The Essential Guide To Frizz-Free Hair

Trying to achieve that sleek, frizz-free hair look for your spring flings?

Celebrity hair stylist Moses says, “Many things contribute to frizzy hair—if your hair is naturally curly/wavy, you’re more likely to have frizzy hair than someone with straight hair. If your hair is very dry or damaged by sunlight, chlorine or styling products, then it will break and the ends will split, also contributing to frizzy hair. Controlling frizzy hair is as much about preventing it as it is controlling it!”

Frizz-free hair guide

Before You Begin…

To set the stage for ultra sleek tresses, wash your hair and use a moisturizing conditioner. Towel-dry your wet hair until damp and apply your choice of anti-frizz serum. Moses recommends his Smoothing Elixir  Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil which can be used for all types of hair, It is enriched with Argon oil from Morocco and Dead Sea Minerals. Apply no more than the amount recommended, or you may end up with straight but greasy or weighed-down hair. Work serum through your hair with your fingers until evenly distributed.

1. & 2. Using a large-barrel round brush (We love this Olivia Garden brush, available at Ulta Beauty) and an ionic blow dryer like the fabulous Sedu Revolution on a medium setting, brush through 2- inch sections of your hair, pulling the section away from your head as you dry and paying extra attention to the roots.

3. Once your hair is dry, lightly spray heat protector over your hair. Make sure it is distributed on both top of your head as well as underneath but do not spray too much. (Try Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray – it also helps to create a great shine!)

Putting your flat iron on a medium setting, separate your hair into 2-inch sections at a time. Clamp the iron down at the root of the section, and quickly but run the iron down the length of the hair. To help flatten further, run a comb through the section and use the iron on the section one more time. Continue doing this until every portion of your hair has been completed. Some sections may need more than one pass. (This FHI 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron is in our travel bag – and it’s super gentle on the hair.)

Use a flexible hold, light mist hairspray to help set the strands in their finished look., Moses says, “Be careful to spray lightly to avoid saturating any part of your hair. (Must try is the Tresemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist hair spray.)

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