The Wings Haircut Is Trending for Guys Again: 25 Examples That Prove It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Voluminous Winged Hairstyle

Not a fan of high and tight men’s styles? Try this relaxed, voluminous winged hairstyle instead. The voluminous winged style suits coarse hair with natural volume. It can bring out any natural wave if you let your hair grow. To add shape and texture, consider a razor cut for your voluminous winged hairstyle. It offers an effortless vibe.

Beach Flowy Wings Hairstyle on Men's Blonde Hair
Instagram @keeoncruz

#2: Beach Flowy Hairstyle

A men’s haircut with beach waves is great for hair with a slight natural texture. If your hair is straight, a beach wave style could be made by a hairdresser. Use a spray to highlight your hair’s natural texture.

Ginger Wings Haircut with Textured Fringe for Boys
Instagram @keeoncruz

#3: Ginger Hair with Textured Fringe

Longer styles can benefit from having texture cut in. This can prevent the hair from sitting flat on the head, providing natural volume. The classy style is designed to fit over the ears, which creates a winged finish. To enhance texture, the point-cutting technique is often employed. Powder is a trendy styling choice, as it boosts volume and gives a matte finish, effectively reducing shine.

Wing Blowout Style for Men's Long Hair

#4: Wing Blowout Style for Long Hair

You can wear longer hair in a variety of ways. Once you choose a length that suits you, you can start exploring different styles. This longer style has a wing blowout effect. The hair, parted at the center, falls on the sides. A casual bend creates a wing shape. Hair can naturally fall similarly. However, a blow dry with some volume spray will improve the hold.

Wings Cut with Wavy Layers and Bangs for Guys
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#5: Wings Cut with Wavy Layers and Bangs

Whether you want to grow your hair or trim it to a new style, consider the wings cut with wavy layers and bangs. This style is not only relaxed and easy to maintain, but it’s also a simpler version of the trendy men’s shag haircut. To create this style, use a salt spray on hair that’s towel-dried. Then add a lightweight cream for hold. Comb your hair into place. Now, you’re ready to go.

Wings Haircut with Flipped Up Layers for Boys
Instagram @brixway

#6: Wings Haircut with Flipped Up Layers

Using curls well can improve the final hairstyle. Trying to repress their natural movement may create styling issues. Some layers in this winged haircut have been cut and flipped up to complement the curls. When having longer hair, we must remember that it can emphasize certain areas of the face as it falls. Always consider this before going for a haircut.

60s Winged Mullet Cut with Short Bangs for Men
Instagram @coiffeurstory

#7: 60s Winged Mullet Cut

The 60s was a rich time for haircuts. The winged wolf cut nods to the classic mod look, which saw a big comeback in the 90s. This style is based on leaving more length at the sides and the neck’s base. This allows for eye-catching texture and styling. To recreate the texture and movement, I recommend you dry the hair roughly after applying some sea salt spray. Then finish off with styling powder.

#8: Combed Back Wings Hairstyle

Consider this combed-back wings hairstyle if you are into medium-length styles or planning to grow out your hair. This hairstyle suits well for those with a natural wave or loose curls, imparting a more natural vibe. It’s an easily manageable wash-and-wear style. To keep it from getting too long, regular trims, approximately every 10-12 weeks, are advised.

#9: Wings Cut with Shorter Layers

Longer hair comes in many shapes and sizes. When deciding on a style, there are so many options. This winged cut includes shorter layers designed to frame the face. The edges of these layers are textured to fall naturally. To style the winged cut, I recommend drying it with sea salt spray and finishing with styling powder.

Winged Choppy Mullet with Curtain Bangs for Modern Men
Instagram @dannymedinuh

#10: Winged Choppy Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Mullets do not always need faded sides. You can scissor-cut them for more length. This mullet has a winged choppy style with curtain bangs. It’s cut in a way that adds texture and brings out the waves. I prefer using a mix of point-cutting and texture scissors. These techniques generate a lot of movement. I’m a big fan of sea salt spray for hold and texture.

Shaggy Wings Haircut for Young Men
Instagram @keeoncruz

#11: Shaggy Wings Haircut

The shaggy cut is a classic trend. This style is created with many textures to aid movement and give a shaggy finish. The hair is usually shaped as needed. Then, it is cut at various points to make uneven lengths. Some areas remain longer than the rest. Styling this hairstyle is easy. Rough drying it with some sea salt spray adds a lot of texture and creates a textured finish.

Wing-Styled Skater Hair for Young Men
Instagram @max.effroi

#12: Wing-Styled Skater Hair

Skater hair has been a signature cut for many years. It’s a true classic that has never died. We are talking about a shorter version of skater hair in which long layers are cut in, and the hairline is shaped to frame the face. Some texture is added through cutting, leading to a winged finish that brings lots of movement to the hairstyle.

Textured Winged Mullet Surfer Hair on Guys
Instagram @woolf.kingsx

#13: Mullet Surfer Hair

You can create various shapes with longer hair. For instance, look at this mullet surfer hairstyle. I would cut the hair into a uniform layer, making all parts the same length to achieve the desired length. Point cutting will create lots of texture and enhance the curls. Apply curling cream to your damp hair. Let it dry naturally to stop the frizz.

#14: Medium Flippies Haircut with Center Part

If you’re a young, laid-back guy, this medium flippies haircut with a center part has probably caught your eye! A medium-length haircut like this engages any guy who prefers not to trim their hair too short, giving a relaxed look. Talk about this hairstyle with your barber. Discuss the fringe and hair length that fits you best.

