34 Edgy Pixie Cuts for Women of All Ages and Hair Textures

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy and edgy pixie cuts are short crops that manifest bold confidence. It’s achieved with longer strands at the front and crown areas, while the sides and back are shorter.

Carrie Gough, a hairstylist in Chicago, IL, shares some vital information on this cut. “Pixies work best on fine, medium, and coarse hair with a natural wave or curl pattern. If your tresses are straight, a little texture wave would be good,” says Gough.

Added volume is a key ingredient with short hair. She suggests, “Start with a root booster or volumizer before blow-drying. Continue with a good texture spray for more volume and movement. Finish it with a texture paste or pomade to achieve a piecey effect.”

These trendy cuts require frequent salon appointments. According to Gough, the ideal interval between trims is 4-6 weeks apart.

For your next salon visit, check out these popular edgy pixie cuts. Share these pictures with your hairstylist to better communicate your style. If you want tips and details on choosing a pixie cut, read our guide to achieve that trendy and edgy look.

Tapered Pixie Cut for Women Over 30
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#1: Tapered Pixie Cut for Women Over 30

A tapered pixie cut for women over 30 gives a youthful, edgy appearance while maintaining a mature, sophisticated look. Pixies for 30-year-olds have sleek, shaved sides paired with an almost faux-hawk top and a platinum blonde hair color.

Feminine and Edgy Short Pixie

#2 Feminine Brown Short Pixie

Feminine short pixies have seamlessly blended layers, side-swept bangs, and the perfect combo of volume and definition. Pixie cuts that ooze edginess is fun, unique, and versatile. Ask your hairstylist what shape suits you best.

#3: Iced and Edgy Pixie Cut

Pixie hair cuts are perfect for those wanting a rock n roll edge. An iced and edgy pixie cut is a good example. Pixie cuts are easy to style daily but may need frequent clean-ups at the neckline.

Edgy Platinum Steel Pixie Cut for women with short spiky hair
Instagram @stylist_tn

#4: Edgy Platinum Steel Pixie Cut

Are you looking for a bold and daring new haircut? Try a platinum steel pixie cut with short spiky hair! This hairstyle is the best for women who want to make a statement with their hair. The platinum steel color gives a unique contrast against the short, spiky texture. The spiky texture provides versatility for styling. It can be transformed into a chic formal or a casual everyday look. Remember that proper maintenance is key to keeping the shape and definition of a pixie cut, edgy style. Regular trims are important to avoid overgrowth. Daily styling will ensure the texture stays polished and effortless.

Spiky Edgy Pixie Cut with a Mid Fade for Women with dark short hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#5: Spiky Pixie Cut with a Mid Fade

If you’re looking to transform your short hairstyle, a spiky pixie cut with a mid fade might be the thing for you. A disconnected haircut is perfect for women with thick, straight hair. It’s an ideal way to remove unwanted weight while allowing flattering volume. Ask for short clipper work on the sides and keep some disconnected length on top. For styling a sharp and edgy pixie cut, I recommend blow-drying a medium-hold gel into the hair. Then, finish with a clay pomade for definition.

Edgy and Voluminous Brunette Pixie for girls with short hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#6: Voluminous Brunette Pixie

Who doesn’t love an edgy and voluminous pixie cut?! Pixie cuts that are edgy can be a perfect fit for girls with short hair who want something different. To make your edgy pixie pop, use a texture paste or light-hold hairspray for definition. When styling, use your fingertips or a diffuser to help create movement and body. If you want to avoid an overly voluminous look, try avoiding a mousse or gel and stick to light-hold products.

Edgy Punk Rock Pixie with Hair Designs
Instagram @kaylascot

#7: Punk Rock Pixie with Hair Designs

Here’s an edgy punk rock pixie cut perfect for women of all ages and hair textures. A pixie cut that is edgy and with intricate designs in the hair can help you stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement. If your hair lacks thickness and body, this style helps to add texture and volume. A hairstylist can customize this cut based on your needs and preferences. Make sure you get a unique look that suits your personality.

Edgy White Blonde Disconnected Pixie
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#8: White Blonde Disconnected Pixie

Why not wear your hair in a short, modern pixie cut? Keep the top area longer and softer, giving a feminine feel to a faded shape. Have a chat with your stylist if you can. A bold blonde tone looks amazing. Styling your hair with a matte product works well to avoid any shine and heaviness that wax can give.

