35 Cute & Easy Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Excited about going to prom but just don’t know how to wear your hair? Take a look at these amazing hairstyles that are perfect for the dance floor and for long hair. Make the most with your long tresses by showing off your length, or by opting to pull it back. Whatever style you choose, you’re sure to turn heads on your big night with these prom hairstyles for long hair.

Long Romantic Ponytail for the Prom
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#1: Long Romantic Ponytail

I love this look because it never goes out of style. Any look that has a soft texture and a boho feel are what I love to create. This ponytail is smooth on the bottom half so it looks professional, and the top half has been placed over loosely to allow the top to remain soft with some height. A ponytail might be classic, but anyone can pull this off just by changing the smoothness and position of the band.

For the best pony, the most crucial step is prepping your hair by blow drying it into the right shape with a setting spray. Here, I used Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray. Blow dry all your hair back at the front, get heaps of volume at the crown, and pull your hair up at the back. This way the roots will all sit in the right direction and ensure the pony is bump-free.

Stylish Double Braided Bun Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair

#2 Stylish Double Braided Bun

One is not enough, so make it a pair! This double braided bun is a long hair updo perfect for any elegant-themed events. The plaits look fuller on thick and platinum blonde tresses.

A Heavenly High Bun for Long Hair Prom Night

#3 A Heavenly High Bun

Topping off your loosened updo with a pearl hair accessory can create such a heavenly high bun. Strands hanging from the sides and nape area let your style have a more relaxed and softer finish. If you have dark brown locks that melt into a blonde hue, these then make everything extra elegant than ever!

Picture of a vintage-inspired half updo for long hair and prom

#4 Vintage-Inspired Long Half Updo

This sensational picture-perfect hairstyle will absolutely make everyone’s jaw drop with its sleek side bangs and wavy ends that are so full of volume. Leaves you feeling like a princess all night!

Flower Child hairstyle

#5 Flower Child Prom Hairstyle

I would describe this look as a flower child-inspired half up half down hairstyle. My favorite things about it are the different textures and vibes that all of the braids give off!

Before styling this, make sure your hair is not freshly washed, but not too dirty as well. Having it just in between the two will give it that messy, undone look you want when wanting a boho hairstyle. I think this hairstyle is perfect for the girl who is into more of the hipster and boho styles, with a messy and undone look!

Extra Long Jumbo Curls for Prom Long Hair

#6 Long Prom Hair Downdo With Jumbo Curls

These dreamy super long huge waves will surely take you to the spotlight on your prom night! An easy yet super beautiful hairstyle just waiting to be crowned!

Picture of a vintage-inspired half updo for long hair and prom

#7 Elegant Half Up Style

This look is elegantly classic. Our inspiration picture was a 50’s hairstyle. I would recommend volume and texture products to hold the volume at the root, so it’s not weighed down by the sheer amount of hair. A lightweight hairspray is helpful for those pesky flyaways, too.

Romantic Prom Hair With Swept Up Curls

#8 Romantic Prom Hair With Swept Up Curls

This look is a romantic half up half down hairstyle for prom. My favorite thing about this look is the volume. I was able to achieve it and the extra touch that braids add. To be able to get the volume they would need, I recommend this hairstyle to a client who has below-the-shoulder-length hair or longer, as well as thick hair.

This look is great for girls who love to have their hair down but, also would love to have components of an updo. Make sure to have lots of bobby pins and add some hairspray so that your hairstyle will stay in place all night.

Elegant Half Up Look hairstyle

#9 Elegant Half Up Hair

This half up hairstyle is simple, yet elegant! The two braids on either side give it just the right amount of detail without going overboard, and the relaxed curls give it the just right amount of texture.

This client had super thick, straight hair. After I curled each piece of hair, I sprayed the curl with Redken’s Control Addict 28 Hairspray to secure the curl before moving on to the next section. After curling the entire head, I teased the top of my client’s hair to add volume, then added a very loose French braid on either side of her head. The most important product to have when trying to achieve this style is hairspray!

#10: Flowing Twisted Prom Half Updo

This is an elegant half updo with a twist. I like that it is seamless and that there is no disconnect. It has a perfect flow. Any face shape and hair type can achieve this look. There is no limit to face shape or hair type. Anything is possible!

High Ponytail with Long Loose Waves for Prom
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#11: High Ponytail with Long Loose Waves

For a timeless look for your special night, you need to try a high ponytail with loose waves. Gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair don’t have to be complicated. It’s important to place your ponytail high on the crown for added height and volume. Try spraying your hair with a light-hold hairspray, such as Pureology’s Soft Hold. Do this before you curl and your waves will stay put all night. Apply a firm holding spray once you are finished curling. Try Pureology’s Lock It Down and you’ll have effortless waves that won’t droop.

