18 Chin-Length Haircuts with Bangs Trending Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Chin-length hair with bangs is a short to medium bob cut with a fringe that flatters a wide variety of facial features.

Senior hairdresser Mackenzey Forrey of New York City explained that it works well with almost all hair types and textures. For instance, it makes thin, fine hair look fuller and gives wavy or curly hair extra volume and shape.

These are Forrey’s additional suggestions if you feel the need for advice from an expert.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Find photos of a cut you are drawn to while being realistic about your hair type and texture.
  • Ask about the maintenance required for this look.
  • Get tips on how you can naturally style it using whatever products your stylist recommends.

Here’s a photo collection featuring many fashionable cuts and styles for getting chin-length hair with bangs. Remember, find an inspo photo that shows someone with the same hair characteristics as you.

Choppy Bangs on Choppy Short Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#1: Choppy Bangs on Choppy Short Hair

Consider a choppy bang for your short hair. If your face is round, consider adding layered bangs to create framing and height. Adding texture helps soften the shape and create movement and texture in thick hair. The soft texture of the hair just below the chin can help to narrow the face shape. Your stylist may use a combination of a razor, shears, and texturizers to create the choppy bang.

Chin-Length Choppy Short Haircut and Bangs for Ladies Over 50
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#2: Choppy Short Haircut and Bangs for Ladies Over 50

Ladies over 50 should consider a choppy short haircut and bangs. If your hair is dry and lifeless, why not try a cute cut and add life to your locks? Shaggy layers will add lift and texture to your style, giving it a youthful appearance. Try adding a wispy bang to cover up unwanted fine lines on your forehead. A short choppy cut will perk up your whole image.

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Chin-Length Boyfriend Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @marie_dechatou

#3: Boyfriend Bob with Side Bangs

Ready to change your hair? Try a boyfriend bob with side bangs. This cut, like boyfriend jeans, gives a relaxed and easy-to-care style. In fact, a chin-length bob with side bangs is a top choice for ladies who want easy daily styling.

Chin-Length Wavy Italian Bob with Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @jennjelise

#4: Wavy Italian Bob for Round Faces

A chin-length wavy Italian bob is perfect for round faces. Even though chin-length styles normally don’t suit round faces, the added texture and fullness at the ends make this cut flattering.

Platinum Bob and Bangs on Thick Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @studio303salon

#5: Platinum Bob and Bangs on Thick Hair

Wear a platinum bob and bangs if you have thick hair. For girls who like to curl their hair but still want to wear it short this layered chin-length haircut is great. Just make sure to ask your hairstylist for layers. This will give your curl texture and a bit more bounce to the look.

Sleek Chin-Length Bob with Short Blunt Bangs
Instagram @fromdrabtogab

#6: Sleek Chin-Length Bob with Short Blunt Bangs

Try short blunt bangs with your sleek chin-length bob for extra flair. Sleek styles are best on straight, thick hair. If your hair is curly, you may find it takes more effort to style. Try using a flat iron to achieve an extra shiny sleek finish.

Wispy Bangs on Classic Blonde Bobbed Chin-Length Hair
Instagram @volkoboyk

#7: Wispy Bangs on Classic Blonde Bobbed Hair

Wispy bangs can give you a whole new identity. From feeling youthful to concealing maturing lines. Long bangs can elevate styles like classic blonde bobbed hair to modern look.

Chin-Length Copper Beveled Bob with Orange Bangs
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#8: Copper Beveled Bob with Orange Bangs

Inverted, convex, and concave are popular blunt cut bobs, for the wearer’s features. One other way to spice up the style is to use colors like copper, in a beveled bob with orange bangs. The palette works in the hair as it covers one area and transitions to the rest.

#9: Curtain Bangs on Short Blonde Hair with Yellow Tips

Chin-length hair with curtain bangs is a stylish option for fine hair, as the style will look more dense and chic. A color block canvas can vary from a dark and vibrant color or blonde hair with neons like yellow tips. The placement can be low maintenance. Over the time it takes to grow out, it can be cut off and made fresh for the color.

#10: Textured Wavy Bob Cut with a Fringe

Symmetrical haircuts help elevate the look of what oval faces can wear. Baby bangs on a textured wavy bob give you a more personalized touch than just a one-length style.

#11: Bixie Cut with Brow-Length Bangs for Thin Hair

For thin hair, consider a bixie cut with brow-length bangs. A chin-length bob with a fringe looks extra cute on round faces. Short pieces can really add extra body and volume to thinning hair.

#12: Short-Length Cut and Mini Bangs for Fine Hair

Try a short-length cut and mini bangs if you have fine hair. Pixie bangs are a great option if you are wanting a low-maintenance haircut that is still on the edgy side. This wispy bob can be worn by any age woman. And, it’s great for any occasion as it can be styled straight or curled for a bit more texture.

Chin-Length Razored Bob with Messy Layers
Instagram @hair.did

#13: Razored Bob with Messy Layers

The French bob has evolved with a modern style. The bob is created with razored, messy layers to give it a textured finish. This lived-in style is best for wavy and curly hair for low-fuss styling.

Short Chin-Length Bobbed Hair with Short Thick Bangs
Instagram @eshkhair

#14: Short Bobbed Hair with Short Thick Bangs

Try short thick bangs with your short bobbed hair. Face shape plays a big role in if this cut will work for you. Chin-length hairstyles with bangs can help shorten a longer face and forehead.

#15: Chin-Length Hair with Baby Side-Swept Bangs

Add some flair to your chin-length hair with baby side-swept bangs. Bangs can be a helpful option for women with thin hair. Consider adding a bang to cover thinning areas in the front hairline.

Chin-Length Shaggy French Bob with Razor Cut Layers
Instagram @hair.did

#16: Shaggy French Bob with Razor Cut Layers

If you are looking for a fun haircut, the shaggy French bob with razor cut layers is for you. A chin-length layered bob with bangs is a great idea if you are looking to give your face a lift. Have fun with it by adding a little bit of wax to create a textured, messy style.

#17: One-Length Bob with Piece-y Bangs on Short Green Hair

A one-length bob is not the end of the road for your hair. The best way to enjoy and evolve with your style is to add details like piece-y bangs. You can add a pop of color and varying lengths, too. A chin-length bob with bangs is the most common. But, you have options like wispy bangs, curtain bangs, and micro bangs.

#18: Low-Maintenance Bob with Micro Bangs for Women Over 60

Try a trendy low-maintenance bob with micro bangs if you are a woman over 60. Chin-length haircuts with bangs are a fun way to wear your hair if you are wanting a style that is quick and easy to style. Adding crop bangs is a trendy way to keep in style. Also, no need to be in the salon every few weeks for that bang trim!