25 Cute Prom Hairstyles for 2024 – Updos, Braids, Half Ups & Down Dos

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Cute Soft Wavy Rooted Blonde Hair for Prom Night
Instagram @olacieslik_mup

#1: Soft Wavy Rooted Blonde Hair

Elegantly soft and wavy rooted blonde hair is a great choice for prom. It can be styled into an updo, braid, half up, or down ‘do to create beautiful and unique looks. With the right products, this style will stay in place all night. And, all while still looking effortless and natural. For maximum hold, use a strong-hold hairspray and some lightweight gel. Both help to keep every strand in place without feeling sticky or heavy. To finish off the look add some shine spray.

Simple Top Braid hairstyle for the prom

#2 Simple Top Braid

I would describe this look as a simple top braid. I love how effortless this was, but also that it’s not the same style everyone else has. I used Unite Glossing Spray for the curls and Unite Second Day Finishing Cream on the braid for no fuzziness. I recommend this look for the client who doesn’t want a full on updo, but wants the top back and out of their face.

Loose Fishtail Bun hairstyle for Prom

#3 Loose Fishtail Bun

I would describe this look as a half up, half down loose fishtail bun. My favorite thing about it is that it was so easy to do, but it looks intricate, and you put in a lot of effort to create it. Teasing, teasing, and more teasing! The two keys to creating this look are adding volume at your crown and using a pancaking technique (pulling sections of the braid out) to make it look bigger and fuller. This same bun could be made with any braid; however, I prefer the fishtail with this look.

Curled Bun with Braided Detail Prom Hairstyle

#4 Curled Bun with Braided Detail

Go for an elegant curled bun updo with braided detail for your prom night. Start out by giving your hair extra body by backcombing sections. I recommend a detangling brush to bring your hair over the backcombing and make it look neat. As this is an updo, there are no curl holding products necessary, just ensure hairspray is used.

When bringing your bun back, leave out two sections in the front that are identical and set them aside. Once your hair is up, curl and pin as needed. When doing the braid, pull it apart to make it look fuller and thicker. Once that’s done, tuck it into your bun to hide the ends.

Classic Soft Curls hairstyle for Prom

#5 Classic Soft Curls

This is a very classy but simple hairstyle. Curl all your hair in one direction with a ghd. Use some small sections and some bigger to give you that variation of curl. Once all your hair is curled, let it cool down for a few minutes. Once your hair is cooled down, use your fingers to softly run through your hair, starting from one side and going across. This will give you the classic soft curls. Finish off with a light spray.

Worry-Free Upstyle for Prom Night

#6 Worry-Free Upstyle

This side style is romantic, soft, and perfect for any prom! I love how the style accentuates the dimension in the blonde and gives a worry-free upstyle that you can wear to dance your night away.

Trusting in your curling iron is the best tip I could ever give. Curl your hair with the volume and direction for that section you want to achieve right from the start! Dryspun is a great texturizing spray that I used at the root of the hair to create a base throughout the style. I also used it on the mids to ends to be able to gently pull apart each curl to achieve softness to the overall style.

Cute amazing waterfall braid for prom
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#7: Amazing Waterfall Braid

This waterfall weave is a look that is casual, chic, and modern. It’s always an eye-catcher and special. The waves integrate fabulously into the weave. It’s a very playful romantic hairstyle. To ensure it holds well during your prom dance, I recommend you incorporate some hair foam in your lengths and before you blow dry your hair.

#8: Lovely Braided Updo

This straight golden blonde hair looks magnificent when paired with a braid and twisted low bun. It’s a great look for any big and romantic special occasion!

#9: Simple Twisted Half Up Half Down

I love this half-up style as it suits all hair lengths and thicknesses. It’s ideal if you don’t want to commit to a full updo but want a bit of detail in your style. This look is great if your hair holds a curl, too.

#10: Low Messy Bouffant with Face-Framing Bangs

Try a low messy bouffant with face-framing bangs to give an easy, lived-in elegance to your prom style. Messy bouffants are a great way to give an ‘up-do’ effect on short hair while still feeling loose and simple. Face-framing bangs allow for a softer look and a beautiful eye-guiding transition from your makeup to your hairstyle. Loose waves are perfect for framing your face because they are known for their romantic elegance. To achieve these simple loose face-framing bangs, use low heat and light products and curl away from your face. Comb through your curls until they are in the ideal position, then add your products for touchable hold and avoid touching them after.

#11: Charming & Sweet Side Braid

A charming pleated accent would complement a long honey blonde hair for a dainty look.

#12: Champagne-Colored Elegant Updo for Long Hair

Champagne-colored locks will sparkle brighter than the prom queen’s crown with this romantic textured upstyle.

Eye-Pleasing & Modern French Braids for Prom Night
Instagram @stylingco

#13: Eye-Pleasing & Modern French Braids

A seriously stunning up-style, this braided and twisted messy bun is ideal for hair with ombre colors, as it shows a super dimensional and eye-pleasing work of art!

