19 Cutest Prom Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Wavy Hair on a Romantic Half-Up Hairstyle

This romantic half-up hairstyle is perfect for medium-length hair! Wavy locks give your look a charming touch, making it flirty and feminine. Finish with volumizing spray and use a large curling iron to provide tousled waves. You can lightly backcomb the top section of your head to create volume before pinning it in place. And this will help lock the style into place. Last, secure everything with hairspray to ensure those wavy locks stay all night long! For one final touch, spritz on some Oribe Superfine Hair Spray. It will give you an added shine without any crunchiness.

#2: Soft Messy Top Knot with Tendrils

One of the cutest and trendiest looks for prom is a soft, messy top knot with tendrils! First, use a root-boosting spray on dry or wet hair to create extra volume to get this look. Then part your hair in the middle and mist hairspray onto the mid-lengths and ends of your tresses. Start making two regular buns on the back of your head against each other. Secure them with textured clear elastic bands. After that, let some pieces fall out in front and style it to one side using mousse or hairspray for definition. Add shine by spritzing serum over your entire style for a sophisticated finish! Finish off with Bumble & Bumble’s Brilliance Shine Spray for maximum luster.

#3: Twisted Low Bun with Flower Accessories

Try a twisted low bun with flower accessories for a classic and feminine look. This effortlessly chic prom hair style is perfect for medium-length hair. To style, start by best prepping your hair with a heat protectant. Spritz in some texturizing spray to create a hold that lasts all night. Loosely twist small sections of hair around each other until you reach the nape of the neck. Secure with elastic bands and pins. Pin any extra pieces into an elegant bun shape and accessorize with flowers of your choice to set it in place!

Medium-Length Effortless Sleek Low Bun for Prom
Instagram @creation.by.ju

#4: Effortless Sleek Low Bun

You can just style your hair in an effortless sleek low bun. Pulling your hair back is an effortless way to style your hair for any formal event. Leaving out face-framing pieces creates a softness to your style. Great for anyone with thick or finer hair wanting to have the illusion of fullness.

#5: French Braid with a Twisted Bun

Wear your hair in a French braid with a twisted bun for a prom or wedding event. Braided hair is a timeless way to pull back your hair while leaving a textured look. Leaving out a few face-framing pieces around your face will create softness.

#6: Double Dutch Braids and a Knot

Try double dutch braids and a knot for your next event. Wearing your hair in braids is a great way to pull your hair away from your face. Great for anyone who has thick hair. A braided look is also perfect for any length of hair. Remember to check out different accessories you can add as well.

Medium Low Ponytail with Side Braids for Your Prom
Instagram @veronicavisage

#7: Low Ponytail with Side Braids

If you’re searching for prom hairstyles for medium hair, you can try a low ponytail with added side braids. This style is perfect for a timeless look. Even though it feels like a ponytail, all you need to do is add curls and braids to get formal hairstyles for medium hair. Great for any texture hair type.

#8: Formal Medium-Length Low Bun with a Face Frame

A formal medium-length low bun with a face frame makes you look like you put time, care, and effort into your hair. After your stylist pre-curls your hair, sections will be twisted into soft knots to mimic a floral look. Classy, tasteful, and trendy for any prom event!

Prom Relaxed Rope Braid in a Low Bun for Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @veronicavisage

#9: Relaxed Rope Braid in a Low Bun

Have a long mane and need to hide away some of your hair for the evening? That is possible with this relaxed rope braid in a low bun. Your hair can be curled, braided, and tucked away to keep your hair off of your shoulders with bobby pins that are secure enough to keep your hair in place. Show this to your stylist for your next celebration!

Mid-Length Half Braided 'Do on Highlighted Hair for Prom
Instagram @veronicavisage

#10: Half Braided ‘Do on Highlighted Hair

A half braided ‘do on highlighted hair is one of the best styles for our younger event attendees! Classy but youthful at the same time, especially when adding fun clips and braids into this hairstyle. Perfect for any flower girl!

Mid-Length Rolled Down-Do Style with a Vine Hairpiece for Prom
Instagram @veronicavisage

#11: Rolled Down-Do Style with a Vine Hairpiece

Channel your inner diva with this rolled down-do style with a vine hairpiece! This is a very advanced updo that has to be in the right hands to make it possible. The hairpiece is a beautiful touch to take this style to the next level. Make sure you have a couple of hairspray applications for an all-day hold!

