25 Romantic Bun Hairstyles for Prom That Are Easy to Do

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Side Fishtail Braid with a Messy Bun

Women looking for an “undone” upstyle should try a side fishtail braid with a messy bun. The messy updo has become more popular as “undone” looks are very in, but buns can still play a part in the overall hairstyle for prom. There is no wrong way to do it!

Easy Effortless High Twist Bun Prom Hairstyle
Instagram @rjstylesco

#2: Easy Effortless High Twist

This is an easy and effortless high twist hairstyle. Here are a few styling tips for thick-haired girls who want a high bun for prom. Smooth hair with a round brush and either a flat iron or a curling iron before styling. Then, increase the height and width of your bun. Tuck all extra hair in with a big twist. Use a pin to secure the twist. Let a fringe piece and some tendrils out of the bun. This will give a romantic, effortless vibe.

Boho French Twist Bun with Wavy Pieces for Prom
Instagram @updos.by.jocelyn

#3: Boho French Twist with Wavy Pieces

When you think of boho style, you might picture loose, sultry, and textured hairstyles. Now, create your version. Start by separating a few inches of your fringe from the rest of your hair to create an effortless updo. Next, make a loose French twist and hold it firmly. Then, gently tug the French twist and other parts of the hair to add more volume. Finally, blend the hair strands at the front into the twist, letting a few loose pieces stick out to nail the soft boho look.

Romantic Low Loose Bun with Pearl Accessories for Prom Night
Instagram @zoandcoleah

#4: Romantic Low Loose Bun

Looking for a style that’s simple yet stunning? Opt for a romantic low loose bun. This easy yet chic bun hairstyle is always on trend and looks good with any hue.

Soft Voluminous High Bun Updo for Prom
Instagram @hairdo.byvera

#5: Soft Voluminous High Updo

If you know how to use a hair tie, you can create this simple, elegant bun. Adding curls with a curling iron or hot rollers for extra body and texture is helpful when doing up styles. Hot rollers are great to set you can do your makeup while they cool down. You will want to separate your top crown area from the back while creating a high twisted bun. Once the bun is in place, separate the fringe from the rest. Then, twist the remaining hair into the bun. This creates a wavy fall through the crown and side of the hair.

#6: Low Pinned Bun for Long Hair

If you are looking for a dance party hairdo, a low-textured bun can dress you up. It’s a romantic and elegant look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To create this look, start by brushing your hair back and then use bobby pins to secure the bun at the nape of the neck. Pull out a few strands around the face and add waves for a softer look. To finish, add a floral hair accessory for a feminine touch. For a stronger hold, use hairspray. Prom low bun hairstyles are the easiest way to dress up any look.

Soft Mid Bun with Face-Framing Pieces
Instagram @morganhairco

#7: Soft Mid Bun with Face-Framing Pieces

Women with thin hair should try a soft mid-bun with face-framing pieces. Easy prom bun hairstyles will give a lot of oomph to fine hair. The reason? Mid-buns allow the stylist to push up the hair at your crown, creating volume and keeping everything in place.

Neat Prom Bun with Framing Pieces
Instagram @rjstylesco

#8: Neat Bun with Framing Pieces

Start by creating a neat bun with framing pieces. A low bun works well if you have medium-length hair and want a style that suits less hair. If you need a fuller look, put a hair donut around the ponytail to increase bun volume. Put your hair in a low ponytail, then split it into two parts. Twist these in opposite directions to create a smooth bun. If you don’t want a sleek look, leave some tendrils loose around your face. Use a curling iron for additional texture.

Bun with Twists and Feather Hair Clip
Instagram @evihairsalon

#9: Bun with Twists and Feather Hair Clip

Add accessories to your prom hairdo! Ask for a bun with twists and a feather hair clip. Prom hairstyles like this are great for dark hair as the voluminous twists will add interest to your lengths, while the feather hair clip, or any accessory, will shine brightly against a darker background.

Mid Bun with Wavy Pieces
Instagram @beautybyashley

#10: Mid Bun with Wavy Pieces

A mid bun with wavy pieces is an excellent choice for brown hair. The soft twists and turns of the mid bun will add detail to dark hair, making lengths more interesting and unique.

Full Chignon with a Pearl Hair Vine
Instagram @beautybyashley

#11: Full Chignon with a Pearl Hair Vine

Try a classic full chignon with a pearl hair vine. The use of hair accessories is a great way to update a classic look like the chignon.

#12: Textured Top Bun

Women who love to wear a topknot should wear a textured top bun. This version of prom high bun hairstyles brings a more modern edge with its purposely undone texture and additional hair accessories.

