5 Hair Care Products You And Your Man Can Share

Sick of always having to buy two of everything when it comes to hair care products for you and your man? Save a little time and money and cut down on all that annoying bathroom clutter with these fab five unisex products. We swear you and your guy will both love them.

sharing hair care products

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste, $26.00

Jonathan hair care productsPraised by both men and women alike, Jonathan Product’s 100% vegan Dirt Texturizing Paste is a water-based paste made with Sugar Almond, Soy Proteins and Natural Botanical Extracts like White tea, Hawaiian White Ginger, Aloe and Watercress. If you didn’t know, all of these help repair, strengthen and improve the manageability of your locks while increasing shine and silkiness.

Serge Normant Meta Silk Shampoo, $24.00

Serge Normant hair care products

From the renowned Serge Normant Product Line, Meta Silk is a shampoo that both you and your man can appreciate. Not only does the packaging look very guy-friendly, but it’s gentle enough for colored and/or chemically treated hair, so it’s great if you have highlights. Meta Silk is sulfate-free, and enriched with Keravis, Rice, Camellia Oil and Cedar Bark Extract. Mmmm.

Bayberry Naturals Tea Tree Mint Refreshing Conditioner, $15.95

Bay Berry hair care product

A 100% natural bath and body care product line that’s great for men, women and even babies? Um, yes please! Bayberry Naturals Tea Tree Mint Refreshing Conditioner is simple, sweet, yet very neutral and appealing to both sexes. There’s not a super strong scent, and it leaves your skin feeling tingly, “cool” after one application.

Surface Hair Awaken Therapeutic Treatment, $25.98

Awaken hair products

Made with organic, eco-friendly ingredients, this stuff will help prevent hair loss for your guy, while thickening your tresses. Awaken Therapeutic Treatment works by stimulating the hair follicle with cayenne pepper, mint leaf and peppermint oil to increase circulation. It also utilizes botanical extracts, specifically saw palmetto, to help maintain a stronger hair follicle by reducing dihydrotestosterone (AKA, DHT). In other words, all you need to know is, this stuff is a must-have!

Ambiance Volumizing Dry Shampoo, $19.95

Ambiance blond hair care products

This 100% natural, volumizing dry shampoo is a great temporary cosmetic for your locks and perfect for those couples who share the same hair color. Available in five different shades (brunette, blonde, black, red and grey), it not only does an exceptional job of leaving locks looking cleansed, refreshed and freshly shampooed, but it’s also extremely effective at concealing grey roots and covering areas where the hair is thinning. Ahem, hence why your man will love it!