21 Short Choppy Haircuts Women in Their 70s Can Pull-Off

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short choppy haircuts for women over 70 feature tons of textured layers and jagged ends. The length strengthens the cut’s perimeter, benefiting thin, fine hair the most.

“A short choppy cut instantly adds volume and body,” says California-based stylist Suji Kim. “The layers create softness, movement, and texture for a youthful appearance. These encourage natural texture to soften up ladies’ facial features,” she adds.

Suitability is key for any haircut. Let your stylist assess your hair texture, density, growth pattern, facial features, and body proportions. Even your personality and lifestyle are vital aspects to consider.

These will all be the bases of what length, shape, and cut techniques are best for you. Take note that without the consultation, the result could go horribly wrong.

For instance, a short-length chop isn’t a great option if you have cowlicks. Your hairline won’t lay properly and may only distort the cut’s shape. Hence, Kim suggests “leaving the length longer to control the aggressive growth pattern.”

Once you’ve decided what chop to get, it’s paramount to learn about the proper styling of your tresses. Ask your stylist what tools and products to use, depending on your hair type. Discuss the techniques on how to recreate the final look.

Before arranging your next salon appointment, check out these inspirational photos first! Find the most flattering short choppy haircuts for women over 70 right here!


#1: Natural Salt-and Pepper Bob Cut with Bangs

A natural salt-and-pepper bob cut with bangs is chic and stylish and will make you feel young! Your aging hair doesn’t have to be dull and boring. With the right cut and style, you can have fun with your hair.

#2: Spiked Up Short Hair

Add some flair to your look with a spiked-up short haircut. Hair texture, color, and thickness often change as you age. These shifts can change your looks and self-presentation. Embrace these changes and use them to your advantage by selecting a haircut that matches your character. To keep your hair looking great, get it reshaped and trimmed every 6 weeks.

#3: Choppy Short Bob with Side Bangs

The choppy short bob with side bangs is a fresh and modern hairstyle that is particularly well-suited for 70-year-olds. This haircut combines a classic bob shape with texturized layers, creating a youthful and edgy look. The short bob cut’s texture adds movement and volume, making it ideal for those with thin or fine hair. The side-swept bangs frame the face well. They highlight the cheekbones and create a soft, flattering look. This versatile hairstyle can be styled in various ways, from sleek and polished to tousled and casual.

Blonde Wavy Textured Crop for Ladies Over Seventy
Instagram @hairbymarybear

#4: Blonde Wavy Textured Crop

If you have blonde wavy hair, try out a textured pixie for your next style. The shorter style and addition of more layering create a fuller look to your hair. One of the most effective ways to create the illusion of volume is by adding highlights or lowlights. Highlights and lowlights help to create more dimension in your hairstyle while also enhancing the look of your natural waves. If you can style your waves, try using the L.U.S brand all-in-one styling to enhance your style.

#5: Neck-length Blonde Shaggy Bob with Bangs

This is a great, try-worthy style for women in their seventies and beyond. A neck-length blonde shaggy bob with bangs! It gives off an effortless yet stylish vibe that flatters many face shapes. The choppy layers add texture to the hairstyle. While the angled fringe creates texture around the face. This is an easy look to maintain with minimal styling required. For added volume, use mousse when drying, and try to use a round brush or heated rollers work well.

Silver & Sassy Choppy Layers for Ladies 70 and Over
Instagram @jnb188

#6: Silver & Sassy Choppy Layers

Silver and sassy choppy layers are great for women who are over 70 years old. Aging hair is best when worn naturally. Not having color in your hair will make you younger-looking as you will not have roots coming in every 4 weeks. Use purple shampoo to keep your natural color looking bright.

#7: Shaggy Long Pixie Cut on Fine Hair

When it comes to short choppy haircuts for women over 70, a shaggy long pixie cut on fine hair is the perfect alternative to a short pixie. The best part of a long pixie is the length around the face while still allowing volume at the top of the crown. A choppy hairstyle with pieced-out bangs is a fun spin on a traditional short cut.

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#8: Low-Maintenance Pixie for Gray Hair

A low-maintenance pixie for gray hair is a great hairstyle for ladies in their 70s. Try adding lots of dry cutting and movement to a choppy haircut to create longevity in the shape.

#9: Neck-Length Wispy Feathered Cut for Thin Hair

A neck-length wispy feathered cut for thin hair is a younger-looking take on a traditional bob. Try a short cut with thicker bangs  for more edginess.

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Side-Swept Choppy Hairstyle for Women 70 and Over
Instagram @k8__hair

#10: Side-Swept Choppy Hairstyle

A side-swept choppy hairstyle is an edgy take on a traditional short cut that can make any woman look 10 years younger. Ask your stylist for a disconnected layered cut to keep the style youthful. The perfect example of youthful short hair styles for ladies over 70!

#11: Razored Choppy Shag for Thick Hair

A razored choppy shag for thick hair is a modern shape for a modern woman. Try a trendy hairstyle if you like a bit of pizazz to your everyday look. Be sure to ask you stylist for lots textured layers to keep the shape clean and trendy.

Layered Pixie for Older Women Over Seventy with Glasses
Instagram @coseviee

#12: Layered Pixie for Older Women with Glasses

A layered pixie for older women with glasses creates the illusion of a pixie, but the safety of a mid-length hairstyle. Try adding crown layers to the top of the head for volume, while preserving the length around the neckline and face.

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Choppy Cropped Cut with Long Bangs for Ladies in Their 70s
Instagram @sacaumut

#13: Choppy Cropped Cut with Long Bangs

Try a choppy cropped cut with long bangs if you enjoy a short style but need a little length on the forehead. A short style with lots of texture makes the perfect modern pixie for a woman who is seventy plus.

#14: Graduated Choppy Layers on Short Hair

Graduated choppy layers on short hair are meant for fullness and height in the crown area. A short haircut with lots of layers helps fine hair types appear fuller. A youthful take on a traditional short hairstyle.

#15: Soft Textured Cut for Senior Citizen

A soft textured cut for senior citizens is great for 70-year-olds and up! Try a razor haircut to add the dimension and softness to a choppy cut.

Messy Ear-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs for 70-Year-Old Women
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#16: Messy Ear-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Messy ear-length hair with curtain bangs is a trendy and modern shape. A spin on a classic shag for women over 70, it’s fun and youthful! Try a sea salt spray for soft volume.

#17: Short Piece-y Layers on Thinning Hair

Short piece-y layers on thinning hair is important in creating volume on thin hair. A choppy style and textured finish hides the scalp while maintaining volume and height at the crown. Don’t forget to ask your stylist about thickening products like Kevin Murphy’s Plumping Line to promote body and hair growth.

#18: Tapered Pixie Haircut

A tapered pixie haircut is a modern hairdo and great alternative to the traditional short haircut. A perfect style for thick, coarse hairstyles. Try disconnecting the sides with a clipper cut to add a little edge for women in their seventies.

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#19: Jaw-Length Choppy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Jaw-length choppy hairstyles with side-swept bangs is a beautiful yet chic bob cut. If you want a little more disconnected layers, ask your stylist to crop the back a bit tighter to your neckline.

Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair for 70-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @jun55wu

#20: Layered Bob with Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair

A layered bob with wispy bangs for straight hair is the perfect short hairstyle if your hair is fine. Ask your stylist to keep the face-framing soft to compliment your face shape.

#21: Choppy Pixie Crop for Grey Hair

A choppy pixie crop for grey hair is great for women with thick or coarse hair. Try piecing it out with wax to create definition. Choppy pixies are the perfect shape for short choppy hairstyles for women over 70.