25 Cutest Ways to Style a Curly Ponytail

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
High Pony with Voluminous Curly Waves
Instagram @glam.agatabalawender

#1: High Pony with Voluminous Waves

A high pony with voluminous waves is a glamorous option for special occasions like weddings, socialite events, and dinner parties. This hairstyle is a more relaxed alternative to a traditional updo. It involves styling voluminous curls swept up into a sleek ponytail, complete with face-framing pieces to add depth and coverage. Use a flexible hold hairspray to maintain the curls in this hairstyle and prevent flyaways and humidity build-up at your event.

Long Brown Pony with Textured Curls

#2 Brown Pony with Textured Curls

Choose this stunning look if you have natural curls or desire a curly hairstyle. Begin by curling your hair. Then, pull it all into a low, wavy ponytail. Next, use a tail comb to gently loosen the curls at the base of your ponytail. This will lift and separate your hair, creating an ‘effortless’ and romantic look.

Puffy Ponytail for Black Women's Kinky Hair

#3 Puffy Ponytail for Kinky Hair

This puffy ponytail for kinky hair can be an effortlessly elegant style. If you have long, thick hair, you can achieve this look by tying your hair into a high ponytail and shaping your baby hairs. If your hair isn’t long or thick, consider purchasing hair extensions. Get a drawstring ponytail color and texture like yours. Finish this look with shine spray. Then, secure your ponytail with hairspray.

#4: Bridal Textured Low Ponytail

For brides seeking chic hairstyle ideas for their wedding day, a curled ponytail is a popular choice. You can have a worry-free dance at your wedding with a ponytail secured with a beautiful clip or veil. For a complete look, ask your stylist to leave some curls loose around your face.

#5: Golden Blonde Updo with Messy Waves

A perfect hairstyle for a prom or bridesmaid event is a ponytail updo with messy waves. For styles like this, adding texture to your hair is required. All hair types will need it to stay in place and look fabulous all day!

Long Ponytail with Natural Curls for Black Women

#6 Long Ponytail with Natural Curls

Are you looking for a fun, flirty look with little effort? Create a high ponytail with your natural curls. Take a strand of your hair, wrap it around the ponytail base, and use a bobby pin to secure it.

Mid-Length Peach Curled Ponytail
Instagram @hurbyhjm

#7: Mid-Length Peach Ponytail

We love big hair, and this stunning peachy ponytail with fringe is a perfect example! To create this look, you will need a teasing brush, hairspray, elastics, and hairpins. Begin by sectioning your hair into a front bang area, crown, and nape sections. Secure the nape area into a ponytail, then back brush the crown area for volume. Attach the volumized crown to the ponytail. Finally, back brush and shape the fringe and the loose hair of the ponytail to make it look thicker.

#8: Curled High Ponytail with Dutch Braids

This curly ponytail is fun and secure, lasting the whole day. The top braids add an appealing detail, turning a plain look into a playful one!

Big Copper Curly Waves for Ponytail Updo
Instagram @ruivosdobrasil

#9: Big Copper Waves for Ponytail Updo

Copper hair is the ultimate gift of natural beauty. Brides with copper hair often prefer a ponytail updo with sleek waves. The updo highlights the hair color. The hair color, in turn, enhances their eyes and skin tone.

#10: Easy Low Curled Pony

This easy low, curly ponytail is absolute perfection with its spiral-shaped tail and high shine finish.

Slicked Back Pony with Very Long Curls
Instagram @missponytails.nl

#11: Slicked Back Pony with Very Long Curls

Check out this slicked-back pony with very long curls. First, gather your mane into a curly ponytail. Then, apply gel to the hair against your head and pull it back tightly. If your hair isn’t long enough to naturally wear this style, don’t be afraid to add extensions for extra length. For a temporary style, you may use clip-ins, or for a more permanent style, consider a sew-in weave.

