27 Best “Choppy” Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Messy Choppy Pixie with Short Layers and Bangs for Seniors Over 60 with Glasses
Instagram @amyhair

#1: Messy Pixie with Short Layers and Bangs

Ask about a messy pixie with short layers and bangs. When you’re getting older, the last thing you may want to do is fuss with long hair. Try a clipper or scissor-over comb around the nape and ears to create a shorter clean style. While through the crown and bangs, you can texturize and frame your face with cute layers. This will be easy to style with a light molding paste or texture cream. Try Afterworld Organics Styling Cream, all non-toxic and gender-neutral.

#2: Straight Choppy Long Pixie

This could be your next hairstyle if you’re over 60 and looking for a stylish, full-bodied shape. The style is perfect for finer hair textures. This hairstyle features a longer pixie cut with a fringe that frames the face. The crown and the back area of the head have more volume with shorter layers. Styling this haircut is easy with the Oway Volumizing spray and a 1-inch round brush.

#3: Piecey Pixie Cut with Blonde Tones

Choose an overall blonde tone for a younger look with your short pixie cut. This color accentuates your face shape. If you have a lot of grey hair, a blonde tone that suits you can make your face glow and helps in blending. A layered cut adds texture and gives your style a youthful edge.

#4: Textured Pixie Shag with Mini Bangs

Try this textured pixie shag with mini bangs if you want a new short haircut idea. This is a great option if you love lots of layers and texture in your pixie. This look is also so easy to style. Get some texture spray or texture wax, and you’re ready for the day!

Layered Salt-and-Pepper Choppy Pixie Hair with Soft Front Bangs for 60-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @xanddy_limma

#5: Layered Salt-and-Pepper Short Hair with Front Bangs

Ask about a layered salt and pepper short hair style with bangs. A longer pixie with a lot of texture will help soften the style creating movement. A razor around the hairline creates a feminine touch for this cropped pixie. The textured bang shapes the face without too much hair around the eyes.

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Voluminous Choppy Pixie Bob with Brown Balayage for Women over sixty
Instagram @flaviocoelho.hair

#6: Voluminous Pixie Bob with Brown Balayage

Consider a voluminous pixie bob with brown balayage. For a fun, edgy style when you’re in your 60s, try a choppy pixie with a slight disconnection. Ask for choppy texture layers with a slightly shorter layer underneath. It will create body and movement throughout your pixie. A root booster like Hairstory Lift will be your best friend when blow drying. It will give you volume throughout the style. This is best activated and used throughout the roots.

#7: Fluffy Short Crop with Side Fringe

Try this fluffy short crop with a side fringe. This is a great option if you have fine hair and want volume and a cut that’s easy to style.

#8: Layered Pixie with Short Sides and Nape

A layered pixie with short sides and nape is an edgy way to disconnect your traditional pixie. This fun take on a traditional haircut can add some pizzazz and interest. It’s important to note this is an easy-to-style haircut. However, you must keep up with frequent trims to keep the shape. I recommend 4-6 weeks.

Lilac Short Hair with Chopped Layers for Older women over sixty
Instagram @hairby_india_

#9: Lilac Short Hair with Chopped Layers

Try this lilac color on short hair with chopped layers if you like fun hair color and short hair. This is both chic and trendy. Use a purple shampoo to help maintain the color.

Side-Swept Choppy Pixie with Micro Bangs for 60-year-olds Wearing Glasses
Instagram @cutostersund

#10: Side-Swept Pixie with Micro Bangs

Short hair can be classy in a side-swept choppy pixie with micro bangs. Your straight hair will love the choppy layers and slight asymmetrical micro bang. You’ll need your hands, a blow dryer, and some hairspray to pull off the styling. Keep in mind, a short hairstyle will need to be trimmed often, about every 4 weeks, to keep it looking sharp.

Short Choppy Tapered Pixie with Short Bangs for Older Women Aged 60 with Grey Hair
Instagram @hairbymamamurr

#11: Tapered Pixie with Short Bangs

You’ll love the ease of a choppy tapered pixie with short bangs. This wash-and-wear hairstyle gives a modern vibe with its spiky layers. Keep in mind, if your hair is wavy, you will have to blow it straight to achieve the look. Have your hairstylist cut layers the same length with a soft tapered nape. Try styling your hair with wax to make the most of it.

