50 Modern Short Choppy Haircuts Women are Getting in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short choppy haircuts feature textured layers and jagged ends for a modern, edgy look. The length doesn’t go beyond the neck. The cut increases the volume of the crown area, which is beneficial for thin-haired women.

According to hairstylist Sammi Situ of Monrovia, CA, “you’ll want to be mentally prepared that you’ll have a shorter hairstyle. Look at inspirational photos of models and celebs who share the same facial features as you.”

Though choppy haircuts for short hair work great for fine hair, if you have thick hair can also get this look. “Ask your stylist for more layers underneath to remove extra weight. The layering on the crown must not look so dramatic to help control the shape,” says Situ. Remember that your mane must be cut according to your hair type and texture. It’ll be easier to style and achieve a more flattering silhouette.

Short hair isn’t always low-maintenance. After shampooing, it’ll need more blow-drying, as air dry won’t look neat on choppy layers. Tying your hair isn’t also an option due to its length.

Once you’ve decided to go short this time, this photo gallery is for you. Check out these pictures of the trendiest and boldest short choppy haircuts!

Reshaped Short Choppy Hair with a middle part
Instagram @hirohair

#1: Reshaped Short Hair

You might need a new hairstyle if your hair appointments have been far apart. A textured choppy bob will make your hair lively again. I advise you to get a razor cut. This cut forms pointy ends and adds layers for free-flowing hair. Razor cuts look good when grown out due to the added texture. With this style, you can wait 4 months between visits if you like the growth.

Long Choppy Graduated Bob

#2 Short Lived-In Choppy Shaggy Bob

This short lived-in choppy shaggy bob features textured layers that create a natural, tousled look with effortless movement. The concave bob shape provides a slight graduation that adds volume and depth while maintaining the hair’s bulk. Perfect for fine to medium hair, this style is ideal for those seeking a modern, edgy look that’s low-maintenance and easy to style. The casual waves enhance the cut’s relaxed, chic vibe, making it versatile for various face shapes.

Choppy Layers in a Short Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#3: Choppy Layers in a Short Cut

With a short textured inverted bob, effortless beach waves can be created. This is achieved by adding texture through the ends. To get maximum texture, you can use a razor or slice cut. The technique creates internal layers, maintaining modern and choppy styles without adding graduation.

Short Textured Choppy Bob for Oval Faces

#4 Textured Bob for Effortless Styling

Perfect for the woman over 30 seeking a mix of edge and manageability, this short, choppy bob with textured layers works wonders on an oval face. The style adds volume, especially to medium-density hair, and the layers allow for a flexible look that can go from bed-head chic to sleek with just a bit of product. The natural wave adds to the ease of styling, though the choppy ends will require maintenance to keep the style looking intentional.

Short Spiky Mullet Hairstyle with Dark to Light Color Gradient

#5 Dynamic Spiky Mullet with Graduated Tones

This spiky mullet is a contemporary twist on the classic, with a blend of darker roots easing into lighter tips for a dynamic contrast. The cut’s length provides a playful edge to a mid-40s look while maintaining a manageable style. A bit of styling product can accentuate the spiky texture, perfect for medium to high-density hair. Be mindful, though, that the spiky texture may require daily styling to maintain its bold look. For upkeep, a visit to the salon every 6-8 weeks keeps the silhouette sharp.


#6 Ash-Blonde Textured Pixie for Sophisticated Flair

This ash-blonde textured pixie cut breathes sophistication and is ideally suited for a square-shaped face and fine hair. The short, feathered layers create a voluminous top, enhancing the hair’s natural texture. For women in their 50s, it’s a stylish choice that’s easy to maintain, though the textured look requires some product—like a lightweight wax or pomade—to define the layers. Be mindful of the roots; as they grow in, a touch-up might be necessary to keep the depth that this color technique offers. Regular trims will maintain the piecey style for continuous refinement.

#7: Trendy Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

Messy, short haircuts for thick hair are an attractive way to remove the bulk from your locks but still keep the volume you naturally have. Add highlights of blonde or brown to your darker mane to pull off the dimension. This all-time chic and choppy bob style doesn’t need a certain face shape to make it work.

Edgy Mullet-Inspired Choppy Cut for Short Hair
Instagram @hairbysamsa

#8: Edgy Mullet-Inspired Choppy Cut

Want to attempt a bold and unique haircut? You could consider getting a rough, mullet-inspired haircut.

#9: Choppy Long Wixie Cut

A choppy long wixie cut with a brown balayage is a versatile style for women with short hair who love a pop of color. The layers and texture of this cut create movement and volume, while the balayage adds depth. Wixies work well for women with different face shapes and hair types. The length and layers can be customized to flatter each individual. Try using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to enhance the choppy layers and add volume.

