35 Cutest Prom Updos for 2024 – Easy Updo Hairstyles

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Are you ready to get your groove on the dance floor yet? You’ll be ready to go having your hair all up and off of your shoulders. These glamorous updos will really make your prom night a memorable one. And don’t forget – updos are hot; always have been, always will be. There’s something so polished and fabulous about sweeping your hair up into a sophisticated style, then showing it off to the world. There are so many different options that there’s no excuse for NOT having an updo.

Prom can be one of the most memorable moments of your high school life. Make the most of it with one of these creative a creative prom updos below. Find a style that enhances your natural beauty and expresses your awesome personality. Here’s a list of fantastic prom updos that range from simple and classy to funky and cool. Enjoy and have a fabulous prom!


#1: Soft-Dimensional Updo with a Side Braid

A soft dimensional updo with a braid to the side is both elegant and glamorous. A side braid brings a different pattern and movement to the updo. A soft dimensional updo is a brilliant choice for shorter hair updos to make hair look full and long. Be sure to use a workable spray and try to avoid heavy or wet products.

Effortless With an Edgy Twist Prom Updo hairstyle

#2 Effortless With an Edgy Twist

This is an effortless and elegant look with an edgy twist. My favorite thing about it is that it’s not your everyday updo. For someone looking to mix it up for an event or a night out on the town, this look is something that can be achieved with little time to spare. All you need are some curls, hairspray, and small hair ties to achieve this chic hairstyle.

Picture of an enchanting espresso brown with a French twist

#3 Enchanting Espresso Brown With a French Twist

I love the versatility of this style! It can be fun and flirty or sleek and sophisticated, depending on the wardrobe, jewelry, and makeup choices matched with it! Anywhere from a fun date night to a special event or gala, this quick style is my go-to! When I began styling, she had her hair previously smoothed and curled with Surface products. I secured the look with minimal bobby pins using a cross-internal lock technique, which made the style extremely comfortable to wear. We left a few pieces around her face to soften the look and give it more of a relaxed, fun, and flirty look!

Redefined With Texture prom updo hairstyle

#4 Redefined With Texture

I would describe this look as a classic redefined look with texture. My favorite thing about it is how it looks incredibly intricate even in its simplicity. This look works best on hair that is a medium to coarser hair texture. To really accentuate the detail, hair with depth and dimension to it is ideal. This look was done for a special event, but the techniques can also be a done a bit looser for a more laid back end result.

Elegant Update to a Classic Prom Updo hairstyle

#5 Elegant Update to a Classic

I would describe this look as an elegant and updated version of a classic style. Starting with a clean bun, you can add embellishments to personalize the look. My favorite part of this updo is the swirl across the back. This style can be worn by anyone with any hair type. If you have thick or coarse hair, prep it with smoothing products like creams or serums. If you have thin or fine hair, prep it with texture products like dry shampoo or hairspray. This style is also great if you like your hair to be away from your face.

Unexpected Edge Prom Updos Hairstyle

#6 Unexpected Edge

This is such a fun look! It is perfect for the woman who is going to any fun event, whether it’s a wedding or a concert and wants to add some fun and flair to her hair. It also stays in place all night long! This style is great for all hair types and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want their hair falling onto their face. Start with curled hair, then tie it into little buns going down the back of the head. You can use bobby pins to secure and mess up the buns. The braids are optional, and hairspray is a must! You can smooth down the flyaways with a little bit of pomade or hairspray as well.

Boho Bun Prom Updo Hairstyle

#7 Boho Bun

I would describe this look as boho chic. It’s simple yet tousled to give off a beautiful, youthful appearance. I wanted to create a style that was put together and appropriate but still had a feeling of texture. This look is sophisticated with a fun, lived-in vibe.  Make sure you’re comfortable putting all your hair up. This is a great style to show off certain features like your neckline. If your dress has an elaborate design on the back, this hairstyle would be a great way to keep the dress revealed. Not to mention if you plan to dance the night away, you’ll definitely stay confident and cool with this boho bun!

A braided updo for prom

#8 Braided Updo

I would describe this look as an elegant formal updo. My favorite thing about it would be how simple it was and how much my client loved it! I also love that this style can be done with medium-long hair.

flawless low bun side braid

#9 Flawless Low Bun Side Braid

This is a soft and messy look! I did a low messy bun and enhanced it with a dutch side braid. I love this updo because it looks effortless yet put together. I definitely love the side braid as she had a lot of hair to work with. This always helps when doing a braid so that it looks fuller.

