Blonde Ombre Hair to Give You That Bombshell Look

Blonde ombre hair is one of the most requested colors at the salon. It’s fun, easy to maintain, and can be worn so many ways! Check out these straight, messy, bright, and natural blonde ombre’ options for your next color appointment!

Slow and Low

A soft (or slow) transition from darker blonde hair color to lighter blonde ends is great for someone who is giving this look a try for the first time.

Blonde Ombre Hair with Soft Transition

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to medium skin tones look fabulous in this soft darker to light ombre, while hair that is naturally a dark blonde is a perfect starting point for this color.


If this is your first time coloring your hair, less is more! You can always add more lightness the next time, or the time after that, and so on. Going in stages is best for your hair too!

Summertime Year-Round

Just like in summertime when your ends naturally get lighter, you can rock this look all year! Soft blonde paired with naturally (or colored) golden dark blonde is a year-round knock out.

Soft Blonde Ombre Hairstyle with Golden Dark Blonde

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium toned skin that look great in blues, yellows and orange hues can wear this combo beautifully. Hair that is finer in texture and straight is a must for achieving the look of this layered style.


Keeping a soft transition and golden hue to the lighter ends makes this a more natural looking ombre.  Make sure to consult with your stylist and show pictures so you are both on the same page when it comes to your finished color.

Babydoll Blonde

We all had a blonde babydoll that had the prettiest hair! Now you can match your ombre to that baby doll hue.

Blonde Ombre Hair Color with Fringe

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to medium skin tones with soft pink undertones look great in this soft ombre. Hair that is already a light blonde is a great starting point for this ombre. Hair that is naturally straight and fine can achieve this long layered hair cut with a stylist’s help.


If you have heavily highlighted or all over blonde hair and want something new, this is a fun and easy transition! Talk to your stylist about bringing your natural color down and blending it into your ends to keep some lightness.

Contoured Ombre

Just like you can contour your face with makeup, you can contour your hair too! Adding ombre highlights around your face and strategically through the ends gives your haircut and style a whole new look.


Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones that look great in gold and browns wear this shade of blonde ombre fabulously! Hair that is (or going to be) cut into a layered cut and starting off a dark blonde to light brown is a perfect starting point for your contouring hair color.


When going lighter on your ends, you need to give them a little extra TLC. Weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments and regular trims are a must. Also, if you are using a curling iron or flat iron to style your hair, don’t forget the heat protection products too!

Golden Gal

Rich, golden brown fading into light gold ombre ends really looks more like a piece of art. Perfectly placed face framing curls and a beautiful blending of dark into light is the golden ticket for this look!

Rich Golden Brown Hair Color with Light Golden Ombre EndsRich Golden Brown Hair Color with Light Golden Ombre Ends Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Warm light to medium skin tones that look great in yellows, oranges and reds wear this golden tone best, while hair that is in great condition and starting off at a medium brown to light brown and cut into a textured layered haircut is a perfect palette for creating this color.


A haircut can make or break your ombre.  Talk to your stylist about how you will be styling your hair daily so they can customize your hair color to look its best. Don’t be afraid to bring in pictures too. This helps to make sure you are both on the same page!

Golden Lights Ombre

Light golden tones grace the ends of this high contrast ombre. This color looks fabulous curled or worn straight.


Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light skin tones that look best in blues, soft oranges, and pinks wear this golden tone perfectly. Hair that is starting off strong is a must for this light golden blonde ombre.


When lightening the ends of your hair, they can become dry or brittle. Going lighter in stages, keeping up with trims, and using a deep conditioner two to four times a month will help keep you from falling victim to lackluster ends!

Beige Beauty

Dark brown hair flowing into a contrasting beige ombre creates a bold statement without being harsh.

Dark Brown Hair Color with Beige Ombre EndsDark Brown Hair Color with Beige Ombre Ends Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that look great in neutral colors, teals and pastels wear beige blonde beautifully, while hair that is starting at a medium to light brown creates a perfect starting point for your stylist to begin lightening.


Having blonde ends is a commitment. To keep them looking great you must keep up with trims! Ask your stylist how long they recommend — the average is four to six weeks depending upon your styling regimen and product selections.

Effortless Beauty

Every girl is a bit envious of another who just has that look of effortless beauty to them. The key to this look is not only a great hair color, but confidence!

Effortless Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones work best with this ombre look, while hair that is strong and long will help you to achieve both this style and color. Having a natural (or colored) light brown hair color to start will help your stylist to create this face-framing, caramel blonde ombre.


Growing hair long and strong is harder than it looks. Both diet and care for your hair is key! Ask your stylist about their recommended vitamin and hair care regimen (think shampoo, deep treatments and heat protectants).

Contrasting Ombre

Most of our looks have been soft and slow in the transition to blonde, but not this beauty! This look is for the girls looking for a little more drama in their ombre.

Dramatic Contrasting Blonde Ombre HaircolorDramatic Contrasting Blonde Ombre Haircolor Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that aren’t scared to wear bright patterns and bold colors are a perfect match. Hair that is strong, especially on the ends, is a must for going to a platinum blonde.


If you love this color, but don’t have the length or maybe your ends can’t take all the lightening, talk to your stylist about extensions. They can recommend clip-in, sew-in or even taped-in extensions to help you achieve your look.

Beachy Ombre

Love the look of just coming out of the water at the beach? Of course you do! With this wavy ombre look, you can achieve it with or without the ocean nearby.

Blonde Ombre HairWavy Blonde Ombre Hairstyle Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to medium skin tones are best for this beachy look, while hair that is long and naturally wavy will achieve this style effortlessly. If your natural hair color is a medium to dark blonde, your stylist can skip that all over color and stick with your natural hue.


The secret to creating beachy waves is to not make them perfect. Using your curling iron, start the curl mid-strand and then drag the ends out.  his gives them a bend, but not a curl!

Blonde ombre hair is here to stay! This great trend gives you a natural look that is easy to maintain while still giving you fabulous style. Take your hair to the next level with a customized blonde ombre to fit your personality.