37 Best Undercut for Men Hairstyles and Haircuts (2024 Pics)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An undercut for men hairstyle is a modern version of a pomp and a quiff, having longer hair on top and shaved sides. The diversity and uniqueness of designs for this epic hairstyle is the reason why it’s one of the most popular cuts for modern men.

The shaved sides offer plenty of volume for the top mane and amazing contrast that can definitely work on any length and type of hair.

You have the option to leave your hair naturally or use products like a gel and a pomade for a shiny sleek or gritty and messy look!

Every guy’s favorite part about this style is its versatility – you can literally wear it on any occasion whether it’s for everyday wear or for a formal business style. There are so many cool variations of this really awesome cut!

Here’s a list of this year’s coolest undercut for men haircuts and hairstyles to inspire you before you see your barber. 👊


#1: Cool Designs with a Curly Top

Cool designs with a curly top are great if you want to stand out from the crowd and express yourself. The back and sides have been undercut quite low, leaving the top to grow out and a space for the design. Before you go to your barber I would take a look on the internet for designs and find something you like, but always check with your barber if they are able to do them. Designs don’t take too long to grow out so you can change your look on a regular basis.

Popular Comb Over Undercut with Faded Sides

#2 Popular Comb Over Undercut with Faded Sides

An amazing undercut style takes advantage of the contrast that those shaved or faded sides provide. Straight and wavy hair types would work well with this cut.

Undercut + Burst Fade for Guys with curly hair
Instagram @nstfadez

#3: Undercut + Burst Fade

Curly hair can be harder to style and control. Many guys decide to undercut it so they can keep the sides short and have length to style. You need to tell your barber what you want, using visual aids is probably the best way to do it. With curls, you need to spend time styling them. I would avoid drying it with a hair dryer as it can cause unwanted volume and frizz. I recommend a bit of Argan oil in damp hair and letting it dry naturally. The one I use is MUK Argan oil.

#4: Hard Part with a Sharp Line

Wow, check out this hard part with a sharp line! This haircut is for bold dudes looking to stand out from the crowd. I suggest showing this picture to your barber and consulting on making this haircut work best. If you can rock something like this, go for it!

Undercut Fresh Fade with Skilled Designs
Instagram @dirosahaircare

#5: Fresh Fade with Skilled Designs

Looking for a funky haircut for an event or party? A fresh fade with skilled designs will allow you to take your regular haircut yet add a flair for a party or event. Make sure your barber is competent in not only this men’s undercut hairstyle but also able to add a design. You can finish this cut at home with a pomade for shine or matte styling cream for a matte, second-day feel!

#6: Textured Mullet with an Undercut for Men

A textured mullet is relatively easy to maintain but will need daily styling to keep the shape. The side panels have been shaved out and disconnected from the rest of the cut, with scissor layering techniques to create the texture. One of the best ways to create the texture is to dry some sea salt spray into it and don’t forget to use a good styling powder for enhancing the volume and texture. This is a great undercut men love.

Curly Mullet Undercut for Guys
Instagram @malavidahair

#7: Curly Mullet Undercut

Undercuts for men are widely popular, it’s a style where you can keep the hair long on top and short around the back and sides. The best of both worlds in one haircut. This style has been undercut at an angle to leave as much of the top as possible and a design cut in. The sides then fade back out into the beard to create a nice flow. My top picks on products to style would be a volume spray scrunch dried in, this is helpful to create curl and hold.

#8: Curly Undercut with Short Pompadour

This curly undercut with short pompadour will work really well with thick, dark hair. The top has been disconnected at the sides leaving all of the length and the weight to be styled up into the pomp. The side has been taken down to the skin around the edges and faded neatly into the top. You will need to maintain this style on a daily basis so make sure you have the time to do so and follow tips from your barber.

#9: French Crop Undercut

A French crop undercut is a modern version of the classic 90s Caesar haircut. The back and sides are faded short with the top left longer, and the front is blended in with a texturized fringe. A French crop is a great option for men with a receding hairline because it allows you to camouflage low-density spots along the top of the forehead.

Men's Side-Swept Undercut Hairstyle
Instagram @kiki_cuts

#10: Men’s Side-Swept Undercut Hairstyle

Try this really cool side-swept mens undercut hairstyle that has dimension and looks great with grey hair! With this chop, you can pull off a neat look without getting a buzz cut.

#11: Afro Undercut with Hard Part

Fades can also be taken very tight and disconnected to create an afro undercut with a hard part. The style has been faded really tightly to help with the different directions of the curl. The hairline and hard part have been razored in to define the disconnection and leave the top to grow. Ask your barber if he does razor the edges in to give your undercut mens haircut a sharp finish.