#9: White Mohawk-Inspired Pixie

A white mohawk-inspired pixie can be worn sassy or classy, which makes this hairstyle great if you like being both. Style your hair using products like a pomade or wax to give it the hold it needs to wear your pixie up like a mohawk. Try to work your hands in your hair as you apply the product to work it in and get your hair to lay in the exact places you like. Ask your stylist to leave the crown of your hair a little longer blended into the top length instead of shaving it short, like the sides and back. This will give you more hair to work with when styling. Also, an edgy version of a pixie cut like this will appear fuller at the crown of your head.

Edgy Pixie Cut with Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#10: Edgy Pixie Cut with Bangs

A pixie cut with bangs is a beautiful hairstyle that suits women with oval face shapes and medium to thick hair density. The fringe can be slightly asymmetrical and textured to blend in with the layered top. The sides are cut quite short to the low recession line and disconnected to the top, which lays over, giving the edgy short hairstyle a beautiful shape. When styling, spray some Paul Mitchell wax to create a pliable texture without weighing the layers down.

Layered Pixie Haircut
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#11: Layered Pixie

A layered pixie offers several styling options. If you have fine hair and want the added volume, ask your hairstylist for smooth, evenly blended layers. A shaved undercut is a beautiful way to amp up a pixie cut with an edgy twist.

Undercut Pixie Hairstyle
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#12: Undercut Pixie

An undercut pixie has tons of movement and tons of styling options. Keep in mind that a pixie with shaved sides will require frequent visits to the hair salon, usually every 3-4 weeks, to trim up the undercut and keep a pixie cut with an edge.

Shaggy Pixie Cut for Edgy Women

#13 Shaggy Pixie Cut for Edgy Women

This shaggy pixie cut features choppy, textured layers that create a lot of movement and volume, perfect for fine to medium hair types. The uneven fringe adds an edgy, modern twist, while the short length at the sides and back keeps it low-maintenance. Ideal for those with oval or heart-shaped faces, this style emphasizes facial features and requires minimal daily styling. It’s great for adding a youthful, bold look without much effort.

Textured Pixie Cut for Older Women with Glasses
Instagram @amyurbanchic

#14: Textured Pixie Cut for Older Women with Glasses

A textured pixie cut for older women with glasses is a good haircut choice to ensure the hair and spectacles don’t get tangled up. When wearing glasses, keep in mind where the hair is hitting, especially around the ears and the fringe area. Styling the hair away from the face and spiked up are perfect examples of styling hair with glasses.

#15: Salt-and-Pepper Pixie for Women Over 60

Choose a hairstyle for women over 60 to bring focus to the eyes. The cut is short around the sides and back, leaving the silver hair longer to frame the cheekbones and eyes. Do a soft point cutting to avoid any heaviness. Consider pixies for 60-year-olds at your next salon appointment!

Chic Lixie for Women Over 40
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#16: Chic Lixie for Women Over 40

A chic lixie for women over 40 is longer on one side with a few seamlessly blended layers. Pixies for 40-year-olds are very common, but each one is unique. For ladies with a round or heart-shaped face, having your face-framing fringe end right below your cheekbone is the perfect style to wear these edgy-styled pixie cuts.

#17: Low-Maintenance Pixie for Edgy Women

To achieve a low-maintenance pixie for edgy women, ask your hairstylist for very short, choppy sides and long face-framing fringe. To avoid the blunt fringe look in your style, you may need extra texture or thinning at the ends.

Edgy Pixie Cut for Women with Oval Faces
Instagram @tinietashaa

#18: Edgy Pixie for Women with Oval Faces

Women with oval faces have endless possibilities when styling. Women with oval face shapes can pull off the most hairstyles. If you feel extra bold and want a simple yet stylish cut, then short shaved sides with choppy layers and wispy bangs are the way to go.

Edgy Pixie for Thin Hair
Instagram @mariadiasg

#19: Edgy Pixie for Thin Hair

Certain cuts for thin hair consist of several layers and added texture. Fine hair needs extra grit to achieve a fuller look. This is an edgy take on a pixie cut suitable for all face shapes.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Older Women
Instagram @peluqueriakris

#20: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Older Women

An asymmetrical pixie cut for older women has several choppy layers, which helps create the illusion of fuller, straight hair while requiring easy maintenance. Edgy old ladies are always fun and constantly seek subtle ways to keep their youth. Pixie cuts with edginess are a perfect way to achieve your desired style.

