short feathered hair consists of voluminous layers that resemble feathers—hence, its name. It gained popularity back in the ’70s, but it never really went out of style. If anything, it’s becoming trendy again with its more updated look.

The secret to a flawless layered finish lies in the stylist’s tool. “A feather razor prevents any harsh lines,” says Bonny Ann Braunack, a hairdresser and educator in Australia.

Always consult a professional to ensure you get a chop you won’t regret. Discuss where the longest point of the cut will be. Ask whether a fringe will complement your face shape and your preferred look.

Styling is vital to maximizing the full potential of a layered haircut. Products are the key. These can be sea salt spray, defining paste, and texture spray.

Feathered hair is easier to style once you get your routine sorted. Braunack explains, “Once to twice a week, wash your hair. A little product daily will keep the feathered style looking textured and photo-ready.”

As for the maintenance, a trim every six weeks is recommended.

If you’re looking for an airy hairstyle that looks effortless, we’ve got you covered. Here are inspiring images of the trendiest ways to pull off feathered short hair.


#1: Stunning Blonde Cut with Side-Swept Fringe

Try a stunning blonde cut with a side-swept fringe if you want to add volume to your hair. One of the best ways to get more body in your hair is to cut it short and add layers and texture. Bleaching your hair also adds body because it swells the cuticle of your hair making it appear fuller.

Feminine Short Feathered Haircut for girls with short hair
Instagram @slhairstudio

#2: Feminine Feathered Haircut

This feminine short feathered haircut is a beautiful and stylish choice for girls with short hair. This haircut features soft layers that create movement and texture, giving your hair a voluminous and chic look. Women with short hair have an advantage as this style works best for those with shorter hair lengths as the layers add depth and dimension to the style. The feathered haircut suits various face shapes and hair types and can be customized to each individual’s preferences. To style this haircut, apply a lightweight mousse or styling cream to damp hair to enhance the feathered layers. Then, use a round brush or your fingers to blow dry the hair, lifting at the roots to create volume.

Short feathered cut for natural gray hair
Instagram @bladesalon

#3: Short Feathered Cut for Natural Gray Hair

Try a short feathered cut if you have natural gray, coarse hair and want more texture. I suggest using a texturizing hair balm like Reverie Balm for more definition.

Visible Feathery Layers for older women
Instagram @vipspaco

#4: Visible Feathery Layers

Visible feathery layers are the perfect choice for mature women. You can add volume and movement to your hair with sophistication. These layers are cut to blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair. All while creating an airy texture that is both flattering and youthful. Remember to pre-book an appointment with your stylist every 4 weeks to keep your shape and tone fresh. This is important when working with aging hair. To style, I recommend using a volumizing spray on damp hair. Then blow-dry with a round brush to create a smooth finish.

#5: Feathered Bixie Cut with Visible Layers

If you have thick hair and want a fresh cut, I suggest wearing a feathered bixie cut with visible layers. This cut is perfect for women who want to keep some length while maintaining a low-maintenance style. The feathered layers add volume and dimension and soften facial features. To style, apply a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to clean and dry hair. Use a curling wand to add slight waves to the ends. This cut is versatile and can be styled in many ways, making it a perfect everyday look that is easy and chic.

Short Golden Blonde Feathered Layers on a bob cut for women over 50
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#6: Golden Blonde Feathered Layers

If you’re searching for a short cut with dimension and movement, try feathered layers. The basic shape of this style is a short bob, with many layers added for a feathered effect. Be aware you might have to curl this hairdo with an iron if blow drying with a small round brush doesn’t suffice. Try styling the layers away from the face to achieve the desired look. Hair moving away from the features is perfect for long or oval face shapes. And the golden blonde highlights will add some pop.

