Simple Tricks To Keep Your Hair Tame On Prom Night

It’s prom night! So much excitement and activity going on — on and off of the dance floor. But what about your hair? You’ve come this far, the last thing you need is a frizz-ful frightening experience!

“A  neat trick for curls you can do is flat iron the underneath section to help control unwanted volume that might appear as the night goes on. But always remember, once your hair is set, after a strong hold hair spray of course, don’t touch it! That creates unnecessary frizz and will flatten your curls out.-embrace a loose “messy” style that will continue to look flawless as curls begin to fall and hair loosens,” says Douglas David, a star stylist and leader in the beauty industry who is a member of Intercoiffure, the most powerful and influential organization in the hair dressing industry.


  • Keep bobby pins & extra hair ties in your bag/clutch for easy pin ups and touch ups.
  • Pack a mini hair spray and or hair balm to touch up fly aways the night of dancing will bring.
  • You can also keep your waves tamed by applying a little pomade, comb your waves pull only one section and pin it in the back then finish with hairspray that will coat the hair and save it from frizzing.

Thai Le, a star stylist at Frank Cassi Beauty, the new salon on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL, believes that, “Hair always looks better the second day. If you have plans for a night out but know that your hair will frizz-up like crazy after dancing the night away, then make sure you make your blow-dry appointment (or DIY) one or even two nights before prom. Your natural oils will definitely tame your hair from frizzing up on you.”