Medium Overlap Low Bun with Face-Framing Loose Waves for Prom
Instagram @hairbymiftar

#12: Overlap Low Bun with Face-Framing Loose Waves

Check out this overlap low bun with face-framing loose waves! You’ll see hair left out around the hairline in this prom look. It’s perfect for girls who like to have some hair left out around their faces. To finish this look, ensure this style is secured to your head by shaking your head a bit and adding a few coats of hairspray to lock it in.

#13: Side Part Style and Voluminous Waves

Looking for an easy prom style? This side part style and voluminous waves are complete with curls and volume that you will surely enjoy. Show this to your stylist next time you have a night on the town.

#14: Half Down Style with a Braided Headband

Prom is coming up, and you’ll need to be equipped with some pictures to show your stylist. So why not try this half-down style with a braided headband? A style like this includes curls and a few bobby pins, complete with a braid to keep your hair out of your face as you dance the night away.

Mid-Length Bohemian Curly Hairstyle with Gold Cuffs for Prom
Instagram @curly.hair.boo

#15: Bohemian Curly Hairstyle with Gold Cuffs

Looking for a style to wear your hair down but keep your hair out of your face? A bohemian curly hairstyle with gold cuffs is a refreshing option and is easy to do. After diffusing your curls with your favorite gel or mousse, section out your hairline and secure it in place with clips of your choice. I recommend No.4’s Hairspray to keep this style in place all day long.

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#16: Messy Low Bun with Piece-y Waves

Are you tired of the same old hair buns? When you’re ready to pick your style for your next event, please look at this messy low bun with piece-y waves. Your hair will be pre-curled into soft waves and partially pinned back so that the excess hair along your hairline can frame your face. Besides the prom, this style is great for bohemian or farmhouse weddings!

#17: Side-Parted Sleek Hollywood Waves

Need to look good for an event, but updos aren’t your thing? Try these side-parted sleek Hollywood waves for your prom look. These waves are elegantly combed into place with a deep side part without worrying about bobby pins or hair ties popping out as you dance the night away. Finish with a shine spray for a shiny finish!

Mid-Length French Twist with a Twist for Prom
Instagram @oanarusu5

#18: French Twist with a Twist

This is a newer, cleaner version of the most popular prom hairstyle of all time: a bundle of curls at the back of your head. The difference is the softness of your hair, smooth to the back, and the texture of the curls cascading down. Soft side swept bangs also help bring the style up to date. Add subtle highlighting to add dimension and visual interest.

How To Style:

  1. After prepping hair with styling products, use a medium barrel curling iron to create vertical or horizontal curls through the back of your hair.
  2. Section off the front and sides of your hair and smooth the rest of your hair to the back. You can either put it in a ponytail if you want to cut back on the amount of bobby pin weight and speed the process up, or you can use only bobby pins instead of a ponytail and have more control over the final shape of the style with more length available for styling.
  3. Smooth the front and sides back and pin next to the ponytail or underneath the curls if you’ve used bobby pins exclusively.
  4. Run your fingers through the curls to separate them, then pin them according to the finished shape you’re looking for.
  5. Use a flat iron to smooth your bangs, then mist hair with a medium-hold finishing spray.

Recommended Hair Products:
Nexxus Versastyler Artistic Designing Lotion 10 is a fabulous prep product that will help improve the look and feel of your hair without any stickiness or flaking.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval, subtle round, square, or long face shapes can attempt this fun hairstyle. Fine to thick density with a smoothable texture that holds a curl is ideal hair to have for this look.

There are so many different ways to create curls! For stiff ribbon curls, spritz each section with hairspray before curling, then leave the curl alone once it’s done. For softer curls (like the curls in the photo), use a styling crème when prepping hair, and after you’ve curled your hair, use your fingers to separate and soften them. You can get a fun curl texture by wrapping your hair around the outside of the barrel, too!

#19: Glam Waves with a Middle Part

Glam waves enhanced with a middle part are a simple, elegant, versatile hairstyle for any event. Glam waves create beautiful movement and interest while framing the face and drawing the eye in. A middle part creates symmetry which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and elongates the face. A middle part helps create balance, drawing the eyes in toward the makeup look and the facial features you want to focus on. Because glam waves are a style that is moveable and worn loose, it’s essential to avoid heavy or wet products. High-hold products or wet hairspray will weigh the curls down and can make the curls look clumpy or hard.

Are you looking for just the right style for your prom? Curls or straight? Sleek or romantic? Bangs or fringe? With so many styles, things can get a little overwhelming. Here’s a selection of prom hairstyles for medium-length hair for all personality types. At least one, or a combination of a few, should work for you!