47 Best Short Curly Hair with Bangs to Try This Year

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short curly hair with bangs is a short hairstyle for naturally curly hair that’s cut between ear to neck length and paired with a fringe. One way to fully maximize your curls’ potential – and be the center of attention – is to go all out with soft and appealing face-framing pieces!

Celebrity beauties Justina Machado, Alia Shawkat, Audrey Tautou, and Alanna Arrington are braving the scenes with their short hairstyles and proving that curl girls shouldn’t be afraid to get bangs. Opting for a short length is not just practical with how it takes off a ton of weight from those voluminous locks but it’s also extremely stylish and surprisingly versatile!

With expert hands and the right shape for your face, you can never go wrong with this hairstyle – just like how curly hair and dry cut expert Carol Castilho does it on her clients. Take note of how she complements her clients’ type of hair with different partings, colors and highlights, shapes, and lengths!

You can’t deny that natural hair does need lots of love and maintenance. That’s why it’s a cardinal rule to have a thorough consultation with a trusted hairdresser for tips and tricks on how to maintain and style short and curly haircuts.

Give your lovely curls a chance to show what they’ve got even when they’re cropped. View these trendy pictures of hairstyles for short curly hair with bangs to get you started with your new hair journey!

Short Shiny Copper Penny Ringlets with Bangs
Instagram @novaperruquers

#1: Shiny Copper Penny Ringlets

Ringlets dyed with shiny copper penny hair color can enhance the look of your naturally coiled hair! You should book this service with a curl expert. They must have experience in lightening curls. As such, hair textures are sensitive to lighteners. Also, you should be able to discuss with them about choosing a copper color that suits your skin tone. Depending on your preference, this can be more red or more orange.

Short curly hair with side bangs
Instagram @van.carvallhosan

#2: Ear-Length Cut with Curly Side Bangs

Side parted short curly hairstyles with bangs produce a bouncy form that elevates the springiness of your curly short strands. Neatly arranged but in all sorts of funky and wild!

Tight Curly Texture with Bangs for Short Hair
Instagram @novaperruquers

#3: Tight Curly Texture

Adding bangs is a stylish and versatile option for those with tight, curly textures. When paired with bangs, the voluminous nature of curly hair creates a full and playful look. The hair will maintain its natural shape and bounce if kept longer. To achieve this style and separation, starting with wet hair is recommended. Then, apply a volumizing mousse to encourage curl definition. A mousse helps add definition and volume to curls.

#4: Light Curls with Highlights

If you like short and sassy haircuts with light curls, highlights, and bangs, ask for a short, rounded bob with many layers. This is an extremely playful and versatile look. The curl pattern adds body and movement, while the highlights add depth and dimension to the hair. This haircut works best for women with naturally curly or wavy hair, as the curls enhance the overall texture and shape of the style. Adding bangs makes the look trendier and younger and frames the face beautifully.

Flattering Bangs for Older Women with curly hair

#5 Flattering Bangs for Older Women

Flattering bangs for older women with curly hair look best on oval and square-shaped faces. To create fuller-looking curls, ask your stylist to add in extra layers.

Short Loose Blonde Curly Hairstyle with Bangs
Instagram @novaperruquers

#6: Loose Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Currently, a loose blonde curly hairstyle is trendy for textured strands. Consider this style if you’re going for a round and full look with a halo of curls. Cutting layers around your head will enhance the texture and create an enjoyable hairstyle. I recommend drying with a diffuser for maximum volume. If you adore the blonde color and its additional dimension, try adding some highlights to brighten your shade.

Shoulder-Length Rezo-Cut Curls with Fringe
Instagram @novaperruquers

#7: Rezo-Cut Curls

Increase your volume with rezo-cut curls. A rezo-cut has many benefits. It increases root volume and body. It creates a balanced look around the head. Also, it maintains the length of your hair. Look for a skilled hairstylist who is an expert in this excellent technique. You’ll appreciate your natural texture even more. Remember that a Rezo-cut is expensive as you pay for the hairstylist’s expertise in the field.

Perfectly Shaped Curly Bob with Fringe and highlights
Instagram @ayledias

#8: Perfectly Shaped Curly Bob

Keep your curly bob cut in good shape with regular care. Use a wash regimen with a mask twice weekly and put a leave-in conditioner on your hair daily. Do you want curls that are full and bouncy? Use Mizani’s Curl Foam. For a sleek look, try a cream gel. Apply it from your roots to the ends and use a microfiber towel to remove any extra moisture and product.