#13: Relaxed Twisted Updo

The relaxed twisted updo is an easy braided updo for long hair. An intricate prom style is easy to wear as the braids help distribute the weight of your lengths across your whole scalp, rather than focusing a plethora of hairpins in one place. Women looking for an all-night bun hairstyle for prom should definitely try a relaxed twisted updo.

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#14: Wavy Low Bun with Twists

Length isn’t necessary for a wavy low bun with twists! Easy bun hairstyles for medium hair are completely possible with a bit of texture and a few pins. Keeping the bun low will also allow you to maximize your texture and volume up top, while still keeping the appearance of a full updo.

#15: Sleek and Straight Low Bun

If a simple bun hairstyle is what you desire, opt for a sleek and straight low bun. This updo works particularly well with straight hair as it plays on its natural sleekness. For an extra dose of shine before you head out, spritz your style with a shine spray- like Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray.

Overlapped Bun Updo
Instagram @maeganadamczyk

#16: Overlapped Bun Updo

The ultimate “low key” style is the overlapped bun updo. When it comes to prom, low bun hairstyles are fairly common, but this undone take is sure to turn heads.

#17: Twisted Bun with a Pearl and Crystal Hair Comb

Everybody loves a twisted bun with a pearl and crystal hair comb! Cute low bun hairstyles are sure to make you feel like a princess at prom.

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#18: Intricate Huge Low Bun

Women with thick hair should opt for an intricate huge low bun. This enticing upstyle leaves enough room for each and every strand to be curled, coiled, and pinned. As an added bonus, a low bun style will keep pressure off the crown of the head, which is essential in styling uber thick hair lengths.

Messy Bun with an Accent Side Braid
Instagram @alyceparis

#19: Messy Bun with an Accent Side Braid

Women who desire a boho style should try a messy bun with an accent side braid. Prom messy bun hairstyles are a universally flattering option for any and every woman.

Sleek Side Bun with a Pearl Vine Headband
Instagram @fodraszinfo

#20: Sleek Side Bun with a Pearl Vine Headband

Women who desire a higher fashion style should try a sleek side bun with a pearl vine headband. Prom side bun hairstyles aren’t always thought of as “high-fashion,” but the contrast of uber sleek roots to the heavily textured bun will make any woman feel runway-worthy.

#21: Romantic Bun Updo with Floral Hairpins

Women looking for fancy bun hairstyles should try a romantic bun updo with floral hairpins. This soft, romantic upstyle is an easy-to-wear look and works with any hair type.

#22: Low Bun with Double Dutch Braids

A low bun with double dutch braids is an updated take on classic prom braid hairstyles. The softer, boho version combines the uniform pattern of braids while still giving off a more relaxed vibe. The key to getting a fancy updo to look as effortless as it does is to pull the braids out slightly before securing the bun at the nape.

#23: Curled Bun Updo with Hair Chains

Make formal bun hairstyles more fun with a curled bun updo with hair chains! The simple addition of hair accessories can take a classic bun and elevate it to a more fashionable level.

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#24: Loose French Braid with a Mini Bun

Hit the prom with a loose french braid and a mini bun! As french braids come back into style, combining them with an updo has become increasingly more popular. Braided upstyles are also much easier to wear as they don’t put as much pressure on the head. Bonus Points: Your hair will look gorgeous at the end of the night, even after all the pins are removed.

Wrapped Braided Bun
Instagram @monagloria

#25: Wrapped Braided Bun

A wrapped braided bun is perfect for women with blonde hair, or for proms. This twisted upstyle showcases color dimension while keeping lengths locked up so you can dance the night away.

Prom bun hairstyles are timeless updos, wherein tresses are twisted and tied at the back of the head. The design creates a classy, romantic vibe to match young ladies’ evening gowns.

A bun updo takes less effort to achieve. It never goes out of style—thanks to its versatility. It works on any hair texture, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly locks.

For a more formal and polished look, use hair gel or setting spray to smooth out the strands. Spritz a shine spray for a lustrous finish.

If wanting a soft and effortless look, a messy updo works best. Apply a textured mousse to damp hair and mist a bit of dry shampoo when no longer wet. Twist the hair, put it into a bun, then pull the strands gently out to create an undone effect.

Ladies with long and thick hair can get the look quickly. But for short to medium lengths, this will be a challenge. Good thing—faux buns and extensions are options.

Make your high school prom night fun and memorable. Complete your look by getting stunning ideas from these photos of trendy prom bun hairstyles!