Pro Secrets to Shiny, Prom-Worthy Hair

Tired of dull and overworked strands? Here are some easy tips on getting tired hair transformed into super shiny, envious locks just in time for prom.

pro prom-worthy hair

Swap out your tired shampoo and conditioner for a moisture-rich one like L’Oreal Everpure. Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment at home, or head into your favorite salon if your hair is in need of serious TLC.

Pro Secret: For fine-medium hair, deep condition once every two-three weeks. For dry, damaged or coarse hair, treat your locks at home every week-two weeks.

Remember to use a heat protectant product every time before you use a blow dryer or a hot iron. If you want to tame curls, mix a conditioning lotion-type styling product and a little bit of frizz fighting serum before you blow dry.

Pro Secret: After blow drying, hit your hair with a blast of “cool” air from your blow dryer, it will help your style set and add shine.

If you like to use hairspray, find one that isn’t matte, as most sprays are. If you can’t find a spray with shine, pair your favorite hairspray with a weightless shine spray. Or try running a small amount more of frizz fighting serum over your sprayed mane (concentrating on the ends) to keep in place but have lots of shine. 

Pro Secret: Look for shine products that are “weightless” so they don’t coat hair and make it look limp, especially important for fine haired gals!