Swept Back Messy Wings Hairstyle for Men
Instagram @tg_hairstudio

#15: Swept Back Messy Wings Hairstyle

One versatile choice for longer hair is styling it in a swept-back, messy wings hairstyle. The hair’s length at the back has been reduced, and the hairstyle is now shaped around the nape of the neck. Curls and waves add natural volume, which enhances a more natural finish to your hairstyle. A good style choice would be to allow some curling cream to dry naturally.

Textured Wings Cut on Straight Hair for Young Men

#16: Textured Wings Cut on Straight Hair

Adding texture to a man’s straight hair can help achieve a stylish ‘winged’ look. You can achieve this look using a texturizing spray and a styling cream on straight or slightly texturized hair.

Medium-Length Layered Wings Cut on Guys
Instagram @nailbber

#17: Medium-Length Layered Wings Cut

Take a look at this men’s cut. It’s a medium-length layered style, combining a casual trim with tidy grooming. Use the photo for inspiration. Discuss with your stylist the haircut version and length that suits your hair texture. During the discussion, the stylist will suggest styling and maintenance tips perfect for your lifestyle.

#18: Shaggy Razor Cut with Messy Waves

A razor cut gives hair a messy and shaggy look. To achieve waves, the best type of hair has a natural texture. You can enhance the hair’s natural texture with texturizing powder for a more messy look.

Wings Cut with Middle Part for Men's Thick Hair
Instagram @keeoncruz

#19: Wings Cut with Middle Part for Thick Hair

This winged cut featuring a middle part suits men with thick hair and a longer face shape. The thickness of the hair can help conceal the length of the face. Maintaining some length with thick hair creates more volume. This increased volume gives the hair more width, which can cover the ears. Cutting the back hair shorter is sometimes preferred. This style keeps the hair away from the shoulders and emphasizes the length on top.

#20: Flipped Wolf Cut with Bangs

This eye-catching flipped wolf cut with bangs is sure to turn heads. More hair has been left over the ears and the base of the neck for a unique look. This extra length allows you to create texture and a winged finish. The top is cut slightly shorter in some areas to add volume and texture. Styling powder is great for achieving a natural and textured finish.

Undone Wing Layered Cut with Fringe on Guys

#21: Undone Layered Cut with Fringe

Longer hairstyles can accentuate certain parts of the face. This undone layered cut with a fringe suits the rounder face. The side layers fall onto the side of the face. This style then makes the face look longer and slimmer. Lots of texture is cut into the hair for a feathered finish. Drying sea salt spray in the hair is recommended for extra hold.

Center-Parted Wings Cut for Young Men
Instagram @brixway

#22: Center-Parted Wings Cut

Center-parted hair leaves a very natural-looking finish due to the symmetry involved. The cut featured styled-in wings, which can be achieved using sea salt spray and manipulating the ends to curl up, giving a clean and edgy finish. I would use hairspray for a more natural hold.

#23: Tousled Wings Hairstyle with a Beard

This hairstyle, which features tousled wings and a beard, provides a stylish and effortless finish. The hair has been expertly shaped to complement the contours of the face and fall naturally. Styling this cut is simple. For a natural look, I recommend spraying some sea salt spray onto damp hair, then letting it dry on its own. This method will also help you avoid frizz.

#24: Modern Winged Haircut with Eye-Length Bangs

Classic styles remain timeless take, for instance, the modern winged haircut, which gives a fresh take on the renowned Beatles’ cut from the ’60s, a style that regained fame in the ’90s. This haircut frames the face incredibly well, emphasizing your most striking facial features. When you consider the modern winged cut, you should consider how the shape of your face and the facial features will be highlighted by this haircut.

Blonde Winged Shaggy Mullet on Guys
Instagram @vishuynh

#25: Blonde Winged Shaggy Mullet

Different shapes can be created with longer hair. This style is a combination of a few others. To provide movement and a winged finish, this blonde winged shaggy mullet has lots of texture cut into it. Styles like this look great with a natural finish. I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust to achieve such a finish.

Ready to take flight with the latest trend in male grooming? Lys Slagle, a seasoned hairstyling expert, unpacks everything you need to know about the dynamic “wings haircut” for men. Read on as she shares her wealth of knowledge, offering actionable tips and insider secrets on how to perfect this style and make it work for you.

Meet The Expert

Lys Slagle
Lys Slagle
Lys is a haircutting specialist with over 5 years of experience.
You can find Lys at Shear They Come in Austin, TX.

Understanding Different Hair Textures

Slagle states, “It’s about understanding the client’s lifestyle and willingness to play.” For anyone considering this hairstyle, Slagle emphasizes the importance of knowing the cut. This style presents a cropped fringe and a longer length on the sides. Clients who love the edgy, but disheveled look, will find it appealing.

Slagle shares detailed advice for different hair types. For those with type 1 hair, she recommends requesting blunt lines with this style. Thicker hair clients should ensure their barber understands potential growth issues. Ideally, Slagle suggests the haircut suits individuals with moderate density and a little body.

Considerations for Different Face Shapes

Next, for those contemplating the wings hairstyle, Slagle urges the determination of attention spots. This hairstyle draws eyes to the ends of the hair, hence the importance of length and cropping choices.

For example, she advises those with rounder faces to consider shorter fringes. Longer framing lengths around sideburns help create an elongated face effect. Regardless of face shape, she believes everyone can pull off the wings haircut with the right adjustment.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Keeping a wings haircut in perfect shape is no feat with Slagle’s expert tips. Texture sprays, powders, and aerosols are the ideal products for this look. The aim is to create body and wave. To achieve this, one can scrunch, twist, or rake the hair with fingers.

For face-framing, Slagle recommends a styling putty or paste. These products add weight at the bottom of the pieces, enhancing the framing effect. These tips ensure that keeping the wings haircut looking its best is not a daunting task.

Photos of the Most Stylish Wings Haircuts for Men