Dare To Be Different? Try An Unusual Prom Hairstyle!

It’s your prom night – it’s a special night that will never be duplicated again. Let your hair reflect that – be different, but keep the latest trends, with different textures.

“Incorporate crimped textures on top of smooth section. Add a braid, tease the back, create an exaggerated pompadour; stand out!” suggests Douglas David of Douglas Carroll Salon.

“I say go for the really short bangs – a la Rooney Mara!,” offers Thai Le, a stylist at Frank Cassi Beauty in Florida. “She is rocking a very short blunt bang right now – it is very severe but it’s insurance that you will definitely stand out in a crowd.”

chignon unusual prom hairstyle

More Ideas…

– Bigger can be better! Teasing for extra volume or tight curls for body that’ll last all night.

– Embrace bright colors and metallics for hair embellishments. There are numerous hair accessories that will take your style to the next level. Try them yourself or bring an assortment to your stylist for ideas during your consultation. (headbands, hair clips, extension clip ins)

– Bright colors!  No need to scare your parents, bright colors can be temporary. Add highlights or go all over bold. Don’t be shy in making a statement with your prom hairstyle.

“If you want to be more daring create a braided look combined with an edgy punky height along the top of the hair.  You can do that by braiding your hair upward from the back to the top of the hair then teasing the ends and spraying to keep height, says Samira Eid, stylist at Cristophe Beverly Hills.