25 Prettiest Prom Updos for Long Hair for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Romantic High Bun with Top Pieces Updo for Long Hair
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#1: Romantic High Bun with Top Pieces

Try a romantic high bun with top pieces. When prom is around the corner, updos are great styles for all-night wear. They typically withstand dancing and pictures. Try a high bun with tendrils pulled out from around the hairline. They don’t have to match. Think sisters, not twins, when pulling out pieces. A touch of ribbon will make this elegant style youthful.

#2: Curled Brunette Updo

Try this curled brunette updo if you care about how your face is framed. The well-placed tendrils frame the face, and the intricate curls will suit all face shapes and sizes.

#3: High Updo with Face-Framing Pieces

Are you looking for a big, full updo for prom? Then you should try this high updo that includes strands falling around your face. The blend of sleek, sweeping texture by the face and curls like Bardot’s at the back will surely make you the center of attention.

#4: Elegant Low Overlap Bun

An elegant low overlap bun is a stunning style for prom, but also for every day wear! If you want an instant confidence boost, this is the style to try.

Pull-Through Prom Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair
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#5: Pull-Through Braided Hairstyle

A pull-through braid is a great style for long hair. This style helps to keep your hair lifted and neat, preventing strain on your scalp.

Neat Overlap Prom Updo for Long Mane
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#6: Neat Overlap Prom Updo

When heading to the prom, your hairstyle is a priority once you’ve chosen the dress. This hairstyle uses a technique that combines braiding and twisting. It involves overlapping the pieces, twisting them, and pinning them in place. If you’re skilled at braiding, you can do this hairstyle at home or with help from a friend. If not, find a stylist who is comfortable with braiding styles ahead of time. Not all stylists enjoy doing them, so it’s important to mention this.

Bohemian Prom Updo with Loose Curls on Long Brown Tresses
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#7: Bohemian Updo with Loose Curls

Start with a bohemian updo with loose curls. Romantic boho updos are a great idea for keeping hair off the face during a dance night. By curling all of the hair with a one-inch curling iron, you can create a full head of texture to work with. You can divide the hair into sections, focus on creating twists and pins, and add a side crown braid to give this style a boho vibe. Leaving some hair tendrils out is crucial to add more texture to the style.

#8: Low Jumbo Bun with Butterfly Clips

This style involves a low, voluminous bun and butterfly clips. If you’re comfortable working with your hair, you can achieve this look without a salon. Make a low bun by dividing your hair into sections and determining its position. Create twists on the sides of your hair separate from the bun and pin these last. After twisting your low bun, secure it with bobby pins. Next, twist the sides of your hair, then wrap them and pin them around the bun. Enhance the style with butterfly clips, adding a touch of charm and fun.

Soft Effortless Blonde Updo on Longer Hairstyle for Prom
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#9: Soft Effortless Blonde Updo

Add soft and effortless blonde updo details to your hair. Try to smooth your hair before doing an updo, either with a blow dryer or a hot set. Next, put your nape hair in a low ponytail, wrap the ends around it, and pin it securely. Work on each small section of hair by twisting it, then pin it to the ponytail to make it pretty. You can leave some ends out for a messy vibe.

Side Dutch Braid Updo for Prom and Long Hair
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#10: Side Dutch Braid Updo

Using an updo with braids is a trendy and loved way to enhance your hairstyle. You’ll see how simple adding a few plaits into your style is with a side Dutch braid updo.

Loose Prom Updo with Waves for Long Hair
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#11: Loose Updo with Waves

The right tools can achieve a loose updo with waves at home. I suggest starting your hair prep with hot rollers for a more voluminous style. Though a curling iron can also be used, the style might not look as full. Start at the nape, grab a large section of hair, and secure it with bobby pins. Work through your hair, taking it section by section and repeating the same process. You’ll need to pin the ends up if you have very long hair to stop them from hanging down. For a final feminine touch, you can add a bow.

