#1 Prom Hairstyle for Short Hair in 2022 Is Here (+17 More)

Prom hairstyles for short hair

Prom hairstyles for short hair are possible with a little creativity, product, and tools. You can create cute styles such as updos, half updos, braids and more. Short hair can be accused of not being versatile enough, especially when it comes to fun formal styles. Defy what’s expected and take your short haircut to a whole new level with one of these amazingly gorgeous short hairstyles for prom. By simply adding a few curls, flips, accessories, or splashes of color you can take your short cut to a whole new stylish dimension. Your prom day is a great time to step it up and make a statement. Get inspired some of these gorgeous short prom hairstyles below!

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Vintage Inspired Short Hair for Prom
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#1: Vintage Inspired

Gorgeous shiny hair in a retro style like this one makes your overall vintage look perfect. The tight curls at the ends combined with the simple finger wave on top with insanely shiny hair are inspired by the original Hollywood starlets. Can’t go wrong with this one!

How To Style:

  1. When hair is damp, comb through with a firm hold gel.
  2. Use a comb to help create a strong finger wave on each side of your part. Clip in place with a long skinny clip (helps to set it and prevents you from pulling it out while curling the rest of your hair).
  3. Insert small plastic rollers to the rest of your hair while it’s damp and let dry, or let your finger wave dry (clip still in) and then use a small barrel curling iron to create the curls.
  4. Comb through dry curls using your fingers to separate them.
  5. Remove clip from finger wave and spray style with firm hold hairspray.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great holding gel. Try Salon Care Super Firm Styling Gel. It doesn’t flake and will really hold your hair in place. Oval, heart, and some round or square faces. Fine to thick density with a little bit of natural texture to it is ideal. Use small plastic rollers for the ends after setting the top in a finger wave, all while your hair is damp. Yes, you can mimic the style with dry hair, but you won’t get the exact same feel.

#2: Cute Short Wavy Prom Do Style

This is a textured bob with waves through the tresses. When it comes to short hairstyles, bobs are the most versatile in styling for formal events, proms, and galas. My favorite thing about this cut is the internal layers that we gave her. Not only did the internal layers give her texture and removed access weight, but she can also wear this cut sleek or straight without seeing lines from texturing shears (that so many stylists still use).

Also, if you are considering this cut, you should think about the seasons. If you’re considering going super short, I suggest that you wait until the humidity goes down in the air. The more weight you have, the more you can control frizz with a product.

#3: Splendid Blonde Smooth Bob

Fresh and classy. I really like this look because of a very simple but powerful reason – it’s dynamic and easy to handle. From its color, it does not require a lot of maintenance or visits to your hair salon, and we all want that! This is a great choice for girls who enjoy being girly, women who embrace their delicacy and coquetry but also look for practical solutions for their hair.

When creating this look, I always make clear that it needs to be styled, so I suggest they get a therm active protector, specifically One United from Redken for all the benefits it has. Color-wise, you should have healthy hair for the color to hold onto, so I recommend having a high-end shampoo or mask at home to maintain it.

#4: Pearl Headpiece on Neck-Length Wavy Hair

Use a pearl headpiece on neck-length wavy hair to glam up a simple hairstyle. Pearl accessories are timeless and a staple in elegance. Short hair has fewer styling options than long hair, so accessorizing is absolutely necessary to bring interest and attention to your hairstyle. Make sure to pin your accessories in place using a cross-pin method to keep them secure while you dance the night away.

#5: Flower Headpiece for Short Hair

This laid-back Boho-inspired half updo is a work of art! With two simple twists tied together at the back and decorated with lovely floras, you get to show off a beautifully textured and messy yet elegant look. When considering this prom hair, short hair is the best way to rock it!

#6: Short Prom Hair With Sweet Floral Headband

Headbands and accessories are a great way to achieve a boho chic vibe for short hairstyles. Add in some twists and short braids for a more interesting prom night look. When you have short hair, prom hairstyles can be a little more challenging to put into an updo or braid. That’s why I love how you can still make a short haircut look formal and super cute when it’s down.

Picture of a unique caramel blonde updo with a twist
Instagram @shivonn

#7: Unique Caramel Blonde Updo With a Twist

Who says prom updos for short hair can’t be done? This unique and cute hairstyle is a smart way to keep your hair off your shoulders. You can also leave some side bangs for a flirty mysterious aura. It might be a little harder to create a classic updo, but plenty of short hairstyles can be done in a fancy manner.

