#1 Prom Hairstyle for Short Hair in 2024 Is Here (+35 More)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Prom hairstyles for short hair are possible with creativity, product, and tools. You can create cute styles like updos, half updos, braids, and more. Short hair can be accused of not being versatile enough, especially when it comes to fun formal styles. Defy what’s expected and take your short haircut to a whole new level with one of these amazingly gorgeous short hairstyles for prom. By simply adding a few curls, flips, accessories, or splashes of color, you can take your short cut to a whole new stylish dimension. Your prom day is a great time to step it up and make a statement. Get inspired by some of these gorgeous short prom hairstyles below!


#1: Side Parted Blunt Cut with Barrettes

This prom season, amp up your short hair with a side-parted blunt cut decorated with barrettes. Channel your inner pin-up, girl. Keep the focus on this classic cut without distracting from the polished effect. To get a sleek look that won’t slide out of place during a night spent celebrating, use O&M Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray. Use it liberally to hold each section firmly in place. Finish your look with tiny gold or silver barrettes arranged across one side of your head for glitzy pop.

Wrapped Bun with Side Bangs for Straighter, Thick Locks on Blonde Women
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#2: Wrapped Bun with Side Bangs

The wrapped bun with side bangs is a great look for straighter, thick locks. To get the look, start by blow-drying your hair straight to create a smooth base. Then take your hair, place it in a low ponytail, and secure it with an elastic band. Pull some of the hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band, be sure to cover the elastic band. Then take the end of the ponytail, roll it under, and secure it with bobby pins. To finish, spritz some hairspray on the style to keep it in place. For an extra boost of shine, you can also use an oil or shine spray to make your hair look healthy and glossy.

#3: Low Bouffant Updo with a Face Frame

A low bouffant updo with a face frame is soft and elegant. To achieve this style, be sure to secure a base first. My favorite way to do so is a bun, for example. Start with a low bun at the nape of the neck. Afterward, you can secure loose strands to achieve a soft, tousled look. Finish the style with a light-hold hairspray.

Braided Half-Up on a Wavy Blunt Bob on Thick and Dimensional Grey Hair
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#4: Braided Half-Up on a Wavy Blunt Bob

A half-up braid on a wavy blunt bob is a great way to show off your texture and volume! You can start by giving your hair a wavy texture with a curling iron. Then create a deep side part to define your face shape. Use a texturizing product to give your hair more grip and hold for this braided prom look. Braiding the hair half up and pinning it back with bobby pins will complete this look. For a lasting hold, finish with flexible hairspray.

#5: Romantic Half Twisted Updo for Shoulder-Length Hair

A romantic half-twisted updo for shoulder-length hair is a gorgeous style for prom. This short hairstyle can pack a big punch and give any short-haired lady the style of her dreams. Ideally, prep work is the most essential part of an updo. Cleansing your hair before with a clarifying shampoo and blow drying a mousse is a great way to do so. I recommend Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Two for a strong clarifier. Use Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip Mousse for a soft styling mousse.

Short Blonde Dip-Dyed Hair with Mini Twists, Loose Waves and Mini Floral Hair Pieces
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#6: Short Dip-Dyed Hair with Mini Twists and Loose Waves

This look is the perfect combination of effortless cool and girly glam! First, add some loose waves for movement to get this quick and easy look. Then add mini topsy loops to your short locks and a braid for dimension. Finally, add a few mini floral hair pieces for a feminine touch. I suggest using a strong-hold hairspray to ensure your curls stay in place all day. To prevent the hair pieces from slipping, tie the ends of the loops and use a few bobby pins to secure them.

#7: Twisted Half-Up with Short Big Curls

For a fun and flirty style, try a twisted half-updo with short big curls for girls with thicker hair. To create this cute and simple updo, start by curling your hair with a curling iron or wand for added texture. Then, make a deep side part. Use a small section of the hair on the larger side to twist around the crown area and secure it using bobby pins. Make sure to use a light hairspray to hold the style in place. This updo for short hair is a worry-free look that will hold up all night long and is great for thick or thin hair.

#8: Wavy Long Bob with a Half-Wrapped Braid

A long bob with a half-wrapped braid and tiny floral pieces is a great way to add a romantic and feminine touch. This timeless look is one of the hottest prom hairstyles of the season. Start curling your hair with a curling wand to get this bohemian look. Make sure to leave the ends of the hair out of the curl to create a subtle wave. Then, pull it back and use an elastic to create a half-braid. Use a few bobby pins to keep it in place, and add small floral accessories to finish. To keep the curls looking voluminous, spray a light hairspray to keep them in place.

