The “Elf Crop” Haircut Is Trending and You Have to See These 25 Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Are you considering a fresh, ethereal look this summer? The elf crop haircut, a whimsical blend of playful charm and effortless style, might just be your perfect match. Crafted to soften your features and highlight your cheekbones, this haircut combines the enchanting allure of elvish aesthetics with modern styling, ensuring a look that’s both captivating and easy to maintain.

The key to the elf crop is its rounded layering, which gracefully frames the face, enhancing its natural curves and providing a light, airy feel that’s ideal for warmer months. Whether you’re attending a summer festival or simply enjoying an evening out, this style makes a bold statement of both confidence and grace.

Excited to transform your look with the elf crop? Find your inspiration and let your stylist bring this magical vision to life!

Retro elf crop haircut with choppy layers and silver-blonde shade.

#1 Retro Elf Crop Haircut

This retro elf crop haircut brings back a timeless style with a modern twist. The choppy layers and textured finish add volume and movement. The silver-blonde shade gives it a chic, youthful appearance. This cut works well for various face shapes and is easy to style, though maintaining the color may require frequent touch-ups.

Pixie bob elf blend haircut with rich brunette shade, featuring longer front layers tapering towards the back.

#2 Pixie Bob Elf Blend

This pixie bob elf blend combines the edginess of a pixie with the structure of a bob. The layers are longer in the front, gradually tapering towards the back, creating a modern look. The rich brunette shade adds a classic touch. This cut suits fine to medium hair and is versatile enough for casual and formal settings. However, the distinct shape may require regular trims to maintain.

Voluminous elf crop haircut with blonde highlights and brunette base, featuring full, bouncy layers.

#3 Voluminous Elf Crop Haircut

This voluminous elf crop haircut is all about body and movement. The layers are cut to create fullness and bounce, making it ideal for fine to medium hair. The blonde highlights add brightness and dimension to the brunette base. This style is perfect for adding volume and works well for those with oval and heart-shaped faces. It’s a bit higher maintenance due to the need for regular touch-ups on the color and shape.

Elf haircut for older women with soft lavender hue and tousled layers.

#4 Elf Haircut for Older Women

This elf haircut is perfect for older women seeking a fresh and modern look. The soft lavender hue adds a playful yet sophisticated touch, while the tousled layers create volume and movement. Ideal for fine to medium hair, this style is easy to manage and flatters most face shapes. The color requires regular upkeep, but it’s a striking way to embrace gray hair with a twist.

Textured elf crop haircut with choppy layers and uneven fringe in warm brown with subtle highlights.

#5 Textured Elf Crop Haircut

This textured elf crop haircut is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your style. The choppy layers and uneven fringe create a playful, tousled look. The warm brown shade with subtle highlights adds depth and dimension. This style is great for those with fine to medium hair and works well for various face shapes. While it’s easy to style, maintaining the texture may require regular trims.

Feathered elf crop hairstyle with finely layered ends and brunette base with subtle highlights.

#6 Feathered Elf Crop Hairstyle

This feathered elf crop hairstyle offers a soft, playful look with its finely layered ends. The tousled texture adds volume and movement, ideal for those with fine to medium hair. The brunette base with subtle highlights creates depth and dimension. It’s an easy-to-style cut but may need some texturizing spray to maintain the feathered effect.

Chic elf style for women over 40 with finely textured layers and soft silver color.

#7 Chic Elf Style for Women Over 40

This chic elf style is perfect for women over 40 looking for a trendy yet sophisticated cut. The layers are finely textured, adding volume and a modern edge. The soft silver color enhances the overall look, making it both stylish and age-appropriate. This cut is great for fine to medium hair and works well with most face shapes, but the color needs regular maintenance to stay vibrant.

Asymmetrical elf crop haircut with vibrant copper color and longer layers on one side.

#8 Asymmetrical Elf Crop Haircut

This asymmetrical elf crop is bold and edgy, featuring longer layers on one side that taper into a shorter cut on the other. The vibrant copper color adds warmth and dimension, making it perfect for those with medium hair density. It’s great for round and heart-shaped faces, providing a striking yet balanced look. This cut is a statement style, though the asymmetry requires regular maintenance to keep its shape.

Tapered elf crop with soft brunette color and subtle highlights, featuring a neat, short back with longer top layers.

#9 Tapered Elf Crop

This tapered elf crop features a neat, short back with longer layers on top. The soft brunette color with subtle highlights adds depth and warmth. It’s ideal for those with medium hair density looking for a polished, sophisticated look that’s easy to maintain. The tapered style ensures a neat appearance, though it may require frequent trims to keep its shape.

Layered elf crop hairstyle in platinum blonde, offering volume and dimension.

#10 Layered Elf Crop Hairstyle

This layered elf crop hairstyle offers volume and dimension with its carefully cut layers. The platinum blonde shade adds a striking contrast. Suitable for fine to medium hair, this style is easy to manage and can be styled for both casual and formal occasions. The bright color, however, might require more maintenance.

Elf cut with highlighted tips, featuring dark and light hues and an asymmetrical fringe.

#11 Elf Cut with Highlighted Tips

This elf cut with highlighted tips blends dark and light hues for a dynamic look. The layers add texture and movement, perfect for medium to thick hair. The asymmetrical fringe gives it a modern twist. It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, though the highlights may need regular upkeep.

Elegant elf look for women over 60 with rich brunette shade and subtle highlights.