#8: Cute Pixie with Headband

Your short haircut is that staple accessory. The undercut of a pixie is like looking at the red bottoms of your shoes. You can show off the undercut by parting it heavy to one side or even adding a side braid. Accessories for short hair like a scarf or a headband can make all the difference in turning some heads. I love that people grow confident and stand a little taller when rocking a short hairstyle.

When considering short hairstyles for prom, it’s important to maintain your haircut. Typically the undercut will need to be cut once a month or so. If you wear your hair in a ponytail the majority of the week, it’s time to consider a hairstyle that forces that ponytail to disappear! When styling your hair it’s important to prep your hair with the correct products to maintain a style for at least a couple of days.

#9: Messy Center Part Waves

This is the beach wave hairstyle for short hair. I love this look because of the free shape and easy feeling. I always prefer the natural charm of messy hair and gentle waves. This prom hair for short hair radiates with a chic of carelessness. It will suit girls with a modern, free, soft, and independent image. It can work with any hair type and any face type.

Things you need to get the beach wave hairstyle: a curling iron in the right size (for straight thick hair 9-18mm, for wavy hair it can be 19-22mm.), a hair mousse (light strength), and a fixing hair spray (medium strength). Don’t curl the ends of your hair, leave it straight, and it will give a more natural look. When you finished curling, don’t open the curls, give it 5 min. to cool down, and it will give the curls a nice firm shape for a long time. Open the curls with your head down for more volume. The beach wave hairstyle is perfect for any of your day looks – casual, formal, fun, morning and evening, summer and winter. Enjoy it!

#10: Classy Shadow Root Double Braided Updo

This is a little bohemian braided updo and a little classy. I feel like it shows off the color very well. My favorite thing about this style is it makes the guest look like she has more hair than she actually does.

My advice when styling prom hairstyles for short hair is don’t overdo it with a product. This look didn’t require a lot to make it work. A good texture powder like Expanda Dust from Unite gives her fine hair the perfect amount of texture and grit. This is perfect for the girl who wants to dance all night long and not have her hair sticking to her neck or face.

#11: Awesome Glamhawk Prom Hairstyle

This short prom hairstyle is a version of what I consider a “GlamHawk.” It’s my favorite style because I’m an old punk rocker at heart. This is definitely a rocking hairstyle that will get eyes on you! Love it, own it, and have some fun with it! Prom hairstyles for short hair can be a little challenging to style, especially if it’s fine hair. Layering products purposefully helped add the texture I needed for hold and longevity of wear.

I styled her with volume using Eufora’s Boost Root Lifting Spray and Sculpture Styling Gel for heat protection and hold. Blown dry and finished with a flat iron. I then added Eufora’s Full Effect Dry Texture Spray for more added volume and back-combed a mohawk section for extra grip for pinning. I pinned it tight on the sides and with more volume towards the crown. I added Eufora’s Powder Lift for even more volume (because why not!?), then finished it off with Illuminate Shine Mist and Elevate Hair Spray.

Picture of adorable short braids for prom
Instagram @bethanyjiles

#12: Adorable Short Prom Braids

This is a short prom style, but it would also be great for any fun outing like going to the beach or a music festival. I feel that it is an appropriate style for any age. It’s so fun and very boho-chic. I love that the double dutch si gives a lot of texture to the style. You might not consider side braids for prom but if your hair is long enough it can look very cute and chic.

Braids tend to lock into place much better if there is some existing texture in your hair, so I definitely recommend using a texture spray and/or curling your hair before doing the braids. Once you have your braid pinned tightly in place, be sure to use a good holding hairspray (I am a massive fan of Big Sexy Spray and Stay All Nighter Hairspray) and also a shine spray. It’s also very nice for keeping your hair out of your face. A lot of times when you are dancing the night away at prom, you can tend to get a little sweaty, so this style is great for keeping those flyaways from sticking to your forehead.

Trendy Dutch Halo Braid hairstyle for Prom
Instagram @haymaker52

#13: Trendy Dutch Halo Braid Up Do

I would describe this short hairstyle as a versatile updo that can be worn for either weddings or prom. This boho hairstyle consists of a Dutch halo braid updo that wraps from ear to ear across the top of the head. The back of your hair is twisted into a textured bun with a few soft pieces around the face. What I love about these halo braids is that it can be done on shorter hair or longer hair. It can also be dressed up by adding hair adornments into the twist in the back.

Before styling, I suggest using a medium flat iron to create some movement in your hair and adding some texture with a boost powder. I particularly like the Puff.Me Powder from Design.Me. Once styling is completed, I would add a light hairspray so your hair has hold, but still keeps its soft appearance. I used Davines Invisible Gas hairspray.