#12: Big Hair Low Bun with Front Pieces

If you’re looking for the perfect updo, a low bun with front pieces is elegant and feminine. It would be best if you prepped your locks to create a volumized updo. Use styling products to ensure your hairdo stays in place all night long. Try mousse or hairspray. Leave some strands out around the forehead and nape area. This adds an extra romantic touch. It will make it look chic without completely taking away from its simplicity. Finish off with hairspray for an unbeatable hold!

Crown Braids for a Prom Updo for Long Hair
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#13: Crown Braids for a Prom Updo

Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to stand out? Add a romantic crown braid to updo prom hairstyles. It’s best for your beautiful long locks. Make sure to style it away from your face to frame it flawlessly. Before braiding, use a sea salt spray like Ouai’s Wave Spray ($26). It’s for extra texture and volume while providing a touch of hold. Then create two French braids that start near your temples. Weave them back towards each other until they meet below the nape of your neck. Secure both ends with hair ties and tuck the tails into each other. Do this until they blend seamlessly together around the circumference of your head. Finish off with some shine oil through the loose strands. Verb Ghost Oil adds softness and movement without leaving any residue. Try it and hairspray for hold throughout the night!

#14: Braided Crown with Loose Wavy Strands

A prom style, one of the most attention-grabbing styles for long hair updos, is a braided crown. Add the crown with loose wavy strands for a fantastic hairdo. This updo not only looks beautiful but is incredibly wearable. It’s both classic elegance and modern chic. To make this look better, you can create two dutch side braids on either side. Pull out and backcomb the ends to create more volume at the crown area for added texture. Create a fishtail braid with the remaining hair down your middle part. Do this before tightening into a bun shape in the lower neck area. This will become the main base structure of your ‘do. Once it’s secured, you can use styling foam or mousse from Fudge Urban. Use it throughout the locks. Then use three fingers to brush each strand downwards as far away from the roots as possible.

Loose Low Bun with a Fishtail Braid Updo for Long Hair
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#15: Loose Low Bun with a Fishtail Braid

This statement-making prom updo is bound to help you stand out! Try the loose low bun with a fishtail braid, perfect for showing off your long locks. To get this romantic look, lightly curl your strands until they are beachy and voluminous. Gather them into an undone knot at the nape of your neck and secure them using multiple bobby pins or U-pins. Once that’s done, incorporate a delicate fishtail braid from one side up toward the base of your bun. Pin it securely as you go along. Finish with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. It will ensure a lasting effect throughout the evening for swoon-worthy results!

#16: Modern Updo with Wavy Pieces

If you’re looking for a romantic updo option to wear on a special night, try the modern updo with wavy pieces. The perfect chic prom look will make you stand out without being too over-the-top. To create this style, start by curling your hair with a large-barrelled wand or curling iron. Next, brush through your curls to soften them. Gather all your hair along one side of your head and twist it into a bun at the nape of your neck. Finally, pull some gentle face-framing pieces away from your style. And loosely wave them using a flat iron set on low heat. You can use hairspray as needed to keep each piece in place.

Long Face Frame and Big Hair Bun for Prom
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#17: Long Face Frame and Big Hair Bun

If you’re a young woman looking to go all out for your prom night, look no further than a long face frame and big hair bun! This elegant hairdo amps up any themed dress. Its timeless princess vibe and tiara make it the perfect look. Try using clay mousse like Batiste Dry Shampoo Clay Mousse to capture that romantic feel. It gives your hair the perfect hold throughout the longest nights, between dancing and photos. This unique product helps create extra volume and thickness for an opulent bun.

Effortless Twists and Waves Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @updos.by.jocelyn

#18: Effortless Twists and Waves

Look picture perfect in updo hairstyles for prom with effortless twists and waves. Soft tousled textures will add movement and dimension to your look. Apply a sea salt spray such as Oribe’s Beach Wave & Shine on your hair updos for long hair. To finish, add a texturizing product like Ouai’s Texturizing Hair Spray. It will create an effortless wave without a weighed-down effect. Tweezers can also enhance loosely defined curls in specific sections of the hair. Spritz on a strong-hold hairspray to keep your style looking fresh all night long. Try Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Luminous Hairspray.