Picture of a dark hair with golden highlights

#10 Dark Hair with Golden Highlights

This is a classic braided updo, perfect for prom or weddings. It is a simple style to achieve, so it is a great choice when you’re short on time! This will look gorgeous on long, thick hair, because the braid can be wrapped around several times, creating a very intricate bun. It is also perfect if you want minimal heat used on your hair. Heat is only used on dainty strands around the hairline. It does require a bit of hairspray and texturizing spray so that it will appear as close to flawless as possible.

Gorgeous Romantic Updo for Prom Evening

#11 Sleek Romantic Updo

This look is a last all-night kind of look, as with all the hair being pinned up and back, it’s not going anywhere! I love the way it all flows together, from the twist in the front to the statement pin curl on the side.  I would recommend this to a client with long hair who likes a lot of volume and body with a classic elegant taste. This look required a lot of pins, curling of the hair, and a round foam donut to create the bun, then hair spray and shine spray to finish off and make her glow!

Beautiful Floral Hair Pin Prom Updo

#12 Beautiful Floral Hair Pin

This is a simple but elegant look. I love how timeless it looks and that you can wear this for any occasion and dress it up as much or as little as you’d like! You can’t go wrong with this stunning hairstyle.

Simple Bun Updo for Prom

#13 Simple Bun Updo

This look is a modern version of a timeless updo. “Timelessly chic,” if you will. The best part would be how to put together its looks. It’s simple but will stand out in a crowd. Consider first of all the hair length. This style is best considered for a client with long hair. It should also be considered for a client with medium hair thickness. It was constructed with only root lifting powder, bobby pins, and hair spray, so it’s great for a client who wants to let her hair down at the night’s end. This updo is perfect for any dress style, all personalities, and a night full of timeless moments.

Lovely Loose Braid Prom Updos

#14 Lovely Loose Braid

This look is a soft side updo with a braid on the side. I love it because it is great for hot and humid climates as well as for cooler ones, and it will look perfect all day and night. A big and soft side braid is a perfect addition to this boho-style updo.

Picture of a braided updo with glasses

#15 Braided Updo with Glasses

This is an elegant, messy braid. I love that it looks like there is a lot to it, but in reality, it is fairly easy to do. It is simple yet classy! You have to consider the hair length. I recommend this for someone with medium to long hair. This is more of a formal style, so it is perfect for occasions like homecoming, prom, weddings, etc. This style would be more for a client who is okay with a messier, “piecey” look.

Cute Updo for Long Hair

#16 Cute Updo for Long Hair

This look is a modern elegant chignon with a dutch braid accent. The cutest thing about this look is the chunky Dutch braid, which seamlessly blends into the chignon at the back of the head. The tousled soft hair sweeping back underneath the braid and also blending into the chignon adds a romantic feel to the style.

Lovely Top Knot Prom Updo

#17 Lovely Top Knot

Effortless, timeless, and uncomplicated, the high bun lengthens the neck, providing an elegant, feminine look. This style works best on mid to long-length hair in order to achieve the desired look for those with finer hair. The option of adding a clip-in extension is a great way to add depth and volume. My ‘to’ product would be a sea salt spray. It’s great for giving a firmer grip when styling.

Adorable Flower Rope Braid Prom Updo

#18 Adorable Flower Rope Braid

This is called a waterfall braid because the pieces fall just as a waterfall would flow. It is a unique and simple look achieved by creating a French braid by dropping every bottom piece and picking up a new one each time. Doing it on a 2nd or 3rd-day hair will hold it together better than a freshly washed one. This hairstyle works for straight or wavy hair, so you can curl it. For prom hairstyles for curly hair, straighten it first, curl it, then style it. Also, apply a good holding hairspray to keep everything secure.

Easy Twisted Prom Updo

#19 Easy Twisted Updo

A timeless do that is very popular in formal scenes nowadays – the French twist is the number one look to go for if you’re looking for a polished and flirty hairstyle, especially for prom night.

Perfect Curly Bun for Curly Hair Prom Updo

#20 Perfect Curly Bun for Curly Hair

Embrace your natural beauty by showing off your super gorgeous textured locks loosely tied up in a big knot! It’s a perfectly undone look that’s made more perfect with a sparkling accessory!

Reverse French Braid
Instagram @braidsnfashion

#21: Reverse French Braid

Love is totally in the air with this messy pink hair! Set a few strands loose in front then start with an adorable twisted plait that transforms into a small bun.