Undercut with Long Side Fringe
Instagram @spukthebarber

#12: Undercut with Long Side Fringe

The undercut with long side fringe is a powerful haircut statement. When worn down, the length emphasizes the head shape, jawline, and hair texture. However, the length also allows for creative flexibility when styling the hair by being pulled up in different ways. Undercut hairstyles for men can be accomplished by clippering the hair straight up, all in one length, or implementing different fading techniques. While the top length may not need a stylist or barber’s attention as often, the undercut will need to be touched up every couple of weeks to keep its crispness.

Wavy thin hair with undercut for men
Instagram @criztofferson

#13: Wavy Thin Hair with Undercut

The wavy thin hair with an undercut will suit men who prefer an easy-to-style and maintain cut. The sides are faded high and tight, disconnecting from the wavy curls on top. Cutting it this way keeps the sides under control and gives men various styling options.

Drop fade undercut for men with curly hair
Instagram @midas_irv

#14: Drop Fade Undercut for Curly Hair

A drop fade undercut for curly hair works best with thicker dark hair to get the best out of this cut. The fade has been dropped around the back of the head, leaving a volume-up transition to suit the undercut. The undercut is needed to give some length to the curls. It’s best to use styling powder to enhance the curls of your men’s undercut haircut.

#15: Undercut with Thick Waves

The undercut with thick waves is perfect for those with thick hair that like to keep the length on top. The sides are taken tight and disconnected from the top, creating the undercut. A small amount of maintenance is needed to style this in the morning. Using a light texture paste or styling powder will give the movement required for this style.

Modern Quiff and Taper Fade Undercut
Instagram @fabaobarber

#16: Modern Quiff and Taper Fade Undercut

Show off your thick black hair on top with disconnection and a taper fade undercut! By wearing a cool undercut with a quiff like this, you’ll get a fresh and dapper look!

#17: Modern Asian Undercut for Fine Hair

Styled with a classic combover and disconnected with a hard side part, this undercut haircut really gives its owner a gentleman/professional vibe.

Man Bun Hairstyle with Undercut
Instagram @jaymac22_

#18: Man Bun Hairstyle with Undercut

Pair long hair with a sharp mid fade and what do you get? A super fine undercut! Wear your hair in a man bun to achieve that hipster vibe!

Hipster Side Part Undercut with Beard
Instagram @nurii_b

#19: Hipster Side Part Undercut with a Beard

When it comes to mens undercut hairstyles, a big beard plus a polished combover with a side part makes any gentleman appear fresh.

Boys' Messy Undercut Style
Instagram @cavemanbarber

#20: Boys’ Messy Undercut Style

A mashup of neat and tousled hair – this messy undercut allows versatility in styling and keeps it noticed because of that clean high fade. To achieve this look, ask your barber for a french crop undercut that would work with your hair texture.

Trendy Disconnected Undercut for Oblong Face Shape
Instagram @barber.aa

#21: Trendy Disconnected Undercut for an Oblong Face Shape

An awesome brushed-up hair with a sharp surgical line combines modern and classic to produce a dapper look such as this disconnected undercut. Men with long or oblong faces would enjoy flaunting this chop.

#22: Tapered Undercut for Black and Silver Hair

Create exciting contrast between your short sides and great top hair by fading gradually to get a tapered undercut style. Barber Kevin created this silver hairstyle that just completes the funky hipster look. A short undercut hairstyle for men like this has become very popular lately.

Low Fade Hair
Instagram @andrewdoeshair

#23: Undercut and Low Fade

Accentuate your messy hair more when you get it faded close to the ears with this undercut and low fade. This is the cool guys’ go-to style when they want a textured finish.

#24: The Classic Undercut

Get a legendary look with this all-time favorite, classic undercut haircut. A clean and sharp shave is key to achieving this dope hairstyle. This is an undercut with a short pompadour that can be styled for any event with some minor changes.

#25: Long Textured Undercut with Clean Fade

A clean yet textured undercut by Stylist Heather produced a really versatile and on-point look. With long hair on top of the head, you can opt for a combover, a side-part, or a messy style.

#26: Unique Guy’s Side Part Undercut

Accentuate your stylish hair on top with shaved sides to form a suave undercut. Styled messy and parted, this look appears modern and impressive.

Mohawk Undercut with a Shaved Design
Instagram @tailorfade

#27: Mohawk Undercut with a Shaved Design

Adding simple linework can really push the limit to a mohawk undercut like this! Barber Trevor created something that gives your hair life and complements the original cut.

Stylish Pompadour Undercut with Subtle Line-Up
Instagram @mateusmetzler

#28: Stylish Pompadour Undercut with Subtle Line-Up

The perfectly faded short sides with subtle line-up show off the long top hair and allows for any cool styling to be the center of attention. Going blonde with dark roots also completes the overall hipster vibe.

Dope Faux Hawk Hair with Undercut
Instagram @raduvitca

#29: Dope Faux Hawk Hair with Undercut

A faux hawk with an undercut puts all attention on the textured top hair. What better way to do a faux hawk than with clean and sharply tapered sides?