#7: Brunette Feathered and Layered Pixie Bob

I suggest trying a feathered and layered pixie bob. But only for the perfect blend of edginess and simplicity. It’s helpful to know your hair type before you go for this look. It works best with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair. Those with round faces will find this style flattering, as it gives an elongated effect. To achieve this look, use a texturizing spray when styling. And make sure to keep the layers short at the nape of your neck while adding more length towards the top and front. For added volume, Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume Blast is ideal. And it won’t weigh down finer locks!

Short feathered cut for natural gray hair
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#8: Blonde Feathered Bob with a Tapered Neckline

If you’re looking for a more edgy short cut, ask for a low tapered wedge. When cutting your tapered area, use the clippers in a scooping motion, try to pull out at the occipital bone. This will allow the weight line of your wedge to shape your clients head and give them the bubble effect. For a more feathered effect on top, over-direct your client’s hair forward. Then point cut the ends using thinning shears.

Short Feathered Bob for Older Women
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#9: Short Feathered Bob for Older Women

If you desire a cut that gets the hair off of your face and forehead, you should try a short feathered bob for older women. Layered hair moving away from your face can uplift your appearance dramatically.

You’ll want to blow dry with a small round brush moving backward on the sides and over and back with the fringe. For an even softer shape, you may want to curl your hair with a 3/4-inch iron in the same direction. A feathered bob enhances thin or long face shapes by giving width to your facial features.

#10: Stacked Bob with Layers for Wavy Hair

A stacked bob with layers for wavy hair is a great style choice. The stacked back gives the cut beautiful lines and makes the front appear longer. The feathered style makes it easy to blow out with a round brush and a styling cream for control. Try blowing it backward, but leave some hair around the face flowing forward for a beautiful finish.

Messy Feathered Layers on Short Hair
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#11: Messy Feathered Layers on Short Hair

Short hair with messy feathered layers is a carefree and fun shape. A feathered cut can be styled forward or backward and can also be tucked behind the ear. Versatility makes this haircut a great choice for anyone at any age. Blow-dry with a round brush for a smoother finish, or use your hands touseling as you go for a messier end result.

Feathery Butterfly Short Bob
Instagram @stefstyled

#12: Feathery Butterfly Bob

The feathery butterfly bob is a versatile and shaped hairstyle that will turn heads. This bob features soft, feathery layers that add movement and texture to your hair. With its versatile nature, you can easily style it sleek, polished, or tousled and casual for a more relaxed vibe. The butterfly shape of the bob adds a unique touch to the overall appearance.

#13: 80s Shaggy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

You’ll want to try an 80s shaggy bob with side-swept bangs if you’re bored of your traditional bob. Adding layers to your bob changes things up dramatically and is very current, making your cut shaggy and interesting. This cut looks great on most face shapes, so go for it. You’ll want to dry your short feathered shag a bit flatter with a vent brush or your hands for maximum impact. A shag bob should be shaped about every 5-6 weeks.

#14: Short Feathered Layers for Senior Women

Senior women, choose short feathered layers and make the most of your hair. Short feathered layered haircuts work well on most hair textures and uplift facial features. Try blow-drying away from the face with a round brush to perk things up. You can even add some curls with iron for diversity.

#15: Layered Pixie with a Fringe for Black Women Over 50

Black women over 50, you can slay a layered pixie with a fringe. A short cut always makes you appear more fashionable. A layered pixie will work well on finer-haired ladies. Coarser-haired black ladies need a straightener to achieve this shape. Ask for an undercut to get rid of bulky hair and make it a snap to blow out, putting all your effort into the top.

#16: Neck-Length Feathered Haircut

A neck-length feathered haircut is a bit lighter than a traditional bob. There are more layers around the face, making it a great choice for oval, or narrow-shaped faces. A short haircut with feathered layers works well when brushed away from the face. Try using a large round brush blowing backward and adding some texture spray for the big finish.