Versatile & Quick hairstyle
Instagram @aleecatlooks

#14: Quick Twisted Updo

I would describe this short hairstyle for prom as a versatile and quick twisted updo. All this style consists of are some wand curls and two braids. You can really take this style in 100 different directions with just those basic elements! Many girls are looking for prom hairstyles for short hair that are easy to style but will still look beautiful the whole night.

Take into consideration your hair’s density and texture. My client has fine hair, but a lot of density. So having half of her hair up wouldn’t make her hair look any thinner because she has a high density of fine hair. If your hair doesn’t have a lot of density and your texture doesn’t aid in adding visual density to the look, I recommend going for a complete updo or adding in some extensions. This will ensure there is enough volume to keep the style from looking unfinished.

Simple Yet Classy hairstyle
Instagram @karaaloveshair

#15: Simple Deep Side Part with Waves

I would best describe this look as a simple yet classy hairstyle. Many of today’s prom dresses have higher necklines and lots of beading or patterns, and I feel as though this style doesn’t clash with them. The key is using the correct products and the right curling technique. Always curl away from your face!

Ultra Mod Short Hair for prom

#16 Ultra-Mod

How To Style:

  1. Prep hair with a volumizing mousse or other styling product then blow dry using a round brush.
  2. Use a curling iron to smooth and further develop curls on top/in front if you need to.
  3. Add backcombing underneath the crown and top, then smooth over and finger style the ends of the curls.
  4. Use a comb to help mold and define the structure in the top and front areas.
  5. Pull a pomade or wax (or other favorite texturizing product) through the ends of the very defined curls then spray the entire style with a firm hold hairspray.

Try Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam to help mold the top and define the curls. It will help with the stronger curl in back too. Oval, heart, subtle square or round faces. Fine to thick density with any texture. Use multiple products to achieve different looks within the same style. Add volumizing product to the crown and back areas for extreme volume while using a sculpting mousse or gel in front to get the smooth definition in front with a pomade or wax for the defined curls. Be creative and think about what you want each section of hair to do or to be.

Simple Short Hair

#17 Simple and Beautiful

How To Style:

  1. After blow drying hair, use a curling iron to create curls around the back and sides of your hair.
  2. Flat iron the top front section by pulling from roots to ends across your forehead.
  3. Mist with a medium hold hairspray. Don’t overdo it on the spray!

Try Kenra Volume Mousse 12 for medium hold and flexible styling. Any face shape can rock this adorable hairstyle! Fine to thick hair density with any texture is the best hair type for this look. Having multiple tones of color in your hair helps break up the style a little bit while adding dimension and interest.

Spunky Fun Short Hair Prom Style

#18 Spunky Punk Hair

How To Style:

  1. Prep hair with a styling crème and blow dry with a flat brush.
  2. Use a flat iron on the lowest possible setting to smooth any stubborn hairs.
  3. Use a little shine-less paste or wax in the back then add a little backcombing on top and smooth over the top.
  4. A quick burst of medium hold finishing spray finishes off the style.

For amazing body and shine, try Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex. It will give you all sorts of crazy volume while adding a fantastic shine to your hair. Oval, square, heart-shaped faces, some round or long depending on the length around your ears. Medium to thick density with easily smoothed texture. Don’t skip the drama on your face. Having a dramatic style and dress without the face to go with it makes it look like you forgot something. At least glam up your eyes to make the style more consistent. Add the lips for an even bolder look.

Soft Curly Side Bun Hairstyle For Prom

#19 Soft Curly Prom Side Bun

You wouldn’t think it was possible, but it is – you can make short hair look longer and give yourself the look of a messy updo without having to have the length typically associated with them. This beautiful asymmetrical hairstyle would be perfect to make your prom bun hairstyle look different. For updos prom hairstyles for short hair, bobby pins and hairspray are your secret weapons here.

How To Style:

  1. Blow dry hair with a round brush after applying sculpting mousse.
  2. Curl the ends of your hair and break them up with your fingers.
  3. Pull hairs over to one side and pin them so the last part of the curl is free, even on your hair that is already on the same side as the style. Use hair pins (they’re like bobby pins, but they don’t pinch hair or anchor it, only hold it in place on top) for hair that you want styled loosely in the front.
  4. Spray finished style with a firm hold hairspray.

Mousse Forte Strong Hold Mousse from Sebastian will give you ultra control over those curls. Use the mousse on wet hair and scrunch it into your strands to really disperse the product. Any face shape can wear this cute hairstyle and any hair texture, too. Do make a note that fine hair will look wispier and less full.

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