Grey Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs for 60-Year-Old Women with Short choppy hair
Instagram @hairbyanisaz

#10: Grey Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

A grey tapered pixie with side bangs is a really fun way to do a short haircut. A pixie cut with lots of texture is perfect for fine hair types and natural salt and pepper. Adding a soft wispy bang is a beautiful way to frame the shape of your face. Be sure to show your stylist photo references like this one.

Short Spiky Choppy Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs on Thin-Haired Ladies Over 50
Instagram @dye_it_ashy

#11: Short Spiky Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

Go for a short spikey pixie with asymmetrical bangs. Short hairstyles are great for women on the go who don’t have more than 5 minutes to spend on their hair. Edgy pixies are super fun. They are textured using razors, thinning shears, and slide or channel cutting. The time you save daily will require more frequent visits to the salon. Keep it shaped up every 4-6 weeks.

Messy Bixie with Razored Layers on Jaw-Length Choppy Hair with Dark Blue Color
Instagram @stanleyman001

#12: Messy Bixie with Razored Layers

Ask for a messy razor-layered bixie. Try the bixie if you have a diamond or heart-shaped face. A choppy bob hairstyle with extra texture and shapes in the outer corners of the forehead is key. Use some Hairstory Wax to piece your ends for an extra edgy look.

Short-Length Mullet with Messy Layers and Choppy Bangs for Long Faces
Instagram @tonytony1226

#13: Short-Length Mullet with Messy Layers

This modern mullet is perfect for long faces. The layers are intentionally messy, and the bangs are cut in a slightly uneven line for an edgy, playful look. This hairstyle frames the face nicely and adds texture to thin or fine hair. To keep this look on trend, use a light volumizing mousse. Try Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray to create body and fullness withhold.

#14: Razor Cut Beach Waves on Short Hair

If you’re looking for a modern look, try a razor cut beach wave and choppy layers on short bobbed hair. Shorter choppy bob hairstyles are all the rage right now. They can easily be achieved with the right style and technique. Use a razor to cut the hair in a choppy, uneven pattern to create the look. All while creating waves and layers around the face. When styling, use a round brush to add volume and hold at the roots. Then use a curling wand to work your way down the hair, creating relaxed waves. Finish with texturizing spray to add definition.

Jaw-Length Short Crop with Choppy Disconnected Layers and Short Bangs for Dark Hair
Instagram @cianoblutique

#15: Short Crop with Disconnected Layers and Short Bangs

A short crop with disconnected layers and short bangs isn’t for everyone. However, the right person can pull this look off best! A daring and creative individual would rock this haircut with ease. I recommend a razor cut to create lots of texture and disconnection. The best way to get that soft movement is to use dry shampoo, even on wash days, for lots of texture and lift at the root. My favorite is Hairstory Powder.

#16: Razor Cut Bixie with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

A razor-cut pixie with shaggy layers and bangs is a fun and flirty way to rock a short haircut. Adding soft-piece bangs to the mix gives this edgy bob a soft detail. This is a perfect shape for someone nervous to leap to a short pixie cut. This allows for some length around the ears to style and play with.

#17: Angled Bob with Beach Waves

Changing seasons bring changing styles. And an angled bob with beach waves may be just what you need for a change. With simple styling techniques, this can be made into a wavy bob with a loose texture or a sleek, smooth crop. This cut looks best when styled, even if it’s simple touch-ups.

#18: Edgy Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

Short hair is always on trend. Try an edgy pixie cut with shaved sides for a fresh style. When considering a pixie, hair texture and density are extremely important. So ask your hairstylist if the cut works with your hair texture. Pixie haircuts typically need styling to look their best.

#19: Choppy Brunette Feathered Hair

If you can manage a styling routine with hot tools and styling aids, it would be helpful. Especially when it comes to styles like feathered hair. Hair colors can be used with creative placement for this haircut, just like two-toned brunettes or even frosted tips.

Sweet Choppy Cut for Fine Thin Hair
Instagram @hair_bybridget

#20: Sweet Choppy Cut for Fine Thin Hair

This cut is a tousled blunt bob on fine, thin hair. It’s disheveled yet can be dressed up or down.  The messy waves are created by “denting” in different directions. Since it’s a messy short crop, you don’t have to worry about making those perfect dents with whatever tool you use. It can be created by a flat iron, curling iron, or wands.

Short Choppy Pixie Bob
Instagram @stacy.at.elan

#21: Short Pixie Bob

My advice if you plan to grow out your pixie but want to keep a tapered cut is to try a wedge cut. The tapered nape area thins, elongating your neckline. And keeps your hair from bulging out. The top and sides are longer but textured to style easier while still having volume. You can try this with a wispy or tight hairline.