Short Rezo-Inspired Curls and Bangs
Instagram @novaperruquers

#9: Rezo-Inspired Curls and Bangs

Consider getting curls and bangs at your next salon visit inspired by Rezo. A Rezo cut is perfect for people who may want to straighten their hair as the layers are even all around. The even layers in a Rezo cut will bring bouncy volume from the root of your curls. Let your hair flow freely with a stylish yet easy-to-manage cut. I suggest using L’Oréal’s Curl Expression line and a diffuser on low heat to perfect your curls. This combination will give you stand-out, well-defined curls.

Fun Short Curls with Bangs for girls with naturally curly hair
Instagram @aoki_hair

#10: Fun Short Curls with Bangs

Style your curly hair into ringlets and transform them into short curls for a fun look. Adding layers to your curls will give a voluminous shape that aligns with the latest trends. A rounded shape with a cute fringe will be your aim. Go easy on your hair while shaping it, and try to have your bangs reach the nose when wet. For added volume and curl definition, diffuse your cut on low heat using a high-quality curl product.

Short Cherry Red Curly Hair with Fringe for older ladies
Instagram @aoki_hair

#11: Cherry Red Curly Hair with Fringe

Consider cherry red curly hair with a fringe to add some pop to your style. Adding bright colors and more layers to your hairdo will make you look youthful. Ask for square layers around the head to create a shape that gives more volume. Bangs are a great choice to balance your features, but leave them long to account for hair’s tendency to shrink when dry. To add extra volume, you can air dry or use a diffuser, but don’t forget to apply your curl products.

#12: Auburn Highlights for Curly Hair

Auburn highlights in your hair add warmth and depth. Women with thick curls might prefer this low-maintenance, stylish cut. Auburn highlights complement your curls and enhance volume and texture without shifting the focus from your style.

Short Cool Curly Bob with Fringe
Instagram @salsalhair

#13: Cool Curly Bob with Fringe

Consider a cool curly bob with fringe as your next haircut. Ask for shorter, rounded layers to create more volume in your shape. If you have a long or oval face, this cut will be very complimentary. When styling your curly bob, air drying will work well, or try diffusing it for extra volume.

#14: Thick Golden Brown Curls with Fringe

You’ll want the trendy shape of thick golden brown curls with a fringe. Update your natural curl into a voluminous halo of ringlets and turn heads wherever you go. Ask about rounded layers to boost the fullness of your cut and let your curl live free. If you want extra fluff, use a diffuser to dry your hair. You’ll love the way this cut compliments your features.

Wild Copper Curls and Bangs for curly girls with short hair
Instagram @jhonyveiga

#15: Wild Copper Curls

Amp up your style in wild copper curls. The number one recommendation I can give you to achieve wild curls is adding layers to your shape. Adding medium layers to your chin-length hair eliminates weight. This lets your curls fly free. An added fringe is great for framing your face and opening your eyes. Diffuse your ringlets with L’Oréal’s 10-In-1 Professional Crème-In-Mousse. It’s great for volume and shine.

#16: High Volume-Shaped Curls with Fringe

High volume-shaped curls with a fringe are a rounded style with lots of personality. This shape is great for long or narrow faces, giving width for a beautiful balance. If you love the full shape, you will need graduated layers. Start around the roll of the head and at a lip-length bottom perimeter. Apply moisturizing curl cream to your ringlets and air dry, or diffuse thicker hair on very low heat.

Curly Fringe on a Curly Short Bob Cut for Ladies over 60 with frizzy hair
Instagram @amyclarkhair

#17: Curly Fringe on a Curly Short Bob Cut

A great way to rock a unique style for ladies over 60 is with a curly short bob. To get the most out of your cut, go for a curly fringe that will give you the added volume and texture you’d like. To make sure your fringe looks perfect, use a curling iron instead of a flat iron to give you those perfect spirals.

Short curly hair with bangs for a round face
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#18: Round Face-Framing Bangs on Curly Hair

Cute curly bangs on short hair create helpful framing for round faces. Soft curls in layers contribute to the volume and shape of the cut, making you look as exuberant as ever.

#19: Very Short Curly Bob

Try a very short curly bob and give your hair a lift. Cutting your hair shorter helps your natural wave blossom. And, it makes styling super easy and trendy. Have your stylist cut layers into your hair, leaving the crown long. This will give your hair a perfectly modern shape, that is sure to please. You’ll definitely want to use curl products to enhance and sculpt your style.

#20: Short Curly Bob for Thick Hair

A short curly bob is a great style for thick hair. If you need your curls to be springier, try a short bob. One drawback to having thick hair is it gets heavy as it grows, which can drag down your curls. Schedule a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain your short bob shape.

