31 Hottest Short Asymmetrical Haircuts Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short asymmetrical haircuts are short haircuts where one side of the hair is cut shorter than the other. If you’re the type who loves to break the rules, then you’ll have a ton of fun with this haircut!

Whatever style you have in mind – a pixie, a bob, for dense or for thin hair, with or without bangs – it’s always a unique look you’ll get! What’s key is to work with your face shape, so you’ll have the right balance and highlight for your facial features.

Short haircut specialist Rebecca Dorsey from Baltimore works with all kinds of face shapes and hair types, and her angled creations are far from boring! Whether it’s just the bangs or the tips of your tresses that you plan to get askew, be sure to go to a pro to achieve a remarkable result!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspirational photos of short asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles.


#1: An Edgy Short Haircut with Bangs for Black Locks

This asymmetrical cut is an edgier take on your usual pixie cut and is much longer due to the swoop bangs. This gives an asymmetrical effect and shapes your face in a flattering way. Style your black hair so that form is kept, with layers and layers of ruffled texture.

#2: Asymmetric Long Pixie with Ash Blonde Balayage

Ask for an asymmetric long pixie with ash blonde balayage. Ash blonde balayage is the perfect way to show off this asymmetrical pixie cut. Blending grey hair into a natural dark base can prove appealing. Leaving some of your natural base color can provide depth to your hair color.

Sassy Dimensional Blonde Asymmetric Short Cut
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#3: Sassy Dimensional Blonde Asymmetric Cut

If you like the idea of going short but want to keep a little length around the face, consider an asymmetrical haircut. The asymmetrical cut in a vibrant blonde shade demonstrates how the hair can be trimmed short near the back of the neck while still flattering your favorite face shape with asymmetrical strands around the face.

#4: Asymmetric Pixie Cut with Silver Balayage

An asymmetric pixie cut with silver balayage is appealing. If you have thicker hair, an asymmetric cut might be a good idea. It removes extra bulk and weight from one side and helps balance a rounded face shape looking for more height at the crown. A deep part can add to the crown volume, making it a modern, flattering cut for women who are maturing.

#5: Side-Swept White-Blonde Hair

A white-blonde hue paired with a side-swept asymmetrical pixie cut is perfect for women with fine hair who love to rock a funky style. Plan to be in the salon every 4-8 weeks for a cut and color combo like this. When working with your stylist, ask about cuts that suit your face shape.

#6: Asymmetric Pixie Bob with Sweeping Fringe

If you’re looking to spice up your style, a short asymmetric pixie bob with a sweeping fringe could be it. You can add volume plus dimension to your haircut. And this cut is especially perfect for those with fine or thinning hair. To style, invest in volumizing mousse and towel dry your new do. Pump the mousse into your palms and blow-dry with a round brush to add body and smoothness. Once your hair is dry, spray thermal protectant onto the front section. Then use a flat iron to create slightly curled waves for a more youthful finish.

Short Tousled Cut with Asymmetry and bangs
Instagram @lak_salon

#7: Short Tousled Cut with Asymmetry

A short, tousled hairstyle with an asymmetrical cut and bangs offers a modern touch. It adds freshness to any look. It’s great if you want a low-maintenance but stylish hairstyle. With textured layers and playful bangs, this cut is perfect for you. The asymmetrical cut draws attention visually and creates balance for facial features. If your hair falls straight-to-wavy, then this cut maximizes the tousled look.

Short Asymmetric Lob with Natural Color for women with thinner hair
Instagram @bbluntkolkata

#8: Asymmetric Lob with Natural Color

Women with thinner hair who want a fresh look, an asymmetric lob with natural color is a great option. This cut involves longer locks that frame the face in the front. They cascade down to shorter layers in the back, adding dimension and volume to the hairstyle. The asymmetrical cut creates an edgy yet romantic feel. the natural-looking color keeps the overall aesthetic subtle and elegant.