#12: Braided Wrap for Curly Pony

This stunning look includes hair tied in a curly fashion alongside some backcombing and braided accents. It provides a clear breakdown of the hairstyle in a simple and understandable way.

Sleek Ponytail with Loose Curls for Long Blonde Hair
Instagram @kovesna

#13: Sleek Ponytail with Loose Curls

An elegant hairstyle can be achieved by slicking your hair back into a high ponytail and securing it with an elastic band. Style your hair in a curly ponytail by curling the remaining hair with a one-inch wand or curling iron. After curling your hair, use a brush to comb your curls backward. This gives an illusion of fullness to your hair. Finally, apply a bit of hairspray to your hair. Then, use an edge comb, a fine-toothed comb, or a clean, firm-bristled toothbrush to smooth any loose strands.

#14: Brunette Hair with Low Wrapped Pony

For this cute style, first, make a curly ponytail with your hair. But leave the top part of it up. Once your ponytail is secure, let the top half of your hair down. Then, smooth your hair with a brush with boar bristles. After, cross the two side parts over each other. Then, wrap them around the ponytail. Finally, pin the crossed-over hair with bobby pins. To make it last, do a light spray of hairspray.

Curly Thick Ponytail on Long Blonde Hair
Instagram @upyourdo

#15: Curly Thick Ponytail on Long Blonde Hair

If your hair is long, you might find it hard to style it in an updo. However, a ponytail with curled long hair is always a flawless choice. If your hair is long and curly, a ponytail style will fit in any event.

Curly Bridal Ponytail with Pearl Bobby Pins
Instagram @upyourdo

#16: Bridal Ponytail with Pearl Bobby Pins

If you’re a bride-to-be, consider a bridal ponytail adorned with pearl bobby pins for your special day. The high crown and pearl accents impart a classy appearance to this bridal hairstyle. To achieve this look, I suggest prepping your hair with a spray and setting your hair in hot rollers for maximum volume. Comb through the hair gently, tease the crown, and then pull it into a ponytail. Remember to pull out a few hair strands around your face. Hide the ponytail holder by wrapping a strand of hair around it. Lastly, add your accessories.

Medium-Length Pony with Spiral Curls
Instagram @eringrahamhair

#17: Medium-Length Pony with Spiral Curls

There are plenty of updos available for curly hair types. This medium-length pony with spiral curls is a perfect example. Ideal for daytime or evening events, this style creates a relaxed yet elegant look. The look consists of curls pinned back onto a spiraled ponytail, and some tendrils are left out for added texture. You can use this style on natural curls or on hair pre-curled with a 1′ curling iron. In this case, just pull the hair back and secure it with a rubber band.

Pony Updo for Coily Hair

#18 Pony Updo for Coily Hair

Looking for ways to wear your coily hair? Try this high ponytail. It offers maximum volume in the middle and ends of your hair. Keep the base of your hair controlled. And the defined baby hairs? They give your style a neat look. It easily shifts from day wear to night wear.

Long Curled Ponytail with Cornrows

#19 Long Curled Ponytail with Cornrows

Nothing says fancy festival hair like sporty cornrows/Dutch braids, and a coiled ponytail!

Super Long Voluminous Curly Ponytail with Bouffant
Instagram @agda_estrela

#20: Voluminous Ponytail with Bouffant

A voluminous ponytail with a bouffant is a luxurious way to wear your hair for an evening event. This hairstyle requires long hair curled into a ponytail. You can achieve the curls either by using a large barrel iron or by adding pre-curled hair extensions. Ensure the extensions match your hair’s color to enhance volume and density. For added dimension, create curled tendrils by pulling out some pieces of hair around your hairline.

Curly Mid Back-Length Twist Ponytail with Piece-y Waves
Instagram @jeny.stylist

#21: Twist Ponytail with Piece-y Waves

For your next wedding event, consider the twist ponytail with piece-y waves. It’s a great style that’s half up and half down. Incorporating a wavy ponytail into an updo style is a fun and relaxed take on the traditional updo. A skilled stylist can easily adapt the twist pony to your hair type using curling and pinning techniques. To add elegance, we recommend adding hair jewelry or pins.

