Moroccan Oil For Hair: The Miracle of MoroccanOil

If you have not tried the healing properties of MoroccanOil on your tired tresses yet, you are missing out!  This is a great product that can strengthen and revive your hair to restore shine and manageability like never before.  In case you can’t tell, I am a MoroccanOil user and believer!  While MoroccanOil has a number of products, the specific product I am reviewing is The Original MorrocanOil Oil Treatment.  Here are the many pros and few cons of this product:

1.  Revives your hair
2.  Strengthens hair
3.  Reduces drying time (I was skeptical of this claim, but it did reduce my drying time a little)MoroccanOil oil treatment
4.  Softens dry and brittle hair
5.  Is lightweight, even for an oil
6.  Protects hair from UV rays and other damaging elements
7.  Only a small amount (dime-sized) is necessary per use
8.  The product smells positively delicious

1.  It is a bit pricey
2.  Comes in a breakable glass container

For those of you with thin or fine tresses that are worried this product might be too heavy, MoroccanOil has a similar product called MoroccanOil Light Treatment formulated to have the same healing properties but for fine or blonde hair.  Find both of these products at select salons that can easily be identified via  Be aware that similar products found a drugstores are NOT the original MoroccanOil.

In closing, we highly recommend MoroccanOil products if you have damaged or lifeless hair that could use a serious boost.  You won’t be disappointed in this investment!

Have you used MoroccanOil on your hair?  What’s your review?