#9: Fresh and Short Asymmetric Bob

A fresh and short asymmetric bob is a stunning choice for women with silver hair. This cut is perfect for those looking to add volume and movement to their locks instead of a heavier style. The asymmetry of the cut helps to frame the face and create a bold look. What’s great about this style is that it works for any hair texture, from straight to curly.

#10: Asymmetric Bob with a Side Part and Undercut

If you’re a lady of your time with short hair, one of the best styles is a textured cut with an undercut. Add a sweeping fringe that blends seamlessly into the rest of the hair to make the cut pop. Ensure you avoid cutting the fringe too short, as this can cause the look to appear dated. When styling an asymmetrical undercut bob, apply a light-hold mousse or wax to give the hair texture and movement. Finish the look with a light hairspray to keep everything in place.

#11: Wispy Asymmetric Cut with a Shaved Side

If you want a unique style, you should opt for a one side haircut such as this wispy asymmetric cut with a shaved side. An asymmetrical cut is perfect for most face shapes, and the shaved side can maximize the effect. You can use a low part to bring all the long hair to the opposite side and be bold. If you didn’t know, if you part your hair higher up, you can bring hair over the undercut and hide it for a milder look. Try this asymmetrical pixie cut with an undercut; you’ll love its versatile shape.

#12: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

An undercut asymmetrical pixie cut with two polar opposite lengths is an edgy style that can also be professional. You can dress these asymmetrical short haircuts up or down for work or some night-outs over the weekends with the right outfit.

Short Asymmetrical Side-Swept Curls
Instagram @rennescuthair

#13: Short Asymmetrical Side-Swept Curls

Get short asymmetrical side-swept curls to make your life easier in the mornings. Ask your hairdresser to use clippers for the short back and sides. Leave the top long, going even longer at the front cut to wear it on each side. Invest in hair products made for curly hair, like Curl Smith. A diffuser is a great way to dry out your curls without too much frizz quickly. Try the YS Park universal diffuser, which fits any dryer and works well with a curly asymmetrical pixie.

#14: Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs can help soften up your style. For women not afraid of shaving their hairline, rounding out the face shape with scissors and clippers makes your appearance interesting. Rounding out the hairline compliments women blessed with diamond-shaped faces.

Asymmetrical Haircut with Jagged Ends for African-American Women
Instagram @beautilogic

#15: Asymmetrical Haircut with Jagged Ends for African-American Women

An asymmetrical haircut with jagged ends for African-American women is versatile because, besides the traditional version with the elongated ends at the front, you can invest in different finishes to match your taste and style.

#16: Short Asymmetrical Haircut on Older Women with Gray Hair

A short asymmetrical haircut on older women with gray hair is an excellent choice, particularly for those who aspire to have a youthful-looking and modern haircut while keeping maintenance quick and easy.

#17: Spiky Asymmetrical Haircut for Women Over 50

A spiky asymmetrical haircut for women over 50 is perfect for almost all hair types. Medium and short hair look beautiful in this hairdo. Such short asymmetrical haircuts for older ladies give more lightness and modernity to the overall appearance.

Asymmetrical side swept short hair cut
Instagram @nikitenko_elen

#18: Asymmetrical Side-Swept Hair

For asymmetrical short hair, a side-swept haircut is stunning on ladies with fine hair to create a fuller-looking style. A side-swept bob has various layers and long face-framing pieces to elongate the face.

#19: Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair with a heavy part to one side compliments an alluring asymmetrical cut. This curly pixie hair cut works best for women with naturally curly hair but can also work when a curling iron produces the curls. Softening the lines will change the aesthetic of this asymmetric hair cut completely.

Short hair with Asymmetrical layered cut
Instagram @fernanducruz

#20: Asymmetrical Layered Cut

Rock an asymmetrical layered cut to give hair with a side part an extra edge. An asymmetrical short hair cut happens naturally when the hair is cut with a side parting, so emphasizing this length gives so much more style and interest to a bob. The side part also gives a lift to the front of the hair from sweeping shorter layers which can be adapted whether your hair is thin or thick.