#22: The Choppiest Bob with Bangs

The choppiest bob with bangs is one of the most desired short cuts for women. This edgy crop will look good on almost any hair type. But I typically tell women with thick hair to avoid this look. While it is gorgeous, this cut on thick hair would need many salon visits and a lot of maintenance.

Popular Short Choppy Long Pixie
Instagram @hairbyflavie

#23: Popular Choppy Long Pixie

Looking for a new short haircut but still trying to decide what to try? A long choppy pixie might be just the look for you! Tell your stylist to shape the back of the hairstyle with elements of a short pixie. But keep lots of length and texture around the face and ears. It’s most important a choppy pixie stays pieced out and textured. I recommend a razor cut for the best texture to prevent any roundness in the shape.

#24: Beautiful Short Stacked Cut with Highlights

Ask for a short stacked cut with highlights if you need to spice up your short hair. Try to ask for choppy layers to get a piecey look, and don’t avoid using hair products. Short stacks look awesome on any hair texture.

Choppy Neck-Length Cut with Violet Highlights
Instagram @emanuelrodhair

#25: Neck-Length Cut with Violet Highlights

Try the vibrant style of a neck-length cut with violet highlights. I strongly recommend longer layers in your cut if you add highlights. If the layers are too short, you will get a spotty look instead of a beautiful blend. Bright colors are beautiful, but you should be cautious when choosing one. Make sure you are ready for something so different.

Dimensional Short Lived-In Choppy Bob with Brown Balayage
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#26: Dimensional Lived-In Brown Balayage

Try a lived-in brown balayage to add movement to your hair. One of the best ways to create depth and contrast is to choose a tone one to two shades lighter than your natural for a simple, low-maintenance color.

Modern Chin-Length Choppy Bob
Instagram @kultura_moscow

#27: Modern Chin-Length Choppy Bob

A chin-length bob is an easy, low-maintenance bob option. Choppy layers on short hair help remove weight and create an edgier appearance. Try styling with flat iron waves and finishing with a texture spray to enhance the layers in your chin-length choppy bob haircut.

#28: Short Haircut for Women Over 70

If you’re a woman over 70, try a short, choppy haircut. Keep a tousled look using the Wax Blast Spray by Redken while styling.

#29: Jaw-Length Edgy Choppy Bob

A jaw-length choppy bob works best on naturally wavy hair. When tousled, it makes for a fun and edgy haircut. You could also wear this jaw-length choppy bob with fringe.

#30: Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers

Pixie haircuts look best with layered strands at the chin line or slightly below. At the back, the layers are streaked, thus ensuring movement to this cut that is made close to the nape of the neck. Opt for an ombre or balayage to enhance your hair.

Short textured choppy hair
Instagram @jgraystyle

#31: Short Textured Choppy Hair Style

A short hairstyle that brushes right below the chin is sassy and chic. A cut that can work for all textures. If your hair is thick, don’t be afraid to get this cut. Adding a ton of texture and weight removal will do the trick. Short-layered hairstyles, especially when layers start from the cheeks down, provide movement and face-framing features.

#32: Asymmetrical Choppy & Jagged Hair

I love choppy cuts with a jagged look. Dry-cutting these haircuts will help you see the form and texture better. You can create many visual points in your hair. This is a very textured short cut without being too choppy. To style, blow dry with a little over-direction for body. Use the cool air setting to help your hair piece together. Then finish with a texture spray or flexible hairspray.

#33: Adorable Hair with Bangs

This haircut with bangs brings lightness and balance, transforming the conventional bob into a modern, stripped-down option. Short hair and choppy bangs look best with a slight wave, too.

#34: Unique Blonde Choppy Undercut Pixie Haircut

A blonde, choppy undercut pixie haircut is super trendy right now. The characteristics of this short pixie are very low sides, cut mostly by machines, and the top part is long with choppy layers. This short haircut has low maintenance and is easy to style. A pomade leaves the texture messy and modern.

Short choppy and messy bob
Instagram @tanarosehair

#35: Short Textured & Messy Bob with Balayage

A short, messy, choppy bob with balayage is a very flattering cut for women who want a versatile hairstyle. You can style it with pomade, wax, or texture spray. Short, messy haircuts love texture!

Cute Choppy short blonde cut with side bangs
Instagram @romeufelipe

#36: Cute Choppy Blonde Cut with Side Bangs

Try a playful short flicky haircut with side bangs for an ultra-seductive style. The great thing about choppy layers with short hair is that they add texture to your hair. These layers emphasize that tousled style we all love with a shorter length. Adding side bangs is a great option if you have a square face or prefer covering up a longer forehead.