Prom Simple Twisted Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @styled.by.justine

#19: Simple Twisted Updo

Try a modern twist on traditional updos for prom for your fairytale prom night look. The simple twisted updo is easy to accomplish with practice and the right product. Try Aveda’s Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. To create this hairdo, divide your hair into two halves and twist both in opposite directions. Do this until the ends are tucked under, creating pinwheel shapes. Secure each section with bobby pins for added hold before applying hairspray. Try a more lightweight hairspray for all-day control without being overbearing or sticky. This romantic style looks elegant from every angle and will surely win hearts!

Prom Night Voluminous Twisted Ponytail Updo for Long Hair
Instagram @hair_by__haley

#20: Voluminous Twisted Ponytail

Opt for a voluminous twisted ponytail for one of the prettiest prom updos. To create this style, begin by curling hair gently for texture. Once curls have cooled, spritz with hairspray to smooth and add hold. Gather locks into a low pony at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic band. Lightly twist the length from mid-shaft to ends. Then wrap around the base until coiled tight and finish the look off with bobby pins for extra hold. Use Schwarzkopf Osis+ Freeze Finish Volume Hairspray. It will give you an extra boost of volume and shine that will last all night!

#21: Sleek Low Bun for Straight Hair

This sleek low bun is gorgeous for long straight hair that’s sure to have all eyes on you. You’ll first want to start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Then use a good heat protectant before creating smooth natural looking waves when your locks are curled and bouncy, and prep your hair to secure the bun. Take your ends and pull them back into a ponytail, securing the base at the nape of the neck. Then twist until a tight and secure bun is created. Secure base with bobby wins and smooth with Bed Head by TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax. Voila, the perfect low updo, is ready for any special occasion!

#22: Loose & Up

Hair loosely pinned into a beautiful updo gives its wearer a soft and delicate look. To keep your look secure but still soft looking, use Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight.

This style can work with any face shape, depending on how your hair is swooped across the forehead. It will suit a longer face shape if most of the forehead is covered, which will shorten the face. It will suit a wider face shape if just enough of the forehead is covered to make your face appear narrower.

Gorgeous Long Dark Copper Updo for Prom
Instagram @hairbyhatem

#23: Gorgeous Dark Copper Updo

This gorgeous dark copper updo is one of the best ways to keep your hair up and out of your face while looking great all night long. You won’t have to worry about how your hair looks in a picture or keep touching it. Try an updo to keep your hair fuss-free for a special event. Just remember a travel-size hairspray.

#24: Romantic Low Wrapped Bun

A low-wrapped bun is a perfect romantic style for pristine class and elegance. When trying to create a low-wrapped bun, it’s good to keep in mind the bigger you want the bun, the longer or thicker you want your hair to be, so for long thick hair, this is easy to achieve style. If you have thin or short hair, a romantic low bun can still be achieved but consider some extensions to help with density and fullness. When creating a smooth and very perfect-looking prom updo hairstyle, it’s important to use soft and workable products while making the style; then more firm-hold products to finish the style off.

#25: Retro Meets Modern

This crisp and clean updo is a beautifully sculpted work of art. Prep your hair with Extra-Body Sculpting Foam by Paul Mitchell to get a head start with volume. Medium to thick hair will work best with this style. This style will look great on round, heart, and square face shapes.

You have your dress, shoes, and accessories; now it’s time to figure out how to wear your hair! Having long hair, there are so many fabulous upstyles for long hair for you to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. Make your decision easier by finding a style that is suitable not only to your dress, personality, or theme but also to your facial features. Here are some great prom updos for long hair ideas to get you prom-inspired!