Long Side Part Hair with Waves for Prom Night
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#12: Long Side Part Hair with Waves

When it comes to prom hairstyles, the long side part with waves is one of the most sophisticated choices. If you have lengthy locks, this style will make you look both chic and refined for your special night. To create this glamorous look, use Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream. It will give your hair some luminous shine as well as protect against humidity which can cause frizz. Apply about a dime-sized amount from mid-shafts to ends. Then blow dry with a round brush until all moisture has evaporated from your strands. During drying, don’t tug too hard on your sections of hair. Tugging could weaken them over time if done in excess.

Lovely Fishtail Braid
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#13: Lovely Fishtail Braid

Secure your long hair with an intricate braid. You’ll always feel supreme wearing fishtails!

#14: Princess-Inspired Half Updo

A simple half up, half down natural-looking princess upstyle like this will get every guy lining up for a dance! Accessorize with a cute bow or flowers for a touch of sweetness.

#15: Beautiful Prom Updo with a Braid

Try a beautiful prom updo with a braid for a simple and dressy look. One of the easiest styles to do is a braid, then pull your hair into a ponytail, curl the ends, and you’re done. You’ll be ready to dance and have the best night of your life.

#16: Half Up & Half Down Long Hairstyle

This is a simple yet elegant style and the perfect look to make you feel like a princess on your big night. When creating this look yourself, always use a heat-protecting spray before curling your hair to ensure your gorgeous strands stay happy! Backcombing at your crown will create not just volume, but fabric to hold the pins in so they don’t slip out during the day or night. Layering hairspray (spray, smooth, spray, repeat) as you smooth out the half French roll will tame all of those pesky flyaways!

If you are looking for prom hairstyles for long hair that are more free-flowing the whole night, the half updo style should definitely be in contention. Another thing I really like about this style is that it’s versatile. If you feel it’s too sharp around your face, just leave out a little more hair to frame and soften your look.

Long Braid Bump
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#17: Long Braid Bump

Try a slightly messy low updo look, with French braids on the sides. This style is quick because it doesn’t need to be curled beforehand. Like any updo, it’s easier to do on hair that has not been just washed, ideally second-day hair. The braids are a good way to tame thick hair, as well as give the illusion of thickness to thinner hair. They will also keep your hair out of your face for dancing. The only product necessary is a light hairspray at the end, and it’s always good to keep extra bobby pins, in case anything comes loose.

Soft and Romantic Updo
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#18: Soft and Romantic Updo

This effortless-looking hairstyle is great for warm nights and showing off dress details, as it keeps your hair up & out of the way. This style suits all hair lengths, and you can also add in hair extensions if you want a fuller-looking bun. I recommend this textured, perfectly imperfect hairstyle as it’s a perfect way to showcase balayage and ombre highlighted hair.

To create this look, blow-dry your hair with a styling aid (I used a liquid texture spray). Then add dry texture spray throughout your hair to give your hair some ‘grip’. Section out the sides, backcomb to the middle section, and take into a low ponytail, then back pull out through the top to give a ‘textured’ look. Backcomb the ponytail to increase volume, then smooth it out and pin it to one side of your head. Then pull it back across to the other side and pin it in to create a bun shape. Take the sides in next by twisting them slightly to create some detail, overlap, and pin them into your bun, leaving a few delicate ends out around your bun. Leave some hair out around your face to frame, and use a medium or firm hairspray to set your look.

Hollywood Waves for Long Hair
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#19: Hollywood Waves for Long Hair

Hollywood waves are a staple for long hair when looking for a classic and elegant prom hairstyle. Hollywood waves are simple to achieve, easy to accessorize, and widely known for elegance, class, and romance. Hollywood waves are created by wrapping small sections of hair around a curling iron all in the same direction. For best hold, pin them in place while they cool then gently brush out, align the waves, and use a light hairspray.

#20: Cute Braided Side Pony

A side-braided loose ponytail for prom is perfect if you plan to dance all night long! This style keeps your hair glamorous throughout and off your face for a fresh look.

#21: Modern French Twist

This look is the bohemian French twist. It’s a modern update on the classic French twist. It has a loose romantic feel as opposed to the structured classic. It’s an undone twist with lots of curls and pieces down around the face. Make sure to use a workable hairspray for a little hold but lots of flexibility.

Edgy topsy tail for prom
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#22: Edgy Topsy Long Prom Fishtail

I would describe this look as a boho fishtail pony that can be dressed up or down depending on the look desired. My favorite thing about this hairstyle is the ribbon effect it gives your hair. Fishtails have become very popular prom hairstyles for long hair. This style is best achieved on girls with medium to long hair with one length or long layers. This style can be achieved on any hair density or texture. This look is edgy but feminine and can be worn by all ages.

#23: Throwback With a Modern Twist

This look can be worn for a romantic gala, an elegant wedding, or even an extravagant night out at your prom. The mixture of pin curls and knots gives it a throwback look into the 50s with a modern twist. If you are looking for an upstyle and have very dense hair, this look is for you. The curls tend to build on one another, and the more hair you have, the larger the curls. For ladies trying to achieve this look, look for any colors that pop or stand out more and use those for the top pieces to be displayed. This will really enhance the formation. Also, use lots of hairspray!