#9: Soft Half Updo with Airy Curls

A soft half updo with airy curls and rose hair pieces is the perfect way to spice up any prom look. This is easy to do. Start by creating your half-updo. Gather the top half of your hair and secure it with a hair tie or clip. To add some texture, curl the lower half of your hair. Finally, add the rose hair pieces for an accent and an extra touch of glam. For extra hold and texture, use light hairspray. Finish off with a product like a shine serum for a glossy finish. Don’t forget to use some bobby pins to secure everything in place!

Soft Tousled Waves with a Side Twist for a Lob Cut with Golden Brown Color
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#10: Soft Tousled Waves with a Side Twist

A soft tousled wave with a side twist is a great look for a lob cut! I recommend using a wand curling iron to create these waves to get the perfect look. Then lightly brushing them out with a boar bristle brush. To keep the look in place, use lightweight hairspray. Use a sea salt spray or a light mousse to add volume for a more textured look. Finally, to make the side twist last all day, use a light-hold hairspray or gel to keep the twist in place.

#11: Voluminous Edgy Short Hair with a Deep Side Part

Short hair with a deeper side part style and waves is an edgy look that can make a style impact. To get this look, use your fingers to comb your hair to one side to create a strong deep part. Use a blow dryer to create volume. With short layers, use a curling iron to create waves. Then run your fingers through your curls to make them look more fresh and voluminous. Use a flexible hold hairspray that will give your hair hold and keep it looking full of life.

Short Simple Twisted Bun in the Back for Prom
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#12: Simple Twisted Bun

A simple twisted bun in the back is an easy, stylish look. It’s a classic updo that’s perfect for short hair. It gives you all the sophistication and grace of an intricate hairdo. But without being fussy or requiring too much time. To create it, section off your hair into four large even sections. Grab these segments one at a time and twist them away from your face. Do this until all four twists meet in the back center of your head. Secure by crisscrossing bobby pins. Finish with some hairspray. Try Tigi Catwalk Session Series Finishing Spray. It will lock everything in place and add extra hold.

#13: The Small French Twist

This timeless updo is sure to stun. It has intricate curls and a romantic feel, perfect for a night full of dancing. To achieve this hairstyle, start by creating a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with an elastic band or colorful ribbon. Take pieces from the side sections near your temples. Twist them back through mid-strand into the base of your ponytail. Do this until both sides meet in the middle, taking care not to flatten out anybody along the way. Gently tugging on each twisted piece helps create that sought-after textured look.

#14: Reverse French Braid Bun

For the girl with short hair looking for a subtle hairdo, I suggest the reverse french braid bun. This look is chic yet simple and perfect for any occasion. To create this updo, roll your hair to one side, pushing the ends into the roll as you go. To secure this, use multiple pins in the roll at the fold where the hair meets. Once you reach the bottom, fold the ends under and pin it in. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray to secure it all in place!

#15: Neat Low Bun with Side-Braid on a Jaw-Length Bob

If you have jaw-length bob hair and are looking for the perfect ‘do, the neat low bun with a side braid is the way to go. To get this look, start by parting your hair slightly off-center. Create a small Dutch braid on each side of your head at your temple. Be sure to secure each braid as you go, so it doesn’t come undone during styling. Once you reach the back of your neck, you can blend the braids and pin them into place with bobby pins. Spray generously with a medium-hold hairspray, and you can add accessories if desired.

Short Low French Style Side Bun for Prom Night
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#16: Low French Style Side Bun

A low French-style side bun is the perfect way to make a fashion statement regarding an elegant prom look. This classic hairdo gives off romantic vibes without needing much effort. It’s ideal for ladies with shorter hair on their special night. To achieve this hairdo, brush your locks into a half ponytail. It should be held securely in place at the nape of your neck. Then take small sections of hair and twirl them around each other. Then pin them inconspicuously around the ponytail. Next, take the ponytail and the pin in the ends. Roll them up and bobby-pin everything using multiple pins for a clean bun. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray such as Redken’s Control Hairspray 28.

#17: French Twist Bouffant Updo

If you’re looking for a cute updo to wear to your prom, consider trying a French twist bouffant. It’s perfect for short hair needing volume and staying power throughout the evening. This hairdo can easily hold up against dancing all night. Start by creating two buns at the nape of the neck. Be sure they’re tight against your scalp so they won’t budge as you style them. Tease each section from root to tip before twisting it back into a knot. A teasing comb is key here because it will help lift your strands for maximum bounce and body at the roots.