#14: Gorgeous Lob with Flowers

Balance your very modern tousled shoulder-length hair with a pretty floral accessory! Let your hair down freely with this super easy style.

The Cutest Chignon for Prom
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#15: The Cutest Chignon

Keep things on the chic side with an elegant and sleek low twisted bun. It’s neat and allows you to put more attention on your face for your make-up and accessories.

Feminine Dutch Braid Prom Hairstyle
Instagram @wb_upstyles

#16: Feminine Dutch Braid

On prom night, try a vintage braid on the side, winding back into an undone bun in the back with curls! It’s a look that has been a staple for prom queens!

#17: Fun Fishtail Braid

This braid is modern and edgy yet feminine. Your hair type should be medium to long, straight hair. What I like most about this braid is that it has 4 identical sides. This hairstyle is amazing if you want to make a statement or stand out in a crowd. In my opinion, this hairstyle’s personality is powerful and flirtatious.

#18: High Contrast Peach Balayage

I would describe this look as a high contrast peach balayage! My favorite thing about this look is that even though it is high contrast, the colors still blend nicely together. I think with all fashion colors, the client should be aware of the maintenance. They fade quickly and to keep the vibrancy, the color needs to be touched up quite frequently. Washing your hair in cooler water and using professional products will help retain your color.

#19: Whimsically Soft Upstyle

I would describe this look as a whimsically soft yet tousled upstyle. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s a fun “best of both worlds” look because it’s styled with a little messy sass. This look is perfect if you crave an effortless yet gorgeous look that can be dressed either up or down. This style works for all hair types and lengths. For thicker hair types, I recommend braiding the lower section of hair from your occipital bone to your nape (width-wise) and pinning it to your nape to use as a base.

#20: Elegant Curls

I would describe this style as an elegant, chic and voluminous look that is a great option for a wedding, prom, or ball. My favorite thing about this look is all of the curls. From the pin curls to the voluminous curls and the small detailed curls throughout this look, I love them all! Rock this style and rock it well. It can be worn more than one day with the use of Beyond the Zone humidity blocking spray and holding spray.

Loosely Braided hairstyle for the prom
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#21: Loosely Braided

This look is just so versatile. It is an excellent option for second-day hair, but by adding some volume at the crown and face-framing tendrils, you are ready for prom. If you are considering this style for a formal event, know that looser styles can evolve throughout the evening as opposed to staying secure like a proper updo. Evolution into a sultry style is great, but evolving completely is something you can avoid by hiring a stylist with an excellent reputation.

Consider this style if you want to take your own braiding skills to the next level. You can accomplish this look yourself, but I recommend purchasing a hinged mirror for your bathroom vanity. Seeing the front and back of your hair as you style will change your life. And most hinged mirrors come with the added benefit of a magnifying mirror on the flip side, so your winged liner game will be stronger than ever!

#22: Boho Mermaid

I would describe this look as a boho mermaid goes to prom. This look is good if you want a nice style without looking too formal. The braided rose half up gives the style a little something extra.

To create this style, use the BioIonic 1-inch Style Winder, Amika UnDone Texture Spray, Living Proof Humidity Shield, and Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray. The waves can be beachy or glam, depending on your preference. To achieve the “roses”, make ponytails at half up level, twist your hair to the ends, pull the twist apart for texture, then wrap it around itself.

Creatively Crimped Updo Prom hairstyle
Instagram @oxana.leon

#23: Creatively Crimped Updo

This textured updo is so elegant and unique! You have to use a small crimper iron and work through all of your hair to prep it for the updo. This technique gives nice texture and volume to your hair. This prom style is good for thin, medium-length hair. You can create this updo for special occasions or fun night out.

#24: Simple Boho Style

I would describe this as a boho hairstyle. It’s a simple and natural look, and the braided crown is my favorite part. I recommend a medium-hold hairspray for the finishing touch. As a tip for longer-lasting curls, I like to pin the curls after curling, spray, let them set/dry, and then release them.

#25: Romantic Braid

I would describe this look as tousled and romantic. My favorite thing about this style is that it plays as a double look. It’s down, but still swept up into a ponytail, which is perfect for prom.

One tip to make this look secure is to braid the section of your hair from the occipital bone to your nape. Make sure the braid is gently pulled to create a wider braid, which will be the foundation to pin your curls into. I recommend Goldwell Style Sign Perfect Hold Big Finish Volume Hairspray. It’s great for a strong yet flexible hold while enhancing the fullness of your look.

You finally have your dress, your shoes, your accessories and your make up all planned out, now you need just one more thing to be prom-ready — your hair! Here are seriously cute prom hairstyles to help you decide on your ‘do for this awesome event. Know that you are beautiful regardless of what hair, make up and dress you choose. Make sure to have fun at your prom and create beautiful memories with friends to look back on. Now go and dance the night away in one of these cute updo’s, down do’s, half up do’s, braids and more!