Multi-Layered Choppy Pixie for ladies in their 60s with Thick Hair
Instagram @nicole.morris.91

#12: Multi-Layered Pixie for Thick Hair

This multi-layered pixie for thick hair is still one of the most popular ways to wear a short hairstyle. This versatile haircut can be worn in many different ways and age ranges. I love this haircut because of its cool, effortless shape. I suggest blow-drying this haircut with a small round brush if you prefer fullness and volume. If you enjoy air drying and hand styling, I recommend using a sea salt spray for soft hold and flexible movement.

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Tousled Pixie with Choppy Layers and Blonde Highlights for Seniors Over 60
Instagram @dorringtonhair

#13: Tousled Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Consider the soft style of a tousled pixie with blonde highlights. A wispy perimeter and hair covering the ears keep this short shape feminine. You’ll want to request a soft taper at the nape and medium layers throughout the top. And don’t forget to ask for length around the ears. Add blonde highlights for extra dimension and dry with your hands or a round brush away from your face.

Salt-and-Pepper Pixie with Choppy Layers for woman over 60 years old
Instagram @korkuhairworks

#14: Salt-and-Pepper Pixie with Layers

A salt-and-pepper pixie with layers is perfect for ladies over 60. A chic way to get your pixie cut is with an undercut and choppy cropped texture through the crown. Undercuts are great for contrasting your style from shorter and longer lengths. Thick, coarse hair benefits the most from an undercut. It takes away bulk around the perimeter and gets in there and texturizes the rest of the hair. This helps to create movement and softness.

Super Short Brushed-Up Pixie Hairstyle with Spikes for women aged 60
Instagram @medusa.belinda

#15: Super Short Brushed-Up Hairstyle

A clean androgynous style for those who want an easy style. A swept-up style looks great on round and diamond face shapes, giving an elongated effect. For thicker hair, adding in lots of texture with thinning shears will give this a softer and easier-to-spike-up style. A little Schwarzkopf Osis+ G.Force 3 Strong Hold Gel will hold this style all day and night.

#16: Layered Pixie with Long Face Frame

A layered pixie with a long face frame is edgy and made for a specific creative type. This sassy style is futuristic and made for an inspired client. The disconnected shape and texture on the crown make adding volume to the overall shape easy. Be sure to tell your stylist you want a modern disconnected shape.

#17: Platinum Blonde Pixie with Thin Bangs

A platinum blonde pixie with thin bangs is a flexible and easy style to embrace! If you’re wearing your natural grey hair, you can pair it with a piecey style for a big-impact hairstyle. Try adding in a soft wax for extra definition. Try the Hairstory Wax for a soft finish.

Pastel Copper with Short Choppy Cut on women in their 60s
Instagram @kane_anthony_

#18: Pastel Copper with a Shorter Pixie

Give this pastel copper on a short choppy cut a try! The pastel copper gives tons of shine, while the choppy texture adds fullness.

#19: Gray Spiky Pixie Hair

Try this gray spiked pixie hair style if your hair is wired. To achieve this look, you’ll want to stay away from round or bubbly shapes. You must keep this faux hawk shape and texture to achieve an edgy style. In my opinion, adding texture with a razor haircut will be the best way to achieve this pieced-out look.

#20: Dark-Rooted Blonde Feathery Pixie

A dark-rooted blonde feathery pixie is a flattering and exciting new style! I love a choppy pixie. This texture makes the whole style very youthful and chic. Adding pieced-out texture to the crown creates volume and fullness to the style.

Choppy Brown Pixie with High Crown Layers for 60 year olds
Instagram @headnhair

#21: Brown Pixie with High Crown Layers

You’ll look younger in a brown pixie with high crown layers. The textured choppy layers give the cut a modern feel and can be dried easily with a vent brush or your hands. Remember, the shape of your head around the occipital will directly affect how much volume you achieve in that area. If your head shape is flatter, your cut will not be as full. No matter what, a brown-layered pixie will compliment most face shapes and perk up your features.

