64 Chic Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A short bob haircut with bangs is great for women who want a bob that removes weight while also giving off a mod style. Short hair requires less maintenance, product, and time to style. However, adding bangs can require extra styling time.

The key to choosing the best short bob with bangs is understanding your face shape and hair type. Bangs might be just a small part of the bob, but they can significantly change your look! Depending upon your hair type or density, you may want to add layers or texturizing.

Check out these popular, inspiring photos of short bobs with bangs!


#1: Two Tone Bob

A two-toned bob with textured bangs gives an ultra-cool girl vibe. The key is to choose two high-contrast colors to create that pop. The textured bangs give the color placement a soft and feathered look.

Chin-length stacked bob with side-swept fringe and two-tone highlights

#2 Casual Stacked Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

This chic chin-length bob features stacked layers and a side-swept fringe, perfect for adding volume and movement to fine, straight hair. The two-tone color with ashy blonde highlights and dark roots creates a striking contrast, giving it a modern edge. Ideal for medium hair density, this cut enhances natural volume and adds a sleek, polished look. The side-swept fringe frames the face beautifully, making it a great option for those wanting a stylish, low-maintenance haircut that stands out.

Popular layered bob with short bangs

#3 Popular Layered Bob with Short Bangs

You can personalize your cut by adjusting the bangs to compliment the length of your face. This textured, straight, chin-length bob with bangs looks cute on any face shape.

Modern Short Angled Straight Bob and Bangs
Instagram @hair_snipper

#4: Modern Angled Straight Bob

An angled bob is a wonderful cut for thick hair. The blunt, angled weight line creates a sleek and almost futuristic style.

#5: Brown Bob with Stacked Layers

A brown bob with stacked layers is a great style pick for mature women. This cut is truly a wonderful inspiration piece because it’s spunky, yet at the same time, sleek and professional. Razor-cutting your bob will create a soft and choppy look.

Chin-Length Textured Bob With Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @ispas.cristian.1

#6: Chin-Length Textured Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Less common bobs include side-swept bangs. The length of this bob can be slightly adjusted to suit your face shape. Keep the bob longer on rounder face shapes and shorter on longer face shapes. A longer side-swept bang is flattering on every face shape and is great for keeping your styling options open, as it can be worn curly or straight. In general, this cut works best on thinner hair. If your hair is thicker and you still want this look, consider talking to your stylist about an undercut, which can be a great option to achieve the look on thicker hair and cut your blow-dry time in half!

Trendy bob haircut with see-through bangs
Instagram @nichola.lynch

#7: Bob with See-Through Bangs

Add some see-through bangs to match a chic, feminine hairstyle. The perfect length and cut for this black bob would be the neck-grazing one, tapered at the nape area. Textured edges are a plus to soften the perimeter of a lovely layered bob like this one.

#8: Bob with Piecey Fringe

Enhance your style with a short, piecey-fringed bob. Request a shaggy bob with short, wispy baby bangs.

#9: Choppy Italian Bob with Full Bangs

If you want to boost your look, think about going for a choppy Italian bob, complete with full bangs. For those with oval or long faces, the trendy high-to-low bang is a really good fit. The bob can be curled or waved for volume, which also has the effect of adding width to oval face shapes. Without taking off a lot of weight, stylists can add invisible layers to fine hair to create more movement.

Neck-Length Choppy Bob with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @un.rooted

#10: Choppy Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

If you want a refreshing change from a long and dull style, this choppy bob with bottleneck bangs may be the ideal solution. Rich in texture and shape, this style includes a chin-length a-line bob with uneven layers and a fringe to highlight your facial features.

Short Honey Chocolate Bob with Curtain Fringe
Instagram @romeufelipe

#11: Honey Chocolate Bob with Curtain Fringe

Try a honey brown hairstyle with a curtain fringe. It’s a stylish, trendy look that blends deep brown colors with soft honey tints. If you’re opting for a haircut just above the shoulders, this style is a good one. The blend of a curtain bang and warm chocolate colors makes this a perfect look for the fall season.

Short-Length Platinum Bob with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @vd.schwarzaltcan

#12: Platinum Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

Change up your everyday bob with a platinum bob and face-framing bangs.

Short Straight Blunt Boyfriend Bob with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @jasmine4beauty.az

#13: Blunt Boyfriend Bob

A blunt boyfriend bob is the trendy, stylish haircut of the year! The best part? You don’t need blonde hair to look good. This precise cut looks great in any hair color, including brown, copper, pink, or blue.

Fine-Haired Short Bob Cut with Bangs
Instagram @creerhairsalon

#14: Flattering Bob for Fine Hair

This short bob with fine hair and bangs suits women who love short Asian hairstyles. This haircut features a slightly layered bob to add depth and movement, with bangs that complement the face.

