15 Chin-Length Wavy Hair Ideas for Beachy-Chic Look

Chin-length wavy hair

Chin-length wavy hair is a popular short haircut styled with texture and volume. For ladies who already have wave patterns, this hairstyle requires little effort. Yet, straight-haired women may replicate the look with heat styling and sea salt spray.

Stylist Torrie Hart is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She told me her go-to tips when considering a chin-length haircut paired with wavy hair:

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Don’t get a cut that’s too short. Waves spring up when shorter and dry.
  • It requires regular touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. If you wish to avoid frequent trims, have your hairdresser undercut or graduate the back.
  • Be honest and realistic about your hair routine. Tell your stylist if you don’t want to use a product or if you have any special requests, such as wearing your hair up for work or exercise.
  • Trust that your stylist has your best interests in mind if they recommend a tweak to the hair plan.
  • Inform your stylist what products you already have and how much you’re willing to spend on new items.
  • Consider the downsides before making a final choice.
    • This style may take some getting accustomed to if you usually wear your hair up. Your new best friends will be half-ponytails and cute hats.
    • Haircuts above the shoulders always start feeling heavy in the back quickly.

It’s always fun to have a new haircut. Photos of the most attractive options for chin-length wavy hair are shown here.

Diffused French Bob on Chin-Length Fine Hair

Wavy Diffused French Bob on Chin-Length Fine Hair
Instagram @joeprofita

Try the soft shape of a diffused French bob on chin-length fine hair. If you like a messy style, put down the round brush and scrunch dry instead. Some girls don’t realize they have natural waves until they try it. Wavy hair with bangs could be the most simple style for you to achieve. Just coax some movement into your hair.

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Very Short A-line Cut with Razored Layers

A very short a-line cut with razored layers will spice up your life. Chin-length beach waves will give your hair a dazzling texture that you just want to play with. Ask your stylist to create an angled back that will make your cut even more dramatic. Short, but soft and gorgeous, you’ll love a razored a-line shape.

Face-Framing Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Wavy Face-Framing Layered Bob with Side Bangs for Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @jennyvatter

Ease the heaviness of your hair in a face-framing layered bob with side bangs. A wavy hairstyle is perfect for short thick hair as it will feel light and perky when you add more layers to it. Consider a side bang which will take more weight off your hair. And, it will soften your square face shape. If you like volume, keep in mind, the shorter you go with your length the more width you will achieve.

Wavy Blonde Bob with Jagged Ends for Thick Hair

Wavy Blonde Bob with Jagged Ends for Chin-Length Thick Hair
Instagram @_nicoshades

A chin-length bob for wavy hair looking amazing jagged ends. Talk to your stylist if you have concerns about having a shorter cut with thick hair. There are different techniques your stylist can do to keep your hair from getting big and bulky. For example, they can texturize your hair to remove bulk or they can do an undercut.

Textured Short Bob with Waves and Fringe

Looking for a beautiful blunt cut? Try a textured short bob with waves and fringe. This timeless cut looks fantastic on anyone, any time of year.

One-Length Bob Cut with a Deep Side Part

Chin-Length One-Length Wavy Bob Cut with a Deep Side Part
Instagram @samanthassalon

A one-length bob cut with a deep side part is always in style. My best advice for anyone wanting an easy haircut is to try a one-length bob. Keep in mind, the best way to achieve volume is by doing a deep side part.

Baby Shag with Wavy Bangs for Thin Hair

Chin-Length Baby Shag with Wavy Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @__k_vu__

A chin-length shag paired with bangs gives the hair body with its shaggy layers. This wavy haircut can be styled using air-dry products or using hot irons like a flat or curling iron.

Two-Toned Short Choppy Hair with Thin Bangs

Two-Toned Short Choppy Chin-Length Wavy Hair with Thin Bangs
Instagram @kokorene_hair

Two-toned short choppy hair with thin bangs is a popular crop for those with frizzy or fine hair. Generally, a chin-length wavy bob with bangs will flatter finer hair types. This is due to its blunt layers and shorter length.

Side-Parted Asymmetrical Cut on Loose Curly Hair

Chin-Length Side-Parted Asymmetrical Cut on Loose Curly Wavy Hair
Instagram @encurlagement

For ladies seeking body and lift, try a side-parted, asymmetrical cut. It creates layers that give a bob cut movement. Day to day refreshes, your hair can be parted the opposite direction, giving it lift.

Messy Beach Waves with Bangs for Square Face Shapes

Balance out square face shapes with messy beach waves and bangs. Chin-length haircuts for wavy hair soften your jawline. And, they give the perfect amount of volume on the sides. Your thin hair will benefit from the shorter length making it appear thicker. Make sure your layers are textured to enhance your wave. You’ll have an easier time styling it.

Short Tousled Layers with Micro Bangs

Short Tousled Wavy Layers with Micro Bangs for Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @funkyfringe_

Tousled layers with micro bangs is perfect for short wavy hair. A micro fringe works well with curls due to the shorter length. And the use of razored layers will help focus a lot of volume and lift at the crown.

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Soft Tousled Wolf Shaggy Bob

A wolf shaggy bob is perfect for women with fine hair. This modern take on the classic bob is elevated with face-framing and a tousled texture.

Chin-Length Wavy Blunt Bob with Subtle Layers

Chin-Length Wavy Blunt Bob with Subtle Layers
Instagram @styledbykawal

You’ll love the lines of a chin-length wavy bob with subtle layers. Ask your stylist for long choppy layers added to the bottom of your blunt cut. It will give you the perfect amount of texture. The longer layers will make your cut easy to dry or curl giving you a low-maintenance finish. If you have natural waves, try scrunch drying with a diffuser. Touch up with an iron if needed.

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Short Angled Bob with Piece-y Layers

A short angled bob with piece-y layers is the perfect style to wear wavy. If you have a heart, square, or oval face shape this haircut will look amazing on you. Chin-length haircuts for thick wavy hair are a great style to have. Especially if you don’t want to spend too much time styling your hair.

Side-Swept Style on a Razor Cut Bob

Wavy Chin-Length Side-Swept Style on a Razor Cut Bob
Instagram @ariidoeshair

Change your image with a side-swept style on a razor cut bob. Razor cutting is a great choice for heavy hair. It creates space between your strands for a more wispy shape on the ends. If you need help getting lift on the top, parting your hair on the side will create more volume. Try your part on either side to see which is best for you. Use whatever natural body you have by scrunch drying for a more modern and organic finish.

Chin-Length Short Hair Wavy Hair