Ash blonde wavy choppy short bob
Instagram @maeipaint

#37: Ash Blonde Wavy Choppy Bob

An ash-blonde wavy choppy bob gives you a carefree look without much maintenance. Toning highlights to ash-blonde can come with some at-home maintenance, but you can handle it easily! Throw a few fun waves in for fun, lived-in style, and you’ll look like you spent hours on your hair.

#38: Feminine Chopped A-Line Lob

A chopped A-line lob is a shoulder-grazing chic style. While a lob can feel like an in-between length, it’s a great way to feel empowered with shorter hair without going the whole mile. If you have a finer texture, keep the style one length with some shape around the midface. For coarse hair, get it a little thinned out for added texture.

Flattering Short Choppy Layered Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#39: Flattering Short Choppy Layered Cut

Featuring a short choppy layered cut that offers an elegant finish. It’s a razored short and choppy bob haircut, which looks great with a bit of a texture. This short choppy haircut is flattering on most women.

#40: Beautifully Short Cropped Textured Hair

This short textured haircut is a go-to look for its super low upkeep and versatility for styling. If you want a wash-and-go choppy layered bob, add beach waves and a balayage to your natural hair color. It will look amazing as it grows out.

Edgy Textured Short Choppy Layered Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#41: Edgy Textured Short Choppy Layered Hair

Opt for short choppy layered hair with short bangs, and a fun, flirty brunette textured bob. It’s a pretty classic trend as far as the cut goes, above the shoulders, a little a-line. However, the interior is seriously texturized using slide cutting.

Short choppy hairstyles are often a low-maintenance cut, but some require a good amount of styling to look like this photo every day. To recreate this choppy bob, use a moisturizing cream, flexible hairspray, texturizing hairspray, and a 1/4″ Marcel iron.

Adorable short choppy shag for curly hair
Instagram @curlfrann

#42: Adorable Short Choppy Shag for Curly Hair

One of the more popular short choppy haircuts for women with curly hair is a shag. Short curly shags eliminate the triangle shape that tends to appear by rounding out layers and keeping a softer length on the ends. This cut looks beautiful with round and square face shapes.

Use Afterworld Organics “Moisture Lock” to hold your curls in place. You can diffuse a No- Low heat setting to eliminate frizz. Apply GM Reverie’s Ever oil after scrunching your hair to soften the curls and break any cast that may have formed by curl-holding products.

#43: Piecey Haircut for Women Over 60 with Straight Hair

This hairstyle for thinning hair is a great way to boost volume. Dark roots, blonde highlights for natural grey hair, and long layers create an illusion of depth and volume.

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#44: Cute Bob for Women Over 50

This short bob for women over 50 offers a chic and youthful vibe. It’s a razor cut that gives hair more movement while removing the bluntness. It looks cute and natural with long bangs and when styled with texture.

Short Chopped Haircut For Fine Hair
Instagram @chloenbrown

#45: Short Piecey Haircut For Fine Hair with Silver and Dark Roots

Short piecey haircuts are ideal for fine hair. Its choppy, wavy style allows the thin, short hair to appear thicker than it is. For maximum elegance, class it up with a black-rooted silver blonde shade.

Casual Short Chopped Layers for Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @cindyearlcovic

#46: Casual Short Chopped Layers for Thick Wavy Hair

This is short textured hair with chopped layers for thick wavy hair. Choppy layers for short hair are great for all face shapes and hair types. To maintain this length, it’s best to see your stylist every eight weeks. Try Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse. Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse is also good.

Short Choppy Bob for Women Over 40
Instagram @alisonalvarez

#47: Short Choppy Bob for Women Over 40

A choppy and short haircut is great for ladies over 40. Much like a choppy bob, it’s all about textured short hair! Make sure you talk to your hairstylist about products you should have at home to achieve the in-salon look.

Trendy Choppy Short Cut for Round Faces
Instagram @katberry.hair

#48: Trendy Choppy Short Cut for Round Faces

Opt for a beautiful short and choppy hairstyle for women with round faces. It gives the classic beachy hair style an edge. The bluntness of the cut gives you an automatic style with little effort.

#49: Short A-Line Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

An a-line bob is one of the shortest funky haircuts you’ll see!  This is a short style that is extremely easy to style and manage. Throw in some texture spray and a couple of flat iron curls, and you are good to go! Styling takes ten minutes from start to finish. Styles like this are ideal for an oval face shape and a carefree personality!

#50: Short Choppy Crop on Top

A short choppy crop on top is going to give you ample amounts of volume and texture. Short choppy hair is created by various techniques that soften the bluntness of a short haircut but also give moving softness. A short choppy hairstyle loves a light texture cream like Aveda’s defining whip.