Short Bob with Fringe and Sideburns for women with an edgy style
Instagram @yukistylist

#15: Bob with Sideburns

This is a chic, versatile, easy-to-maintain haircut. The hair is cut to a length that falls just below the chin, with a fringe cut to a length that grazes the eyebrows. The sideburns are cut to a length that frames the face and adds sophistication to the overall look. If you want this hairstyle, your best bet is a stylist who can help you find the right length and style for your hair.

Short Orange Bob with Short Bangs for women with an edgy style
Instagram @salsalhair

#16: Short Orange Bob with Short Bangs

This short orange bob with short bangs is perfect for fine hair.

French-inspired Bob Cut with Curtain Fringe for women with a chic style
Instagram @dnalabsalon

#17: French-inspired Bob with Curtain Fringe

Get into a French-inspired bob with a curtain fringe. A bob that throws it back to a y2k hairstyle, just like the cover of Amèlie. Ask for a length that hits somewhere between the chin and hollows of the cheekbones. This is a great cut for longer face shapes to pair with some mini curtain bangs.

#18: Cute Bob and Highlights

Are you looking for a change-up for spring and summer? One of the best examples of this is a cute short bob and highlights. Not only are you removing some length, but you are also adding dimension and a pop of lightness to your new crown.

#19: Chic Face-Framing Long Bangs

Change your appearance with a face-framing long bangs. To create an alluring shape, have your stylist bring your bob to lip length. Opt for light layering throughout, which will give you movement and softness. You’ll be on trend with a bang that brushes your eyes and gives you a mysterious look.

#20: Dark Red Messy Bob

Try a dark red messy bob with a choppy fringe to bring out your eyes and jawline. A deep brown with red balayage gives depth to a one-length style.

Sassy Textured Blunt Cut Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @bluecollards

#21: Sassy Textured Blunt Cut Bob with Curtain Bangs

Get excited about a textured short blunt-cut bob with curtain bangs. If you love fashionable hair, this cut has it all. The length has a lot of versatility, and they are the focal point of the cut. You could cut them shorter but try below the eye if you want them to flick backward.

#22: Flipped-Up Bob with Retro Fringe

The retro fringe on a flipped-up bob is very short, on the verge with the micro fringe, but it’s quite choppy, too, with many vertical cuts into it. You should ask your stylist to leave it a bit longer initially and cut it shorter if needed.

Cute Short Curly Shaggy Bob with Bangs
Instagram @kristacutshair

#23: Cute Short Curly Shag with Bangs

Look cute and sassy with a short curly shag with bangs. A short length will help your curls become bouncy and full of life. If you have a thicker density, your hair should be thinned out to not become too big and unmanageable at a shortened length. Framing your face with a bang will finish your haircut and instantly become the perfect cut for curly hair.

Layered French Bob with Side-Parted Bangs
Instagram @ellienorski

#24: Layered French Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

Go for a chic style with a layered French bob with side-parted bangs. This cut is great for older women since maintenance and styling are minimal. Soft moving layers will give body at your crown right where you need it. It will also bring softness to your face and can conceal forehead wrinkles.

French Bobbed Hair with Soft Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @ellienorski

#25: French Bobbed Hair with Soft Face-Framing Layers

A French bob paired with soft face-framing layers is a youthful style perfect for women with thin hair looking to give their hair a fuller appearance. A razor cut helps to enhance naturally wavy hair texture.

Trendy Short Ombre Bob with Light Bangs
Instagram @larisachis

#26: Trendy Ombre Bob with Light Bangs

Try a beautiful short ombré bob with light bangs. A center part makes this cut strong, but make sure your part is exactly where you want it when you get your haircut.

Sleek Bob with Bangs on Short Straight Hair
Instagram @tonytony1226

#27: Sleek Bob on Straight Hair

Go for a big chop with a sleek bob on straight hair. Black hair looks so bold and sleek and is 90s-inspired. A straight bob looks polished and glossy when paired with rich dark hair.

#28: Slightly Round Bob with Subtle Layers

Go for a soft look with a slightly round bob with subtle layers and bangs. Soft round layers will give movement and body to flat hair. A sleek bob with a balayage hair color is easy to manage and will give your strands a glistening pop of color.

#29: Undone Wavy Bob with Piecey Bangs

An undone wavy bob with bangs is a great-looking and easy style that you will want to try. The effortless finish gives this shape its beauty. If you have a natural wave, try air drying or scrunching in place with a diffuser. You can’t get much easier than that. An undone wavy bob should be styled flatter, so avoid creating too much volume.