#17: Round Graduated Bob with Layers for Fine Hair

Fine-haired women might want to consider a round graduated bob with layers. Graduating the nape creates elevation and makes your hair appear thicker. The layers give lank hair movement and make it simple to dry with your hands. Avoid using a round brush because this can remove all the body in fine hair. Short feathered hairstyles for thin hair definitely require volumizing products such as shampoos and body-building gels, for the best results.

#18: Feathered Pixie Cut with Tapered Back

Consider a feathered pixie cut with a tapered back and elevate your style. Extra layers create texture in this shape, which can be brought out by adding molding paste to your hair. Add a short crop to the nape and make your style pop. Leaving the bang longer is also a great option and adds interest. A feathered pixie works well on most face shapes and is easy to style, making it a great choice.

Pixie Cut with Piece-y Layers
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#19: Pixie Cut with Piece-y Layers

Add some piece-y layers to a pixie cut and you’ll have a modern classic style. Short hair gives you such a beautiful appearance and is so easy to take care of. Ask your stylist for a rounder shape around the temple area and some medium layers to create a fabulous shape. Dry your feather haircut for short hair with a round brush and finish with some molding paste for the best texture.

#20: Textured Feather Cut for Thick Hair

Treat yourself to a textured feather cut for thick hair. Ask your stylist to graduate the nape and add some piece-y layers, to achieve a beautiful a-line shape. Short feathered hairstyles for thick hair work best blown dry with a large round brush for some bounce. For coarser hair textures, try some smoothing cream.

#21: Choppy Long Layered Bob Cut

Try a choppy long layered bob cut if you’re searching for a versatile hair style. Short feathered bobs can be blown under or flipped up. Make sure you ask your stylist to lighten the ends by texturing, to make this easy to achieve. This shape looks great on almost any face shape, and that makes it a winner. Plan to get a haircut about every five weeks to keep this cut choppy.

#22: Feminine Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, try a feminine feathered bob for a softer shape. A chin-length cut is a great choice if you want to keep a bit of length. The longer layers in this cut make it appear longer than it really is and gives it some swing. Ask your stylist to elevate the nape to give it a modern feel. Blow-dry with a large round brush and some mouse for that soft finish.

#23: Low-Maintenance Bobbed Hair with Soft Layers

Ask your stylist for low-maintenance bobbed hair with soft layers. The layers are left longer in this hairstyle, so new growth is not as obvious, meaning less frequent hair cuts. A feathered haircut creates beautiful movement in the hair which can be worn backward or forward or even curled. If you’re looking for diversity this soft easy style is for you.

#24: Short Feathered Cut on Women Over 60

Women over 60 should try a short feathered cut if looking for an easy short style. A short feather cut is easy-maintenance and can be air-dried once it’s combed in place with a volume-building product. This shape works great on fine straighter hair. Ask your stylist for brushed back layers, working away for the face, and perk your facial features up.

#25: Feathered Bob with Wispy Layers

Choose a feathered bob with wispy layers if you’re looking for a soft hairstyle. Short feathered hairstyles are pointcut  or razor cut on the ends to create movement and airiness, which is easy to manage. You should know that this hairstyle works on most hair textures. Thick-haired women should style with a round brush and smoothing cream, and fine hair ladies use volumizing products.

80s Feathered Hair for Round Faces
Instagram @simahaircut

#26: 80s Feathered Hair for Round Faces

Try an 80s feathered hair style for round faces, if you have been searching for that perfect cut. Make sure to have a little length left in the back to compliment facial features. Hair coming towards the face is a must if you have a round face shape. For women over 40, it might be time to let go of the long hair and change it up.

#27: 70s Layered Cut with Feathered Bangs on Thin Hair

70s layered cuts with feathered bangs are definitely a current vibe and work well on thin hair. If you are bored of a bob, this is a great next step. Ask your stylist to shag out your shape and add some short feathered bangs. Cutting lots of layers will automatically give fine hair an airy shape. Blow-dry with your hands and finish with Pureology Mess Up Texture Paste for an exquisite finish. Here are more great short haircuts with fringe you can check out.