33 Cutest Prom Ponytail Hairstyles That Are Easy to Do!

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Prom ponytail hairstyles are easy-to-create updos that carry out a classy, romantic vibe. Looking great with braids, curls, waves, and so on—this hairdo definitely shows its versatility!

A pony style works easier with thick, long tresses. Such hair density is sure to secure enough movement and volume to your style, especially on the crown.

Of course, ladies with short hair can also wear this chic updo. The secret? Extensions! These add extra length to your hair, allowing the prom style to appear fuller.

For a hairstyle for prom that lasts all night, make sure you use the right products based on the look you’re going for.

Use oil or setting spray for a sleeker, shinier finish. This is perfect when opting for a formal and classy style. A texturizing spray creates a soft, undone effect, which is great if you feel spontaneous.

Don’t forget to add hair accessories or pieces of jewelry to your hair for the finishing touches.

Take your prom look to the next level. Get inspiration from these images of the trendiest prom ponytail hairstyles ASAP!

Wavy Textured Ponytail for Prom Night
Instagram @juliaperez.penteados

#1: Wavy Textured Ponytail

Try a wavy textured ponytail if you are looking for a cute and easy hairstyle for prom. This modern take on the classic is sure to turn heads. Prep hair with a thermal protectant like Unite “7 Seconds Thermal spray.” Then create texture by using a curling iron or wand throughout 1-inch sections of your hair. Gather at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic band or bobby pins, tucking ends in if desired. Finish it with a light hold spray like O&M “Queenie” to keep curls soft yet defined.

#2: Prom Braided Low Ponytail

The low braided pony is an elegant hairstyle for any event you want to have gorgeous hair, but out of the way. It’s great for all hair textures – long or short, wavy or straight – and complements angular face shapes nicely. To create the look at home, start with freshly washed dry strands. Use a texturizing cream to give your locks extra bounce. Gather your hair into a low side-parted ponytail on one side of your neck. Braid the tail and secure it with an elastic band at the end. Fluff up the braid by adding pomade through each braid section. Then, slightly tug outward to make them appear wider.

Perky Pony with Face-Framing Strands for the Prom
Instagram @rjstylesco

#3: Perky Pony with Face-Framing Strands

Be ready to make a statement at the prom with this chic yet simple perky pony, with face-framing bits. Add texture to your hair with a 1-inch curling iron. Sleekly pull up your ponytail and secure it with elastic. Pull out framing pieces and re-curl if needed. Brush out waves to make it soft and elegant. The key is using good products. Try OGX &ldquoQuenching &ldquo + Coconut Curls &ldquoAnti-Frizz Curl Reactivating Spray.&rdquo This will ensure that you look put together all evening long.

Prom Pony with Textured Waves
Instagram @joicedalarosa

#4: Prom Pony with Textured Waves

If your goal is to look chic on prom night, then a textured ponytail hairstyle should be at the top of your list. It’s an easy-to-do style that looks beautiful for any occasion! To achieve smooth waves with texture, it’s best to start off with freshly washed hair. Wash before applying styling foam or light hold mousse root to tip. Use professional hot tools such as a ghd Curl Wand to create defined curls that can be tied up into a sleek high pony.

#5: Soft Glam Style on a Wavy Ponytail

Create a look to wow with a soft glam wavy ponytail. This style is easy to do for even beginners. Start by prepping hair with styling mousse and curling it in big waves. Then pull all your hair back into a sleek ponytail, secured at the nape of your neck. Finish off this glamorous look with a hairspray with a flexible hold. For extra glam, add sparkling clips or delicate pins around the edge of your ponytail.

#6: Mid-Length Overlap Low Pony

If you’re looking for high pony hairstyles for medium hair, try this super cute ponytail. It’s both easy to achieve and totally on-trend. To get the look, prep your hair with some light smoothing serum. Then blow dry with tension towards the back of your head, separating two 2-inch sections in the front. If you have money piece highlights, this will create a fun, dimensional look. Pull back all of your hair except these two sections into a low ponytail. Then take the two sections overlapping them around your ponytail holder. Secure with a bobby pin underneath the pony so it’s hidden. Finish with a medium to firm hold hairspray making sure to lay down all flyaways.

High Pony with Copper Voluminous Waves for Prom Night
Instagram @rjstylesco

#7: High Pony with Copper Voluminous Waves

If you’re looking for an easy, yet chic hairstyle to rock at prom, try creating a high, voluminous ponytail. To create this look first prep your hair with a texture spray like Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam. Use a crimping iron on the lower portion of your hair. It will add lift that is perfect for getting maximum volume out of the style! Then gather all but two sections into the center back starting at mid-scalp down. Do this to make sure each section really gives definition. Use bobby pins or fancy barrettes if desired, then finish off with a flexible hairspray to hold.