#21: Long Pixie for Curly Hair

A long pixie for curly hair textures has shorter sides with one side longer to allow your beautiful curls to waterfall down. An edgy pixie cut can be modified in many different ways. If you feel extra bold, ask for a design to be incorporated into your undercut.

Edgy Pixie for African-American Women
Instagram @lyricrochester

#22: Edgy Pixie for African-American Women

An edgy pixie for African-American women is a variant of a crop generally longer on the top with a shorter back and sides. These hairstyles can be worn straight or curly. For a bold touch, ask your stylist to add a pop of purple color to your dark hair that suits your skin complexion.

Androgynous Pixie
Instagram @davidwbullen

#23: Wavy Androgynous Pixie

Androgynous pixies look beautiful for rocker women as they are very versatile. It features shorter sides evenly cut into beautiful, choppy layers while the hair gradually gets longer towards your fringe. Pixie cuts in an edgy style require easy maintenance and look good on oval or heart-shaped faces. If you have fine hair, ask your hairstylist for added texture in your cut.

Edgy Blonde Pixie Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @larahoneey

#24: Blonde Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A blonde pixie cut for fine hair can be super short or long with added choppy layers. For a super short hairstyle, ask your hairstylist for shorter sides and a longer top with a slightly longer fringe.

#25: Messy Long Pixie

A messy, long pixie is a beautiful cut to look messy yet clean at the same time. A lixie cut offers easy maintenance while allowing you to have a bit of style on your tresses. Short, edgy haircuts have several options and usually look best on oval-shaped faces.

Short Edgy Pixie Haircut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#26: Short Edgy Pixie

A short, edgy pixie looks best with choppy layers. Adding choppy layers allows for a fuller look when styled. To achieve the edgiest style possible, ask your hairstylist to add a pop of color, whether at the roots or tips of your hair.

#27: Spiky Pixie Cut

Spiky pixie cuts are on a whole other level. Pixies that are edgy are fun and have endless possibilities for styling. For a unique finish, ask your hairstylist to cut the hair at the nape of your neck at a slight angle on the same side of the longer front fringe.

Choppy Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @kortri

#28: Choppy Pixie for Thick Hair

A choppy pixie cut for thicker hair should have several layers to achieve some thinning on the hair. Ladies, a modern cut consists of a shorter shaved back that flows into longer, choppier layers, long fringe, and beautifully tapered sideburns.

Edgy Pixie Bob
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#29: Edgy Pixie Bob

An edgy pixie bob looks stunning on ladies with an oval face shape. It consists of smooth, evenly cut layers that taper into one side longer than the other. A pixie that’s edgy can be styled in many different ways. It’s suitable for all hair textures and is overall beautiful.

#30: Edgy Pixie for Women with Round Faces

These pixies for women with round faces should add more height than volume, which usually adds width. Ask your hairstylist for shorter sides with more height at the top and several layers. The kind of layers depends on the style you want. These edgy short pixie cuts look beautiful with slightly longer side-swept bangs.

#31: Short Pixie for Edgy Women Over 70

A short pixie cut for edgy women over 70 consists of shaved sides with beautiful, chunky layers, adding body, fullness, and height to the hair. For ladies with thin hair, it’s a style to go for as it creates the illusion of fuller-looking hair. Pixies for 70-year-olds are stunning, require easy maintenance, and make you appear 10 years younger.

#32: Gray Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

A gray pixie cut for women over 50 should be bold, youthful, and easy maintenance. Pixies for 50-year-olds with grey hair are very common as revisions are possible to suit and flatter their facial attributes. These haircuts with an edge allow women over 50 to style it easily.

#33: Edgy Pixie with an Undercut

Pixie cuts with an undercut have cleanly buzzed sides with chunky layers, with one side longer. Ask your hairstylist to shave a design into your undercut. It instantly makes your cut fun and edgy!

#34: Edgy Silver Spiky Pixie with Bangs

A spiky pixie with bangs is a great way to give silver hair an edgy vibe. A short pixie is a great option if you’re looking for a cut with a quicker styling routine. Bangs help to balance out long and heart face shapes. Keep in mind, with a short cut, you’ll be visiting the salon for trims more often.