28 Awesome Two Block Haircuts Guys Are Getting in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Two Block Chop with Long Layers for Men
Instagram @hiokiwataru

#1: Two Block Chop with Long Layers

Longer hair can be hard to choose from. Maybe you might consider this two-block chop with long layers. It has been cut around the ears and tapered at the neck. This allows for more length on top. Some prefer to leave it to fall naturally, but for a textured hold, I recommend Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder.

Ivy League Two-Block Cut for Guys
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#2: Ivy League Two-Block Cut

Opt for the Ivy League two-block cut as a sophisticated and versatile hairstyle that combines a classic look with a modern twist. It features shorter sides and back, gradually transitioning to a longer length. The haircut offers a refined and polished appearance. Its added taper makes it perfect for men who want a professional yet trendy look. With its clean and neat edges, this style is suitable for various hair types and face shapes. To maintain this style, regular trims are recommended to keep the length on top in shape. Additionally, styling this haircut is simple and fuss-free.

Two-Block Cut with a Drop Fade for Men
Instagram @osman.karaev

#3: Two-Block Cut with a Drop Fade

The two-block cut with a drop fade is a modern haircut for men. It’s a fresh take on the classic look of short sides and a longer top. This haircut highlights different lengths between the top and sides, creating a striking contrast. The drop fade adds an element of visual interest. It gradually tapers the hair on the sides towards the neck’s nape. Regular barber visits are needed to maintain this look. Point cutting can also help to style this haircut with volume and texture.

Kpop Two-Block with Blonde Highlights for Men
Instagram @sense_orui.shota

#4: Kpop Two-Block with Blonde Highlights

If you’re interested in longer K-pop hairstyles and prefer styles tight around the ears, a two-block hairstyle with blonde highlights might be a good choice. To create this style, I separate the hair on the sides from the top to maintain a tight look and let the rest of the hair fall naturally. Next, I join the hair at the back and reduce the hair length down towards the neckline.

#5: Two Block Cut with Short Back

Two-block cuts are becoming more popular. This cut with a short back is an example. The length is left on top to create texture and style. This has been cut choppy to achieve that. A natural finish is preferred by many. A good styling powder will achieve this.

#6: Two Block with Curtain Bangs

A two-block with curtain bangs is a trendy hairstyle that blends classic and modern. The curtain bangs, typically styled to frame the face, add a touch of softness to the overall look. This hairstyle suits various hair textures and lengths. This allows men to experiment with their appearance while maintaining a masculine edge.

#7: Choppy Two Block Haircut

Some like to keep some length on top but tight around the edges. This choppy two-block haircut is a good choice for this. More often than not, the top is disconnected to ensure that as much length is kept as possible. This means the sides can be taken short to contrast the two.

#8: Face-Framing Two Block Style

Head shape always needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a style. This will make sure that you have a unique look. The face-framing two-block style focuses on certain parts of the face and highlights your best points. Make sure you understand your face shape and research suitable styles to compliment.

#9: Two Block Cut with Thick Bangs

Having thick hair can limit your choice of a haircut or how your hair is cut. This two-block cut with thick bangs works perfectly with the hair type and is cut in a way to relieve the thickness. The top has been disconnected to remove the sides’ thickness and gives an ideal finish. For a natural finish, I recommend using a good styling powder.

Men's Two Block Cut with Textured Fringe and Layers
Instagram @modhairsg

#10: Textured Fringe and Layers

Consider a textured fringe with layers if you want more movement and texture. The top has been disconnected to keep the sides as short as possible. This leaves more length to create the layers. The top will have been point cut to give a choppy finish, and finish off with styling powder for added texture.

#11: Faded Slicked Back Hairstyle

A popular and sleek look is the faded slicked-back hairstyle, which can be worn by many hair types. It’s best to have the top disconnected to leave as much length as possible. This leaves more hair on the side to create a tight fade. For a stand-out finish, I recommend using a pomade. This will give you a glossy look that catches the light better.

#12: Two Block Straight Hair with Tapered Nape

Hair density plays a part in your finished look. The two-block straight hair with a tapered neck works well with medium-density hair. The fade on the side has been blended heavily into the top to make it stand out more. This versatile cut can be worn with or without product.