#30: Long Top Undercut for Wavy Hair

This mid fade men’s undercut for wavy hair is a very fresh, youthful style. Created by hair artist Nikki Probasco of Arizona, the coolest thing about this particular cut is the disheveled look on the top, making it low-maintenance. It’s also very versatile as it can be styled into a modern pompadour for a clean-cut dapper look. Or, keep longer curls at the front of the face to form as the fringe.

Probasco suggests, “Use some product to style it. One of my absolute favorites is Free Hold from the Kevin Murphy line. It helps to create a flexible hold with a little shine, and the essential oils make it smell so good!”

Hard Side Part Undercut
Instagram @hairstylehubb

#31: Undercut Side-Parted Hair

Undercut side-parted hair like this classic undercut is a business yet casual haircut. It looks good on those young businessmen. Many guys don’t want to show skin, so a shadow fade is always the way to go. It starts at a #1 on the bottom and fades to a #2. The coolest part about this cut is the styling.

Guys with a curly texture could achieve this look, but they must put the time in. They would have to blow dry and, if needed, also straighten. A curly undercut adds extra movement to men’s styles. There are many products you can use. If a man wants the slick, stiff look, I recommend pomades with a firm hold. For men who want to make it look natural and be able to run their hands through it if it becomes a little messy, use a lightweight paste.

Undercut Fade for Medium-Length Thick Hair
Instagram @chop_a_gram

#32: Undercut Fade for Medium-Length Thick Hair

It’s a disconnected style undercut on both sides with enough length left to produce forward movement without collapse. “I used a number two guard on the sides and tapered it in with a one,” says Natalia Molenda, a stylist from Scotland who created this chop.

“I use a wide tooth comb and no guard on the crown as the hair is so straight. When I cut the top, I kept it medium-length so I can produce lift and texture. The texture is achieved through slicing and razoring. This style is finished with matt clay applied to wet hair and dried in. For extra texture and lift, I apply a little bit of Affinage wonder dust,” Molenda adds.

This look is best suited to gents with thick hair which can take a lot of texturizing. Molenda would advise on the use of Matt Clay and Dust. Ideally, the man wearing this should be confident and perhaps working in a job where a modern look is desirable.

#33: Undercut for Gents’ Long Hair

Featuring long hair for guys, a man bun, and an undercut that was created by California-based stylist Brittany Alamillo.

“For this statement cut, we clipper cut his undercut and sides and then with shears gave the rest of his hair a trim,” Alamillo notes.

#34: High Skin Fade and Undercut with Spiky Hair

An undercut and a high tight skin fade with a textured disconnected top is a masterpiece by Logan Wyatt, a barber from Salisbury, NC.

The hair type for this spiky undercut with fade would be most suitable for thin to medium density, straight, or minimum curl. Any personality can wear this style, as it fits best with confidence. Wyatt points out, “This undercut on spiky hair is for any guy who wants a fresh, clean, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle that fits any occasion.”

Mid Fade Undercut on Short Hair
Instagram @tonecutz716

#35: Mid Fade Undercut on Short Hair

A mid-skin fade undercut comes out so clean. With coarse hair, the blended effect looks way better. This short hair is perfect for guys in the military and wanted a cut that met military regulations.

When wanting this men’s undercut fade, barber Tony Avery of Buffalo, NY recommends, “Tell your barber to give you a mid skin fade with two inches of length on top, styled with pomade. I prefer Elegance styling pomade, as it has a great hold and smell.”

Badass Slicked Back Undercut Hair
Instagram @liz_thebarber

#36: Badass Slicked Back Undercut Hair

It’s a disconnected slicked back undercut with skin-tight, high fade (slight drop). According to Washington-based barber Lizet Sanchez, the best thing about this cut is how well it actually sits and lays back.

On the other hand, Sanchez adds that if the top is not long enough, it won’t lay as well. Also for hair growth patterns, cowlicks tend to be the biggest factor in this style.

The under cut for men also requires some time out of your day to style it. Sanchez continues, “I recommend a strong hold pomade (water-based preferably) and a blow dryer because it works wonders. When it comes to personality and lifestyle I see the undercut as a great cut with many options to it for styling.”

Edgy High Skin Fade Undercut
Instagram @shearly_mad

#37: Edgy High Skin Fade Undercut

Go for an undercut with a bald/skin fade that’s lightened all over. A hairstylist from Kansas, Courtney Ankrum, also did a beard trim/clean up with this fade, as well.

This high skin fade undercut is a fairly easy haircut as far as maintenance. “Just put some gel, mousse, or pomade in and slick it back, wet or dry,” states Ankrum.

This mens’ undercut style can go with many textures of hair, depending on the volume they desire. Ankrum explains, “This style is very versatile as far as face shape and hair texture. You could just do some matte pomade and make it look soft and flowy. There are so many different ways you can wear this!”