Sleek Waves on Black Ponytail Hair for Prom
Instagram @cintiapjasso

#8: Sleek Waves on Black Ponytail Hair

The sleek waves on black ponytail hair are a stunning look for any special occasion. This hairstyle is perfect for prom. It looks elegant and sophisticated yet is still easy to achieve. To create this style, start by curling the hair with a large barrel curling iron. Then gather all of your hair into a ponytail at the mid-crown of your head. Secure with an elastic band and finish with hairspray to keep everything in place. For extra shine and definition, add a shine spray. This is lightweight but will stop flyaways and give an amazing mirror-like finish.

#9: Tousled Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

A tousled ponytail paired with wispy bangs can create an effortless look while also keeping your hairline and face looking soft and romantic. The tousled waves help to create a nice full ponytail with lots of volume. Adding a soft curl or wave to your ponytail with bangs will create a softness while also creating a messy, tousled look. Try using Amika Undone matte texture spray to add a bit of hold and texture to your hair, to keep it looking great all day and night.

Smooth Hollywood Wave Ponytail for Prom Night
Instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

#10: Smooth Hollywood Wave Ponytail

Ponytails are a classic for every occasion. Opt for a chic take by having the lengths waved and gathered at the nape. Cover bands with a lock of hair wrapped around the base and pinned to keep the look high-end. Talk to your stylist about adding extensions if your hair isn’t long or thick enough.

Romantic Braided Ponytail Hairstyle
Instagram @alexgaboury

#11: Romantic Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

A braided ponytail hairstyle is the epitome of simple, romantic, elegance. Ponytail hairstyles are simple to create yourself and hold well so you can dance the night away. Adding braids to any ponytail style makes your hairstyle look way more intricate and adds class and texture to your overall style.

#12: Wrapped Ponytail with a Face Frame

A wrapped ponytail with a face frame effect using loose curls is a staple hairstyle that screams elegance and sophistication. Face-framing curls are a great way to slim your face and can work with any face shape or style. Try adding more texture for a more lived-in effect.

#13: Sleek Low Ponytail with Loose Waves

A sleek low ponytail with loose waves is soft and romantic. A low ponytail works great if you have short or long hair because it can give the illusion of longer hair. By adding loose waves, you can create more volume and the illusion of thicker hair.

#14: Blonde Messy Waves on a Long Ponytail

Messy waves on a long ponytail make your ponytail more casual and lived-in. Because messy waves and a long ponytail is so simple, it creates a great foundation for accessories that can add individual style that works with your prom look.

Elegant Loose Twisted Ponytail
Instagram @ks.vanity

#15: Elegant Loose Twisted Ponytail

A loose twisted ponytail is a great way to build volume in your fine hair while keeping your hairstyle simple, elegant, and romantic. Twisted ponytails work well with short or layered hair because any loose layers can be pinned into the twist and blend in more easily. To keep a soft look while adding texture to your twists, try a dry texture spray and gently pull pieces of your twists to expand the piece you’re working with.

Sleek High Ponytail Updo
Instagram @amybaineshair

#16: Sleek High Ponytail Updo

If you love the simplicity of straight hair, try a sleek high ponytail updo. Using straight pieces to frame your face with a high ponytail updo for prom ensures from all angles that you have a beautiful profile while keeping hair managed and off of your neck and face. Sleek ponytails are elegant, edgy, and dynamic and can work well with any hair type.

Popular Ponytail Updo with Tousled Waves
Instagram @ca_belos

#17: Popular Ponytail Updo with Tousled Waves

A ponytail updo with tousled waves is one of the most popular high ponytail hairstyles for prom because it’s secure, easy to achieve, and has lots of volume. Adding texture and tousled waves means that as the night goes on, any fly-away hairs will blend in and enhance your look. This means you can dance the night away with no fear of messing up your hairstyle.

Unique Bubble Ponytail for Long Hair
Instagram @unite_hair

#18: Unique Bubble Ponytail for Long Hair

Try a bubble ponytail for long hair to create a unique hairstyle. Blonde hair can be fragile, and heat styling can be very damaging to light hair, so a bubble ponytail is a great way to have texture without adding damage to your hair from heat styling or backcombing. Make sure to add a dry texture spray or a volume powder to keep your bubbles big and fluffy.