Short Half-Down Twist on Choppy Prom Hair
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#18: Short Half-Down Twist on Choppy Hair

Pump up the volume for prom with a choppy, half-down twist. Short hair can feel quite flat if you don’t put in extra effort to glam it up, and this style is just what you need. It’s perfect for making a statement without going overboard about prom. After all, your special event should be about having fun. To get started, curl or backcomb the roots of your hair from the front edges backward. Do this before tying it back into two sections near the crown of your head. Twist both sides until they meet at the bottom of your neck, and secure with kirby grips. Try Wet Brush Shine & Finish Hair Clips. Gently pull out some tendrils on either side during styling. Use a wand or curling iron to put a band in your front tendrils, overdirecting away from your face.

#19: Easy Half-Up Twist for Angled Bob

This feminine updo for short hair is perfect for prom styles. This easy half-up twist at the center of an angled bob will create a unique look sure to wow. Start by spraying your locks with mousse and blow-drying until there’s some lift in the crown area. Oway &ldquo Glossy Nectar &ldquo adds great shine while keeping moisture inside each strand. Divide the top section into two parts and twist both sections away from each other. Go toward the back of your head before fastening them with bobby pins. Or crisscross them to secure them in place. This helps maintain volume throughout, even after you’ve added extra accessories.

#20: Textured Half-Up Style with Pearl Pins

A chic choice for short hair will be the textured half-up style with pearl pins. This look is perfect for helping you step out confidently on your special night. It’s sure to make an impression. Personalize your style. Try small decorative pins such as Freshwater Pearl &ldquobarrette set&rdquo from Etsy.

#21: Side-Swept Twist Updo

A side-swept twist updo is worth trying if you have short hair but want an elegant look perfect for prom. This stunning updo adds an elegant touch to your tresses without the hassle of added length. To replicate this style, start by spritzing your strands with sea salt spray for texture and hold. My favorite is the Ouai Texturizing Spray. It’s the perfect amount of hold and smells fantastic. From there, brush all your hair towards one side and section your hair into two separate twists. Tie them together just below one ear using small elastics in alternating directions. Keep twisting until you reach the end length before securing it with elastic or bobby pins.

Short Wispy Waterfall Braid with Gems for Prom
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#22: Wispy Waterfall Braid with Gems

Try adding a fun and modern spin to your short hair by doing a wispy waterfall braid with gems. It’s the perfect hairdo for prom! You can weave along the sides of your face in two thick ribbon braids for a decorative element. Using tiny gems keeps a soft and romantic look rather than if it needs to be more done. Maintain volume by using Redken Satinwear 04 Blow Dry Lotion. It adds body and sleekness, giving your overall look an extra boost of shine.

#23: Big Side Braid and Short Waves

Add effortless waves and braiding into one style if you want a prom hairstyle that plays up your short hair. A big side braid with short waves is one of the go-tos this season. When styled to perfection, it promises sophistication without a lot of fuss or time. First, use your favorite curling iron to create loose curls throughout your strands. Do this to roots. Then, clip half of your hair to the side while focusing on creating an exaggerated side braid. Leave several curls unbraided and comb after they have cooled to complete your look.

Side Braided Short Prom Hair
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#24: Side Braided Short Prom Hair

Short hair doesn’t mean you can’t stun at your prom! A bob length is versatile enough to allow for an elegant side-braided short prom look. Shorter lengths also define the face and add beautiful depth and contrast. Create a romantic look. Work with thin plaits on one side of the head. Then smooth them back into a semi-loose ponytail. Make sure to secure each section with plenty of reliable hairspray or pins to keep it all in place! Leave wispy tendrils around the front to frame your face and crown yourself Prom Queen!

#25: Romantic Pinned Prom Updo

Taking a classic approach to short hair prom styling can be beautiful and romantic. This updo is an excellent example. Strands are pulled back into a high bun with bobby pins adding extra structure. Achieving that perfect poise requires time and prep. So start the process at least an hour before the big night. Use setting spray or mousse on dry hair for a longer-lasting hold. Make sure to secure each strand tightly as you go. To finish off the look, opt for a brilliant shine serum. Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream will get your luscious locks glimmering all night long!

#26: Chain Braided Style with Curled Ends

This effortless ‘do is perfect for giving texture and dimension to shorter tresses. Start by spritzing damp hair with sea salt spray to get that tousled, beachy vibe. Then create your 3-strand braid from one temple to the other. Once done, loosely wrap sections of your braid around a 1″ curling iron for defined spiral curls at the ends. Finish off this look with a light-hold hairspray like FaveFAV’s Argan Oil Hairspray. It will keep everything in place without weighing down your strands!