#21: Shaggy Cut in Asymmetrical Style

The untamed manner compliments the unevenness of this asymmetrical hairstyle for straight hair. This look is modern and chic – a sassy twist to the classic pixie. The best thing about this asymmetrical pixie cut is its versatility. You can go from straight to curly/wavy, and the balayaged highlights add depth and dimension for a low-maintenance, stylish look!

Short Asymmetric Hair with a Shaved Side
Instagram @chopitoff

#22: Short Asymmetric Hair with a Shaved Side

This is a choppy asymmetrical undercut with a design. A choppy cut works best for fine hair, building layers, and texture. What makes this cut unique is its gradient surgical line on the undercut. I like the simplicity of it. It has details but does not look too busy. This asymmetrical undercut pixie looks especially great on thick and blonde hair because the design looks more contrasting.

Short Asymmetrical hair with undercut
Instagram @junecroken

#23: Asymmetrical with Undercut on Straight Hair

The uneven angles on this asymmetrical cut shape the face to lessen rounder edges. The undercut, along with the black hair color, is fashion-advanced! Describing this hair might be as complex as the cut and color itself. I would say it’s a contemporary, short asymmetrical bob with bangs.

Short asymmetrical textured cut for thick hair
Instagram @bettiesdenver

#24: Asymmetrical Textured Cut For Thick Hair

These girls enjoy a nice, clean-cut across with a short angled bob in an asymmetrical cut. Asymmetrical angled bob cuts are perfect for most face shapes and hair textures. I cut in the overall shape, then went in with a texture shear to lighten up her hair density. Then, finish with a razor for soft edges.

Asymmetrical Long Bob for Wavy Hair
Instagram @raenikole

#25: Asymmetrical Long Bob for Wavy Hair

Thin-haired ladies, adding waves to your asymmetrical hair can boost volume. This long bob enjoys features that add a natural effect to your appearance.

asymmetric crop for women over 60
Instagram @duboisstylist

#26: Asymmetric Crop For Women Over 60

Here’s an asymmetrical crop for women over 60. Talk with your stylist about how short asymmetrical haircuts affect the various face shapes. It’s ideal for oval-shaped faces. It softens the line of the face height in the crown, creates length, and minimizes the fullness of a round face.

short asymmetrical haircut with bangs for fine hair
Instagram @mandipandii

#27: Short Asymmetrical Haircut for Fine Hair

Consider a very formal, straight-lined haircut with a little perk up because back then, such asymmetry was on top of hair trends. A well-executed and designed asymmetrical haircut suits any face shape or texture.

#28: Short Asymmetrical Textured Cut for Round Faces

This short asymmetrical hairstyle for blonde hair enhances the face, complete with the side bangs that cut the width to lengthen the face. Choppy, tapered layers help give round faces some edges.

#29: Modern Long Asymmetrical Bob

This long asymmetrical stacked bob cut is an exaggerated asymmetrical cut through multiple dry-cutting techniques. Rock asymmetrical bobs. Analyze your hair type and face and see if one would be possible or flattering for you. I would adjust things like moving the weight line to decrease the angle to fit their face better and give them general tips on the daily styling to achieve this same look at home better.

#30: Asymmetric Cut for Thin Hair with an Ash Blonde Color

Creating an asymmetrical or uneven cut can make thin hair appear thicker. The deep side-part lumps all the volume to one side and can be enhanced with layers and flyaway ends. This is a modern interpretation of the classic short bob. I worked with her hair weight and texture and created an asymmetric shape. Then, I boosted her naturally light hair with an ash-blonde hue using some perfectly placed balayage.

sleek asymmetrical bob with dark roots
Instagram @lorraine_leall

#31: Sleek Asymmetrical Bob with Dark Roots

A sleek asymmetrical bob with dark roots has dimension and stark contrast. This gives a more natural, lived-in look. That means lower maintenance, less time in the salon, and less money spent.