Modern French Twist Prom Style
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#24: Modern French Twist Prom Style

Here’s a modern French twist prom style that suits your glamorous gown! The movement in this look is beautiful, with the matching wavy strands from the hairline. The combination of brown and blonde shades seems satisfying and unbeatable. My favorite thing about this updo is how effortless it looks. A hairstyle that is classic, polished, and for every woman who wants an elegant chic style.

It’s perfect for the girl who has medium-length hair and wants to put it up and thinks she can not. I’m here to tell you that the French twist allows that. Since this style has been around for ages, you can also make it super modern by adding texture to the style, leaving cascade pieces of hair around the face. Separate your hair with your hands, so it isn’t so smooth.

Stylish Boho Chic Pony
Instagram @theupstylegirl

#25: Stylish Boho Chic Pony

Put your rich brunette strands up into this textured, effortless ponytail! A look that’s ideal for a wild night.

#26: Gorgeous Braided Bun Updo

Better try this gorgeous braided bun updo for prom for such a divine finish! It’s the type of style that you must get if you are blessed with bronde tresses. Long, thick hair creates a natural-looking texture, which completes your prom night outfit. You can also add wavy face-framing pieces for a softer touch.

Simple Chignon
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#27: Simple Chignon

Ideal for your thick, long hair that appears very smooth in a blonde shade! This simple chignon is twisted to complement the loose waves of your tresses. Letting some strands of your locks hang around your face adds a softer touch to this entire low chignon.

A Delightful Dutch Braid
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#28: A Delightful Dutch Braid

A delightful Dutch braid will grant your dark, long locks a sweet and sassy appearance. Looking sleek with this trend, you’ll be enjoying the night with your friends.

#29: Cute Rope Braid

Feel and look beautiful on your prom night with this cute rope braid. Looking shiny on long blonde locks, this is about to give you a significant amount of confidence. Complete the look with texture and face-framing pieces for a softer finishing touch.

If your hair is too long, it simply will not work. This look will work best for clients with collarbone length to the middle of the shoulder blades. Fine to medium thickness will be perfect for this style. You will need to use some products that provide texture, such as texture sprays or dry wax sprays. This will create that piecey, textured look.

#30: Easy Braided Ponytail

A loose hairstyle makes a casual feel unless a texture upgrades your blonde, wavy locks. This easy braided ponytail looks extravagant in its own way. With additional face-framing waves, you got to have confidence in this upcoming prom!

It’s not a typical version of the ponytail, as it has two side-going fishtail braids. A classic updo gets more interesting with these braids, and that’s why I love this look very much. I think this hairstyle can be worn by girls with any dress style!

#31: Elegant Low Bun Updo

Add flair to a down-do hairstyle by showing off your wavy, brown locks. Streaks of platinum blonde will outline the movement of your waves, too! Face-framing strands and hair jewels are vital details to finish the whole low bun updo.

I would advise wearing this style with off-shoulder dresses in order to show a beautiful back-neckline. I also like creating some loose curls that contour around the face to focus on your pretty makeup. I curled the hair using a 25-mm curler or sometimes a 32-mm if I want the curls softer. To create more volume and extra texture, I love to use Osis Volume Up. It’s also important to add grip to your roots, so use pins to make your hair stay in place.

#32: Naturally Curly Half Up Half Down

Let your natural hair texture be your best feature! Flaunt your long, blonde mane with braids for extra glam. Wear this naturally curly half-up, half-down style, and make the prom your special night.

Feminine Long Beach Waves for Prom Night
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#33: Feminine Long Beach Waves

These textured long beach waves are looking so extra! The movement is random, creating a romantic edge to a down hairstyle. The metallic shade of dark rose gold balayage is one reason you’ll be the queen of the night.

#34: Prom-Inspired Fishtail Braids

These fishtail braids on natural copper hair are too glorious to handle! The half-up, half-down style carries out a boho vibe, which fits your long, wavy locks. Wear this look at the prom, and you’ll win the heart of everybody.

#35: Messy Braid Bun

Simply romantic! It’s the texture that makes this messy braid bun all flowy and graceful. Your dimensional blonde is sure to complete its soft, chic finish. I love the look of this braided bun! It’s loose and tousled and has a slightly undone look to it. I love that it looks effortless like you just casually tossed it up without putting much time into it. Plus, braids are so on-trend right now and just add interest and texture into every look!

This look would be more easily achieved on slightly dirty hair. Add a little dry shampoo at the root for extra volume and dry texture spray on the mids and ends for a little roughness and texture. If you have longer or thicker hair, expect a larger bun which is still beautiful just a slightly different look. For loose tendrils around the face, you’ll need to have some light layering around your face, generally around collarbone length or shorter.