Spiked Pixie Style for Short Choppy Layers on women aged 60 with Grey Hair
Instagram @cutostersund

#22: Spiked Style for Short Choppy Layers

A clipper cut is a great way to keep an edgy cut looking fresh. It cleans up the perimeter with a #3 guard, giving you a nice clean look without showing the skin. The rest of the cut can be a scissor or razor cut for texture. Longer pieces through the bangs and front hairline will create a feminine vibe.

Textured Choppy Pixie Crop Cut with Wispy Bangs for mature women aged 60 with Thin Locks
Instagram @martina_bmhair

#23: Textured Crop Cut with Wispy Bangs

A textured crop cut with a wispy bang is the perfect easy-care hairstyle. This stunning cut will dry in seconds using your hands and a texture putty, such as Pureology’s Style + Protect Mess It Up Texture Paste. To achieve the style, ask for short textured layers that add dimension, even fine hair. Remember to dry the hair more forward for the most modern-looking finish.

Choppy Textured Pixie with Nape Undercut for Older ladies over 60
Instagram @cabello_hb

#24: Textured Pixie with Nape Undercut

A choppy textured pixie with a nape undercut is a mix between a pixie and a bob. This style is great for going a bit shorter than a traditional bob. It’s also for 60-year-olds who enjoy length around their ears. This edgy style is a perfect blend of two haircuts. This is one of my favorite ways to do a bob. For an even more risky look, try disconnecting the sides shorter and leaving more length on top.

#25: Low-Maintenance Wispy Crop for Thin Hair

A low-maintenance wispy crop for thin hair is a great shape to help maintain visual fullness. Try this gorgeous crop if you struggle to get fullness or have limp locks. Short hair can be a great tool to help visualize fullness. Add in a micro bang for an extra dose of charm.

#26: Classic Grey Pixie with Crown Layers

A grey pixie with crown layers is a great way to show your natural silver while maintaining a soft shape. Crown layers are an important part of a pixie. They can not only help with volume but also create a little movement and interest in the whole shape. Be sure to talk with your stylist about adding extra layers and texture to help with the overall shape.

#27: Wavy Short Pixie for White Hair

Try a cute tapered pixie if you want a short easy style. For thick wavy hair, a shorter pixie will easily style at home. It’s a great option for women over 60 who may have difficulty using tools above their heads for a long time. You can wash and go with this style, using Hairstory Undressed as a texture spray for hold.

As women age, finding the perfect haircut becomes a priority. One popular choice for women over 60 is the choppy pixie cut, a stylish and low-maintenance option that can bring a fresh and youthful look. To gain more insights into this hairstyle and its suitability for different hair textures, thicknesses, and face shapes, we interviewed Spencer McBride.

Meet The Expert

Spencer McBride
Spencer McBride
Spencer is a licensed cosmetologist with over 9 years of experience
You can find Spencer at her own studio in Houston, TX

Choosing the Right Pixie Cut

When it comes to fine or thin hair, McBride suggests opting for a choppy pixie cut that maintains a bit of length on top compared to the sides. This creates the illusion of fuller hair. However, it’s important to note that this style may require some styling in the morning, so it may not be the best choice for those seeking a low-maintenance haircut. On the other hand, individuals with thicker hair should ensure their stylist specializes in their hair density to avoid a bulky and unflattering look.

Additionally, McBride highlights that women with naturally wavy hair can greatly benefit from a pixie cut. The pliability of wavy hair makes it easier to style and manage in this cut.

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Considering Face Shapes

McBride encourages women over 60 not to be afraid of choosing a choppy pixie cut based on their face shape. He advises against talking yourself out of a desired cut due to concerns about suitability. If there is a specific inspiration photo that you continually refer back to, take the leap and discuss it with your stylist. They can offer professional advice tailored to your face shape and personal style.

Styling Tips and Tricks

To ensure your pixie cut looks its best, McBride suggests considering your maintenance level and lifestyle when consulting with your stylist. Longer pixie cuts may require some styling, while shorter ones tend to be more wash-and-go friendly.

According to McBride, a fantastic texture product is essential for anyone going shorter. Finding the right one may involve a bit of trial and error. There are various options available, such as aerosol sprays, clays, and lotions. Here are a few of McBride’s recommended products:

Pictures of Youthful Choppy Pixie Cuts for Women In Their 60s