Disconnected Two Block Cut with Texture for Gents with Glasses
Instagram @kay_lovehair

#13: Disconnected Cut with Texture

This disconnected undercut cut with texture is stylish and great for straight hair that is hard to style. This haircut succeeds by adding weight around the crown and hairline. This adds weight to cowlicks and the short sides to eliminate unnecessary hair. Blow dry and style into a textured, spiked manner for best results.

Long Soft Parted Two Block Style for Young Men
Instagram @heartcutz_bbs

#14: Soft Parted Two Block Style

The short parted hairstyle is a sophisticated choice for those with shorter hair. With a gentle side part, this hairstyle adds a subtle touch of elegance and structure to the overall look. The hair’s softness enhances a low-key aesthetic. And the shorter length ensures easy maintenance and styling. I suggest this style to anyone for a formal event or a casual outing. The short soft, parted hairstyle offers a polished and fashionable appearance.

#15: Two Block Hair with Short Sides

How handsome is this two-block hair with short sides? This style features a gentleman’s haircut with a tight taper around the ears and nape. It has enough length left up top to sweep back easily. This haircut is not a trend, it’s a timeless staple that will always look great on anyone willing to take the plunge.

#16: Modern Korean Perm Cut

Try this modern Korean perm cut to add texture or movement to your straight hair. A popular option is to add a slight wave to bring your hair to a more “wash and wear” state. Be sure to visit your barber every 2-4 weeks to keep your sides buzzed to your liking. I recommend a 1 or 2 fade to keep some contrast and a faded undercut feel from the top.

Textured Copper Brown Two Block Hair for Men
Instagram @rick.does.men.hair

#17: Textured Copper Brown Hair

Check out this textured copper-brown hair if you want a dramatic change! You can achieve a pop of color without too much damage to the hair and maintain an easygoing and natural red tone. Great for anyone with warm skin tones looking for a summer pick-me-up.

#18: Soft Wavy Low-Maintenance Two Block

Soft wavy low-maintenance hair is a versatile and effortless hairstyle. It exudes a natural and carefree charm. The soft waves add a touch of elegance. The low-maintenance aspect ensures easy upkeep and styling. I recommend this hairstyle because it requires minimal effort. This makes it perfect for those who prefer a ural appearance.

#19: Two Block Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Let’s look at this two-block asymmetrical hairstyle. It’s perfect for the casual guy on the go who wants a bit of style to get through the day. I suggest 2-4 week maintenance cuts to keep the sides tight and to use wax to keep your hair in place throughout the day. Apply to towel-dried to dry hair only.

Two Block Brown Hair with Center Part for Boys
Instagram @heartcutz_bbs

#20: Two Block Brown Hair with Center Part

Check out this two-block hair with a center part if you’re looking for a more natural swept-back style. I suggest this style to anyone wanting cleaned-up and tidy sides. It has a low-maintenance top half to show off your great hair.

Two Block Cut with Short Layers and Side Part for Guys
Instagram @ken_menshair

#21: Two Block Cut with Short Layers

A two-block cut with short layers is perfect for anyone looking for a hairstyle that is trendy. I recommend using wax through your roots and ends on damp or dry hair. Rebook a haircut with your stylist every 3-5 weeks to maintain this easy style.

#22: Modern Middle-Parted Bowl Cut

A modern middle-parted bowl cut may be for you if you want an eye-catching long style. The top has been disconnected, leaving length and weight to create a natural parting. The back has been cut short with a high clipper grade, but the sides have been tapered tightly to keep the ears clear. A small amount of sea salt spray will give you a loose hold.

Men's Two Block Haircut with Brow-Length Soft Fringe
Instagram @daaani_94_

#23: Two Block Haircut with Soft Fringe

This two-block haircut with soft fringe gives you a classic and clean style. The sides have been tapered down to leave it tight around the ears with as much length on top to style. A small amount of sea salt spray dried in will lend itself to the soft finish on the fringe. If you want more hold, I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder styling powder.

