Stunning Vintage-Inspired Prom Hair Looks

Can one go vintage at a modern prom? Why not?! The experts weigh in on their take on the trend:

“Vintage? I like to channel Bridget Bardot’s hair – – it always has a timeless look,” says Thai Le of Frank Cassi Beauty on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. “The hair is loosely pulled half back and stays full on top – with long loose waves. That is really hot this season.”

soft romantic vintage-inspired prom hairstyle

“Totally stay away from “prom-y” hair. Just because you are young, you shouldn’t sport “childish-looking” hair,” says Le. By keeping with a classic, timeless hairstyle, you can never go wrong and you will never look back at those pictures and say “HORRORS! What was I thinking?!?!” A nice chignon is always a great choice.”Embrace shorter bangs, or fake them with the rolled (curl) bang to add a touch of vintage to your prom hair look.”

old hollywood vintage-inspired prom hair

More tips:

  • Loose waves with sides pulled tight works for different hair lengths
  • Don’t be shy with a red lip, flared out eyeliner or a hair wrap to accessorize
  • Try soft waves slicked along the hairline, braids that could add an edgier finish.  1920’s to 1940’s sophisticated yet showing your youthful looks.

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