Adorable Short Bronde Curls and Fringe
Instagram @joemiguel_

#21: Adorable Bronde Curls and Fringe

Try these adorable bronde curls with fringe for a hot new look. When you have naturally curly hair, your hair tends to be more on the drier side. I highly recommend doing a deep moisturizing conditioner once a week. This will help to add moisture, shine, and bounce to your curls.

#22: Curls and Bangs for Women Over 60

Curls with bangs are a smart choice for women over 60. Your hair density, or the number of strands on your head, can decline as you get older. Wearing your hair curly with an added fringe will fill in thin areas. Your aging hair will love the fullness that curls have to offer. If you aren’t blessed with natural waves, a perm is always an option.

Short curly hairstyle with blunt bangs
Instagram @takihodi

#23: Neck-Length Curly Blunt Bangs

This short haircut is a shaggy bob/curly shag with curly bangs. My favorite thing about this look is the airy texture and the long bangs for sure. I used a curl mousse by Bumble & Bumble and a diffuser for the finished look.  Choosing the right product for your short natural curls is key.

👉 See more images of shorter shaggy bobs

Amazing Silver Curls with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @salsalhair

#24: Amazing Silver Curls with Wispy Bangs

Try the spunky shape of amazing silver curls with wispy bangs. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will embrace your natural curls, this cut is a cute choice. Opt for square layering that will leave your length on top, and a sculpted fringe that will accent your face. Try to dry your cut in place with a diffuser and a curl amplifier for the best results.

#25: Ear-Length Full Curls with See-Through Bangs

The style to try if you have naturally curly hair is ear-length curls with see-through bangs. To wear your hair curly, you must cut layers to achieve a rounded shape and volume. Your best bet is to find a hairstylist who cuts naturally curly hair.

#26: Blonde Highlighted Wispy Curls

Look cute and sophisticated with blonde highlighted wispy curls. When you want to give your hair a lift, there is nothing better than taking length and weight off to make your curls spring. It will keep your curls bouncy and healthy. If you can, do a conditioning treatment once weekly to keep your curls hydrated and prevent frizz and damage.

Rezo-Inspired Curly Mullet with Bangs
Instagram @nubiarezo

#27: Rezo-Inspired Curly Mullet

The key to curly hair is all about the cut. A rezo-inspired mullet suits curly hair that is thick and full. In my personal opinion, it suits slimmer face shapes better.

#28: Cute Short Curls with See-Through Tendrils

You’ll love the shape of cute short curls with see-through tendrils. I recommend twist-cutting your ringlets to create space between each one. This will give you a see-through bang that is less heavy. You can also apply this technique to other head parts to remove weight from clumpy areas. The biggest advantage of twist cutting is that minimal layering is needed to get volume. Try to find a stylist who is familiar with this visual cutting technology.

Mature Short Shaggy Curls with Bangs
Instagram @claire.at.heresalonspace

#29: Mature Shaggy Curls

Change it up and embrace your shaggy curls. Aging hair can change texture as it grays. You might want to go with it instead of struggling to make it straight and smooth. When trying a curly shape, make sure layers are added to your cut to accentuate the wave. You’ll want to apply a curl amplifier to sculpt your hair and reduce frizz. A diffuser attached to your hairdryer will help you style your hair in place.

Razored Curly Shag with Bangs for Short Hair
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#30: Razored Curly Shag for Short Hair

A razored curly shag for short hair enhances texture and makes styling a breeze. Added bangs bring the hairstyle forward, framing the face more while highlighting eyes, jaws, and cheekbones.

Short curly bob with bangs
Instagram @nubiarezo

#31: Short Curly Bob with Bangs

Soft, wild natural curls dominate this dolly short curly bob, showing off texture and bounciness. The free-falling short, curly hair softens up the edges of the face and works great for sharp-edged face shapes.

#32: Inspiring Curly Long Bangs

Such inspiring curly long bangs are a must-try! This type of bang complements the texture of curly locks. The result is fascinating! Curly long bangs are a stylish approach to curly hair and bangs. Maintaining its shape is difficult, but keeping in contact with a hairstylist helps a lot.

#33: Outstanding Curly Shag Style

Curly shag styles are the best way to get the full-on shape into your hair, whether it’s thin, thick, or permed. Naturally curly hair with bangs frame the upper part of the face, blending into your stunning layers to get a full-on shaggy style. Your stylist can adapt the layering properties to suit your hair density and face shape.

impressive short curly hair with fringe
Instagram @jrod.hair

#34: Impressive Short Hair with Fringe

Curly bangs on short hair are perfect for women with curly hair who want to add shape to their faces. When styling short curly hair with fringe, use a curl cream like Aveda Be Curly, diffuse with low heat.