#30: Loose Waves

If you’re looking for ways to style your new bobbed hair with bangs, try loose waves using a curling wand. It’s best for the low-maintenance beauty to add a little spice to her hair for the day.

Tousled Short Bob Hair with Razor Cut Layers and Bangs
Instagram @emilyppt

#31: Tousled Short Hair with Razor Cut Layers

Leave dead ends behind with tousled short hair with razor-cut layers. This bob is amazing for fine hair and will give your strands life. To make your layers more textured, use a razor to rough up your hair strands. If you like more of a clean-cut end, do not use a razor.

Curly Undone Hair with Short Blunt Bangs
Instagram @berlinfriseure

#32: Curly Undone Hair with Short Blunt Bangs

Try a sassy cut with curly undone hair paired with short blunt bangs. Curly tousled layers give body a bedhead look. Bob haircuts are fun and flirty and are very easy maintenance.

Textured Creamy Blonde Bob with Fringe
Instagram @dinh_hairsalon

#33: Textured Creamy Blonde Bob

A creamy blonde hue and bangs give a textured bob a romantic feel on fine hair. Eyebrow-grazing bangs bring attention to your facial features and help to balance a large forehead. If you want to try this style, ask your stylist for a golden beige-blonde tone and a softly textured blunt bob.

Feminine One-Length Bob with Short Sleek Bangs
Instagram @joeprofita

#34: Feminine One-Length Bob with Short Sleek Bangs

Give your hair a refresh with a one-length bob with short, sleek bangs. It’s easy to maintain and is great for straight and fine hair. This cut is effortless, and when paired with a strawberry blonde hue you can not go wrong. Your locks will look fuller and glisten in the light.

Angled Layers and Beachy Waves on a Short Bob with Bangs
Instagram @nataliarok

#35: Angled Layers and Beachy Waves

A short wavy bob with angled layers is a beautiful cut. The soft bangs and layers surrounding your features complement and work well on most face shapes.

#36: Precision Bob with a Blunt Fringe

Look trendy with a precision bob with a blunt fringe. A blunt bob is a great cut for many hair types and textures. A blunt cut works for both wavy and straight hair.

#37: Super Short Undercut Bob with Blue Bangs

A super short undercut bob with blue bangs can give you the fun style you’ve been looking for! Ask for an inverted bob to add volume in all the right places while keeping the weight nice and light.

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#38: Classy Middle-Parted Bob and a Curtain Fringe

If you want a cut to bring out your facial features, try a bob with a curtain fringe and a middle part.

Alluring Center-Parted Bob on Brunette Hair with Fringe
Instagram @hair.did

#39: Alluring Center-Parted Bob on Brunette Hair

A center-parted bob on brunette hair gives us major French-girl vibes. A bob at your jawline pulls focus to the lips and cheeks. Curtain bangs are a great option for this type of cut, but full bangs would work just as well, and it all depends on the final look you’re after.

Neck-Grazing A-Line Bob Cut with Blonde Highlights and Bangs
Instagram @studioak.jenniv

#40: Neck-Grazing A-Line Bob with Blonde Highlights

A neck-grazing a-line cut with blonde highlights is perfect if you only have a little time to get styled in the morning.

Shorter Layers and Bangs on a Bob Cut
Instagram @layde_j

#41: Shorter Layers and Bangs

When considering a shorter look, enhance your facial features and frame your face shape. The layering on a bob is the optimal way to remove heaviness and gives it movement for style.

#42: Razored French Bob with Soft Waves

A razored French bob with soft waves is a modern shape that you will want to try. The overall style is more organic and dried flatter using your hair’s natural body. Razor cutting to give your locks more texture and separation. Your razored French bob will be effortless to style using this technique.

Messy Short Layered Curly Bob with Baby Bangs
Instagram @specksalon

#43: Messy Layered Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

A layered curly bob paired with baby bangs is the best way to bring attention to your jawline and balance a larger forehead if you have curly hair.

Short Bobbed Hair with Jagged Layers and Bangs
Instagram @erinbhair

#44: Short Hair with Jagged Layers and Bangs

For fabulous-looking locks, add jagged layers to your short hair with bangs. Jagged layers and bangs add an edgy style, giving your hair more texture. If you have fine hair, you can pull off this cut. Your locks will look fuller and more voluminous.

#45: Soft Tousled Sliced Bob

Ask for a soft, tousled sliced bob with bangs for a polished yet lived-in look. If you’ve had boring bobs over the years, fret no more because adding texture to bangs is a great way to eliminate bulk from blunt cuts.

#46: Square Bob with Thin Bangs

If you have fine hair, try a square bob with thin bangs. Ask your stylist for a cropped, one-length square bob shape and thin wispy bangs. With fine hair, having a blunt one-length cut gives thickness to your hair, while the bangs create softness around the face to balance the style.