Gorgeous Braid Updo
Instagram @hairbylexc

#22: Gorgeous Braid Updo

A classic style, this chic do starts with simple, loosely braided pieces that turns into a cute messy low bun. Bonus styling tip – leave some long wavy strands in front for a flirty face-framing effect.

#23: Modern Dark Blonde Updo

Prom is the time to clean yourself up and what better way to do it than with a classic yet modern bun. Style it with a bit messy look for a modern gorgeous style.

Quick Big Bun
Instagram @shelbycolehair

#24: Quick Big Bun

The loveliest thing about this look is that it lasts all day long. You don’t have to worry about curls falling out or the weather affecting the style. It’s also really elegant and a timeless style. I would also describe this look as a high princess bun! Make sure that you have thick hair or have extensions to use or else you won’t get the desired fullness for this look!

modern messy updo for long hair
Instagram @moskvichkainfo

#25: Modern Messy Updo for Long Hair

This look is organic and boho. Those are some of my favorite words to describe looks like this. It is not perfectly put or sprayed stiff. It is made to move and fall and curl where it wants to curl. It’s perfectly done in an “undone” way. It gives my clients room to move freely through the night, and even if a few pieces fall or move you are still rocking a beautiful prom upstyle for long hair.

#26: Timeless Low Textured Bun

This low textured bun is a soft, classic look that will nover go out of style. This look can be worn by those young and older. It is a classic look that can be altered to suit any occasion. For a prom, it can be left textured, or for a wedding can be smoothed over.

Elegant and Classy Updo hairstyle
Instagram @herhairbyj

#27: Elegant and Classy Updo

I would describe this look as a classy updo with a touch of elegance that is perfect for any formal occasion. I love the volume at the top. It makes all the difference in differentiating this look from a casual look to a formal one. It’s smooth, shiny and chic!

#28: Whimsical Updo

I would describe this look as soft, elegant and whimsical. I love the gentle flow and how the contrasting colors add to the overall aesthetic.

Fishtail Braided Updo
Instagram @willow.hair

#29: Fishtail Braided Updo

This is one of those hairstyles that will give you an effortless beauty! Make your bronde hair appear tousled but refined by pulling off a fishtail braided updo. Embellish it with tiny flowers and face-framing pieces for a natural-looking style. Now, this will be the prom night you’ll always remember!

Sweet Updo with Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @jessicaroopatx

#30: Sweet Updo with Side-Swept Bangs

Giving you an undone and messy vibe of style is this sweet updo with side-swept bangs! This is perfect for your fine, blonde hair for a graceful glow that doesn’t fade. Texture in the bun part will seal the whole look together.

Braided Bouffant
Instagram @arynadamshair

#31: Braided Bouffant

This is how you give your favorite vintage updo a modern twist! Flaunt this lovely braided bouffant to uplift the fullness of your black hair. The braid is across the hairline to serve as an extra accessory. This is sure to complete your glamorous look for your prom night.

Double Braided Updo
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#32: Double Braided Updo

A prom hairdo that deserves a crown! Looking soft and romantic, here’s the double braided updo you must go for. The style is sure to give prominence to the dimension of your blonde hair. With this look, there’s no way you can’t be the prom queen!

Loose Bun
Instagram @updosbykarina

#33: Loose Bun

Witness how the texture adds volume and stylishness in this loose bun. The details are intricate and will give you a sophisticated feel about this utter look. This is the classic hairstyle to amp up your blonde tresses.

#34: Messy Braided Updo

Start by doing a small braid placed on one side of your dark, shoulder-length hair. Finish it off by incorporating texture and some wavy face-framing pieces. The next thing you know, you’ve achieved a gorgeous-looking messy braided updo!

#35: Simple Side Bun with Long Side Bangs

This simple side bun with long side bangs makes a gorgeous updo perfect for your prom. It’ll even emphasize your natural glam—guaranteed! The blonde highlights add brightness and flair to your dark hair. Spritz a shine spray on your locks if you want a weightless, instant glossiness on your look.

Easy Breezy Twisted Updo
Instagram @lydia.gerzen

#36: Easy Breezy Twisted Updo

Choose a breathtaking prom hairstyle that you can achieve trouble-free! If you’re looking for anything that makes your black hair stand out, this is one of those updos. You must love the flow in this easy, breezy, twisted updo created by the added texture. Twisting your hair up has never been this fab, so thanks to the embellished hair accessory, too!