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Wavy Prom Ponytail for Thick Hair
Instagram @lumehair

#19: Wavy Prom Ponytail for Thick Hair

Try using a wavy prom ponytail if you have thick hair. Thick hair is heavy, and hot, so high pony styles are a great way to keep big volume, elegant curls, and classic style while keeping your hair off of your face and neck. A ponytail will also reduce the amount of bulk around your face to prevent your hairstyle from taking over and drawing the eyes away from other features.

#20: Cute Tousled Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

A tousled ponytail paired with wispy bangs is a style that will allow a perfect face frame with a lifting effect. Ponytails with bangs are a great way to create a very simple and versatile style because your bangs can be customized to work with your face shape and hair texture.

#21: High Ponytail with a Face Frame and Braid

A high ponytail with a face frame and a braid is a great way to have a powerful and dynamic hairstyle. Black hair in a long high ponytail is an edgy look that works to lift your face and stand out against soft styles. To get a tight high ponytail, try looking up while tying the ponytail, this will make the bottom baby hairs tighter, creating a more sleek look.

Pretty Loose Ponytail with a Messy Texture
Instagram @sessionjulia

#22: Pretty Loose Ponytail with a Messy Texture

A loose ponytail with a messy texture is one of those classic and easy prom ponytail hairstyles that give you a huge payoff for small amounts of effort when styling. A loose ponytail with a messy texture is a great style for thin or short hair because the messy texture creates more volume, giving you the illusion of more hair.

#23: Gorgeous Prom Ponytail with Beach Waves

Try a prom ponytail with beach waves when you are looking for prom ponytail hairstyles for your long hair. Having long hair in a ponytail can help the style stay better while also keeping the long heavy hair off of your face. Having long hair styled up creates a lifting effect rather than dragging facial features down.

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#24: Wavy Boho Ponytail for Medium-Length Hair

Try a mid ponytail with big soft waves to create maximum volume while still having a sleek hairstyle. Big soft waves create elegance and gentle movement, so by adding that to a sleek ponytail, you can create a very dynamic and unique hairstyle that is secure and easy to create.

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#25: Mid Ponytail with Big, Soft Waves

Try a mid ponytail with big soft waves to create maximum volume while still having a sleek hairstyle. Big soft waves create elegance and gentle movement, so by adding that to a sleek ponytail, you can create a very dynamic and unique hairstyle that is secure and easy to create.

#26: Prom Pony Style with a Jeweled Accessory

Add elegance to your prom pony style with a jeweled accessory. Adding accessories is a great way to make a simple style more interesting and fancy. A simple pony can look casual, so by adding a jeweled accessory, you create that next level of elegance and beauty.

#27: Textured Low Ponytail for Thin Hair

A textured low ponytail is perfect if you have thin hair. Fine or thin hair can be hard to style, and often can collapse with too much product. There are many variations of low ponytail hairstyles for prom, so there are lots of ways to make the style work with your hair type. To add a little extra bling, try using a fancy hair tie to accessorize.

#28: Elevated Ponytail with Soft Curls

A ponytail with soft curls is a powerful and dynamic hairstyle. An elevated ponytail creates a lifting effect, while volume in the ponytail adds density to your style giving you the appearance of more hair.

#29: Side Dutch Braid on a Low Ponytail

Bring extra texture to your hairstyle by adding a side dutch braid on a low ponytail. With so many braided ponytail prom hairstyles to choose from, a side braid has become a staple accent. Pull the pieces of your braid out for a bigger and fuller braid. Don’t be afraid to give the braid a more messy texture for a more lived-in look.

#30: Flirty Long Voluminous Ponytail with Waves

A long voluminous ponytail with waves is a perfect way to bring movement and definition to your brown hair. Often, darker hair tends to make for a less defined style, so adding waves to a ponytail brings out more movement which gives definition to your darker hair.

#31: Soft Fishtail Braid for a Pony Hairstyle

Try a soft fishtail braid to compliment your pony hairstyle. A soft braided pony is one of the simple and elegant prom styles that are easy to do and creates a classic style to complement any hairstyle for prom.

Amazing Wavy Ponytail with Pearls
Instagram @idohairbykmay

#32: Amazing Wavy Ponytail with Pearls

A wavy ponytail with pearls is a beautiful way to add a little extra interest to your simple style. By adding pearls throughout your style, you can create a very whimsical effect. A wavy ponytail is a great simple and elegant style that can be worn lived-in and casual or polished.

#33: Soft Low Ponytail with Loose Curls

For a romantic hairstyle, try a low ponytail with loose curls. Low ponytails create a softer look and the loose curls bring elegance and face-framing. To create a less soft and more dynamic look, utilize a high ponytail with curls. High ponytails have a more lifting effect, while low ponytails have a softening effect.

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