#24: Short Side Part Fluffy Haircut

With voluminous hair, keeping it long can help with styling. A short side part fluffy haircut can suit this hair type. The top has been disconnected keeping the length to control the crown. It allows the sides to be taken short to take some weight out allowing more control. For a textured finish, use a styling powder to hold the style and allow movement and balance.

#25: Two Block Undercut

Some like to have weight and length on top but the sides are tight. A two-block undercut will meet the requirements. The finished style gives an edgy, fashionable look. It keeps the sides short to allow it to grow out nicely. To style, I recommend drying sea salt spray into the top and finish with a styling powder for a textured finish.

#26: Long Wavy Two Block Hairstyle

As a barber, Asian hair is one of the harder hair groups to cut and style. A good look to consider is a long wavy two-block hairstyle. The top is left long and disconnected to keep as much weight as possible, keeping it tight around the ears. To help with a bit of root lift, I recommend drying in some volume spray.

#27: Layered Two Block Haircut

A popular choice for some is to keep length on top and want the sides short and easy to manage. This classy layered two-block haircut fits the bill. The top is disconnected from the sides to leave as much length as possible to style. Sometimes you may want to leave it as natural as possible. But a small amount of hairspray can give you a minimalist hold.

Men's Two Block Hairstyle with Long Top and Brow-Length Fringe
Instagram @daaani_94_

#28: Two Block Hairstyle with Long Top

The two-block hairstyle features a long top that adds texture to the overall look. The hair is left long and flowing on the crown and bang. This allows for various styling options, such as a slick back, pompadour, or even letting it fall naturally. This hairstyle is popular among both men and women, as it adds an edgy and fashionable touch to any ensemble.

Are you considering a two block haircut but unsure how to go about it? Mariya Okiebisu, a seasoned hairstylist with expertise in men’s haircuts, shares her insights on this trendy hairstyle. With her vast experience, she provides valuable tips for different hair textures, face shapes, and lifestyles. Let’s dive in!

Meet The Expert

Mariya Okiebisu
Mariya Okiebisu
Mariya is a hairstylist with over 2 years of experience.
You can find Mariya at Gallery T Hair Studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Adapting This Haircut to Any Hair Texture

The two block can be adapted to suit any hair texture, depending on the desired length. Mariya explains, “Recently, there has been a popular trend of Korean-style permed cut.” Wavy hair has an advantage in styling, making it easier compared to straight hair.

Considerations for Different Face Shapes

The length of the bangs plays a crucial role. Mariya advises, “With the this cut, there are two styles: leaving the bangs down and lifting the bangs up.” For individuals with a round face shape, lifting the bangs creates volume at the top, giving the illusion of a longer face. On the other hand, if you have an oval face shape, cutting the bangs to be left down can help balance the elongated appearance. Mariya also suggests that longer bangs styled upwards can help camouflage prominent cheekbones, making them less noticeable.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

Blow-drying the hair forward and using a texturizing wax can create texture when the bangs are left down. For this, she recommends Redken Rough Paste or Kevin Murphy Night Rider, which provide a strong hold and helps create a textured look.

For lifting the bangs up, Mariya suggests drying the hair about 70% forward and then lifting the bangs upward while drying them towards the back to enhance volume. It’s important to create a solid base and add volume during the blow-drying process. Kevin Murphy Easy Rider is a recommended wax for those with soft hair or seeking a natural finish. For individuals with coarse hair requiring stronghold, Kevin Murphy Night Rider is an excellent choice.

If you have a Korean-style perm, the styling process becomes easier. After towel-drying, apply curl cream and let it air dry for the desired style. Mariya recommends products like Eleven’s Keep My Curl Defining Cream or Kevin Murphy’s Curl Cream, as they work exceptionally well.

For managing different lifestyles, Mariya suggests considering the following products:

  • Working Professionals: Kevin Murphy’s Killer.Curls for thick hair, offering a strong hold.
  • Busy Dads: Kevin Murphy’s Easy.Rider for managing frizzy hair.
  • Active Individuals: Kevin Murphy’s new curl line, including shampoo, conditioner, and curl lotion, designed for curly hair and natural drying, providing a natural finish.

Photos of the Most Trendy Two Block Haircuts