#12 Elegant Elf Look for Women Over 60

This elegant elf look for women over 60 features a rich brunette shade with subtle highlights, adding depth and dimension. The layered cut provides volume and a polished finish, suitable for medium hair density. It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up or down and is easy to manage with regular trims to maintain the shape.

Choppy elf haircut with pixie edge in platinum blonde, featuring a textured, tousled look.

#13 Choppy Elf Haircut with Pixie Edge

This choppy elf haircut with a pixie edge features a textured, tousled look. The platinum blonde color enhances the edgy vibe, making it ideal for those with fine hair looking to add volume. It’s a bold style that’s easy to maintain, but the light color might require more frequent touch-ups.

Soft waves in elf-inspired crop with warm brunette and subtle highlights.

#14 Soft Waves in Elf-Inspired Crop

This elf-inspired crop with soft waves adds a romantic touch to the classic short style. The layers create natural movement and volume, perfect for fine to medium hair. The warm brunette shade with subtle highlights gives it a sophisticated finish. It’s easy to style but may require regular trims to maintain the soft wave look.

Elf haircut with shaggy features, showcasing relaxed, tousled layers for medium to thick hair.

#15 Elf Haircut with Shaggy Features

This elf haircut with shaggy features offers a relaxed, tousled look. The layers are cut unevenly to create texture and movement, perfect for medium to thick hair. This style works well for those who prefer a laid-back, effortless vibe. While it’s easy to style, maintaining the shaggy bob texture might require some texturizing spray.

Aesthetic elf cut with curly accents, emphasizing defined and bouncy natural curls.

#16 Aesthetic Elf Cut with Curly Accents

This aesthetic elf cut incorporates natural curls for a soft, romantic look. The short length emphasizes the curls, making them more defined and bouncy. Suitable for naturally curly hair with medium to high density, this style is easy to maintain and style. The layered cut ensures volume and movement, though it may require specific curl-enhancing products.

Edgy short elf-like haircut with choppy layers and textured finish.

#17 Edgy Short Elf-Like Haircut

This edgy short elf-like haircut features choppy layers and a textured finish. The sides are neatly tapered, giving it a sleek look, while the top is styled with volume for a bit of flair. Ideal for fine to medium hair, it’s a versatile cut that can be dressed up or down. Perfect for those wanting a modern, stylish short shaggy bob with minimal effort.

Elf haircut with mullet layers, featuring short top layers blending into longer layers at the back.

#18 Elf Haircut with Mullet Layers

This elf haircut with mullet layers offers a fun, retro twist. The short layers on top blend into longer layers at the back, providing a playful contrast. This shaggy mullet pixie style is suitable for medium to thick hair and adds volume and texture. It’s a bold choice that requires confidence to pull off but is great for those looking to stand out.

Fairy-inspired short elf crop haircut with soft, wispy bangs and decorative hairpin.

#19 Fairy-Inspired Elf Crop Haircut

This fairy-inspired elf crop is a charming style with its short length and soft, wispy bangs. The hair is layered delicately to create movement and volume, perfect for fine to medium hair. The addition of a subtle accessory, like a decorative pin, adds a unique touch. This cut is easy to manage but may require regular trims to maintain its shape.

Elf-style short sleek bob cut in light blonde, ideal for a sleek and elegant look.

#20 Elf-Style Short Sleek Bob Cut

The elf-style short sleek bob is a timeless cut that’s elegant and trendy—the smooth, rounded shape flatters most face shapes, especially oval and round. The light blonde color brightens the face, and the slight layers add subtle movement. It’s a bit more maintenance to keep that sleek look, but it’s worth it for the sophisticated result.

Shaggy pixie elf haircut with choppy layers and a bold dark color.

#21 Shaggy Pixie Elf Haircut

This shaggy pixie elf haircut is a fantastic choice for those who love a bit of edge. The choppy layers and textured ends give it a modern, messy look. Ideal for straight to wavy hair, it adds volume and movement. The dark color adds to the boldness, making it perfect for those wanting a standout style.

Wixie-style elf crop with soft waves and blonde highlights.

#22 Wixie-Style Elf Crop

The wixie-style elf crop offers a playful blend of a wavy pixie cut and a short shag. The soft waves frame the face beautifully, adding texture and volume to fine or medium hair types. The blonde highlights against the darker base create a lovely contrast. It’s great for oval and heart-shaped faces, but those with round faces might find it less flattering.

Short curly elf crop with red highlights, ideal for naturally curly hair.

#23 Curly Elf Crop Haircut

This curly elf crop is an absolute charmer, perfect for those with naturally curly hair. The short length highlights the curls while keeping them manageable. The deep red highlights add a vibrant touch, making the curls pop. Ideal for those with medium to thick hair density, it’s low-maintenance but may require regular moisturizing to keep curls bouncy.

Graceful elf style for women over 70 with natural gray hair and soft, wispy layers.

#24 Graceful Elf Style for Women Over 70

This graceful elf style for women over 70 embraces natural gray hair with a chic, layered cut. The soft, wispy layers add movement and volume, making it ideal for fine to medium hair. This style is easy to manage and enhances the natural texture, providing a refined and stylish look. Regular trims are needed to maintain the soft layers.

Short elf cut with pixie influence, featuring textured layers and blonde highlights.

#25 Short Elf Cut with Pixie Influence

This short elf cut with pixie influence is perfect if you’re looking for a chic, low-maintenance style. The hair is cut short and layered with a bit of texture, giving it a playful and edgy feel. The subtle blonde highlights add dimension, making the overall look more dynamic. The main benefit is its versatility and ease of styling, though the short length may not suit those who prefer more styling options.