GIVEAWAY! Flawless by Macadamia Natural Oil + Our Review

We’ve always been warned to stay away from all-in-one types of products when it comes to hair. This is not to say that ALL combination products aren’t worthy. My dear husband enjoys his combination body wash/shampoo/conditioner very well. Thank goodness he doesn’t have much hair to worry with :)

Combination shampoo/conditioners just haven’t been proven to be as effective or healthy when it comes to caring for your strands. That being said, I must say I was a bit skeptical when I heard of a product called Flawless. Flawless is Macadamia Natural Oil’s latest hair product that claims to ‘reinvent the art of shampooing’. Even though I was hesitant, I absolutely adore Macadamia’s line of products and therefore my curiosity was definitely piqued. A single product that shampoos, conditions AND refines hair by a reputable product line? Let me at it!

Macadamia Natural Oil's Flawless

I received this beautiful bottle (seriously, isn’t it pretty?) in the mail and immediately regretted not timing its arrival with a wash day. Sticking to my every-two-to-three-day-washing regimen, I anxiously waited to give Flawless a shot at taming my known-to-be unruly hair. According to product recommendations, I followed these basic steps:

1. I saturated my hair thoroughly with water.

2. I started with one pump (basically a good dollop) and massaged the product into my scalp. It has the texture of a thick conditioner but in a more solid form like a mousse, if that makes any sense at all.

3. I then used a second (and somewhat smaller) pump of the product and worked it through the rest of my hair. Remember, I have mid-length super thick hair, so the product amount needed will likely vary depending on your hair length and type.

4. I let it sit on my hair right at five minutes. The recommended sit time is three to five minutes.

5. I rinsed thoroughly with cool water then pat (not rub) towel dried my hair.

Instantly, my hair felt as if I had washed and conditioned it like normal. I did add a little dab of Macadamia’s Healing Oil Treatment to my ends, simply because I am due for a trim and they are looking pretty scraggly (that is a hair term, right?). This is one of the select oils I keep around because it really works, you only need a tiny amount so it lasts forever AND it smells heavenly.

10ml bottle of Macadamia Oil

My hair detangled easily as I worked my No Tangle Styler Brush and then my comb throughout my hair. After letting my hair air dry a bit, I blow dried it straight with a round brush per the usual and admittedly, my hair looked pretty fantastic (and smelled heavenly of course). My hair was smooth, shiny, had great volume and didn’t feel weighed down by product like I kind of expected. Because my hair dried pretty straight, I only needed to use a flat iron on the ends a bit to complete the style.

As someone who typically uses anywhere from five to seven different hair products from wash to finish, I am very impressed with Flawless. Using only two products, I cleansed, conditioned, prepped and protected my hair from the elements. Even better news, Flawless does not contain any surfactants that can actually do more harm to your hair than good AND it cuts down on drying time. While it wasn’t a dramatic drying time difference for me and my insanely thick hair, it did make some difference and some is better than none when it comes to time under the dryer.

All in all, I give Flawless a thumbs UP! Flawless is already available for purchase online and it will be available in Ulta stores later this month. Additionally, you can use Macadamia’s Salon Locator to find local salons that may carry it. Why not try Flawless for FREE? Comment below and tell us why you want to try Flawless for yourself. The lucky winner will be announced here at 8:00 a.m. CST on Wednesday, June 13th, so be sure and check back!

Congrats Erin Subroto! You are the winner of the FLAWLESS giveaway!