Hair Glazing Q&A

We’ve had some inquiries about hair glazing treatments recently with readers wanting to know exactly what the treatment is and what it can do for your hair.  We hope this hair glazing Q & A session helps clear the hair air a bit!

hair glazing q&a


Q:  What is a hair glaze?

A:  A hair glaze is a hair treatment that comes in both a clear and colored version to boost shine, enhance color and give hair added manageability.

Q:  What would a hair glaze do for my hair?

A:  A glaze can add shine and enhance natural hair color as well as seal in brand new color to make it last longer.  A glaze can really bring dull hair to life by adding shine, depth and tone.  The benefit to getting a clear glaze treatment after new color is it can extend your color to last up to two weeks longer than without a glazing treatment.  A colored glaze treatment typically lasts one to two weeks but can last up to four weeks by limited shampooing and heat styling.

Q:  Do I need to get a glazing treatment done in a salon or can I do it at home?

A: Both are options!  Just be aware that at-home glazes are generally stronger than in-salon glaze treatments and can therefore be a bit harder on your hair.  If you want to glaze at home, it is safer to use a clear glaze as opposed to a color glaze since you can’t completely predict what the color outcome will be.

Q:  What are some at-home glazing product recommendations?

A: For a clear glaze to add shine and depth to your locks, we recommend Frédéric Fekkai Salon Glaze Clear Shine Rinse or Oscar Blandi’s At Home Salon Glaze Shine Rinse.  If you want to add some shine and give your color a boost, try John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze.

**TIP** Consult your stylist before making any hair glazing decisions whether you want a salon or an at home treatment.  Some products are better for different hair types and colors than others and it could save you time, stress and money by getting a professional recommendation.

Have you tried a hair glaze?  What’s your review?