#35: Exceptional Curly Curtain Bangs

Such exceptional curly curtain bangs complement a full-bodied shoulder-length chop. Curtain bangs on curly hair are a cute way to wear a fringe as they are face-framing and flattering to a round face shape. The bangs are perfect for balancing out a larger forehead while still keeping the face open.

#36: Fantastic Brunette Curly Bob with Bangs

A brunette curly bob with bangs is made for awesome women with kinks. It’s an appealing option for those who love embracing their natural hair texture. Any curly-haired babe can rock shorter layers and bangs such as this haircut. This is a modern curly shag with bangs that has lots of layers with tendril-y ends. It’s crucial to use products that offer moisture without weighing the curls down. That keeps them bouncy and voluminous.

#37: The Prettiest Curly Bob with Bangs

The prettiest curly bob with bangs balances out a round face, making it possible for this face shape to wear a rounder curly shape. Curly hairstyles add a delicate touch to the face that conceals the forehead, adding squareness to fuller facial proportions to give a lengthier appearance.

#38: Lovely Curly Hair

Lovely curly hair can switch up your dragged-down curls to bouncy, full-of-life ringlets. Curly-haired bangs are another great addition to this length, with the curls falling at different lengths. Add layers and you’ll be amazed with the volume your hair produces.

short curly hair with thick bangs
Instagram @sashaivanovsky

#39: Short and Thick Curly Bangs

Thicker curly locks shaped to perfection. This is what thick curly bangs on a short are all about. This an ode to older times when short curls and pixie cuts like these were celebrated; you can still rock a modern look wearing such styles.

very short curly hair with fringe bangs
Instagram @davidwbullen

#40: Very Short Curly Hair with Fringe

Complement your gorgeous curly bangs with short hair. You can notice that even in this length, you can keep short curly locks for you to curl and style whichever way you want which is a versatile thing!

short curly hair with side swept bangs
Instagram @curlmaestro

#41: Short and Curly Side Swept Bangs

Loose curls in a bob are making its comeback! This stunning short curly hair with bangs lays down a delicate look on thick hair. The texture and shape are gorgeous on curly blonde hair.

#42: Curly Pixie for Thick Curly Hair

This popular curly pixie cut with bangs is vibrant, fresh, and daring! We’ve created the waves that we need with additional short curls to the existing naturally curly hair. For curly short hair styles with bangs, the bouncy curls will fit perfectly when they are short on one side and longer on the other.

curly baby bangs on short hair
Instagram @drethings

#43: Curly Baby Bangs on Short Hair

These edgy curly baby bangs take all the center stage in this cut. Choppy layers complement the rugged look, giving an all-contemporary vibe.

curly pixie bob with long curly bangs

#44 Curly Pixie Bob with Long Curly Bangs

This curly pixie bob features tight, natural ringlets styled with a side part and long bangs that frame the face beautifully. Ideal for those with dense, curly hair, this cut offers a playful yet polished look. The shorter length is easy to manage while the side bangs add a touch of flair. It’s a great choice for heart or oval face shapes. The curls maintain volume and definition, making it perfect for anyone looking to embrace their natural texture with minimal styling effort. A curl-enhancing product and diffuser will keep the curls bouncy and well-defined.

curly inverted bob with straight bangs
Instagram @amber_at_poppy

#45: Curly Inverted Bob with Straight Bangs

Consider a curly inverted bob with straight bangs for a bolder and fuller hairstyle. The curls in a layered bob add movement to straight hair so that it won’t look lifeless. The juxtaposition of this curly short haircut with bangs makes a chic statement.

#46: Short Curly Shag with Bangs and Layers

This is a fun and youthful short curly hairstyle with bangs. The color is in tune with the current trends of magenta and rose gold hair. As for the cut, I choose to leave the length of the hair and trim the ends. I focused on shaping the tight ringlets by adding layers. I added bangs to define the shape of the face better.

#47: Curly Cut with Bangs for Women Over 50

This curly cut with bangs for women over 50 is a modern curly bob. The key to great curls is 50 percent great shape and 50 percent in styling products & application. Think of conditioner as your first styling product. Work it through your hair with water until you get a nice, slippery, seaweedy feeling. Ensure the conditioner is silicone-free so you can do a light rinse, leaving some in.