Classic Short Rounded Bob with See-Through Fringe
Instagram @yagawa.ryo

#47: Classic Rounded Bob with See-Through Fringe

You might want to consider a rounded bob with see-through bangs. When it comes to beauty in simplicity, a rounded bob has all the moves. A sleek and shiny shape with long layers is always a good choice for finer hair textures, and the see-through fringe is the perfect accent.

Shorter Vintage Bob Style with Blunt Bangs
Instagram @velvet.sissy

#48: Vintage Bob with Blunt Bangs

Try a sassy vintage bob with blunt bangs to show off your jaw and neck. Hairstyles with bangs are a great way to balance oblong faces. It helps to use a “flat wrap” blow-dry technique when styling.

Sophisticated Short Graduated Bob with Bangs
Instagram @_ckbeauty__

#49: Sophisticated Graduated Bob

A beautifully shaped jaw-length graduated bob can frame your face effectively, especially when paired with full bangs.

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#50: Cool Micro Bangs

Style your straight, natural hair with this edgy, small, and short haircut with face-framing layers on the side. The blunt baby fringe can also help balance your face length if you have an oval face. Micro bangs can be added to provide enough framing around the forehead.

#51: Jaw-Length Copper Bob

Try something sleek and classic with a copper bob with a textured fringe. A jaw-length bob shows off the neck and hugs your cheekbones, giving them a lift.

Youthful Blunt short Bob With Bangs
Instagram @nicolashalak

#52: Youthful Blunt Bob With Straight Bangs

This edgy red neck-length blunt bob haircut with bangs transcends the classic bob with its sleekness and shape. A simple fringe also does well in framing and balancing the face length.

Edgy Short Bob with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @nataliarok

#53: Edgy Bob with Choppy Fringe

A short bob with a choppy fringe is an edgy, sharp look. The choppy blunt fringe takes this look to another level, while roundness around the crown area gives you a classic bob effect.

#54: Perfect Wavy Angled Bob With Wispy Bangs

These haircuts can frame your face perfectly with layers and wispy long bangs to help narrow your face shape. This simple yet fresh short angled bob cut is great on any straight to wavy hair. A short wavy bob is perfect for formal events, and bangs will guide attention right to the eyes.

Stylish lob cut with curtain bangs hairstyle
Instagram @yukistylist

#55: Stylish Cut With Curtain Bangs

70’s style haircuts are making a comeback. Simply add some texture to the short bob and, in this case, gorgeous curtain bangs.

Messy shaggy bob with bangs for over 40
Instagram @yukistylist

#56: Messy Shaggy Bob with Baby Bangs for Women Over 40

This shaggy bob haircut with bangs is easy to style and maintain. This is one attractive way to build volume in your hair with the help of curls and a tousling.

#57: Feminine A-Line Stacked Bob

This cut is a gorgeously created angled and stacked short a-line bob. It has delicious caramel highlights and red tones that give your hair dimension and volume.

#58: Effortless Face-Framing Bob

This wavy bob is effortlessly chic and versatile! It’s a modern take on a classic shape and a cut as timeless as the bob deserves to be played with.

#59: Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

This is an asymmetrical bob, meaning one side is longer than the other. This cut is a little bit edgy, but you can tuck that longer side behind your ear or pin it back if you’re not feeling the edge as much on certain days. This asymmetrical bob with bangs is for women, strictly parting to one side.

#60: Unique Inverted Bob With Straight Fringe

This short-length inverted bob hair cut takes some commitment but will definitely pay off.

Lived-in razor cut short blonde bob with bangs
Instagram @beautyby_az

#61: Lived-In Razor Cut Bob

The best thing about this cut is how it moves. Since everything is cut at the same length, your hair moves as one, giving such a beautiful effect.

Easy Neck-Length Bob With Choppy Bangs
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#62: Easy Neck-Length Cut With Choppy Bangs

A dry blunt-cut bob is one of the more popular hairstyles for women in their 20s and 30s. These hairstyles are back big this year because fashion is all about lines and contouring textures.

Low-Maintenance bob with middle part bangs hairstyle
Instagram @adamfederico

#63: Low-Maintenance Middle Part Fringe

This is a middle-part fringe paired with a blonde neck-length bob. It’s a type of fringe popular for being the 1970’s-inspired curtain bangs.

Younger-looking short messy haircut for girls
Instagram @salsalhair

#64: Younger-Looking Short Messy Cut for Girls

Experience a short, messy cut for a younger-looking finish. The added texture makes thin hair look more full-bodied. You’ll love this cute haircut for your girl’s hair because it’s low-maintenance.