Prom Short-Length Soft Tousled Waves and Twists and Pins
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#27: Short-Length Soft Tousled Waves and Twists and Pins

Are you looking for a timeless, elegant ‘do to wow the crowd? Try creating soft tousled waves and twists with pins. Start by curling sections of hair with a 1″ iron. Then, lightly finger-comb the curls to loosen them up for a more natural look. Secure sections of hair against the scalp in subtle places near your part or temple. Bobby pins in gold or silver add even more sparkle. Use a medium-hold hairspray to keep everything secure without making it feel harsh. Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine fits this perfectly! The result is an exquisite style that will dazzle all night long!

Short Airy Curls with a Headband for Prom
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#28: Short Airy Curls with a Headband

Go with a classic style featuring airy curls completed with a headband! That’s right; you can have this timeless look without sacrificing comfort. Start by using an elastic to make four sections of your hair. Clip two of these sections away and work on the other two first. Use curl-enhancing crème for a stronger hold, then use a curling iron or hot rollers. Then comb out those locks until they are light and fluffy. Then secure each section loosely at the side of your head with bobby pins near the crown. To complete, don’t forget to add some sparkle with Glitterati Jewellery’s Celestial Headband. It’s sure to bring glimmer and shine in all directions!

Effortless Half-Up Boho Style on a Balayage Bob for Prom
Instagram @jennymitchhair

#29: Effortless Half-Up Boho Style on a Balayage Bob

The half-up boho style on a balayage bob creates an elegant yet casual look that is perfect for any occasion. It’s easy to achieve, requires minimal styling time, and is great for busy days. The soft waves add texture and movement that frames the face. The subtle highlights of the balayage blend for a natural sun-kissed glow. You can create this beautiful and short formal hairstyle in no time with a few simple steps!

Short Middle Part Half-Up Hairstyle for Prom
Instagram @veronicavisage

#30: Middle Part Half-Up Hairstyle

These waves with a middle part half-up hairstyle look gorgeous and romantic. There are many options to achieve this style, from adding curls to creating braids or twists. You can easily create a look for prom night with tools and the right products. And it can be stunning and will last all evening! For extra hold, use hairspray to keep your locks in place. Finish off the look with an elegant hair accessory for added glamour.

Short Pull-Through Braids and Loose Waves for Prom
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#31: Pull-Through Braids and Loose Waves

Try pull-through braids and loose waves for your next formal event. Pull-through braids are the next big thing. They give you the illusion of braids. This is a great idea for short hair prom styles if you want to add texture to your hair when wanting to have your hair still down.

Vintage Inspired Short Hair for Prom
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#32: Vintage Inspired

Gorgeous shiny hair in a retro style like this makes your overall vintage look perfect. The tight curls at the ends combined with the simple finger wave on top with insanely shiny hair are inspired by the original Hollywood starlets. You can’t go wrong with this one!

You don’t have to spend much to get a great holding gel. Try Salon Care Super Firm Styling Gel. It doesn’t flake and will hold your hair in place. Oval, heart, and some round or square faces. It is ideal for fine to thick density with a little bit of natural texture. Use small plastic rollers for the ends after setting the top in a finger wave while your hair is damp. You can mimic the style with dry hair, but you won’t get the same feel.

#33: Cute Short Wavy Prom Do Style

This is a textured bob with waves through the tresses. When it comes to short hairstyles, bobs are the most versatile in styling for formal events, proms, and galas. My favorite thing about this cut is the internal layers that we gave her. Not only did the internal layers give her texture and remove access weight, but she can also wear this cut sleek or straight without seeing lines from texturing shears (that so many stylists still use).

Also, if you are considering this cut, you should think about the seasons. If you’re considering going super short, I suggest that you wait until the humidity goes down in the air. The more weight you have, the more you can control frizz with a product.

#34: Splendid Blonde Smooth Bob

Fresh and classy. I like this look because of a very simple but powerful reason – it’s dynamic and easy to handle. From its color, it does not require much maintenance or visits to your hair salon, and we all want that! This is a great choice for girls who enjoy being girly and women who embrace their delicacy and coquetry but also look for practical solutions for their hair.

When creating this look, I always make it clear that it needs to be styled, so I suggest they get a therm active protector, specifically One United from Redken, for all its benefits. Color-wise, you should have healthy hair for the color to hold onto, so I recommend having a high-end shampoo or mask at home to maintain it.

#35: Pearl Headpiece on Neck-Length Wavy Hair

Use a pearl headpiece on neck-length wavy hair to glam up a simple hairstyle. Pearl accessories are timeless and a staple in elegance. Short hair has fewer styling options than long hair, so accessorizing is necessary to bring interest and attention to your formal hairstyles for short hair. Make sure to pin your accessories in place using a cross-pin method to keep them secure while you dance the night away.