Long Curly Weave Ponytail for Black Women
Instagram @ajasambition

#22: Curly Black Weave Ponytail

No matter the event, a curly black weave ponytail offers a diverse way to style your hair. Regardless of the occasion being a wedding, a competition, or an evening event, the curly weave ponytail is a secure style that will keep your hair fashioned in a cute collection of curls. If extra length is needed, you can add extensions or a faux-ny tail. This is only if your natural hair isn’t long enough to be curled with a one-and-a-half-inch hot iron.

#23: Soft Messy Ponytail with Curls

A soft, messy ponytail with curls is easy to achieve and very cute. Ensure your hair is dry before using a curling iron or hot rollers to add curls. I recommend using hairspray before and after setting your hair for increased hold. Depending on your preference for either loose or tight waves, comb your hair until you achieve your desired volume before pulling it up into a ponytail. Remove a few strands of hair from the ponytail to frame your face. Next, take a few strands from your ponytail, wrap them around the base to conceal the elastic, and secure them with a pin. Now, you look stunning.

Longer Curly Blonde Ponytail with Dark Roots
Instagram @ldf_hair

#24: Curly Blonde Ponytail with Dark Roots

A curly blonde ponytail with dark roots is a versatile and glamorous style for any fancy occasion. The blonde highlight contrasts with your skin tone. This not only adds depth to your hair but also enhances its look when you style it. Curls in a ponytail look lovely. It’s easy to achieve this look at home with the right tools. However, you can also get it done perfectly by a professional stylist.

#25: Tousled Curly Updo

A tousled curly updo is an easy option for anyone with natural coils. Tie up your air-dried ringlets into a high ponytail. Secure it with a scrunch or a hair tie of your choice. Also, let some fringe pieces free to enhance the style. The resulting high ponytail of ringlets will create an appealing style.

Curly ponytails are not just a hairstyle; they’re a statement. Full of bounce and personality, they can transform any look. Let’s dive into the world of curly ponytails with experts Genevieve Grant and Victoria Dayfoster.

Meet The Expert

Genevieve Grant
Genevieve Grant
Genevieve is a licensed cosmetologist with over 18 years of experience.
You can find her at Brides By Genevieve in Lakeside, CA

Meet The Expert

Victoria Dayfoster
Victoria Dayfoster
Victoria is a hairstylist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find Victoria in her studios in Augusta, GA

Styling for Every Texture

Genevieve urges, “Curly ponytails can be so fun!” She advises against over-brushing. “Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb.” This keeps curls full without frizz. For finer hair, she suggests adding volume for a fuller look. Styles vary by event, from natural curls to glam waves.

Victoria emphasizes patience, especially for black women with naturally thick hair. “Take your time to sleek down your hair,” she says. This effort pays off with stunning results.

Face Shape and Ponytail Placement

“Face framing makes all the difference,” Genevieve notes. Volume at the crown benefits round and heart-shaped faces, creating a leaner look. Long or oval faces look great with heavier framing and a looser ponytail.

Victoria points out that for black women, “Ponytail placement is important.” It should flatter your face shape. For round faces, a higher ponytail adds dimension. Oval faces can rock any style, highlighting the versatility of curly ponytails.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

Genevieve shares a unique tip: stack two ponytails for a fuller look. She recommends using hair wraps, teasing powder, and spray wax for texture and volume. “Play around with the height,” she encourages. Products like Schwartzkopf curl cream and So Touchable Weightless Hairspray help manage and perfect curls.

For black women, Victoria swears by Got2b holding spray and a wax stick for a sleek look. “Work section by section,” she advises, for a flawless finish. Fluffing the ponytail adds to its appeal.

Pictures of the Most Stylish Curly Ponytails